Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 330. Combat Open!


「…Why is Chief Yazawa and miss Cordelia talking in Japanese?」

Seki-san whispers.

「Maybe they don’t want the American subordinates to know what they’re talking about?」

I answered.

「I see…then, I think that they’re talking with too much information」

Margo-san said

「…What do you mean?」
「They’re purposely explaining so we would understand…!」


「I don’t know what chief Yazawa’s aim is. But, I can imagine miss Cordelia’s…!」

Miss Cordelia laughs at what Margo-san.

「She intends to murder us all…」


「…That’s right. You people will be dying here. Isn’t it pitiful if you die without knowing anything? I thought of trying to tell you the situation before you die. Ufufu…aren’t I kind? Your questions are welcome. I’ll answer everything if it’s now…!」

Miss Cordelia’s smile shakes us…

「Then, I’ll take your offer…was it the『council’s』plan to kill us or your own idea?」

Margo-san asks.

「It’s my idea…or rather, personal grudge. It’s a personal emotion. The『council』is unrelated at all…!」

Miss Cordelia’s personal grudge?

「A prostitution ring like yours having relationship with a talented person like Kyouko is a loss of the underground. That’s why I’ll crush you all. I will murder you all and…Kyouko will return to her meaningful life…!

After saying, miss Cordelia smiled.

「No, I might have to kill Kyouko in this occasion. If I kill her without others knowing that she’s doing something so trivial like protecting a prostitute…her dignity won’t be lost」

Miss Cordelia seems to be Kyouko Dothnomechey-san’s partner before.
She knows Kyouko-san’s talent more than anyone.
She can’t forgive her becoming the guard of『Kuromori』

「Therefore…I decided to kill you all on this occasion. Though the deal was to get rid of Lorenzaccio Bandini, what’s more important to me is to kill you. I’ll beat you up, and kill you painfully. I had Mr. Yazawa help me out for that…」

Chief Yazawa puts his hand in front of miss Cordelia.
He’s saying『shut up』

「You’re talking too much from the excitement」

Miss Cordelia…

「It seems so…When I talk Japanese, I remember when I was with Kyouko, that’s why I feel exalted…!」

Margo-san talks to Chief Yazawa

「Yazawa-san…you don’t intend to answer our questions?」

Chief Yazawa smiles…

「I have the ideology of…『People who don’t know anything dies happily…』」

Chief Yazawa intends to ignore us?

「I want to ask a question」

I said

「Go on. I don’t know if I would answer it or not…」

Chief Yazawa speaks up as he look at my eyes…

「Are miss Cordelia’s targets all the staff of『Kuromori』?」
「That’s right…from what I’ve heard, she intends to kill you all」
「Then that means…Minaho-neesan, Margo-san, Nei-san, and me…?」
「Takanashi Katsuko too…」

Chief Yazawa answered.
I purposely omitted Katsuko-nee’s name…
It’s exposed that Katsuko-nee’s a core member of『Kuromori』

「Katsuko-nee’s just a prostitute. Miss Cordelia won’t go kill a poor woman exploited by a prostitution organization, would you?」

…If that’s how miss Cordelia thinks then I’m sure…
I think that she’ll become sympathetic of a woman who has been tricked…

「Right…Then I’ll exclude Takanashi Katsuko and Katagai Nagisa」

Okay…I got miss Cordelia’s words.

「Promise also to not get the ladies of Kouzuki family and their friends involved with this. Those girls were just involved with us…they’re unrelated to『Kuromori』…」

I’m going to make a bet.

「That’s a request from me too…If the Kouzuki ladies are gone, it’ll hinder my future work」

Chief Yazawa tells miss Cordelia.

「That’s true. In the first place, those girls haven’t even met or talked to Kyouko-san…!」

Even I have never met a person named Kyouko Dothnomechey.
But, I’ll bluff this one.
Miss Cordelia…

「Okay then…I’ll only kill four, Kuromori Minaho, Margo Starkweather, Najima Yasuko, and you…. Actually, even if I just kill Minaho《Black Forest》would be destroyed…but」

She laughs.

「Just who the hell are you? You didn’t come up in the preliminary reports I have asked. You’re not listed even in Mr. Yazawa’s report…」

That’s obvious.
It hasn’t been a week since I joined『Kuromori』

「I never knew him at all…he must be a secret member of『Kuromori』」

Chief Yazawa’s befuddled.
Okay…that’s good.
If they didn’t investigate me ahead of time…
Then they don’t know about Megu or Mana at all.
I can call them as Misuzu’s friends.

「True…it feels like he’s an educator of the prostitutes from the sex show earlier…he must be a professional male prostitute. He must be doing it with rich old ladies however」

Oh, I’m glad that I did all my best doing a sex show at that place.
Miss Cordelia doesn’t doubt that I’m an official member of the prostitution organization『Kuromori』

「Well…that’s how it is」

I answered.
For the time being…the girls underground won’t be harmed.
Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, Misuzu, Megu, Mana, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san will be fine.
Jii-chan said that they would definitely be safe until morning…
There’s no security now that chief Yazawa’s an enemy.
Even that basement may still have some other escape routes.
What’s left is…

「This one’s just an apprentice prostitute of mine. She hasn’t taken a customer yet. I just forcibly raped her…made her get used to sex」

I explained about Yukino

「She’s also a victim of us… She’s not an ally…spare her as well」

Yukino’s surprised.

「What’s your name?」

Miss Cordelia asks Yukino…
Yukino’s on the hit list made by Shirasaka’s head.
Miss Cordelia would be receiving extra money from that.
…Don’t answer with your real name
Try to say『Kishima Kuroko』for now…

「…It’s Shirasaka Yukino!」

Y-You’re an idiot…Yukino!!

「I’m Shirasaka Yukino…Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter!」

Miss Corderlia smiles…

「I’ll kill you too, that would be 50k$…it’s a bit cheap but there’s no helping it. Your price is cheaper than your father…」

Yukino trembles.

「…Yukino, get behind me」

I get in front of Yukino.

「My…she’s not an ally, is she? Why do you try to protect her?」

Miss Cordelia speaks to me ironically

「I just don’t want her to die」

Yukino holds my arms tightly from behind.

「It’s okay. I’ll kill you and that girl together」

She really intends to kill.

「Now then, for starters…how about you all and Lorenzaccio Bandini’s minions kill each other?」

Suddenly, miss Cordelia looked at the men in black clothes.
Then she said something in English

「…She’s talking about the『council’s』decision to kill Lorenzaccio Bandini and Cesario Viola」

Nei-san whispers.

「Therefore…it’s planned to kill all the subordinates along with the superiors but, those who are capable will be rehired by miss Cordelia and would be let to live…」

…That’s just.

「She’s saying that those who are confident in their skills raise their arms…they’ll fight us and see their strength. If they survived from the fight then she’ll help them out, she said…」

A few of the black suit men raised their hands quickly
It’s 5 people from 13.

「…It’s less than what I thought. They’re not going to be loyal to Lorenzaccio Bandini this late, those who didn’t raise their hands don’t believe what miss Cordelia said at all」

Margo-san said

「What do you mean?」
「They know that miss Cordelia has no plans on re-employing them. Even if they survived, they think that they’ll get killed anyway. Therefore…they’re looking for an opportunity to run away from this place」

Is that how it is?
Rather, they have judged that it’s a chance when miss Cordelia is concentrating on the battle between us and the black combat clothes men.

「What? Only five?…Well fine…it’s the same number as those people. Isn’t this going to be a good match?」

The same number as us…?
Margo-san, Nei-san, me and Yukino…and?

「That ninja girl is going to fight together with you, isn’t she?」

Miss Cordelia looks at Michi.

「…Obviously. I am Master’s servant」

I see…she knows that Michi is also a combatant from the previous attack.

「I will also fight.」

Reika said.

「My, I heard that you are mr. Yazawa’s subordinate however…?」
「Hmph…this one’s a too single-minded! If she only thinks a bit more flexibly, you could live more comfortably, Fujimiya-kun…!」

Chief Yazawa-san, Reika glares at him…

「Please don’t talk to me familiarly…you’re already our『enemy』」
「Us…?! I see, you’re already a member of Kuromori then」

Miss Cordelia smiles.

「I too will protect these children…!」


「I don’t want to lose my pride as a guard. I can’t let these children be killed!」
「They’re not children. Those people are dirty…maggots of a prostitution organization!」

Miss Cordelia hates『Kuromori』to the depths of her heart…

「No…these are children I will protect even with my life. They’re children I want to embrace and foster」
「Hah! You got attached to these maggots by being with them?」

Miss Cordelia mocks Seki-san

「I don’t care whatever you think…I will protect this children as a guard…!」
「Is that so?…Then I’ve got to change my thoughts too」

Miss Cordelia says something in English again.
Loudly, hysterically…ordering the men in black combat clothes.

「…What did she say?」
「Every man except Lorenzaccio Bandini and Cesario Viola would be fighting with us… If not, they’re going to get killed right now, she said…」

Nei-san translates.
In short…11 people.
We only have 7 people.
But, Nei-san, Yukino and I aren’t fighters.
Rather, we’re just hindrance.

「You guys are professional executors aren’t you? You can easily kill girls right? If you can’t even do that then I’ll shoot you right now. I’ll throw your corpses to the sea over there. ot even you memento would be coming back to your home. Sink in the sea of far east. Are you okay with that…?」

Miss Cordelia said all she has to say.

「…Don’t let those guys use handguns」

Chief Yazawa tells miss Cordelia.

「I’m afraid of stray bullets…if those guys are indeed Lorenzaccio Bandini’s main group then everyone’s got a decent career, don’t they? They might pretend to fight and aim at us you see…」
「Why don’t you just avoid it…?」

Miss Cordelia laughs.
She’s confident that she can deal with it even if she’s suddenly aimed at.

「Since you and your kittens are young, you have the confidence to act quickly but, I’m already at the age. I’m no longer confident at avoiding being shot by bullets. Besides, I’d be troubled if those bullets reach my men. Those guys will still have to work under me…!」

I see, at the same time the battle begins…
Viola’s men would try to run away from this place by all means.
They, who are cornered would forcibly gun down in search for an exit…they might accidentally hit a person from the『information department』holding a machine gun.

「…You’re unexpectedly coward」
「I’ve survived this long because I’m timid」
「I get it…I’ll do as your say considering your frankness」

Miss Cordelia instructs the white Viola and Rosalind.
The two of them are smiling…
They walk towards the men in black combat clothes and do a body check.

「Well, if they’re going to kill each other then it would be more impressive with a fight. Guns can end it right away…bang, if you’re shot, it’s a boring death」

Their white and long fingers…check the firearms the men hide, pull out the magazines and throw it away


One of the men refuses to be touched by the white Rosalind.
Rosalind head butts the man’s forehead with an amazing speed!


The man fainted…!
Rosalind grins.
Miss Cordelia says something in English…

「Taking up our time… Those who rebel won’t be pardoned. If the number of people fighting decreases then you guys would be in trouble…」

Anyway…the enemy’s turned to 10.

「Our firearms are only this. I’ll let this boy have it. He doesn’t have any combat training so you don’t care about that much handicap?

Seki-san said and hand over the pistol to me.1

「Right…then I’ll give you special permission」

Miss Cordelia answers.

「When you’re shooting, it’ll attract the enemies. For now, you can’t hit enemies three meters away. Shoot at a knife stabbing distance. But if you think it’s dangerous then don’t hesitate and shoot. Okay?」

The heavy metal is completely warmed with Seki-san’s body temperature.
I hold the gun.

「Okay…got it」

Meanwhile…the confiscation of firearms from the men in black combat clothes has been completed.
Viola and Bandini got their guns taken away too.

「Now then…well then, let’s begin. Kill each other…!」

Miss Cordelia laughs happily

「I don’t think it’s a very good hobby」

Chief Yazawa smiles bitterly.

「Oh…it’s Kuromori Minaho’s fault for not coming out soon enough…!」

Miss Cordelia looks up at the surveillance camera near the ceiling.

「Hurry up and come, Kuromori’s boss. If you don’t hurry your precious subordinates will all die…!」

She doesn’t know that we are a『family』?

「Let’s fight with our backs to the wall…Reika-oneesan, you go vanguard. I’ll take the right, Seki-san will be on the left. Take down the attacking enemy using counters. Michi-chan, please guard Nei and the two. Also…」
「…I know. Margo-oneesama」

When it gets really dangerous…we can only depend on Michi’s『Shingetsu』
But…『Shingetsu』at full power…
It can stop even the movement of allies.
We have experienced it when escaping from the theater…

「I’m not good at close combat but it can’t be helped」

Seki-san takes out a hidden retractable baton.

「They should be wearing body armor too. My hands would swell if I hit them with my fist」
「True…we have to punch through vital points」

Margo-san also has a metal club on both hands.
It’s the one used when fighting at the back of the baseball ground.
It seems she hid it under her coat.

「That doesn’t matter to my cane. I can crush helmets or even body armor with one blow…!」

Reika holds her cane of death.
The 10 black combat clothes men pull out combat knives all at once…

「Hey…are we going to be okay?」

Yukino and Nei-san cling to me.

「It’s fine…let’s believe in our『family』…!」

When it’s needed…I have to protect these two with this pistol.
The man in black suit instructs the combatants.
They’re not using words.
Just using their hands, pointing out『You go there』『You and you team up』
And yet…the ten men quickly formed a battle formation

「…That’s Giuliano Jenka, right?」

Margo-san mutters

「It seems so. There’s nobody else that can lead the battle among the executives…」

Seki-san answers.

「It seems both are ready…well then, should we decide the timing of the combat open?」

Miss Cordelia pulls a coin out of her pocket.

「Nickel Coin? …It’s small and hard to see. You don’t have any quarter?」

Margo-san speaks silly

「Five cents is enough for your worth isn’t it? I’ll throw this and at the moment it falls to the floor, the battle begins…!」

Miss Cordelia’s hand has a small silver coin shines dull…
Right now, she said the same thing to the men in black combat clothes, in English

「…Then, let’s go. 《ready》…!」

Miss Cordelia’s finger flicks the silver coin…!
The coin glitters…spin around the air…
Then, it begins to fall.
Before it drops on the floor…



The man in black combat clothes who seems to be Giuliano Jenka holds his throat and faints in agony…!


It was almost the same time the man and the coin lands on the ground…
…Could this be?
Seki-san…threw a knife?!

「This is actually my specialty」

Seki-san takes out the next throwing knife.

「There’s no way you would say that’s cowardly, would you?」

Miss Cordelia…

「I heard that Kouzuki security service is a Japanese style well behaved surface company…!」
「If I get caught in that way this late then lives would be at stake」

Seki-san glares at the enemy.

「I’m no longer belonging to Kouzuki security service. With this, you and us…are residents of the『underground』world This is a conflict between criminal organizations. Rules are useless from now on…!」

Seki-san…did you become a member of『kuromori』?

《…Hey! Boys!!!》

Lorenzaccio Bandini speaks to the men from behind.
Now that Giuliano Jenka has fallen, I guess he’ll take the command from behind…

「You won’t say that this is unfair, would you?」

Following Bandini’s instructions, the nine men formed a set of threes.
Their fighting spirit isn’t gone yet.
Rather…their morale is increased due to Bandini’s coaching from outside.

「Reika-oneesan, don’t go ahead! Just aim to counter the enemy!」

Margo-san shouts !


Usually, Reika would go forward but, she stepped back…

「They got us…as expected of genuine professionals. I don’t think there would be any more surprises」

Nei-san mutters.

「Everyone…would be protecting their necks, faces and hands so it won’t be easy to use projectiles. They’re wearing body armor so the points of effectiveness of Seki-san’s knife is limited…they concentrated on the coin so their movements stopped completely.
One was taken down but…it’s impossible to take another」

Seki-san’s knife can only be used when they’re distracted…

「If it’s a state-of-the-art armor adopted from the US army, my whip can’t bring it down…」

Michi said.
I see…Kudou-papa and others spent a lot of time mopping the Russians…
Was it due to this defensive power?
Thinking about it, old man Dai Grepher and Banbarubie 3 Ladies are amazing.

「In the first place, Maru-chan’s best strategy is to take down from a sneak attack you see. Since she’s a woman…she’s weaker when men comes for a power push. Whether it’s muscular strength or weight, women’s body can’t compete with men…!」

Do you mean she’ll lose when she goes face to face with professionals?

「The number’s even higher than ours」

They intend to take down each one with three people…
Reika, Margo-san, Seki-san…three people approach each.
…This is bad.
If they attack in unison this way…
Margo-san and the two can deal with the enemies in front but they can’t follow up each other.
The enemy’s three man team seems to be highly trained.
They’re cooperating perfectly…


Bandini instructs in a loud voice!
The men jump at the same time!


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