Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 303. Tell Cesario Viola.


「Let me ask just in case…you’re not going to stop dressing like a man and stick with that jersey from now on?」

Chief Yazawa asks Reika.

「W-Well…there’s no other change of clothes. It’s not that I’m fixated with jerseys」
「I feel relieved to hear that. Fujimiya-kun’s dressed up as a dignified is popular with certain customers and…I can’t let you guard VIPs in that look」

As expected…her British gentleman attire limits her customers she could guard.

「Although VIPs can’t be guarded unless it’s a team…the team can’t unite if one looks offbeat. Fujimiya-kun has the ability but…that ability is used to support someone. But, Fujimiya-kun’s personality had never been under someone until now」

Chief Yazawa’s words turn Reika sorry.

「Hey hey…what really happened? If it was Fujimiya-kun before then he would be one-sidedly retorting saying『Chief, let me tell you』or something」
「…It is as Chief said」

Reika answers with a red face.

「Umu…earlier, isn’t Seki-kun and Kudou’s daughter teaming up with Fujimiya-kun properly. Usually, you’d be crashing with whatever Seki-kun says…turning it around and making a follow-up」

Yeah…each of them acted knowing what their roles are.
Seki-san took the official response…Michi was the one who took the role to confuse the place to drive out the traitor…
Reika hid herself so she could fight quickly when the moment comes.
They’ve become a proper team.

「Even though Fujimiya-kun didn’t listen to my recommendation and said that she’d do it alone, not teaming up with anyone. Just what the hell did he do to turn the tides?」

Hearing the word ‘team’, Reika…

「It’s all thanks to Lord.」

We can’t just let him know that Reika and I are in『Kuromori family』

「Fujimiya-san became Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s full time guard.」

Just in time, Seki-san made a follow-up.

「『Kakka』…has judged that they should have a full time guard with them」
「…I haven’t heard about it however?」
「It was just a while ago…I think that『Kakka』will notify you soon」

Seki-san look up at the surveillance camera of the room.
Either way, Jii-chan and others are watching this at the basement.
If we tell chief Yazawa properly…it’ll appeal their eyes.

「I see. Then it means that Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama is now her boss and that changed Fujimiya-kun’s sense?」
「…I don’t want embarrass my lord」

Reika said embarrassed.

「If your cross dressing hobby is cured, then I want you to work more as a top elite but…It can’t be helped if you’re Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s full time guard. You can choose from the young guys under me」

Reika’s surprised

「You need subordinates if you’re now Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s full time guard. Oh, you can only chose female guards if it’s the two of them. Kudou’s little girl…Oh wait, you’re on Kuromori house now」

Michi was a temporary recruited in Kouzuki security service but…chief Yazawa already approved of her participation in『Kuromori』

「But…that’s regretable. With that much skill, you could’ve aimed for the youngest record of our top elites」

Chief Yazawa said but…

「Chief, you don’t hire high school students, didn’t you say?」
「Well, that’s true…the youngest one ever was Fujimiya-kun. I scouted her when I saw her during her second year high school athletic meet…but still, she officially joined after graduating」

Reika’s a good swordswoman as expected.

「Well fine…Margo-ojouchan and Kyouko could train you until you grow up. That girl might change her mind sooner or later anyway Then, I hope you join us」

Kouzuki security service is a normal company so it’s impossible to employ a middle school student officially.
Other than entering Kudou-papa’s underground force…the『Guard Department』

「But still, that Kyouko, even though she joined in Kuromori house due to『Kakka’s』order…she’ completely taking root over there…」

Kyouko-san originally came to『Kuromori』by Jii-chan’s orders.

「She’s just easy going. We’re all just women…in the first place, Kyouko-san is basically free. She had an individual contract with Kouzuki-san but…she never did a job for Kouzuki security service」

Margo-san answers.

「I want her to belong to us though」

Chief Yazawa said

「Kyouko, Margo-ojouchan, and Kudou’s daughter…I want all the talented people to stay in our company」
「You mean you want everyone to be under your control?」
「Nah…I’m different from『Kakka』 I’m not a perverted old man. There’s a possibility that those who aren’t in our company becomes hostile. We don’t want to fight you」

Chief Yazawa has the resolve as a professional guard.
It’s possible that today’s ally can become enemy tomorrow.

「Especially a dangerous woman like Kyouko, I’d like to leave her loose as much as possible」

Chief Yazawa smiles wryly.

「I don’t think there’s a possibility…Misuzu-san has lost all of the possibility of going hostile against Kouzuki-san」

Margo-san answers.
Right now, we don’t have any reason to confront Kouzuki security service.
In the first place, Jii-chan entered our『family』…
Of course, we can’t tell chief Yazawa that.
Unless Jii-chan tells chief Yazawa at his own discretion…
We should keep this matter a secret.

「…Well I hope so」

Chief sighs.
This guy’s position has a lot of things to worry about.

「I see, that’s interesting…does it mean that Kuromori house who’s supposed to be a prostitution organization is gradually expanding?」

…What, who?
Turning back…it is.
…Kouzuki Kenshi?

「You…why are you still here?」

Seki-san asks, Kouzuki Kenshi…

「I’ve got nowhere to go」

He smiled.

「Finding out that my father is a traitor…I can’t go to the same room as the others. However, I have not heard anything from my father so even if I’m interrogated, nothing would come out. In the first place, I myself don’t think of betraying『Kakka』 Look…didn’t Souji-san say a while ago? The father and sons are are different people…I have no responsibility for my father’s betrayal…!」

Kouzuki Kenshi says calmly

「Therefore, I thought I’m going to follow everyone here」

Follow us?

「You’re joking…our destination is just filled with danger!」

Nei-san says, but…

「It’s dangerous wherever you go to the hotel right now, isn’t it? In that case, there’s a possibility of me being saved if I’m near with you all」
「You may not know it but…the『enemy』is aiming to attack me you know?」
「I’m prepared for it…I have no other way out」


「In order for me to gain『Kakka’s』trust…I have no choice but to put myself in danger. As of now…I have nowhere to put myself into」
「What to do…Yo-chan?」

Nei-san looks at me.

「Follow us if you want…but, we won’t be protecting you. If you’re fine with that, then…」

If you look it from the third person’s eye…it’s good to have a sense of tension.
Besides…Kouzuki Kenshi isn’t an idiot.
I think that we can use Kenshi’s eyes to detect danger like Yukino.

「Oh, so you really are the boss of these people」

In exchange…the danger would burden himself…

「Are you really sure? Yo-chan…?!」
「I think that it’s better to have a person with a completely different perspective from us」

I said

「Even if we say something…I only feel that we will only see the situation on the same direction」

Margo-san and Nei-san’s judgement and insight are reliable but…
It’s better to have more offbeat viewpoints.
We don’t know what’s going to happen from now on.

「Okay, then let’s take him with us」

Margo-san acknowledged.

「However, you have to protect yourself…we will never help you」
「…I know」
「Everyone too, don’t ever help him out…there’s a possibility that you would fall into danger if you try to save him and everyone in the team would be caught in dilemma」

Michi answers.

「Yes…he’s not a member of the team, not even a a person to guard」

Reika makes a clear explanation.

「Sorry but we’re going to abandon you when we need to. Is that okay/」

Seki-san said.


Suddenly…Yukino opens her mouth.

「Just what position do I have in here? Will anyone save me when I’m in danger?」

Seki-san sighs.

「You’re a part of the team. We’ll save you when needed」
「That’s what I think from the start」

Reika answered too

「…That said, don’t go to danger on purpose」

Michi stares at Yukino.

「Really…are you sure? Am I really a member of the team?」

Yukino’s confused.

「Well…it’s decided by Yo-chan so it can’t be helped!」

Nei-san said…Yukino looked at me.

「Yo-chan puts people who are really useful in the team.」

Yeah…Yukino’s eyes are useful

「Therefore…I think that Kouzuki Kenshi-san’s eyes would be useful as well」

I answered.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「What do you mean…Seki-kun isn’t holding the leadership?」

Chief Yazawa looked at us and asked curiously

「Ah…it’s a parliamentary system. Look, we’re a joint team with Kuromori house…!」

Seki-san tries to fool him but…

「It only looks to me that he has the one with the huge right to speak though」

Chief Yazawa looks at me.

「Well you see…he’s the only boy. We’ve got to respect his opinion」

Seki-san’s answer is incomprehensible.

「I’m a guy too though」

Kouzuki Kenshi tries to retort but…

「You’re not a member of the team are you?」

Nei-san immediately rejects.

「Rather than that, Yazawa-san…I’d like to check the current situation」

Margo-san changes topic.

「Oh yeah…then let’s take a look」

Chief Yazawa launches the computer in this conference room.
Inserting is personal ID…typing in a password.

「I’ll show it in the big monitor over there」

The current situation is displayed to the monitor in the conference room.

「The『enemy』has come up to the 16th floor…but, 60% of the enemy forces have already been defeated. The guys Kudou brought did their best and had no dropouts…but they’re quite exhausted

Though they’re taking turns…it’s a battlefield.
Even the strong free guards are almost reaching the peak of their fatigue.

「It’s about the defeated enemies…are they all just Russian thugs?」

Margo-san asks.

「Yeah…as far as we can see, the people we have engaged so far are only Russians.」

In short…the main people Cesario Viola had brought from US are still alive and well

「It’s bad…we don’t know where the core of the『enemy』is」

Seki-san said

「I guess we shake things up a bit」

Margo-san looks at Nei-san

「Sure. That’s what I was thinking too!」


「Yazawa-san…what floor is the current defense line of this hotel set in?」

Margo-san asks, chief Yazawa…

「Between 22nd and 23rd floor…we don’t want to have them pass through further than that」
「Then…should we go on the 21st floor」
「Okay, Maru-chan!」

Margo-san looks at the conference room…

「Of course…there’s filming equipment here. Can we broadcast the footage taken from this place?」
「It’s possible with my pass, but…?」

We’re broadcasting at the whole building?

「Then, should we stimulate Cesario Viola!」

Nei-san smiles

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「…Lights, should be like this?」

Though he doesn’t know what’s going on…Kouzuki Kenshi works happily
Why are you having fun?
He’s adjusting the angle of the lighting that was in the storage of the conference room.

「Ah, don’t let it light up my chest so much…try to focus on my face」

Nei-san instructs him.

「Yes…like this?」

Yeah…the chest got dark
Nei-san’s splendid breasts blends into the darkness.

「Yeah…that’s good I guess?」

Margo-san checks


Nei-san ties up her hair to ponytail

「Nei-san, ponytail suits you」

I said…

「You see…Cesario Viola likes this. He always makes Kei-chan have that hairstyle」

…I see.
Nei-san would be showing as Kei-san in the broadcast…
Trying to provoke Cesario Viola…!
Nei-san’s originally wearing black pants and suit today.
The ultimate beauty is going to become a handsome boy…

「Camera’s ready」

Seki-san operates the videocam.
Nei-san’s face appears in the monitor of the conference room.

「For now, it’s only in this room…the access key to the whole hotel broadcast has to be given by chief Yazawa」
「Wait a minute…」

Chief Yazawa operates the terminal and made this access the entire broadcast from this room

「Yo-chan come here…!」

Nei-san calls me.

「Yes, what is it?」

When I came close…Nei-san

「Yo-chan…would you catch a grenade for me?1


「Of course…Nei-san」

I’ve already made a decision in my heart.


Nei-san holds my hand.

「Yo-chan…come with me」

Nei-san’s hands are cold.
Her face shows her usual smile but…her hand is trembling.
To say that she’ll show up before Cesario Viola…
Nei-san’s scared inside.

「If it’s for Nei-san…」


「I’ll do anything…!」

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「Ten seconds…8, 7, 6, 5, 4…Cue!」

At the same time Seki-san’s voice comes…the red lamp in the camera lights up.
It’s streaming…
Video…and audio too…
It’s being broadcasted to the speakers and monitors of this hotel…


Then…Nei-san speaks in fluent English
It’s different from Nei-san’s usual voice…a slightly lower tone.
As she hold my hand tightly…
Nei-san acts as Kei-san.
I don’t get what she’s talking about at all.
But, Nei-san’s voice has the sadness plucked from her heart.
Nei-san’s English speech lasted for about a minute.
Lastly, Nei-san pulls me.
I’m shown in the camera…
Nei-san said something in English, and then…
She kissed me.
Then…she smiled at the camera.
A cruel smile…


The red light in the camera disappears.

「Ufufufufu…Yo-chan, Yo-chan, Yo-chaaaan〜!」

Nei-san hugs me.
Her rich breasts is pushed against me.

「I said it! I told Viola!」

Nei-san rubs her cheeks to me.

「W-What did you say?」

Nei-san smiles.

「At first…I pretended to be like Kei-chan, and said『Mr. Viola, why aren’t you coming to see me? I’m lonely』」


「Then…『I’ve been waiting for Mr. Viola to come on the 21st floor. But, I already got tired of waiting』…I said」

I-I see.

「『I hate Mr. Viola now. I found someone I love even more. He’s my new boyfriend. I’m madly in love with him. I thought of dedicating my mind and body to him…!』」

…Does that mean?

「『I love him. Love, love, love him so much…goodbye, Mr. Viola. I wish we never see each other again』」


「『If you feel frustrated then come up to the 21st floor…either way, you don’t have that courage!』」

Nei-san smiles

「Did you seriously say that?」
「I did! Gufufufufu! Take that bastard! Viola you idiot, Bakaa!」

Nei-san laughs out loud while hugging me.
Her laughing body is trembling.

「…Yo-chan, hug me」

Nei-san whispers small in my ears.

「Stronger…hug me tight…!」

Nei-san’s desperately fighting right now
With Viola…
I want to support her with all my strength.
This person…

I…love Nei-san.


  1. Would you risk your life for me?