Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 352. One Hand, One Heart


Translator: Pun

Editor: Blaze


Nei makes the call and Margo-san comes right away.
The blue Maserati arrived in front of the house…and we boarded the rear seat.
Nei’s sticking close to me…not letting go.

「Sorry to keep you waiting」

I apologize to Margo-san in the driver’s seat.

「That’s fine. I’ve got some jobs done while I was in the family restaurant」

The passenger seat has a laptop on it.

「Manipulating and inducing the public opinion. Shirasaka Moritsugu may have been ousted, but our revenge isn’t done yet」

That’s right, as long as the principal culprit of this all, Shirasaka Sousuke isn’t finished off…
Minaho-neesan’s…Kuromori’s revenge won’t end.
Besides…there’s also the topic of the future of『Kuromori』

「Then…what about you two? Did it go well?」

Margo-san asks Nei-san smiling.
Nei-san laughs.

「It’s perfect! I’m already a woman!」

She said happily.

「Isn’t that right…Kei?」

She puts my head on her chest.

「Yeah, Onee-chan」

I hug Nei who’s being spoiled.
We continue acting as siblings in front of Margo-san.
…In order to keep it a secret that we’re really a married couple.
Nei touches the ring on her finger lovingly.

「That’s great…By the way, Nei」

Margo-san speaks to Nei

「I thought that Nei would be asking about burning that house, but」

Margo-san knows that Nei-san is an arsonist more than anyone…
In the first place…it’s likely that the trauma of losing Kei-san made her burn houses.

「Oh, I thought about that too but…it’s fine, no need! We can just burn it easily anytime we want!」

Nei smiles happily

「Oh right. Maru-chan, bring the white van here next time. I’d like to take Kei’s sofa home」

Nei seems to really want the sofa where she lost her virginity

「Yeah. The sofa where Kei slept at. I’m taking that」
「Oh, But it’s impossible to carry that sofa from the kitchen. We’ve got to bring it through the entrance…」

The backdoor is too small…it’s hard to take it outside the house.

「Isn’t it fine taking out of the front door?」

I was told not to use the entrance.

「Geez, Kei’s too obedient. You may not have the property rights, but it’s your house. There’s a lot of memories in there, right?」
「Well that’s true, but」
「That’s why it’s fine. We’ll be going straight through the entrance door next time! I give you that permission」


「Onee-chan will be going together with you! Okay?」
「…Un. Got it」

Nei gently smiles.

「Un, good boy, good boy…I love you!」

Then, she hugs me tightly

「Hey hey, Maru-chan…I’m very happy right now! I feel happy that I’m alive!」
「Is that so?…Isn’t that great, Nei」

Margo-san smiles at Nei

「Thanks, Maru-chan!」
「No, thank you. Onee-chan」
「I’m so thankful. Thank you for all this time. Thank you for always. Margo-oneechan is my benefactor! I love you! Maru-chan…!」

The overflowing emotion…lets tears flow from Nei’s flushed face.

「Why so sudden?」

Margo-san’s completely puzzled.

「I…was given lots of kindness from Margo-oneechan, Sensei…no, Minaho-onee-chan, Kyouko-oneechan, Katsuko-oneechan too. I can tell it now very well. Everyone has taken care of me so much…!」

I hug Nei’s crying back

「Thank you! I really thank you!」
「Nei…you don’t have to mind it. You’re our precious『little sister』」

Margo-san said kindly.

「Un! I’m your『little sister』Forever! Therefore, Margo-oneechan, please stay as my『Onee-chan』forever」
「…You don’t have to worry about that」
「No…I know it」

Nei looks at me.

「You see…I only have a year remaining in high school. I’ll live as a student with Kei for a year…」

Nei’s a repeater so she’s still in the second year.
It’s May right now.
Saying that she only has a year…means she won’t graduate?

「Either way…it was impossible for me to graduate」

Nei is a fake student at the high school.
The real family register can’t be used…Najima Yasuko hadn’t returned from US yet.
Therefore, she can’t graduate with the alias of Natou Nei.

「Well…just take back the original family register and re-enroll as Najima Yasuko」

Margo-san said.

「It’s just the beginning of May now…if you decide to transfer from a Canadian high school, then」

It’s an easy job if we use Kyouko-san’s contacts.

「Then that means starting from the first year again?」
「If you manipulate the records in Canada then anything will do. Minaho and Katsuko-san will be the ones deciding your transfer documents so…Nei graduate like taking the school as before. The diploma can rewrite the name from『Nei』to『Yasuko』…」

Margo-san thought about that?
True, the management of the school is run by Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee.
They can easily do anything unreasonable…

「It’s fine…I don’t want to graduate doing that」

Nei said

「Rather than that…I want to help out with Margo-oneechan’s dream」


「Margo-oneechan intends to act alone after Minaho-oneechan’s revenge, right?」

Nei looks straight at Margo-san.
Her face is smiling gently but the eyes look serious.

「You can’t do that. I’m with you…aren’t we a duo?」

Margo and Nei are wearing matching black leather jeans, they’re a notorious duo who hunt down city’s thugs and hooligans.


Margo-san looks at me.

「It’s okay! Kei has an unbreakable『bond』with me! Besides, Margo-oneechan’s plan isn’t to get out of the mansion and never come back, right? Basically, the mansion’s our『base』right?」

Margo-san looks at Nei silently.
She seems to be thinking about something.

「What’s Margo-san’s dream? Please tell me if possible」

I asked.

「…It’s not something as concrete to be called as a dream」


「I thought that I had to do something to keep the girls like me from increasing」

Born in an Indian settlement, she received severe discrimination because she has blonde hair and blue eyes.
Then, at age 12…she was raped by men, including her real father…
In order to protect herself…she shot others.

「Now…I have the technique to protect myself so I’m not afraid of most things. If I had the ability to fight back then…they wouldn’t have attacked me, I had those thoughts…!」

Back when she killed her father.
That, is Margo-san’s complex…

「Therefore…I thought of teaching the girls who are suffering from the world and tormented by adults how to fight. Even with just a bit of self-defense, knowing some will lead to confidence. The girls will be able to live with their head held up high without being nervous. I was the same… Since I learned martial arts, I was able to really change」

I see…
So that’s her dream…

「Does that mean, you want to make a dojo or a gym?」
「There’s that too but…a martial arts gym won’t do. The girls who don’t have money must be able to get through…if I built one gym in Tokyo, not everyone could come. I want to reach out to the children all over the world…!」

So it’s a global dream.

「Therefore, we need to raise Margo-oneechan’s profile. Selling the name worldwide and gathering donations, right? We’ve got to make it an international movement…!」

Nei said…

「『Girl power…!』Margo-oneechan’s dream is my dream! Even I had my family killed due to a man’s violence」

Nei as well…her family’s killed by Cesario Viola, a man

「I’ve always thought…what if I had the power to fight」


「Kei…this is why I want to help Margo-onee-chan. It’s fine isn’t it? it’s not that I would be away from Kei always. My house is the『mansion』after all」


「Yeah. If that’s what Onee-chan wants to do. I’ll cheer you up. But, enjoy the high school life for a year more at least… Onee-chan is a person who needs to be happier」

I’m Nei’s husband.
If that’s what Nei wishes for…I’ll accept anything.
I’ve decided to work in the bakery with Katsuko-nee.
I’ve laid roots in this town.
Then, whenever Nei and Margo-san come to relax…
I’ll keep protecting the『house』

「Margo-san, speaking of dreams…what about Minaho-neesan and others?」
「That’s for later. They think that they better not think of anything unnecessary until the『revenge』is over」
「I think that we should take our time to talk about it. I’m sure everyone will cooperate. They might make some ideas too…besides」
「I think that everyone in the family are all capable people to help out Margo-san’s dreams」
「Capable people?」

Margo-san looks at me with a surprised face.

「For example…Michi」

Yeah…that’s right.

「If you’re appealing internationally, then Kudou style ancient martial arts will be effective…」
「But, Michi-chan」
「She’ll do it. No…she’ll willingly cooperate. That’s how she is」

I’m convinced.
Michi is a woman of『righteousness』
If she agrees to the purpose of Margo-san’s dream…she won’t be hating to expose Kudou style to the public.

「If it’s Kendo, then Reika can teach others. Should I ask her? Sister Edie’s assassination techniques might be on the contrary though. Anyway…Margo-san doesn’t need to work hard alone. Margo-san’s dream is the family’s dream」

I smiled.

「True! If it’s Michi-chan, she’d be popular around the world as a『Ninja Girl』! Reika-oneesan would be『Samurai Lady』…it’ll have a bigger impact than Margo-oneechan alone!」

Nei also agreed.,

「Well…that’s true, but」

Margo-san thinks deeply.

「Anyway, take your time to think. There’s no need to answer it right away? We can talk to Reika and Michi anytime…」
「But, it’s already decided that Margo-oneechan and I are a duo! Onee-chan needs to have a cute manager like me!」

Nei said.

「Nei’s proposal sounds nice but…it’s more efficient if I do the management myself」

Margo-san smiles.
Margo-san’s not only strong but also smart.
True, she might not need a personal manager, but…

「You don’t get it…won’t it make a painting if a gorgeous and elegant lady like me is next to Margo-oneesan who’s dignified and trained like a female leopard」

Nei laughs.

「I see. There’s that idea too」
「Anyway…we don’t have to break our duo」

Nei tells Margo-san strongly

◇ ◇ ◇

「Then…we’re going to Ikeda-sensei now?」

Margo-san changes the topic

「Yeah. It feels like there’s still something stuck in my legs. It stings. My precious『brother』did the unreasonable!」
「…Are you okay, Onee-chan?」

Nei looks at me smiling.

「Geez, I was just exaggerating. You don’t have to look that worried!」
「But, it’s Onee-chan’s body…」

Nei hugs me.
She pressed her rich breasts against me.

「…Thank you for caring for me」

Then, Margo-san…

「My treasured brother said that it’s too early for me to be pregnant. Onee-chan has to satisfy her brother’s sexual desire any time so I’ve got to maintain my body! Therefore I have to consult Ikeda-sensei!」

MArgo-san smiles wryly…

「Roger…then, let’s head over there」

Starting the engine…

「Nei, make an appointment with Ikeda-sensei」
「Okay. Oh right.」 While at it, I’ll also call Yuuka-san’s salon to make a reservation for today」
「Yuuka-san’s salon?」
「Oh, Margo-oneechan…I’m putting my hair back to black. Kei said he prefers it to be black. But it’s okay. Whenever we’re in a duo, I’ll wear a blonde wig!」

Nei blames me for that.
Oh well.
By the way, she didn’t put the contact lenses back in.
She put it in a case.

「As expected…The『Black Forest』Duo has to be blondes!」

Saying that, she takes out her phone

「Oh, wait, Margo-san!」
「What’s up?」
「If we’re going to Ikeda-sensei’s clinic…shouldn’t we bring Michi?」

I remember the talk about Michi a while ago.
She also just lost her virginity last night…
Furthermore, I ejaculated inside her even though it’s her dangerous day…!
If we don’t have her checked right away…she’ll get pregnant

「Oh, you’re right. Then, let’s pick up Michi-chan along the way. She’s in Aoyama’s funeral right now?」
「I think so. I’ll call Misuzu to confirm it」
「Hurry it up…I’ll be heading for Aoyama while at it」

The blue Maserati starts…
I also call Misuzu in a hurry.

『…Yes, hello?』

This is a phone I just got a while ago.
Misuzu doesn’t know who’s calling her.

「Hello, it’s me…Misuzu」
『Oh, Danna-sama!』

Her voice turns soft.

「Ah, this phone is just a temporary phone. The phones yesterday was discarded because there’s a possibility that they’re already bugged by the bad guys. You better change your phone too」
『…Certainly, I’ll have mine and Michi’s phone disposed of by Kouzuki security service』

Misuzu responds quickly.

「There’s about Michi too…I’d like to take her to Ikeda-sensei」
『…That’s true. I think that’s for the better』
「Where is she right now? Is she with you?」
『Yes. She’s here. Ruriko and Yoshiko-san are here too』
「Are you in the hall?」
「Is it okay if I take Michi from there?」
『Yes, Seki-san has come to guard us…Grandfather is waiting in the next room, Yazawa-san and Ootoku-san are also in here』

Kouzuki security service’s center is moving there so no worries.

「Okay. I’ll contact you when I’m there」

Misuzu’s voice becomes smaller

『After Michi comes out…could you stay in the venue?』


『Ruriko and Yoshiko-san’s situation is unstable…I alone can’t do it』

Wow…thinking that Nei-san’s table, now it’s Ruriko?
Well…her father just died.
Or rather…she also found out that the one who killed Yoshiko-san’s father is her father.
Ruriko’s heart is feeling complicated.
The relationship she had with Yoshiko-san who grew up like a sister for years…may become sensitive.

「Sure. Leave this to me!」

I have to do something…

『Thank you, Danna-sama』

Misuzu said.

「Oh, I’ll be there」
『I’ll be waiting…I love you, Danna-sama』
「Me too」

I ended the call

「What’s up, Kei?」
「I’ll get off Aoyama…Ruriko seems to be depressed」
「…I see」

Nei looks worried.

「Ah, but, it’s a funeral isn’t it? Is it okay to look like this?」

I’m wearing the T-shirt I had in the hotel last night.
Minaho-neesan’s grandfather’s suit that was fixed by Katsuko-nee is…
Though the fabric and tailoring of that was good…

「As expected…I can’t go to the funeral if not wearing black suit?」
「It’s okay. It’s just the wake today, isn’t it? The wake doesn’t need you to wear formal clothing」

Nei taught me.

「You can just say that you heard the news and came in a hurry. There should be no problems if it’s not a flashy suit」
「Yeah, the suit you’re wearing is a classic style」

Margo-san tells me over the mirror as she’s driving.

「There’s two types of men suit, the classic and mode. The classic style splits to British, Continental, and American. Then, this continental is completely different from French and Italian」
「Nagisa’s familiar on that part so ask her about it if you want. There’s no loss for boys to know that」


「Nagisa-oneechan is a member of the flower world. She also needs knowledge about clothes and such. Clothes lead to manners after all」

Nei also teaches me.

「But it’s better if we do something about the tie!」
「Yeah, should we buy one at that convenience store over there? There should be a necktie over there, right」
「Oh, really?」
「It depends on the convenience stores」

Margo-san parks the car to the convenience store

「Wait, I’ll buy one」

Nei jumps off the car alone

「Ah, I’m going too」
「It’s fine…leave this to me! Kei just has to wait here」

Nei then rushed to the store.

「Fufufu, Nei’s such a『wife』 It can’t be helped that she wants to take care of you」

Margo-san said.
I’m surprised at the word『Wife』
Did Margo-san find out our secret?

「What kind of magic did you use?」

Margo-san stares at my eyes.

「I’m surprised to see that Nei took off her contact lenses…that was one of Nei’s walls in her heart」

Margo-san knows?

「Whenever you break one of  Nei’s walls, there’s just another wall ahead of it. No matter where you go, it’ll only be walls and her heart inside can’t be seen. That’s how she is. That’s how it was for Me, Minaho, and even Kyouko-san」

She’s been like that all these years.

「…She’s making a big wall in between the others no matter how close they look like. And yet…she’s so honest with you. It seems that all of Nei’s walls are completely gone when it comes to you…!」

…That is

「I just told her what’s in my heart」
「Your heart?」
「That I love Nei-san. I love her. I love her so much… Nei-san accepted my feelings…」

All I can say is a summary.
That we love each other.
I confirmed that.

「『There’s three tips to have a good life. One is to be kind to others. The second is to be kind to others. Third is be kind to people』」
「It’s an idiom in British aristocracy before. In your case,『Love』and『Kindness』are the same」

I don’t get it

「Thanks about Nei. Take care of her from now on」
「Of course. She’s an important person to me…!」

Important…beloved person.
My beloved.

「There’s one! Just as Maru-chan said!」

Nei comes back with a black tie.
Her expression is very bright…looking happy

「…Here, Kei!」

She got inside the car and puts the tie on my neck

「Yes, so cute!」

The cute one is you.

I won’t let Nei go away.
Even if our bodies are away…
Our hearts are stuck together…