Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 334. Solving puzzles (Part 1)


「I’m really glad that you’re alive. Thank you」

Kyouko-san hugs miss Cordelia strongly

「…You’re lying. You completely forgot about me didn’t you? There’s no way you don’t have any《LOVERS》…」

Miss Cordelia tells Kyouko-san.

「I’m not lying. When I heard that you died…I haven’t slept with anyone…!」

Kyouko-san smiles clearly


Miss Cordelia turns to Margo-san and Nei-san…

「You’re surrounded by these girls…」
「Didn’t I tell you? Those girls are『family』my『sisters』 In the first place, those girls aren’t lesbians」

Nei-san hugs me who’s lying down…

「Yes. I’m not a lesbian! I’d rather have this guy!」
「…I’m also not a lesbian」

Margo-san who still has some mental damage answers, breathing roughly

「There’s no way that’s true! You’re the most lesbian face in here! Margo Starkweather!!!」

Miss Cordelia persistently tormented Margo-san because…
She thought that she was Kyouko-san’s lesbian partner…

「Margo-san’s not into anything sexual…neither male nor female will do. Her past has become a trauma to her…」
「But…there’s no way a prostitute won’t be able to do that… 」

Miss Cordelia isn’t convinced by what Kyouko-san said.

「No…because she has this personality she plays the role of『eunuch』in the brothel… If it’s a girl who can be interested in men then she’ll feel rivalry with other women…and the prostitutes will be careful about that. But, since everyone knows that Margo isn’t interested in men…women won’t get caught up in women’s jealousy. Besides, she doesn’t even want to be lesbian. The guard of the brothel must be fair to anyone…」

Kyouko-san answers.

「It was the same reason why I didn’t make a move on the girls of『Kuromori』… When an executive favors one『kitten』, then it’ll break the balance of the brothel. In addition, they’re all poor girls who were deceived by a man…it’s just too sad for girls of their age to have such trivial hate」
「You and I were uncommon force so it’s good but. If I didn’t have the power to fight…I think I might’ve become a prostitute. It’s the environment we were born and raised after all. When I was a kid in the slums of Rio, I grew up on a place filled with whores and prostitutes. I remember the smell of cheap perfume…always. Therefore, I thought I wanted to be the strength of the girls of Kuromori. It may be impossible to rescue the hearts of the children from the hell but I want to be their strength at least」

This is Kyouko-san’s true nature?

「…What about Kuromori Minaho? What is she to you…?」

Miss Cordelia asks.

「You know it already but…Minaho is a former prostitute. But, her body’s been messed up by men…her body can’t have sex again. When I first met her, she was severely skinny…her eyes show despair. Her little sister was also turned to a prostitute…and killed」

Minaho-neesan’s little sister…Naomi-san.
Her body was toyed by Shirasaka Sousuke and others…turned to a toy, killed.

「I want to help Minaho. I want to save her heart…so I made here think of how to improve the treatment of the prostitutes and…and a『revenge plan』for her child and her sister who died. Anything will do…as long as it becomes a catalyst for her living right now」

So it was Kyouko-san who made Minaho-neesan decide to take『revenge』on Shirasaka Sousuke
At that moment…I see a lot of things.
It’s not only Minaho-neesan…
Margo-san’s usual calmness…it’s from the strong will to control the instability of her mind at all costs.
Gang raped at the age of 12, shot dead the rapists including her father…there’s no choice but to nurture a strong heart.
Kyouko-san was the one who taught her that.
Margo-san was able to return to her sanity from a single word from Kyouko-san…
Kyouko-san has saved Margo-san’s heart over and over again.
Taking the time and effort…
The accumulation of it creates a strong bond of hearts.
Nei-san too…
To cover up the heart of Najima Yasuko’s heart which is too timid and delicate, she made the personality of Natou Nei, which is bright and gentle.
Nei’s bright personality saved Yasuko’s heart.
It’s completely like Kyouko-san…
Always bright, playful, funny…a strong and kind Onee-san.
Perhaps…Najima Yasuko wants to be a woman like Kyouko-san.
Losing her younger brother…Yasuko’s in the depths of despair…
Therefore…she created a new personality with Kyouko-san as the model.
Kyouko-san…no, Minaho-neesan and Margo-san cooperated in making Nei-san’s personality.
If Yasuko stays…her heart would break, it’ll be hard to breathe.
Just like placing a cast on a fractured bone…they cover her with the new『Nei』personality and wait for her heart to heal.
With a powerful『Elder sister』who’s Kyouko-san on her side keeping guidance properly…now, Nei-san has Margo-san…
Minaho-neesan has become a strong woman under Kyouko-san’s influence…
Everyone’s 『eldest sister』…the thickest spiritual pillar of『Kuromori』, Kyouko-san…
At the moment I understood…I’m shocked
That key person has been absent up until now…
…Does that mean!!
Shirasaka Sousuke…a man from the famous family has been kidnaped in Australia, and kept running away from the police and Shirasaka house.
It was a really dangerous job.
You won’t be able to leave it to someone but Kyouko-san…
Therefore, Minaho-neesan has to do her『Revenge』without Kyouko-san in Japan.
We were in a really tough situation.
…All this time

「What do you think Cordelia? Do you now know what happened to me after we parted?」

Kyouko-san looks at miss Cordelia with gentle eyes.

「…I get it. I believe you」

Miss Cordelia answers in a small voice.

「I’ve got to punish Ernest Hawk」
「…True. I’ll payback three times of what he did」
「I love you…Cordelia. Since past…and in the future as well…!」
「Me too…Kyouko1」

The《LOVERS》kiss each other for the first time in several years…

「Let’s leave that aside…」

Kyouko-san lifts miss Cordelia’s body.

「I’m going to punish you hard for bullying my little sisters!」

Kyouko-san carries miss Cordelia and turns her butt towards us.

「I’m going to slap your ass 20 times」
「Stooop…Kyouko! Not my asssssss!!!」
「Here comes the first one!」

Kyouko-san’s ass slapping was intense.
It’s a serious slapping power like Yokozuna from sumo wrestling.
In just one shot, miss Cordelia shouts「Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!」
Kyouko-san continues to slap her while smiling.
After 20 slaps, miss Cordelia’s already out of strength…

「Okay, that’s all! Margo, Nei, also the other girls too…could you forgive her with this?」


「…I’ll let Kyouko-san deal with it all」

Nei-san looks at me…

「It’s okay right, Yo-chan?」

If this is going to end miss Cordelia’s threat then anything will do.
I nod at Nei-san.

「Sorry…this girl is just too obsessed with me, she caused inconvenience to everyone…」

Kyouko-san tells us as she stroke miss Cordelia’s butt which she had just beaten.

「…It’s fine. Kyouko-san came in the end」
「Yes, that’s it. I believed that Kyouko-san would come! We did」

Margo-san and Nei-san said with a smile…

「Geez…you should be independent from me already! Or rather…I’m also too overprotective coming to help…but it can’t be helped this time. Cordelia came here for a job. If it was only Cesario Viola and Lorenzaccio Bandini then I would leave it to you…and I’ll just wait and see…」

Really, what a caring person…

「Hey, what do you think? Cordelia?」

Kyouko-san asks miss Cordelia who’s still being lifted up.

「…Kyouko, more」
「More, slap my ass more!!」

Miss Cordelia’s been madly in love with Kyouko-san since earlier.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

「Yo-chan, you okay?」

Nei-san asks me.

「Yes, I’m fine」

From the shock of『Shingetsu』…and the『janen』from Michi too, they’re quite diffused already.
I slowly raise my body.
I still feel uncomfortable but…I can stand somehow.

「Michi…are you okay?」
「Yes, thank you very much. Master…I’m already okay. Sister Edie is a bit depressed but…」

The beautiful girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and brown skin…doesn’t look energetic.

「That person’s strength is extraordinary, that’s what I’m telling her right now…」

Yeah. Sister Edie’s always been living in the『assassination cult』…
She’s never met people stronger than her grandmother.
Even miss Cordelia, sister Edie didn’t feel her as strong
Kyouko-san tells sister Edie something.

「『I’ll be training you. Though not to be strong enough to beat me』she said」

Nei-san translates instantly.
Sister Edie’s eyes shine!
She speaks fast and makes noise.

「『That’s what I want. I’ll become strong quickly and beat you up…!』」

This girl…
We’ve got to make her interested in anything other than『fighting』

「…Maru-chan, what do you think?」

Nei-san asks anxiously.
When her mind’s overheating before…
Minaho-neesan accompanied her all night long, that’s when she finally returned to the usual Margo-san…

「Fufu…I’m fine. My mind and body are in mess but…I’m somehow able to keep myself」

Margo-san answers yet her face is still pale.

「I just remembered the time when I was sent to military operations by Kyouko-san…that’s also a rehab done by Kyouko-san. You won’t be able to survive if you’re in panic in the battlefield. I was alone but…the soldiers around bothers me. Therefore, I was focus myself so I can’t panic…an in fact, it turned out fine. The experience back then became confidence and everything became easier afterwards…」

「Kyouko-san shouts《ATTENTION!》to me…that was a army’s command」


「No mater how unconscious I am, when my name’s called with that shout, I’ll get back to consciousness…! I was schooled during the few weeks of operation. My body just reacts to it」

Thus…Margo-san was awakened from the confusion?

「Seki-san…Reika-oneesan, are you okay?」

Margo-san calls the two.
The two of them got exposed to the full power『Shingetsu』defenselessly…

「I’m already fine」

Seki-san stands up

「…I’m very sorry」

Michi apologizes to the two…

「It’s fine. Michi-imouto bet on that moment’s chance, right?」

Reika also checks her body as she get up.

「Rather…I’m ashamed of myself being paralyzed and unable to join the fight」

She said mortified.

「…Now then」

Kyouko-san’s satisfied from slapping miss Cordelia’s ass…
She lets down of miss Cordelia’s body and head to the round table.
The white Viola and Rosalind are totally confused, but…
They can feel Kyouko-san’s unprecedented strength with their skin
The two of them are waiting silently.
Kyouko-san goes to chief Yazawa who’s on the desk…

「…Pops, pops. How long are you going to play dead?」

Chief Yazawa…

「…You want Kimchi? Wha…What…a dream?」

He pretends as if he’s been sleeping all this time and gets up.

「Nobody needs that…!」

Kyouko-san glares at Chief Yazawa.

「…Thanks to you coming, the plan’s gone crazy」

Chief Yazawa looks up at Kyouko-san

「My…what’s Pops’ plan then?」

That’s right…we also want to know that.
What was chief Yazawa trying to do with miss Cordelia?
Though they teamed up…it doesn’t look like a full alliance.

「My people seems to have been in quite the danger though…!」

Kyouko-san clenches her fist in front of chief Yazawa.
She’s declaring war depending on his response.
Kouzuki security service’s information unit with 100 machine gun men, and 20 top elites…they’ve finally gotten over the shock of『Shingetsu』picking up their guns on the floor.
But…if Chief Yazawa, their head is a hostage, they can’t attack.
In anticipation of that…Kyouko-san approached chief Yazawa.

「Hmph! If miss Cordelia really wanted to kill Kuromori’s ladies then I intend to stop her with all my strength. That’s why there’s the machine guns and the 20 top elite men…!」

No…true, this is an overwhelming number just to destroy Viola’s main troop and us.
Even the top elites who are in charge of other people are here…
This was all a measure against miss Cordelia.

「In the first place…you guys are just too good! I didn’t expect you to come this soon!」

Chief Yazawa’s angry at us.

「If we didn’t come…then you guys would’ve been murdered by miss Cordelia and Viola’s main troops already」

That might be the case.
It was chief Tanizwa who forbid the use of guns during the fight with Viola’s main troops.
Because chief Yazawa’s watching…miss Cordelia didn’t let her feelings take control, she didn’t kill us right away…

「That’s none of your concern…if you Pops didn’t come, I would definitely come and help this children… !」

Kyouko-san said laughing.

「If you’re coming then contact me at least. If I knew that you were coming then I won’t do something this troublesome!」

Chief Yazawa answers grumpily.

「Our side has to buy some time after all…!」

…Buy some time?
What does that mean?

『I will be explaining from here…!』

This voice…Jii-chan?
Jii-chan’s voice sounds from the speakers.

『I was rushed thanks to you all but…I somehow managed to be in time』

Then…an image is projected on the wall.
This is…?

『The news from a few minutes ago…』

The headline is…『Shirasaka Moritsugu’s emergency hospitalization』!!!
The newscaster speaks to the camera…

『Shirasaka Moritsugu, the named Don of the mass media industry, has been rushed to the emergency room of University Hospital in Tokyo. The cause is cerebral hemorrhage. Mr. Moritsugu’s been in the middle of various debates due to the recent scandal of his nephew, Shirasaka Sousuke, an employee of an advertising agency」


Yukino mutters.

『Since old times…it’s a custom for the Masters of the subordinate who caused a problem to retire. Shirasaka house seems to have made their decision』

…That’s not it.
Jii-chan worked behind the scenes to make it that way.

『Shirasaka Moritsugu himself wasn’t agreeing to the end. Therefore, there was no choice but to use drugs that would cause brain damage… With this, Shirasaka Moritsugu may be incapacitated for the rest of his life. He won’t be able to express his will in words. He’ll be treated as incompetent in the future…』
「People who can’t manage their own possessions…for example, still a child, sick because of age, mental illness…『incompetent』is no longer used, it’s now changed to『adult guardianship』」

Seki-san tells us.

『The letter has arrived to me from the group that pushed Moritsugu out of the head house. They’ll stop hostility towards us. And…Shirasaka Moritsugu’s kill request is cancelled』

Shirasaka Moritsugu has requested miss Cordelia to kill those who oppose him under Shirasaka house, and Shirasaka Sousuke and his family.

『If the client is in a situation where they can’t pay the fee…the contract’s withdrawn, isn’t it?』

Jii-chan asks miss Cordelia.

「Yes. I can’t judge at this stage but…until I confirm Shirasaka Moritsugu’s ability to pay, the kill contract will be on halt」

Miss Cordelia affirms.

「They say that they will be paying the penalty…」
「That would be helpful. I also have to report to the『council』after all…」

With this…
Yukino, Megu, and Mana’s dangers are gone…
…I’m glad.

『Umu. I appreciate your wise judgement…I managed to make it in time』

Jii-chan said.
He needed to buy time…
In order to create this situation?…