Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 302. Behind the back


「Why do you think that Kouzuki Noboru is the traitor’s boss?」

Margo-san asks me.,


I look at the executives.

「As expected…I think that it is impossible unless you’re a person with the resolve to take over a famous house with history and tradition like Kouzuki house」

A man who’s satisfied being someone’s vassal will not take over the lord.
Because it would be easier to live as the number two or three who just borrow the power of their lord.

「Therefore…the prince faction don’t fundamentally betray their head. They have already acquired the status by receiving the prestige of the Kouzuki family already」

That’s right…Prince faction’s leader, Kouzuki Souji’s father himself is already bossy with just his blood relationship with Jii-chan.
Their glory doesn’t exist without Jii-chan.
Therefore…they don’t feel like becoming the top at all.

「But…in that case, the other absentee, Shiba Okitachi would be suspicious as well? He also has the strong will to become the top?」

Margo-san says but,

「Well…looking at his son, Shiba Akira, you’d think that it’s different」

I answer.

「Shiba Akira-san has the spirit to leave Kouzuki group and become independent anytime. I think this is the influence of his father. In short, his father, Shiba Okitachi don’t hold a concern for the Kouzuki group itself…I don’t think he considers becoming the top of group that he would be forcing into criminal acts」

Yeah…if he disagrees with Jii-chan then he can become independent right away.
He’s doesn’t want to make Kouzuki group his own.

「Because…Kouzuki group is dyed deeply with the various stagnation of Kouzuki house. It’s impossible for anyone but Kouzuki family members top take over. Instead of taking a large organization filled with connection …he tries to make an organization that allows his will to go smoothly even if it’s small. Shiba-san should be thinking that way」

…That’s right.
Then that means.

「In short…the ones who are aiming to be the top of Kouzuki group has to be from Kouzuki house. Without the Kouzuki name, you won’t be able to keep this large organization after all」

I remember Shirasaka Hiromitsu from Osaka earlier.
Mr. Shirasaka Hiromitsu has risen to the representative of Osaka TV and newspaper company of Shirasaka house.
Hiromitsu himself…has lived in Osaka since his father’s generation is a affiliate of Shirasaka house.
But still…even if an affiliate…it’s no doubt that being a member of Shirasaka house boosted his advancement.
Family name…blood connections as a big meaning after all.

「In the first place…Kouzuki Noboru belonged to the『rising faction』despite being a member of Kouzuki house shows his ambition」

For prince faction…lineage is everything
Therefore…Kouzuki Souji’s father who’s closely related to Jii-chan’s blood is bossy.
Though they have the same surname…Kouzuki Satoshi’s father follows Kouzuki Souji.
If he’s on this side…Kouzuki Noboru won’t crawl his way up.
Once again, I recall the role of Kouzuki Kenshi, Kouzuki Noboru’s son in the『private school』…
While he belongs to the rising faction…I think that he speaks like a coordinator of the whole group.
And, he also appeals his presence to the other students and Jii-chan.

「Well…that’s how it is」

Margo-san said.

「Thinking logically…Kouzuki Noboru is the center of the traitors. The others has no reason to do such things」
「And…I think that Kouzuki Noboru is trying to make the prince faction and the rising faction his own minions.」

Namely…his agent in the rising faction is Takagi Fuuta’s father.
And on the prince faction, he persuaded Tsunoda’s father.

「Tsunoda…why, you…?!」

Kouzuki Souji’s father tries to blame Tsunoda’s father but…

「Well yeah, that person don’t care who’s his boss! As long as it’s convenient for him!」

Nei-san said.
Kouzuki Souji’s father is trying to be a good subordinate of Jii-chan.
That tendency won’t change even with Misuzu an Ruriko’s generation.
He’s satisfied being the number 2, 3 of the entire Kouzuki house.
You’d normally hate to be in that position but…if you’re number two or three by name anyway, you won’t make any strife in the house.
As long as people like Kouzuki Souji’s father sticks below…
Tsunoda’s father can only be the aide of the number two(or number three)
But…if Kouzuki Noboru succeeds in the coup…
If you kill the other successor candidates and snatch the position of head from Jii-chan…
Then Tsunoda’s father who’s a follower can become the number two of the organization at once…
Tsunoda’s father lost to that temptation…

「Even if you guess from every possibility…I think that there’s no mistake that Kouzuki Noboru is the center of the traitors」

Margo-san declared.

「But『Kakka』… He said that it was too obvious to make a connection of enemies from Russia coming through Niigata to Kouzuki Noboru. For him to purposely making such evidence…」

Reika speaks her doubts.

「Well…I think it’s a fake that’s just making you think too much about it like this. You’d think that they won’t do something so obvious…you’ll look away your doubt」

I think.
But, Margo-san…

「Nah…that’s just overthinking」

She’s laughing with Nei-san

「Kouzuki Noboru is just thinks that this is his only chance and threw all of his chips. Therefore, he’s using whatever he can use. Who cares if there’s evidence left. Anything will do. The bottom lines is that he just have to kill all the people with power other than himself…」

…I see.
There’s not much deep thinking…
He’s the type that would just push it by force.

「Remember this…humans think about things by their own standard. Kouzuki-san is very cautious and deliberate, isn’t he? Therefore…he thought that the traitor would be acting with such deep thought」

Margo-san explains.

「No…it’s wrong. Kouzuki-san intentionally shows us a biased perspective, and see if we will reach the truth or not」

Jii-chan’s testing us…

「Either way…the case this time is supposed to be unforeseen even for Kouzuki Noboru. I don’t think that Kouzuki Noboru is connected with Cesario Viola before」

True…Viola’s visit to Japan has been decided because Nei-san’s file has been leaked out.
And compared to that…Kouzuki Noboru’s cooperation is too early.,

「Perhaps…Kouzuki Noboru has been planning a coup for a long time, and may have infiltrated his pieces in Kouzuki security service? That’s when he happened to catch information that Cesario Viola would be coming to Japan…then, they ask who could connect them and he decided to act to cooperate together in a hurry?」

Yeah…it’s been a long time since the suspicious people have entered the Kouzuki security service guards.
That’s Kouzuki Noboru’s preparation for a coup before.
Tsunoda’s father and Takagi’s father have already been persuaded.
Then…Cesario Viola’s visit started Kouzuki Noboru’s plan.
That’s how it happened.

「…Then there’s someone who connected Kouzuki Noboru and Cesario Viola?」

Seki-san asks…Nei-san laughs.

「Isn’t that obvious…it’s Miss Cordelia!」

The mysterious woman who suddenly appeared with the other pair of white Viola…
Perhaps…he’s an executive of the upper organization supervising Cesario Viola.

It seems Miss Cordelia has been explained to Seki-san while they were waiting for the elevator to arrive.
She didn’t ask any further questions

「…Umu. That’s quite a good reasoning」

Looking back…chief Yazawa is in front of the door.
He’s applauding us

「It is as『Kakka』said…you people are quite talented」

…Does that mean?
Jii-chan already knows that Kouzuki Noboru is the traitor?
Knowing that…he’s testing if we can reach the same reasoning?


Chief Yazawa calls the top elite guard member in the room.

「We will be taking Tsunoda and Takagi. The other people will be evacuated to another room. My guards would be taking charge, not the security department」

Chief Yazawa tells the executives.

「…Haa? Interrogation? It’s already night, you too」

Leaking a sigh, Tsunoda’s father cracks a joke

「It’s not that much. We’re just going to make confirmations. Most of it are already known…」

Chief Yazawa says calmly

「It’s about time my men come in contact with Kouzuki Noboru-san who’s hiding in his villa in Hakone」

As expected…
Jii-chan knew it all from the start.

「But, to be honest…it’s a pity that three traitors have appeared from the board of directors」

Chief Yazawa instructs his subordinates with his eyes
The two guards tries to bring Tsunoda’s father and Takagi’s father.

「Ah, I’ll go too」

The son, Takagi Fuuta tries to stick with his father


「Tsunoda’s stunned by his father’s betrayal」
He didn’t know about it

「…Tsunoda, you stay here」

Kouzuki Souji says.

「『Kakka』said…bonds from childhood are important The father and sons are different people. I have never doubted your loyalty. Stay by our side…Tsunoda」

Prince faction’s boss’s words, Tsunoda…

「Souji-sama…I, I…!」

Tears fall from his eyes.
Kouzuki Satoshi pats the back of Tsunoda lightly

「Yeah…you are you」

Tsunoda’s father turned to Kouzuki Souji…

「Sorry…please take care of my son」

He bows his head.

「That’s nothing to worry about Don’t mind it」

Kouzuki Souji tells Tsunoda’s father…

「Yazawa-kun…just who is this kid? Your subordinate? He’s with Seki-san and Fujimiya-san but」

Kouzuki Souji’s father looks at us, then asked.

「…No way. I don’t hire high school students」
「Then, who are you?」

The eyes of the room gathered at us

「…It’s Kuromori!」

Nei-san smiled…then said

「Kuromori…that Kuromori?」
「Eh…Father, you know them?」

Kouzuki Souji asks his father but…
There’s no way he would tell about Kuromori’s brothel to his son

「No, that’s…too early for you!」
「What are you talking about, father?!」

Yeah, it seems that the executives of Kouzuki group are familiar with『Kuromori』
Actually, there’s no one from them who has ever bought a prostitute in the mansion but.

「But, why Kuromori house?」

The manager of prostitutes come into this place…Michi rampages, and everyone had a reasoning contest.
Kouzuki Souji’s father shows his doubt.

「Well…you can ask『Kakka』for that」

Margo-san pushes the troubels to Jii-chan

「Anyway, evacuate in hurry…we should think that Takagi-san and Tsunoda-san’s phone has already sent the specific location of this room to the enemy」

Seki-san hurries the executives.

「Now, everyone in here should start moving according to my instructions, Goto, Kashimada, take care of them」

Chief Yazawa orders, and the top elite men begin guiding the executives and the young mern.

「…As expected, you’re Shirasaka Yukino!」

Kouzuki Satoshi brings Tsunoda and comes in front of Yukino

「Now what…?」

Yukino answers annoyed

「Let’s date next time. I know some good shops」

Kouzuki Satoshi invites Yukino but…

「No, you’re not my type」

Yukino rejects coldly

「I see…by the way, you know it don’t you?」

Kouzuki Satoshi looks at me.

「You’re definitely going to bring some Otoshimae」


「You don’t get it? Are you an idiot? You’re the lady killer who made these guys’ princess fall. He’s saying that he won’t allow you to not pay Otoshimae…!」

Yukino explained.

「We can just have a party hosted by Yo-chan!」

Nei-san speaks fro the side.

「Eat and drink all you can…that’s fine isn’t it?」

Kouzuki Satoshi shows a grinning face…

「Of course, are you ladies coming too? Dressed as a bunny girl or something…!」
「I won’t do that! It’s Yo-chan’s Otoshimae after all!」

Nei-san laughs.

「Yo-chan…do you want me to wear bunny girl suit?」
「No, don’t want」
「We don’t want to see that either!」
「Then, let’s make it a friendship party between men…!」

A men’s only party?

「Well, fine…anyway, you’re gonna pay your troubles, okay!」

Saying that, Kouzui Souji takes Tsunoda and head to the evacuation line.

「But…I don’t have money to open a party though」

Those guys won’t settle unless it’s a high class shop.

「Just borrow some money from Katsun or Sensei. It’s for Mii-chan after all!」
「If Yo-chan doesn’t show that he’s generous then Mi-chan would be ashamed」

…I see
If Misuzu aims to be the owner of Kouzuki house…
Then, she has to be with those students even if she doesn’t like it.
Rather, they have to become good subordinates.
I can’t afford to have her have ill relationship with them because of me.

「Got it. I’ll think about it」
「Consult it with Mi-chan and Ruri-cha! Of course, you can consult with us too!」

Misuzu and Ruriko won’t know what kind of shops they would give okay to.
No, if I’m not hospitable beyond their imagination…it’s not just me but Misuzu would also be made fool of.
Money isn’t a problem.
It’s something that must be done as a successor of Kouzuki.

When the executives and their children left the room…
Chief Yazawa comes to us.

「I understnad why Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san are nowhere seen」

Seki-san tells the chief

「Oh?…Where do you think the two are?」
「They were guarding Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s parents, right?」
「…That’s it」

Chief Yazawa admits.

「The fact that Kouzuki Noboru started a coup…means that at the same time they attack the hotel, Ruriko-sama and Misuzu-sama’s family would be attacked as well.」

In order to kill all of the successor candidates, you have to send the assassin’s at the same time.

「Ootoku and Choumoto shows as『Kakka’s』guards in the theater」…making the enemy careless

From the theater…each of them secretly moved to protect Misuzu and Ruriko’s family.
Therefore, we can’t see Ootoku-san.

「I thought that it’s okay to have you and Fujimiya-kun as『Kakka’s』guards…」

Chief Yazawa looks at the two.

「It’s『Kakka’s』imperial order why we came out」

Reika tells her boss.

「I know. 『Kakka』notified me. By the way…」

Chief stares at Reika

「Fujimiya-kun…why are you dressed like that?」

Reika’s not on her usual British gentleman look…
She’s wearing a yellow jersey on top and bottom
Her face has no make up

「I’ve thought about various things…」

Reika bows her head to her boss.

「I’m reflecting on myself up until now」
「Up until now…I have been a woman who’s drunk on her own『aesthetics』」


「Therefore…I took off my false armor and decided to start over from such a figure…!」