Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 311. Team


「Get down!!」

Margo-san turned back and throws a knife type shuriken to the enemy attacking from the ceiling

…Dosu, dosu!

The shuriken sticks to the belly of the enemy wearing gray fighting clothes but it seems they’re wearing blade deflecting vests.
The enemy’s stance only broke but there’s no damage.
I cover Nei-san. I lowered my hips and and made my body as small as possible…
Yuknio clings to Nei-san from behind.


Margo-san runs at full speed and jumps to the gray enemy!
At that moment…the enemy lurking around us also takes action!

「I won’t let you!!」

Passing through Margo-san…Reika rushes to the enemy on behind!

「Michi-chan, get down!」

Seki-san points the handgun to the enemy appearing in front!

…Doouun! Dauun!!!

She shot twice as a warning!
Though it doesn’t hit the enemy…the accurate shooting stops the movement approaching us.

「…Leave this one to me!」

Michi confirming the situation, she heads towards the gray enemy fighting Margo-san

「Yaa! Haaaaaaaaa!!!」

Margo-san pulls out something like a metal flexible baton and strikes down the gray enemy coming down from the ceiling.
The gray enemy pulls out a big combat knife and fight !

…Gaki! Bakikiki!

The two metals collide and sparks fly.

「Haii! Haii! Haiii!!!!」

On the other hand…Reika releases a three stage thrust with her cane to the enemy on the rear!
The enemy barely avoids it…and takes a distance from us


Seki-san shots another bullet!
She’s making sure the enemy in front won’t move.

「…Avoid it!」

Michi’s red whip flies to the gray enemy!
The gray enemy jumps backwards.
While jumping, they threw a knife shaped shuriken…Michi avoids by stepping backwards.
The enemy shuriken stabs the floor on Michi’s flank.
Because of that…she can’t make a second shot with her whip

「…Look this way!」

Michi makes the beckoning cat pose…
Kudou style martial arts Mystic art『Shingetsu』…

「No, Michi!」

I shouted


Michi’s concentration loosens.
At that moment…
The grey enemy shouted something in english

「Lie down! That’s a flashbang!」

MArgo-san said, I then pushed Nei-san and lied down the floor.
Yukino did the same.
The front and back of the corridor shined brightly…!!


Looking up…the three enemies have already disappeared.

「Is everyone okay?」

Margo-san said while breathing roughly

「I’m fine…Yo-chan protected me!」

Nei-san answered as she hugs me.
There’s tears in her cheeks.

「…My eyes are flickering. I can’t see anything」

Kouzuki Kenshi seems to have taken the flash directly

「Close your eyes for a while. It’ll heal with time」

Seki-san answers while replenishing the bullets she shot

「Sorry, I acted to disarrange the formation…」

Reika apologizes to Margo-san

「No…I think that was the correct decision. The enemy didn’t come close here because Reika-oneesan jumped in…」
「Normally, I would be in the middle of the ranks…we could’ve repelled the enemy that came in the ceiling」

Reika didn’t notice the enemy on the ceiling, and it seems that her initial response was delayed.

「No, that person was special so my body moved on it’s own. Normally, I’d leave it to Reika-oneesan, even though I’m the the rear and take the enemy from behind…I thought that I had to fight with the gray enemy so I jumped into the middle. If it wasn’t for Reika-oneesan jumping in and hold the enemy from the rear, it would’ve been bad…sorry」

Margo-san apologizes to Reika.

「If it wasn’t for Margo-oneesama, I won’t be able to deal with the gray enemy」

Michi said.
Margo-san pulled the shuriken the gray enemy threw on the floor.

「Oh…I knew it」
「What’s it, Maru-chan?」
「Here, look」

Margo-san shows the enemy shuriken to Nei-san.
Following, she takes out her shuriken…
The two shuriken almost have the same shape.
Though, the materials and processing is slightly different…

「…It means we’re fellow students」

Margo-san smiles

「My master is Kyouko-san. And she was with Kyouko-san before me…」

Miss Cordelia…
The gray enemy earlier was Miss Cordelia?
Then that means that the one who attacked from the front and behind are the white Viola and Rosalind.

「Because fellow students are able to understand what’s the scope of the other…even if they break the formation, I think that Margo-san taking her own was the correct decision」
「Rather than that, I think that Fujimiya-san and Michi-san respnding to the sudden change formation did well. I think that Margo-san’s judgement was right…each moved to a position where they thought they could be at their best and follow up with each other. We’re working as a proper team…!」

Seki-san praises the entire team.

「As for Seki-san…you stopped the enemy in front with just three shots, as expected」

Reika said.

「Well…those people weren’t serious you see」

Seki-san smiles wryly

「They weren’t serious? But…!」

Yukino’s surprised.

「If they were serious then the enemy would’ve used a gun from the start. I think that most of us would be dead if they shot while completely out of sight」

Margo-san also agrees.

「The attack this time was just to come and check our fighting skills?」

I ask Margo-san

「Rather than recon…it’s more like a greeting. They didn’t come to seriously attack…」
「The fourth person didn’t come out」

That’s right…there’s a team of four people along with Miss Viola entering the hotel.
The last one didn’t show up

「Either way, I think they’re observing our situation somewhere…!」
「Then. why did Master stop me…?」

Michi looks at me.

「Yeah. The enemy’s aim is to wait and see…so won’t it be bad for us if we show all our cards? Besides…」

There’s a doubt inside me.

「We don’t know whether Michi’s『Shingetsu』will work on martial artists master, right?…Besides, Michi didn’t notice Miss Cordelia’s『Qi』when she was hiding on the ceiling, right?」

We had Michi as the vanguard because we rely on her ability to perceive『Qi』
But, she didn’t notice Miss Cordelia
If miss Cordelia is a master who can completely erase her presence…it’s possible that Michi can’t use her『Shingetsu』


Michi bows her head.

「No, it was my fault to make a formation that depends on Michi’s ability too much」

Margo-san blames herself

「Don’t worry about it. A monster opponent like that is hard to deal with」

Seki-san smiles and Margo-san followed up.

「Let’s return to the previous formation. Fujimiya-san’s the vanguard, I’m in second row. Michi-san will be protecting the other children and look for everyone’s『Qi』 Then, Margo-san will be the rear」

Margo-san nods at Seki-san’s proposal.

「Fujimiya-san didn’t charge alone like before…if something happens suddenly, we can change our positions to our judgement just like now. We already know each other’s abilities so let’s follow up each other」

The combat team’s combination is definitely getting better.

「As expected of the top elite of Kouzuki security service…Seki-san You’ve got a better leadership than I do

Margo-san said.
Is she losing confidence in leading the team due to Miss Cordelia’s attack?

「Wrong…Fujimiya-san and I have come to think『What can I do?』『What’s my position in the team』thanks to you. If it was me before…well, although I’ve got plenty of experience and skills, I lack the eye to look around because I only think about myself. Joining up a team like this…I’ve noticed and understood a lot of things」
「I’m the same as Seki-san」

Reika said

「Up until now, I was selfish… I regret on it」
「Therefore…we’ll leave the team’s command to Margo-san. Of course, if we noticed something then we’ll immediately point it out, but…I think that Margo-san is the only one has the eye to look at the whole unit with the perspective of a leader」
「Yes, don’t mind and give us more instructions」

Michi adds to Seki-san and Reika.

「I also trust Margo-oneesama. Let’s keep on going…!」
「Everyone…thank you」

MArgo-san’s inspired.

「Yes, yes! It’ll be fine, Maru-chan! I’m sure it’ll be a good team」

Nei-san said smiling.

「Besides…you have good eyes. That really helped」

Seki-san praises Yukino

「Well, I just saw the ceiling by chance and saw some people floating around…!」

Yukino triumphantly snorts.

「We’re expecting more from you. We’re relying on you」
「… Leave it to me!」

This one’s so easy to get cocky.
Seki-san doesn’t know the exact relationship between Yukino and us…
She only understand that we’re taking Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter as a hostage.
Well, as a hostage, Yukino’s allowed to speak as much she wants…
She’s somehow calming down, or rather…she’s blending with us, but
She’s big when Megu and Mana aren’t here.
Those two reject Yukino too strongly…

「Speaking of which…are your eyes fine now? Can you see now?」

Yukino talks to Kouzuki Kenshi

「Ah, it’s gotten better. I’m already fine」

Yukino has a kind girl nature in reality.
It’s just that she thinks of herself as a special existence…
She doesn’t understand the gap with other people…
Looking at Kouzuki Kenshi’s behavior earlier…I noticed.
Kouzuki Kenshi also believes that he’s special, and that he reigns over others for some reason.
Therefore, he’s thinking he could bind us and be the head of Kouzuki group’s『underground』division…
Instead of gaining our trust…
He’s appealing with his ability, jumping over…
Kouzuki Kenshi considers himself as a higher being than us from the beginning…
That’s why he’s convinced that we’re under him without any problems.
…Yukino is the same.
She thinks that she’s a special being than the other people from the beginning…
Therefore she’s bullying Megu…
She’s horrible to her sister.
Yukino and Kouzuki Kenshi are similar.
Well…both of them are children of distinguished families.
They’re in half-hearted positions.
Jii-chan, Misuzu, and Ruriko, who are the born noble…they respond to other people properly as there’s a clear responsibility to protect the house…
A half-hearted person…only clings to the authority of the house, and do unnecessary things.
They can calmly shame their home just to protect their pride…


Huh…wait, something’s wrong

「What’s the matter, Yo-chan?」

Nei-san looks at my face

「The students and their parents have a completely similar character, don’t they?」
「Yeah, for some reason, they’re all completely in sync!」

…Then that means?

「Kouzuki Kenshi-san’s father, Kouzuki Noboru-san is the same?」

Kouzuki Nobory…induced by Miss Cordelia, he teamed with Cesario Viola but…

「We aren’t alike…father and I are completely different people」

Kouzuki Kenshi says clearly, but…

「Completely alike…including their personalities…!」

Seki-san said
Seki-san is Jii-chan’s full time guard.
She’s likely to be guarding even in places where the executives gather…
Her opinion should be correct

「What about it, Yo-chan?」
「If you notice something then say something. It may become an important hint」

Nei-san and Margo-san looks at me.

「Well, I just thought of it. but…」

I look at Kouzuki Kenshi

「True…Kenshi-san may have the ambition, and I think he does drastic actions」

Kouzuki Kenshi belongs to the rising faction while having the blood of Kouzuki family
And he’s devoted to be the coordinator of both groups.
Well it’s already known that he wants to be a boss of the『underground』of the Kouzuki Group.
He’s smart, likes to do various things…he has the talent to move people as he want.
Kouzuki Kenshi is never incompetent

「Kenshi-san…let me ask you, if you were in your father’s shoes…would you plan to kill all the other executives in the current situation?」

Kouzuki Kenshi…

「If I was my father then I won’t do such nonsense. Apart from the strong hostile executives…it’s wrong to kill people who can be under me」

Right…Kouzuki Kenshi looks down on others.
He thinks that it’s better to control foolish people one day.
…He’s not an eccentric that would kill everyone.

「I might want to dispose huge people who are hostile to me but…I’ll just sell gratitude to the other people. I think it’ll give better long term results…」

He’s smart and talented and yet…
He loses the reality because he over evaluates himself too much
He’s that type of human.

「Then…don’t you think your father, Noboru-san’s actions are a bit too much? Don’t you think it’s strange to say that the leader of the traitors is your father?」
「No, I’m sure that my father did it. Father is a man who doesn’t like to be under other people」
「But, it’s possible that someone has induced him, isn’t it?」
「Well…that’s true, but」
「Let me ask you once again…do you think that Kouzuki Noboru-san is a person who would do such radical rebelion?」

Kouzuki Kenshi thinks for a while…then answered

「Speaking of which…it feels wrong. The plan and action done by my father is certainly too extreme looking at the current situation…father is weak and a lowly person unlike me…!」

No…you’re also a lowly person!