Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 331. Teamwork


Three on Reika…
Three on Seki-san…
Three on Margo-san…
A team of three against one…
They intend to crush us in one go?…

「…Haaa, Face! Body!!」

Reika strikes the very first man came rushing at her with the death cane…!
The beaten man is blown to the following men.
Reika’s the only one who swings a heavy cane so she won’t lose to the men when it comes to power.
The man blown away raises smoothly.

「Tsk…it’s useless to strike them blindly. Be sure to hit the vital points and bash the body armor with full power…!」

Reika mutters…
As expected of the protege of Lorenzaccio Bandini
The toughness is different from the enemies so far…
They’re used to fighting…

「Throw away the thought of smashing them! Just do a large swing! Besides, the three of them would be attacking in links…!」

Nei-san shouts to Reika

「Yes…I’ll definitely concentrate on the vital points」

Reika answers.
No…as a matter of fact, she’s doing all her best to scoop out consecutive attacks with her cane.
There’s no way she could blow away the whole body with one full power swing.

「…Saaa! Saa! Saaaaa!!」

On the other hand, Margo-san skillfully uses the two-handed club to attack the three man team herself.
She’s also preoccupied by dealing with the enemies in front of her.

「…Tsuaaa, haiya! haaa!」

Seki-san’s on the worst position…
She managed to surpass the speed and accurate attacks, but…
Her lack of power is clear even to my eyes.
The black clothed men is pushing bit by bit.


Though she deflects the combat knife of the enemy with her special baton… she’s being pushed.
At the moment her posture broke…another man’s knife attacks Seki-san!!

「…Ah, that’s dangerous!」

At the same time I shouted…


Michi’s red whip roars…!


The tip of the whip cuts the chest of the clothes…!
There’s no damage to the man.
I can see something black under the torn clothes.
That’s a body armor?

「It’s the armor type that takes the shock and blows. If that’s the case, there’s no choice but to aim at the face or joints…」

Nei-san says but…the enemies are professionals.
They won’t let their weak points be attacked easily…!
Even while talking about that thing, the onslaught of the black fighters continues…


Seki-san’s legs slipped!
The edge of the combat knife attacks Seki-san


Seki-san catches the knife with her arm…???

「It’s not as real as your body armor, but…」

Seki-san grabs the hand holding the knife then does an Aikido throw to the enemy…!

「Even we wear simple armor!」

Oh right…in the basement, Reika showed it when she changed to jersey.
There’s supporters and auxiliary armor on her limbs and stomach.
…Seki-san is wearing the same thing?

「Blades won’t go through this armor! Besides, this glove is an anti-cut gloves!」

Seki-san holds the black glove tightly…!

「But, take care, the shock won’t be erased just because you stopped the knife…!」

Nei-san calls for caution

「…I know」

Seki-san shouts.

「But…we’ve got no chance unless we’re prepared to take it on the armor」

Up until now she received the enemy knife with the right hand baton…this time, she’s using both her arms.
Seki-san’s sleeves became scratched but she’s able to cope with the enemy’s attack on the last moment

「Geez…this dress was my favorite…!」
「I’ll compensate for it if you lived!」

Margo-san said.
MArgo-san also begins to take the enemy’s knives with her arm’s armor.
As expected, she’s also wearing supplementary armor…

「Michi-chan, don’t go forward…! You’re not wearing armor like us!」

That’s right…Michi’s not wearing any special armor under her uniform.
I know that best because I’ve embraced her naked.


Michi’s puzzled.

「Don’t underestimate them…they’re more than what you see…!」

Yeah… the『enemy』level is different from before.
Lorenzaccio Bandini hid this power to the last minute.
If they lower their guards for a moment…they’ll surely be killed…!
Somehow…is there any way to reverse the situation…!

《…HEY John!》

Lorenzaccio Bandini gave instructions from behind…!
Then suddenly…the men who should be unconscious from the white Rosalind’s headーbutt, gets up
…Was he pretending to be down??
The tenth man rushes towards Seki-san!
If they can’t easily take down using 3-on-1…
Then they intend to hunt 4-on-1…
Furthermore…aiming at Seki-san who’s struggling the most…
…This is bad


When it comes to this, we can only hold the movement of the enemy using『Shingetsu』…

「…I can’t」


「『Shingetsu』needs the other party to pay attention to me…!」

That’s right!
These professionals in battle only concentrate with the opponent in front of their eyes.
We can’t turn them around here.

「Don’t use Michan’s trump card yet!」

Nei-san shouts.

「Maru-chan and the two will be making a chance somehow…!」


「Yukino-chan, sorry!」

Nei-san turns up the hem of Yukino’s t-shirt!
Her petite ass and her secret part is exposed to the people


Yukino’s scream tear the space time fabric…!
The three and the four team men…not all of them but.
There’s one or two people among the groups who said『…what?』and looked at Yukino unconsciously
The gap is created from the cooperation of the men.

「…Seeiiii! Saaaaa!!」

Margo-san won’t let go of that chance!
The man who stopped moving for a moment was hit on the knee joint!


The man’s head broke and he collapsed!


And there’s another enemy who tried to slash with a knife at the same time but…
She repels the edge of the knife with the armor in her arm and strikes the throat with her club!!!


Hitting the vital point, the man chocked his breath…he rolled on the floor noisily


On the other hand, Reika throws a sure death strike to the enemy that stopped moving!
With this furious attack…the body armor would break and the cane’s end would pierce the enemy’s vital point!!!


The combatant blown away toppled over the other person behind him.
The third person attacks Reika, but…!


Reika strikes her cane to the opponent’s helmet sideways with all her strength!


The enemy’s helmet breaks!
Still, it didn’t reach the opponent’s skull, however…
An intense blow from an oblique angle gives serious damage to the opponent’s neck.


The man spit bubbles, and collapsed.
AT that time, the four people attacking Seki-san…


The person distracted by Yukino’s scream had his arm taken, and thrown by Seki-san!
The huge bulk rotated in the air, slammed to the ground in an angle that’s not possible.


At the same time, Michi’s whip bursts into another enemy aiming at Seki-san…!
The red whip’s tip cuts the nose of the black man’s mask.


The man rolls on the ground, bleeding on his nose violently.
I see, these guys don’t have any armor under their masks.

「Seki-san, please aim at their faces!」

MIchi said…!


Seki-san kicks the face of the fallen man with the heel of her shoes!!


The man faints in agony!

「There’s a point of concentration of nerves under the nose. If you hit that strongly, they’ll faint no matter who they are. You can’t train your face after all…」

Nei-san said, but…

「…Let down your hand already! Hurry!」

Yukino screams!
Oh right…Nei-san’s hand is still pulling up Yukino’s t-shirt.
Yukino’s face is red, she’s hiding her crotch and anus with her hand…

「Oh, right, sorry, yrros!」

Nei-san lets go of Yukino’s ass…

「Geez! Idiot, I can’t believe this…!」

Yukino’s face is red from anger.

「I was seen by everyone!」

Yeah…not only the eyes of the『enemy』…
There’s Chief Yazawa and his 120 people…
But, Yukino…you already had your sex scene exposed to all the students…

「Ahn! That’s so embarrassing! Too embarrassing!」

…Now then
Margo-san vs 3.
Reika vs 3.
Seki-san vs 4 enemies.
Margo-san took down 2…
Reika took down 2…
Seki-san and Michi took down one.
What’s left is 4 people.

「With this…it’s 4v4 now」

Margo-san smiles
Lorenzaccio Bandini shouted something from behind.
The four men who can still fight formed a single team.


Margo-san calls each one…!

「If it’s the same number then we’re way stronger. Isn’t that right?」

Reika goes forward without saying anything.
Seki-san and Margo-san to the sides.
Michi stands to guard us.,
They came up with a formation naturally.
They’ve gotten a perfect team before they noticed.

「We won’t be coming to attack…we’ll be focusing on counters」

Margo-san instructs
The confrontation is 4v4

「But…isn’t it bad to just let the enemy attack?」

Seki-san said while switching the baton from the right to the left hand.

「True. I don’t want to keep making exchanges with these people…Seki-san, you’re in charge of the timing…!」
「…I know」

Then, Seki-san’s hand begins to move.


In a moment, Seki-san’s right hand who shouldn’t have anything at all…
Throws out a knife!
The four enemies avoided the knife!
That’s the sign of the decisive battle.

「…Hiken Shiden!!!」

Reika concentrates on just the enemy on front and unleashes a deadly blow!
Margo-san and Seki-san intercepts the enemy going left and right.
Seki-san pretends to confront the enemy on right…then throws a knife to the enemy trying to attack on the time difference from behind!
The enemy on the right tries to attack Seki-san during the gap, but…
Michi’s red whip gushes out!!
On the other hand, Margo-san aims on the enemy on the left precisely


The sound is only one
The four people attack the enemy at the same time.
This first attack was a feint!
To the enemies who broke their posture…!

「…Second sword Ankoku nagareboshi!!」2

Reika drives her deadly cane!


She smashes the enemy even through the body armor!!


Somehow, there’s a dull sound of something breaking…!


At that time, Margo-san slams the neck of the enemy with the club on both her hands!!
Even if the neck has a defensive pad…
A human body can’t bear a simultaneous attack from both left and right!!!


Furthermore, Margo-san does a roundhouse kick!!

「…Red Butte!!」

Seki-san and Michi also exchanges targets!!
Seki-san throws a knife to hold down and Michi’s red whip burst into it’s face…!!


The man suffers, wiping the blood from his face…!

On the other hand, Seki-san’s hand extends to the enemy who got Michi’s whip…!


Seki-san’s Aikido technique…!!!
The enemy’s body jumped off a higher space than I’ve ever seen…!

「…Shinkuu Jigoku Kurumaaa!!」3

Seki-san jumps at the giant enemy turning in the air.
She then put her weight…
It’s〈Pile Driver〉!!


The men then fell unconscious.

「This is the end!!」

Michi throws the whip to his face and he screamed in pain…
Margo-san’s sharp kick was the finishing blow.
Cesario Viola’s…no, Lorenzaccio Bandini’s last ten men were completely silenced…

「…Haa, haa, haa」

Reika, Margo-san, Seki-san…
All of them are breathing roughly.
Reika and Seki-san’s knees are on the ground…
They wipe the sweat flowing out of them with their hand.
Their strength is exhausted…


Chief Yazawa whistles.

「I’m surprised. Who would’ve thought that it would be a complete victory…!」

Miss Cordelia smiles.

「That’s disappointing To think that they would lose to girls…is this the legendary『Cesario Viola’s』execution force? It seems that the『council’s』judgement of disposing them was right」

Miss Cordelia said grumpily.

「In that case…I think I and my kittens have to kill you all!」

The white Viola and Rosalind line up on miss Cordelia’s side.
The three of them shows a cruel smile.
Did the demons inside them awaken from watching the fight just now…?
We’ll be taken down if this continues…
Margo-san’s body hasn’t recovered yet.

《 ……♫ Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
 ……How I wonder what you are! ♫》

Michi sings…
Isn’t this the nursery rhyme…『Twinkle twinkle little star』?

《……♫ Up above the world so high,
… ……Like a diamond in the sky. ♫》

Michi’s lovely song echoes on the vast 19th floor…
The singing voice of this beautiful 15 year old black haired girl.
Michi’s voice is fresh, transparent however you look at it.

《 ……♫ Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
 ……How I wonder what you are! ♫》

The people surrounding us on the floor…
The information staff with 100 machine gun men…
The 20 top elite guards too…
They’re being drawn to Michi’s singing voice.

《……♫ Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
 ……How I wonder what you are! ♫》

She smiles like an angel.

「…Don’t look at Michi-chan. Close your eyes and your heart」

Margo-san whispers to us.
I see…this is…
Michi’s planning to set everyone in this place?
No matter how amazing Michi’s『shingetsu』may be…
You’re releasing your『qi』to over 120 people…?!

《……♫ Up above the world so high,
 ……Like a diamond in the sky.
 ……Like a diamond in the sky.
 ……How I wonder what you are! ♫》

The song ends.
…It’s coming.
I’m sure it’s coming!
I closed my eyes and my heart.


But still…the『qi』flows into my heart…!!


  1. That reference
  2. Dark Shooting star
  3. Vacuum hell car!