Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 351. Sweet Life (Dolce Vita)


Translator: Pun

Editor: Blaze


We head to the bath naked.
Anyway, we have to wash away the semen and virgin blood away from our crotch.

「Wait, the hot water should be ready soon」

Fortunately, the gas isn’t cut off yet.
It seems that there’s still some money remaining from father’s bank debit.

「Here, it’s hot water」

I kneel in front of Nei and pour warm water starting from her feet.
If I just pour in the water right away, she’ll be surprised.
Slowly raising the shower head from the toe above.
Then…to her secret part.

「As expected, it stings?」

Her hymen was torn and bleeding…
It should have a wound.

「No, I’m fine.」

Nei smiles at me from above.

「As expected you’re so kind! Yo-chan…Yeah, I got a good husband! ahahaha」

Nei laughs loudly as I pour hot water on her.

「I’ll be washing Yo-chan too!」

Saying so, Nei takes the shower from me and face it to my crotch.

「Have to wash the under of your penis too」

Nei lifts my penis with her fingers and pours hot water on the back side.

「If you do it like that then it’ll stand up again」
「That’s okay, either way, Yo-chan can’t get satisfied with only one ejaculation anyway!」


「I’ve been watching Yo-chan’s sex all this time!」

Speaking of which…she did watch the recording of my first rape with Yukino.


Nei’s bleeding is bad.
We better stop for today.

「Even though Michi-chan got two consecutive rounds…」
「Women have different constitutions so it can’t be helped」
「I’m supposed to be more mature than her though」

True, Michi’s petite…and Nei has the proportions of an adult.
But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the maturity of their genital is the same.
Or rather…Michi’s a masochist.
She said that she likes the pain.

「You’re okay with my mouth then?」

Nei smiled.

「Instead of that, touch it…I want to cum from Nei’s hand」

Nei’s white and thin fingers.

「Un, sure! But I’ll drink it on the end」
「You sure?」
「I mean, I want to drink it. It’s Yo-chan’s semen after all. I want to absorb everything in my body!」

I fix the shower on the wall.
While taking warm splashes of water from above…
Nei’s sits on the tile and rests her back on the wall.
Stretching out her legs…

「Un, then I’m touching it」

Nei caresses my penis with her right hand.
Her left arm is hugging my body tightly.
This 18 year old glamorous body is pressed against me.

「Yo-chan, touch my body as you like」
「Rather than that…I want to kiss Nei」

I kiss Nei as she plays with my penis.
Our tongues twine…sucking each other.
Oh, my penis is getting even more erect…

「Amazing. It’s already big and hard…ufufu. I’ll be serving it then. My dear, Ahn!」
「What…is there anything wrong?」
「I love you…I love you」
「Me too…Yo-chaaan!」

Nei’s hand strokes my hard dick.

「More, like this…!」

I put my hand on top of Nei’s…and teach her how to stroke my erect penis.

「…Like this?」
「Yes. It’s okay to put strength on it」
「Like this?」
「Yeah, that feels good」
「…Just tell me what you want me to do. Anything that would make Yo-chan feel good. I will be serving you from now on till the end of time!」
「I love love…loooove you!」

Oh…that feels good.
I massage Nei’s breasts.
Pinch her nipples.

「Nei’s breasts feel good」
「You can touch it as much as you want…do as you want Yo-chan」
「…Yeah, I, I…Nei」
「What’s up?」
「I’m about to cum already」

Nei smiles.

「You don’t have to hold back…let it all out」
「Aaaaah…I, I」

Grabbing Nei’s hand from above, I move up and down violently.
The passionate rhythm is engraved.
It’s about to explode!

「Cumming…cumming…I’m cumming, Nei!」
「Wait…I’m going to suck it off!」

Nei bends herself before me…
She holds the glans…
My penis is inside Nei’s warm mouth.
Ooh…the feeling of her lips is amazing…!

「…Cum! Cumming!…Nei!!!!」

I let it all out inside Nei’s mouth…
As I keep shouting her name…

「Aaaah…it’s coming out…It’s not stopping!」

While my whole body twitches…I release it until the last drop.
Nei received all of my semen…
Then she released my penis from her lips.
She smiled at me…
Opened her mouth widely towards me…
Behind Nei’s beautiful white teeth…is my semen appearing on top of her pink tongue.
Nei closes her mouth again…mixed the sperm in her mouth with saliva, then swallowed it all.

「Uha…Katsun said that semen tastes bitter, and she’s right!」

Then, she gargled with hot water from the shower.

「…But, I like it! It’s Yo-chan’s semen after all!」

I feel her irresistible love…
I hug Nei tightly

「Hm…what’s wrong? You want to be spoiled?」
「Yeah…I want to be spoiled by Nei!」

I push my face on Nei’s chest.

「Umu, it’s good you’re honest! Be spoiled by Onee-chan a lot!」

Nei gently hugs me

「I’m also gonna get spoiled by Yo-chan!」

Rubbing her cheeks against mine…

「…Nei, Nei, Nei」

For some reason…tears come out

「I don’t get it but…I」

Nei pats my head.

「You’ve always worked your hardest on everything. Yo-chan…」
「…I wonder」
「You did. It’s fine if it’s in front of me…you can cry, scream. I’ll be accepting whatever Yo-chan does」

I cling to Nei.

「Right…Yo-chan’s the one who had it worst. You’re shouldering everyone’s future on your own…!」


「Yo-chan’s too kind of a boy. Knowing that everyone’s thirsty, you go all out to hydrate them. Without regards to your own capacity…」
「…I’m an idiot. Even though I’m weak and really stupid」
「It’s fine. Yo-chan can be like that」

Nei kisses me.

「Besides, it’s already okay. Yo-chan has me」
「We’re going to protect the『family』together! Our『family』…!」

Nei’s kind smile…
Saves my heart.
I’m no longer alone.
In the『family』…she’s my『sister』…and my wife.

「…I love you. I love you」
「I love you too」

We exchanged passionate kisses once again…

◇ ◇ ◇

At the dressing room…we wipe each other’s bodies with the bath towel.
There’s only one bath towel I use so…

「Hey…should I go and make my hair black?」

Nei said as I wipe her beautiful back.

「That’s okay but…I don’t mind it either way」

I answered honestly.

「But look…I think it’s most effective to appeal that I’ve changed that way!」


「Up until now…when I needed to play the『bad girl Nei-chan』character, I wear a blonde wig. But look…isn’t it better to have Yo-chan’s chaste wife to have black hair?」

Nei laughs.
It seems that she’s planning something inside her head again

「Or could it be that Yo-chan doesn’t like me having black hair?」

With the blue contacts and blonde hair…Nei’s beauty was offset by the flashiness so there’s an imaged fixed with it but.
If she goes back to black hair…that’ll make her an outrageous beauty.
Nei’s original beauty would stand out.

「…If you turn your hair black, I feel like you’re going to leave me for other guys」
「That won’t happen. I’m already yours. If you want, should I walk with a『sold』posted on my back?」

Nei laughs.

「Have some confidence…I’ll never leave Yo-chan!」

Then, she kissed me.
Nei loves kisses and physical contact.
Of course, I love it too but…

「Yeah…you’re right」
「Yo-chan will protect me so I won’t follow strange men, right?」

I swore from my heart.

「Then it’s fine. I’ll do my best to be as beautiful as possible…for you」

Nei kisses me again…
Nei also asks kisses from me.

「Then, what about it? Should we dye it now?」

Nei said that she bought hair dye from the drug store earlier.

「Let’s not do it right away…I just thought that I wanted to have sex with Yo-chan in my black hair」
「It’s quite hard to dye one’s hair at home. It might become uneven… I’m already deflowered. I’ll just have my hair dyed black in a shop. Let’s go to Yuuka-san’s beauty salon later」

Yuuka-san…is a former prostitute from the mansion who runs a salon now.

「But before that…Ikeda-sensei first. We need to have an examination just in case」
「Should I take a pill? When do you want me pregnant?」


「I want Nei to also enjoy the high school life until graduation」
「Okay. Then I’ll take the pills!」

Nei smiles convinced.

「…So, just to confirm…Yo-chan will take over Kei-chan’s family register right?」
「Yeah, I’ve already asked Minaho-neesan about that」
「But…I think that Yo-chan should have the Yoshida house’s family register too. Having two registers along with Kei-chan. I’m also going to take back the Najima Yasuko’s register but I’ll leave the fake Canadian passport as it is」
「…『Kuromori』house is a criminal organization I think that we should use everything we can」

True…that might be the case.
Yoshida’s name too…it’s better to wait for some opportunity to use it than throw it away.

「Then…we’ll stay as siblings when it comes to Sensei and Maru-chan! It’s a secret that we’re actually a『married couple』in reality!」

The naming returned to『Maru-chan』
The previous『Nei』seems to have stabilized, integrated with the current『Nei』

「Therefore…I’ll call you as『Kei』in front of Maru-chan. We have to make them think that we have that『sibling』relationship!」

Nei happily makes plans.

「When I call you『Kei』call me『Onee-chan』! Okay??!」
「There there. When everyone else is present…I’ll call you『Yo-chan』like before. What would Yo-chan call me then?」


「It feels strange to call you『Nei-san』like before」
「Yeah…we don’t need the『san』anymore」

That said…it’s bad to call her just『Nei』

「Then, I’ll call you『Nee-san』 Then, they won’t be able to distinguish the『Nei-san』from『Nee-san』for an instant」
「That’s a naisu aidea!2 Yo-chan」

Nei laughs.

「Then, just to confirm. In front of Maru-chan and Sensei, it’ll be『Kei』and『Onee-chan』…in front of other girls,『Yo-chan』and『Nee-san』 When we’re alone…」
「That’s a promise…pinky swear!」

We twine our fingers again.

「…Yo-chan, my Yo-chan」
「…Nei. My Nei」
「Ufufu…I love you!」

We kissed each other again.
We repeat kissing like breathing…

◇ ◇ ◇

We return to the living room naked.
The two people in their bath towel…sits on the sofa.
Then…I opened the drink we bought from the store earlier.

「Yo-chan…open your mouth」

We exchange drinks mouth to mouth.

「Ufufu…I’m so happy」

Nei laughs.

「I’m the happiest when I’m with Yo-chan」

Nei makes a silly noise.

「…What’s that?」
「Ah…Yo-chan doesn’t get it?」

I don’t get it but…I’m happy
I kissed Nei again.

「Geez, Yo-chan’s a kiss lover!」
「Nei too」
「What I love is Yo-chan!」

Nei returns a kiss to me.

「Should we bring this sofa? It’s just perfect for the two of us to flirt on!」
「…I’ve been sleeping on this alone until now though」
「Isn’t that what’s good about it?! Ah, but, I want this sofa to be exclusive to me. Should I put it in my room? We can’t put it on the Maserati today though. There’s no choice but to pick it up with Maru-chan’s white van」

Nei creates even more plans

「And then…after taking the sofa. Let’s burn this house」

Nei had an arson habit.

「This should be burned… The air is too stagnant」
「Do you have a regret?」
「Yeah…I have memories with grandma here…besides」
「If we burn this house…the fire would spread in the neighborhood. The other house is only one block wall away」
「I see…we can’t get the neighbors involved, yeah」
「In addition, we haven’t paid fees on the neighborhood association…and it’ll only cause inconvenience to the neighbors」
「…Is that so?」
「My mother doesn’t care about the day when you take out your garbage」
「Oh…like that」

I head towards my personal items box.

「…What’s up?」
「There’s something I want to show you」

I took out a photo from inside

「This is my grandma」
「Yeah…what a kind person」
「She was kind…to me」

Grandma in the photo was smiling.

「Thanks to this person…Yo-chan was raised to be a good boy」
「I’m not」
「You are! Pat pat!」

Nei pats me.

「A person who hasn’t received affection from others…he won’t grow up as a decent man. Yo-chan’s grandma gave you a lot of love」
「Yeah…I thought so too」

Even my father and mother’s share…
My true family…was only Grandma.

「Ah…I’m the same too」
「…Father and Mother poured in love on me…Kei-chan loved me…therefore…I have made it this far.」

Nei looks at me.

「I now understand it. I also was able to live thanks to everyone…」


「From now on, I’m here…I’ll continue to love you…」
「Yo-chan has me too…I’ll keep on loving you…!」

We snuggle.

「Grandma…thank you. From now on, you’ll be my Grandma too!」

Nei tells Grandma’s photo.

「Hey, do you not have other photos? Like when you were a child?」
「None. We don’t have events at home at all. I never had an opportunity to take photos with family」

Family trips, Christmas, Birthdays…nothing at all.

「What about the graduation album from middle school?」
「…Didn’t buy it」
「I don’t want to pay for such a thing…mother complained to the school」

It may be absurd but my mother picked a fight with the school.
As a result.
I’m the only one who they didn’t distribute the graduation album to.

「Well, it’s a private talk…and since it’s a boys’ boarding school, such unreasonableness passed through」
「…Is that so?」

Nei stands up from the sofa and picked up the camera that’s still on the floor.

「Then I’ll take photos of Yo-chan from now on…!」

She pressed the shutter.

「No, I’m naked…」
「That’s what’s good about it!」

She presses the shutter again.

「It’s a commemorative photo on when you took away my virginity!」


「How is it? Did my virginity feel good?」
「Yeah…it was really good」
「Then, show a more smiling face…here, cheeze」
「Remember when you had sex with me!」

Nei continues to point the camera towards me

「Then I would get an erection!」
「It’s fine…let it be as much as you want」

Nei smiles suspiciously

「I’ll take care of it as much as you want…!」

The blood flows to my penis once again.

「Ufufu…this time, it’ll be a fellatio from the start!」

Nei kneels in front of me and hands over the camera.

「Take photos of me sucking it」
「It’s fine. It’ll be a『secret photo』only we can see!」

Nei licks my penis.
Rolling her tongue on the glans.
I capture that appearance in the camera.
The naked Nei.
She’s placing my glans inside her mouth.
Below that are Nei’s huge breasts swaying…

「Nei…you’re so lewd…!」
「Only for Yo-chan. This lewd Nei will only be shown to Yo-chan!」

Oh…that feels good.

「Let’s have sex again tomorrow. Are you going to fill up Nei’s stomach too?!」
「Yeah, I will…I’m going to cum a lot」
「…Till I get pregnant?」
「Ufufu…I’m looking forward to it」


「For now…be satisfied with only Nei’s mouth」


「…Aah…I love you! Nei!」

I ejaculated inside Nei’s mouth again.

◇ ◇ ◇

「What’s up?」

Nei puts on her bra.

「Hmm…I feel sad that I won’t see Nei’s naked body」
「Idiot…if Yo-chan wishes for it, I’ll strip anytime you want」

Nei kisses me again.

「There’s to many kisses that my lip area is stinging」
「Ah, me too…」

The two us laugh.
We wear clothes…take out the items from the cardboard box I would bring to the mansion.
Grandma’s photo is obvious.
School-related stuff…

「This underwear is not needed. Let’s just buy a better one」

As expected…the hundred yen underwear were dismissed.
Then, I reach out to the bottom of the box…
Yup…it’s there.


I hold out a small box

「What’s this?」

There’s a small ring inside the box.

「This is Grandma’s memento. Grandma gave this to me before she died. 『Sell this to make money if ever something happens』she said」

That said…no matter how you look at it, this ring isn’t expensive.
The design is simple…it only has a small stone.
It’s not diamond either.
It’s a small red-yellow gemstone

「…It’s a garnet」
「I give this to Nei」

Nei looks at me…

「I feel sorry to take this」
「For Misuzu and Megu…I’ll work in the future to buy them a ring with my money. But, I want Nei to have Grandma’s ring」


「Then, I’ll keep it…is that okay?」

Nei takes out the ring from the small box

「Yo-chan…put it on」

I take the ring to Nei’s hand
It doesn’t fit on the index finger.
Middle finger too…
Grandma was a small person.
Her fingers are too thin.
It went inside the ring finger.

「Wow…it was fit for the ring finger」

Nei said.

「Is it bad to have it on the ring finger?」
「It’s not…I think of it as a wedding ring」


「…Ufufu. I feel like I’m completely Yo-chan’s property」

Nei said while stroking the ring

「Is it okay for me to be this happy?」
「You don’t have to worry about that. Let’s be even happier」
「Yes, Dear!」

Nei smiles happily!


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