Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 333. Hugging woman


「…Kyouko, it’s been a while」

Miss Cordelia looks at Kyouko-san

「True…I thought you were dead!」

Kyouko-san answers with a refreshing smile

「I’d rather be dead, I went through hell…thanks to you」

Miss Cordelia’s face is gloomy

「But, isn’t that great? You’re alive that’s why we see each other again…!」

Miss Cordelia’s clearly confused from Kyouko-san being too cheerful.

「You did your best, Margo…well done!」

Looking at Margo-san being hugged tightly by Kyouko-san…
Miss Cordelia’s face turned stiff.
She recognized Kyouko-san as an『enemy』and glared at her.

「There there…you’re amazing!」

Margo-san embraces Kyouko-san tightly as well.

「Nei too, you did your best…you’ve gotten stronger」

Kyouko-san lets to of Margo-san then embraces Nei-san gently

「…Yup. Kyouko-san」

Nei-san also returns the hug happily

「I don’t know who this lass is but…anyway, you did your best, let me give you a hug!」

Kyouko-san also hugs Yukino for some reason.
Yukino’s embarrassed but…she can’t escape from the hug of a person with such a strong atmosphere.
She’s being hugged as she show an「Eeeeeeeeh???」face

「Ojou-chan too, you did your best…well done」

Next, Kyouko-san hugs Michi too

「Ah… thank you」

Michi gets hugged silently
Or rather…
Does Kyouko-san love hugging that much…?!
She’s already ignoring Miss Cordelia in front of her and just hugs everyone around in turns.

「You bro did your best but sorry…. I’m a lesbian so no hugs for you!」

Kyouko-san smiled and tells me who’s lying on the floor.

「I know your activity thanks to Margo. I’ve got mixed feelings about it but…I welcome you as a member of our『family』…!」

She’s accepting me?
Then, Kyouko-san finally looks at Seki-san and Reika who are trying to get out of the shock of『Shingetsu』…

「You ladies as well, you did your best! Yes…let me give you a hug. Hug Hug!!!」

Seki-san and Reika was hugged in turns…
W-What’s this?
The tall Kyouko-san hugs Seki-san who’s also tall…
It looks like an owner hugging a large dog…

「…How did you infiltrate in here? You weren’t seen in the surveillance network of the hotel…!」

Unable to watch longer…Miss Cordelia asks Kyouko-san
Chief Yazawa allowed miss Cordelia to access the surveillance system.
Of course, the secret『emergency evacuation room』underground…and some data may be kept confidential but.
But still, she can check the floors of the hotel and the entrances.

「Of course…I slipped in secretly so you won’t find me!」

Kyouko-san smiles innocently as she keep hugging Reika.

「Oh…Onee-san, you’ve got some good muscles! Feels good to hug!」

Kyouko-san said as she stroke Reika’s body

「No…please don’t stroke me」

Reika’s confused.

「Now now, don’t be so stingy. It’s fine, it’s fine!」

Kyouko-san enjoys the feeling of Reika’s body.

「…Secretly sneaked in?」

Miss Cordelia looks at the white Viola.
She shook her head swearing「There’s no way that could be true」

「It’s impossible! We have sent in several observers that Mr. Yazawa doesn’t notice. All of the entrances are being monitored. If someone enters the hotel, the call will come in immediately…if you defeat an observer then it’ll alarm the device that they have to push every three minutes」

I see, if they have such a machine then even if Kyouko-san makes them faint…
The alarm won’t be pushed after three minutes and miss Cordelia would be telegraphed…
They prepared such a machine beforehand because miss Cordelia assumes that Kyouko-san would be infiltrating beforehand…

「Oh, speaking of which, there’s a lot of quack mosquitoes…I didn’t do anything to them. I think that your guys are fine but…that’s just a waste of people」

MIss Cordelia’s surprised…
She looks at chief Yazawa who’s still down on the table.

「Could it be that You and Mr Yazawa are accomplices? The two of you are trying to frame me…?!」

Kyouko-san laughs out loud as she massage Reika’s ass.

「Don’t joke with me! Well, Yazawa pops and I are old friends but…it’s only to the extent of giving Christmas cards every year. But, it’s been a year since we’ve met. I didn’t make contact with him at all…!」
「Then how?!」

Miss Cordelia glares at Kyouko-san

「It’s easy. I just came before you could see!」

Kyouko-san answers with a clown face.

「I broke to the hotel premises from the sea side… climbed from the outer wall to the rooftop, then came through the ventilation duct from the roof. That’s all…!」

This high-rise hotel…she climbed up the wall to the rooftop??!!
Margo-san said that your stamina won’t be able to hold up if you do that, but…!

「Didn’t I always tell you? You should never 『think there’s no way they’d do that』」

Just what kind of stamina does she have…?1
She’s definitely a monster

「No way…even if you can go up to the rooftop, there’s no way the ducts of this hotel has a space for a person…!」

Miss Cordelia’s astonished

「What do you think I mastered Yoga for then?」

Kyouko-san laughs.

「Well…that’s not everything though. Let me tell you a secret, I was involved in designing this hotel. I’ve made only one duct route where you can pass from the rooftop leading to any floor! However…there’s a lot of places nobody but me could get through!」

She’s got a perfect grasp of the ventilation duct maze?
No, if it’s her then she can do that much

「However, something unexpected happened…the above duct of the Chinese Restaurant is greasy with oil. So I took a shower and changed clothes, that’s why I got late. Oh, there’s also a private waiting room for me in the middle of the duct route…!」

That’s where she changed her clothes to a red tuxedo.

「It would’ve been perfect if I had a bouquet of roses but…I’ll prepare one next time!」

The thought, execution ability, body, physical strength, and sense of clothes…all of them are out of the standard.
What a woman, having such a huge body and mind.
That’s all I can say…

「By the way, Cordelia…!」

Kyouko-san says『Nufufufufu』…and approach the white female Viola

「Are these girls your『kittens』now?」

Miss Cordelia…

「That’s right. They’re my《LOVERS》…!」
「Hmm, as usual, you’ve got a good hobby…!」

Saying that, Kyouko-san even embraces the white Viola.
With the speed and intimidation…the female Viola can’t move.
She’s stroked by Kyouko-san…she’s hardened…

「Do, do do…you don’t have to be that nervous. Oh, your muscles are well trained. Yes! You’re cute!!」

Following, she hugs the white Rosalind as well.

「This one’s also good. This is great! Cute! You’re cute! Cordelia, you really got good eyes…aren’t these some very good『kittens』…!」

Miss Cordelia shows a sulking face…

「Thanks for the praise. But…Kyouko also has quite talented《Lovers》don’t you?」

Kyouko-san shows a『what?』face as she hug Rosalind…

「What do you mean?」
「It’s useless to play dumb…Kuromori Minaho, Margo Starkweather, and Najima Yasuko…!」

Miss Cordelia thinks that Minaho-neesan and the two are Lesbian partners of Kyouko-san?

「Don’t be ridiculous…these girls…」

…At that moment
From the door Margo-san left open…
A gale comes in…!?


A slash aiming at Kyouko-san…!

「Edie!? Where were you until now…!?!!!」

Miss Cordelia’s surprised.

「Wahahaha! This is a cheerful kid!」

Kyouko-san dodges sister Edie’s knife with an amazing footwork

「…Sister Edie, why?」

Sister Edie doesn’t know our relationship with Kyouko-san
Looking at her hugging the white Violas, she thought that she’s an enemy…?
No, wrong.
If it’s hugging then she also did it with Michi and others…

「…It seems her blood burns up」

Nei-san mutters.

「Someone strong like Kyouko-san appeared so Edie’s fighting spirit from the inside is burning」

…Oh right, this girl is…
When she saw Michi’s『Shingetsu』…that alone made her abandon miss Cordelia and became Michi’s friend.
She’s a girl who doesn’t use normal reasoning.

「She didn’t feel『I want to fight』with Miss Cordelia or Michan, but Kyouko-san’s aura is abysmal so,『I have to fight』switch was flipped, I think…」

In the end, sister Edie is a girl who lives under her own judgement…
She’s a girl who’s only interested in『fighting』and『becoming strong』…
She wasn’t a girl who can’t become our『last card』

「Fuufuufun! That’s an assassination skill isn’t it? Though it seems to be trained well…you still got ways to go!」

Kyouko-san plays with sister Edie while laughing.
At the moment Sister Edie’s continuous attack ends, she trips up.
Sister Edie falls down.
Kyouko-san said something in English

「…『We’re done, young bird!』she said」

Nei-san translates.
Sister Edie shows a sullen face…
She walks in front of Michi
Then…she talks to Michi in fast English
I was only able to catch the word 『synchronize』…

「You see…『Let’s cooperate and take her down』she said」

Sister Edie seems to be already best friends with Michi…

「She’s saying that Michan can definitely do the technique Edie’s grandmother can do, so they’ll fight together. it’s a bit fast and has a southern accent so I don’t get it well, but…」

Michi answers sister Edie in English.
Nei-san continues to translate.

「『True…Kudou style has the similar skill as Edie’s grandmother』she’s saying…but」

Michi looks at Kyouko-san.

「Sure, come at me!」

She tells Michi

「Either way, that girl won’t understand unless it’s with her fists, right? Don’t hold back and come at me…!」

She takes a stance.

「I’m strong you know!」

Michi tells sister Edie something…
She holds her fist and show it.

「『If we’re fighting, then use bare hands』she said」

Sister Edie throws the knives from both hands.
Michi bows to Kyouko-san…

「Please take care of us…」

Then…she faced sister Edie…
Matching her breathing and heartbeat with sister Edie…
This is?

「…Kudou style mystic arts『Shingetsu』break…『Soutsuki』…!!!」2

In a moment…the two small girls jump!
This is a perfect『tuning』???
Michi’s left her heart to sister Edie…!
The two became a one living being…
They attack Kyouko-san in tune!!

「Ahahahaha! So fun! You two are very interesting!!!」

Michi and Sister Edie simultaneously attack from both sides…
Fast…accurate…a perfect collaboration skill.

「But…both of you are too serious! There’s no game in your movements I can see through it…!!」

Kyouko-san moves faster than the two!!

「Here…I got you two!!」

Kyouko-san hugs Michi on her right arm and Sister Eide on the left!

「You two are so cute! Geez!」

Sister Edie’s legs are flapping, but…
She can’t move due to Kyouko-san’s arm strength.
Kyouko-san who’s tall and large looks like hugging cute dolls in her arms.

「Hey, Cordelia! This American kid is also your『kitten』?」

Kyouko-san asks miss Cordelia while laughing

「…That’s what I intend to do」

Glaring at miss Cordelia…Michi speaks while being carried by Kyouko-san.

「No. Sister Edie is already my friend」

Miss Cordelia looks at Michi with eyes of hatred.

「As expected of a prostitution organization…you already made an innocent girl broke?」
「That’s not the case. Sister Edie chose to grow with me instead of you…」

Kyouko-san interferes the talk.

「Hey, Cordelia. Leave this child to me. Perhaps…I think will be better with me than you」
「…You intend to take this girl from me?」

Miss Cordelia shows an obvious unpleasant look.

「Geez, why are you so aloof since a while ago…aren’t we in a relationship? Isn’t that fine…?!」

Kyouko-san smiles like usual.
Then, she speaks to sister Edie in English

「『Do you want to be stronger』she asked…」

Sister Edie makes a clear reply

「『I’m strong enough even now』she brags」

Kyouko-san laughs loud then speaks.

「『No no, you’re still weak. But, you’ve got the potential. If you train under me, you can be 100 times stronger than now』she said」

Sister Edie’s face changes.

「That’s obvious Chu! Who do you think Kyouko-san is! Hey!」

Then, she speaks in English again.

「『You specialize too much in assassination. Before certainly killing the opponent…you must survive for sure…furthermore, protecting the important people to you…you must learn those』she said」

Sister Edie speaks lonely

「『I don’t have any important people to protect』…」

Sister Edie lost her grandmother, the only relative she has…
Sold by the boss of the『assassination cult』she was born and raised.
Michi speaks…

「『I’m here』she said」

Kyouko-san too…

「『You should study under me too』…」

That gentle smile…

「『I don’t know about you but…you’re already important to me, I want to protect you』」

Michi says something.

「『Me too. Aren’t we sisters?』」

Kyouko-san lets go of Michi and hugs sister Edie with both arms.

「Here…it’s been tough for you. You did your best…amazing!」

She rubs her cheeks with hers…hugging sister Edie.

《……What’s your name?》

Kyouko-san asks.

《……Edie.Edie Sexton》
《OK,Edie……I Love You……!》

A refreshing smile like the clear blue sky
Oh…this person
Is really our…『Onee-san』…


Sister Edie begins to cry in Kyouko-san’s embrace.
…I see.
This girl was actually lonely.
Since she lost her family…all this time.
But, there was nobody close to her to expose her real emotions to…
There was nobody who would say『I love you』…
Neither in the『assassination cult』nor miss Cordelia’s organization, it’s always a place where you can’t let them see an opportunity through your heart.
Thus, sister Edie was absorbed in only『fighting』
Because the only thing she inherited from her grandmother was the assassination techniques.
But, now…
Sister Edie opens her heart to Kyouko-san.
Exchanging fists…fighting…recognizing the power of the opponent.
Being embraced…and told『I love you』
Kyouko-san always uses her whole body to confront the enemy directly…

「Our offer of『becoming sisters』was just verbal but…Kyouko-san’s always strong with her body. Now, Edie has truly become our friend」

Nei-san said.
After a while, she tells sister Edie something in English.
Margo-san too…
Perhaps it was「welcome to our『family』」

「…You never change」

Miss Cordelia tells Kyouko-san.

「That’s obvious. Human nature doesn’t change that easily…!」

Kyouko-san answers.

「Then…why did you betray me…?」

Staring at miss Cordelia…

「I didn’t betray you…」
「…Lies! Because」

Kyouko-san stops miss Cordelia then said.

「Didn’t I tell you at first?…I thought you were dead」
「You were told that I betrayed you?」
「T-That’s right…」

Miss Cordelia answers.

「Who did you hear it from…!?」
「The『Council』…Ernest Hawk」
「Me too…Ernest told me that you were dead in an African campaign」
「…Is that so?」
「That guy was supporting us when we were working together but he actually hates it secretly. We’re satisfied with the『honest price』unlike him」

That man tore Kyouko-san and miss Cordelia’s duo?!

「Speaking of which…that just came to my mind. But…!」

Miss Cordelia glares at Kyouko-san

「So why did you go to Japan, the other side of the earth!…On top of that, you became a guard of a brothel…it’s not a suitable job for you!」


「Japan is the home to my grandparents…I came to visit the grave of my anscestors. it’s the will of my dead grandfather. At that time, a certain person introduced me to old man Kouzuki…so I decided to stay in Japan for a while」


「You’re mistaken. I’m not guarding a brothel. I’m involved in the management of『Black Forest』 As an auditor…!」
「Why is a fighter like you doing that job…!」
「It’s a job only I can do. In order to protect poor girls who have fallen to hell because of a savage, cowardly and shameless man…」

Kyouko-san was sent in by Jii-chan after Shirasaka Sousuke has turned『Kuromori』to a mess due to his desires.
With Kyouko-san’s presence, Shirasaka Sousuke can no longer threaten the prostitutes violently…
That’s the shield on Minaho-neesan’s revolutionary reform.

「Of course…I don’t know a lot about managing a brothel, but」

Yeah. Minaho-neesan’s talent, Morimoto-san’s management capability from the old days, and Kyouko-san’s overwhelming fighting power…the three of them combined chipped off Shirasaka Sousuke’s power bit by bit.
Slowly, taking the time…
The grand sum is the revenge plan against Shirasaka Sousuke right now…


Miss Cordelia has no more leeway.
It’s as if she returned to a maiden in love…
Forcing her feelings towards Kyouko-san

「Weren’t you making a harem for yourself with that brothel!!!」
「…What the hell?」

Kyouko-san smiles wryly.

「Kuromori Minah , Margo Starkweather, Najima Yasuko too…aren’t they all your『LOVERS!』?!!!」
「Cordelia…where did you hear that from?」

At that moment, Cordelia’s shocked.

「…The『council』…Ernest Hawk…!」

Kyouko-san lowers sister Edie on the floor.

「Take care of her」

Michi hugs the crying sister Edie instead of Kyouko-san…

「Minaho, Margo, Nei too…they’re not my『kittens』」

Kyouko-san said

「Lies…that’s all…」

Miss Cordelia…

「Because, aren’t they all cute and beautiful grls?!」
「Sadly…those girls aren’t lesbians」

Kyouko-san slowly approaches miss Cordelia.

「Wait…don’t get close to me」
「Those girls are my precious『family』…!」

Kyouko-san doesn’t stop walking…

「When I lost you…I was so sad. At that time, I found these girls…」


「These girls’ hearts are hurt. All of them…lost their family. That’s why, I thought. The lonely people come together…and make a new『family』…!」

That’s the start of the new generation『Black Forest』

「Cordelia…you see…!」

Kyouko-san spread her arms and goes in front of miss Cordelia…

「…There’s no woman I love as much as you!!!」


  1. Or she might have a lot of stamina potions
  2. One is heart moon, the other is two moons