Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 312. Division work


「…Let’s organize it a bit」

Margo-san said.

「First, Viola has suddenly visited Japan. That’s for certain…」

It’s only a few days ago that Nei-san’s data leaked into the underground society.
Viola who was in US came into Japan quickly when he discovered that.

「Kouzuki Noboru had been preparing a coup by hiding agents into Kouzuki security service. I think that’s also definite…」

From the theater to the hotel, those guards that attacked us…Kouzuki Noboru’s plan for coup shows that he had made preparations way before.

「I think that it’s also definite that Miss Cordellia is the one that connected Viola and Kouzuki Noboru」

Viola’s aim is Nei-san.
Kouzuki Noboru’s aim is to dominate the Kouzuki group.

「Miss Cordelia brought two people with different purposes together then…」

Then…Viola obtained information from Kouzuki Noboru’s agents…
Kouzuki Noboru made Viola’s invasion as the chance for his coup…



「It’s not two…there’s three. It’s Moritsugu-sama」

…Oh right.
Yukino’s granduncle…The head of Shirasaka house, Shirasaka Moritsugu also has a contract with Viola.
Blending with the invasion…Viola’s asked to assassinate the rebels in the corporate group of Shirasaka house and kill Shirasaka Sousuke and his family.
Jii-chan said that when he was talking with the three anti-Shirasaka Moritsugu factions…

「I see…if Cesario Viola’s organization’s modus is to make money from the concerned parties in just one encounter then…」

That’s right…we were only concerned about Viola’s grudge against Nei-san…
Originally, Cesario Viola’s organization is one of the leading criminal organizations in US.
The invasion of the enemy already exceeds the level of the male Viola’s grudge.
If this is an official activity of a criminal organization then it’s natural that they would try to earn as much as possible

「I think there might be a fourth or a fifth customer…」
「Yeah. Kouzuki Noboru’s plan is most likely only to assassinate some of the executives that doesn’t agree with him」

For example, Kouzuki Souji’s father, and Kouzuki Satoshi’s father…
Kouzuki Noboru would become the only Kouzuki house’s member on the board of directors.
The prince faction would collapse…and at the same time, Kouzuki Noboru who’s supposed to be in the rising faction, will become the boss of the board at once

「Right…I think that’s what my father thinks」

Kouzuki Kenshi affirmed.

「If you think about it calmly…there’s no way my father would come up with a reckless plan to kill all the executives and even『Kakka’s』child…」
「Yeah. It’s surely another man’s plan…perhaps a fourth person who made a request to Viola or Miss Cordelia」

That’s what I think

「But, that’s strange…then why did I think that father has ordered all of it?」

Kouzuki Kenshi says curiously

「That’s because this man confidently said that the『criminal is Kouzuki Noboru』」

Yukino looks at me.

「That’s right, it’s you. You said it in a strong tone so everyone believed it!」

True…it might be my fault

「Right. Even though I don’t know what kind of man Kouzuki Noboru is. With the idea from the information at hand, I said that he’s the mastermind behind all the cases」

I was wrong.
A single man’s speculation won’t move at any case.
The speculations of several people intermingle…the conflicts collide and the incident grows bigger.
The more people involved in this case the more it becomes complicated
That’s how it is.

「Wait a minute…is this really Yo-chan’s fault?」

Nei-san said

「It’s this man’s fault! At that time…wasn’t he the one who spoke his thoughts proudly?」

Right…I’m the one who spoke the opinion『Kouzuki Noboru is the boss』

「Well that’s true, but you see. First, Yo-chan talked about his theory…Maru-chan and I verified if that theory was logically correct…but at that stage, Yo-chan’s theory is only a thought with no backing evidence…」
「Right. I do remember thinking『Is that really the case?』…」

Seki-san said

「That’s right. But, but you see…there was a person who affirmed Yo-chan’s theory, appearing at a tremendously good timing you see?!」

That’s right…at that time.
Chief Yazawa suddenly appeared.
He praised the theory I made.

「That’s when Yazawa-san started making us feel that Yo-chan’s theory seems to be correct…making us think that Kouzuki Noboru was the mastermind behind all this?」


「But you see…now that I think of it, Yazawa-san didn’t say that Yo-chan’s theory is『correct』 If I recall, Yazawa-san said…『It’s quite a good reasoning』didn’t he?!」

…That’s right.
Chief Yazawa didn’t say that my reasoning was correct…!

「You’re right. We might’ve been mislead by Yazawa-san…」

Margo-san thinks.

「Please wait. But…isn’t Chief Yazawa on our side?

Why would he be deceiving us?

「Let’s go back to square one and try to verify from the start again」

Margo-san tells me.

「But…if Yazawa-san is an『enemy』then Jii-chan?!」

Jii-chan is…
Jii-chan who became our『family』

「…Let’s erase all the assumptions first」

Margo-san said coldy

「But…for Jii-chan to betray us」

Then that means betraying Misuzu and Ruriko?
Could that even happen?

「That’s not it…point it all back to zero」


「What if Chief Yazawa isn’t moving according to all of Kouzuki-san’s instructions…?」


「If Yazawa-san isn’t a loyal subordinate…and he’s acting on his own will, contrary to Kouzuki-san’s orders」

What if Chief Yazawa’s a traitor?

「In the first place…why is Kozuki-san acting away from Chief Yazawa? Why take the trouble of going down the basement and going back up? Maybe, it’s to escape the eyes of Chief Yazawa’s surveillance?」

That’s right.
Jii-chan sent his full time guards to protect his two sons and their families.
Why can’t it be the other top elite under Chief Yazawa?
Also, Seki-san and Reika…he allowed them to enter our team and leave his side.
Does that mean, if Seki-san and Reika are with him…they can’t escape his surveillance network?
In the secret『emergency evacuation room』…furthermore, for Chief Yazawa to not know the existence of the secret『escape passage』…
Then…Jii-chan’s current locations is unknown to Chief Yazawa.

「Thinking about it…I know the reason why Yazawa-san let us out of the room 2505 Even purposely showing the map of the maze hotel…」

Everyone’s eyes concentrate on Margo-san

「I think he wants to find Kouzuki-san’s location…」

Chief Yazawa doesn’t have the people to search for Jii-chan now that Viola’s attacking.
No…he might be planning to make director Yamaoka do it
Therefore…he came to the room where the executives are evacuated.
But, both director Yamaoka and Kudou-mama became useless.
Chief Yazawa puts his eyes on us.

「Of course, this is just a hypothesis. Please don’t think of it as an absolute」

Margo-san said

「Yes…I can’t believe it. For Chief to betray『Kakka』…」
「I think so too…Yazawa-san is a loyal person」

Chief Yazawa’s subordinates…Seki-san and Reika are puzzled.

「But…we should pay attention to the possibility」

Michi said

「Well…I think so too, but」
「But…he’s someone who served『Kakka』for thirty years. Yazawa-san is…!」

The two guards doesn’t seem to be convinced.

「I think he’s been looking for a chance to betray all for all the decades he’s been serving」

Kouzuki Kenshi said

「Don’t say selfish things on a whim!」

Seki-san’s angry

「But you see, I think it’s shady. That old man…when I first saw him, I felt it」

Yukino said.

「If Chief Yazawa’s suspicious what about Kudou-san?」

When I asked…

「I can understand when you thinkt hat old man is a comedian but…Yazawa-san feels like a scammer. Our clan also has that kind of people」

Our clan…Shirasaka house?

「Everyone’s a good hit, in fact, there’s even educational background and abilities, though…they plot to entrap the people around behind the scenes. Suginami-ojisan resembles that person’s atmosphere so much…6
「No but you see…Kouzuki-san is from Kouzuki security service, it’s natural for him to work behind the scenes. He’s just sociable…」

Since he’s the chief of VIP guards…
It’s natural that his communication skills are high.

「But you see… I feel something’s fishy with that person」

Yukino seems to dislike chief Yazawa instinctively.

「Anyway, we can’t say anything but…let’s just have it in mind that we have to be careful with Yazawa-san Right now we’re on the critical moment…we can’t afford to overlook any possibility」

Margo-san said
That’s right, this is a battlefield.
If you think naively…even if it’s trivial, your life would be lost immediately

「Then…what should we do? Should we stop searching for『Kakka』?」

Reika asks Margo-san

「No, I think that looking for Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan is the top priority…」

If chief Yazawa is really the enemy…
Then it’s too dangerous to leave the two of them without being guarded…

「Right! It’s better if we join as soon as possible. Then, we can hear Kouzuki-san and Sensei’s story」

Nei-san said.
Yeah…in fact, I think we should talk directly to Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan.
There’s so many questions I want to be answered…

「By the way…the fourth person related to the enemy. There’s the problem left which is…who asked the enemy to kill all of the board of directors?」

Kouzuki Kenshi said.

「Let’s not talk about that for now…we don’t know if our guesses are correct. There’s a huge possibility that we become misdirected」

Margo-san dismissed Kenshi’s question.

「We’ve already have enough of misleading things! Then that means…!」

Nei-san looks at Kouzuki Kenshi’s face.

「What about you…could you be a spy that the『enemy』sent to confuse us?」

Kouzuki Kenshi laughs out loud…

「You say something funny」
「Is that a no?」
「Isn’t that just the『devil’s proof』?…Nobody here can prove that they’re not a『traitor』」

Kouzuki Kenshi smiles

「Every human has something suspicious about them…」


「No…there’s no 『traitor』 in our『family』」
「Isn’t that just your own selfish thought?」

Kouzuki Kenshi provokes me.

「I’ll never betray Master」

Michi said

「Even Yo-chan will never betray Mi-chan!」
「The one Master will never betray is you」

Michi looks at Nei-san

「Right…he’ll never betray Nei」
「Margo-san won’t betray Nei-san too, would you?」

I asked

「Reika won’t betray her family right?」
「Yes. I’ll absolutely protect my 『little sisters』…」

Inside Reika’s head…my priority is low.
What Reika wants is『family』…not a『man』
Well, that’s fine

「Even I will protect everyone」

Seki-san said.

「If chief Yazawa makes another order…I will not accept it. I will continue guarding until everyone’s safe. I’m a guard who protects people. My weapon is to protect…」

Seki-san said…then she looks at the pistol at her hand.

「Oh…so everyone has god faith it seems?」

Kouzuki Kenshi shows a shrewd smile

「Then…the only suspicious people are her and me, right?」

Saying that…he looked at Yukino

「No…I believe in Yukino」

Yukino’s surprised from what I said.

「Yukino’s high-handed, selfish, egoistic…but not a bad person. Her true essence is a good girl」
「Y-You…what are you saying?」

Yukino’s feverish.

「On the day of entrance ceremony…wasn’t it Yukino who talked to the dark and depressed me?」

…That’s right.
At the day of the entrance ceremony…my father disappeared.
It was Yukino who called out to me who’s depressed and trembling…

「That’s a lie! There’s no way I would be calling out to someone like you!」

Yukino doesn’t seem to remember.
The me on the day of the entrance ceremony…
But, I remember…
At that day, Yukino was beautiful…and kind…
Since that day…I’ve been obsessed with Yukino.

「But, you’re right. Yukino was gentle to me」

Kouzuki Kenshi glares at me.

「Uhm…she’s Shirasaka Yukino-san, isn’t she?」
「That’s right, I am Shirasaka Yukino. What about it?」

Yukino asks Kenshi as if she’s protesting.

「No…I’ve always wondered. Why is everyone letting a woman of the enemy force walk freely…?!」

True…Shirasaka house is our enemy
Both Kouzuki house and『Kuromori』are hostile against them.

「Yukino’s not an『enemy』」

I said

「But, she’s not also an『ally』!」

Nei-san tells me

「You mustn’t make a mistake on that part, Yo-chan」

That’s right, Yukino isn’t an『ally』
She’ll never become my『ally』
Yukino and I will never understand each other.
That’s how apart our hearts are.
I know that

「That’s right. I hate you so much after all!」

Yukino said

「It’s no use persuading me. I hate men like you with all my guts. The hate I have for you have already marked on a DNA stage! Normally, I don’t even want to hear you speak but for now…」

She glares at me frustrated.

「It can’t be helped…that’s right, I’ve got no other choice so I’m talking with you! Be grateful!」

I laughed.

「What?…What’s so funny!」
「No…I just thought that if Mana was here, she’d say something horrible to Yukino again」

Yeah…Mana would attack Yukino.
Megu would surely glare.

「That girl’s stupid…so she got deceived by a bad man like you. She’s still a child so it can’t be helped…」

Yukino looks at me.

「Take care of Maika. Take responsibility for her」
「Now that it came to this…there’s no other choice. Our house would be collapsing」

Yukino looks down.
Her father was socially annihilated…
Even if Shirasaka house survives…she knows that she has no more place in there anymore.

「It’s miserable but…I think that I’ve got no choice but to leave Maika to you. Bowing my head to Yuzuki Sensei and Kouzuki Misuzu…above all, Megumi is something I absolutely hate…」

Yukino’s pride will never allow it.

「Therefore, it has to be you. Take care of Maika okay!」
「What about Yukino-san, what are you planning to do?」

Nei-san asks Yukino

「Even I want to know that!」

Yukino answers self-mockingly.
She can’t see her future at all
Yukino’s frustrated…

「Well, that talk is already over! Let’s go! Even if it’s above or below! I’m already done taking this hallway!」

Saying that, Yukino goes in front trotting

「Hey, wait…don’t go alone!」

I chase after Yukino

「Ah, wait…Yo-chan!」

Nei-san and Michi follows me.
The formation collapsed.
At that moment…!


Gas bombs were shot out from the ceiling.
I’ve seen this before…!
When old man Dai Grepher retreated from the battle with the enemy…
Then that means the one manipulating this is…


At the moment Margo-san tries to chase us!


A machine gun from behind?!
Bullets open a hole from the top of the wall.
The first shots was a warning?!

「Everyone, hide yourself on a nearby cover!!!」

We try to hide ourselves but…
As a result…the distance between MArgo-san and us opens!


Suddenly, a loud noise…and the firedoor comes from the ceiling!
I-If this continues…
We’ll be divided!!!