Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 95

95. Naked Misuzu

「…Err, Uhm…Shouldn’t you explain everything now…?」

Maika asks Misuzu
Misuzu separates her mouth from my penis and speaks…

「Can we leave it for later after sex?」


「Hmm…I’d like it before if possible. That way, I can watch Onii-san and Misuzu-san have sex in peace…」

…What should I do?
There’s a lot of things I have to explain.
Misuzu’s intrusion is too timely…
Nei-san’s announcement…
The secrets of this mansion in the first place…
What should I talk about then?
Or rather…How far am I allowed to tell Maika.

「Misuzu calls this one Danna-sama! Misuzu is this one’s pet!」

Misuzu…you’re explaining that one?

「Earlier, just as Danna-sama told Maika-san, Misuzu was owned by Nagisa-sama previously and was given to Danna-sama as a present. It was the day before yesterday. That’s when Misuzu gave her virginity to Danna-sama!」

Misuzu answered immediately.

「…Three days ago1…You met him and gave your virginity immediately?」
「Yes, that’s right!」
「…But, Misuzu-san felt good a while ago you know…?」

Maika asks Misuzu in wonder.

「…That’s because Danna-sama loved me with all his might」

Misuzu turns red.

「…Misuzu also felt pain during her first time. But, it felt good on the second day. Right now, there’s already no pain. Maika-san will get used to it immediately too!」

Misuzu answers…

「Misuzu also gave her virginity on her first time meeting Danna-sama. At that time, Nagisa-sama was the owner of Misuzu so, suddenly, I was ordered to have sex with Danna-sama. To be honest, it was really scary…I’m not good with men after all…」

Misuzu at that time…
It was just three days ago but it felt like something from a very long time ago…

「I’m quite similar to Maika-san. Misuzu’s virginity loss was almost rape too…」


「But, Danna-sama was really gentle with Misuzu. He told Misuzu 『I like you』…then loved me. That’s why, Misuzu lost her virginity and gained love. I’m grateful to Danna-sama for such a wonderful first experience…」

I just wanted to embrace Misuzu…

「Misuzu-san…Are you really a Kouzuki?」

Maika asks Misuzu with curious eyes.

「Yes. I didn’t lie in my introduction a while ago. I’m Kouzuki Misuzu. My grandfather is Kouzuki Shigetaka. My father is serving in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. My mother came from the Ooya house. This uniform is definitely mine too. I didn’t lie at all, I swear on the Virgin Mary…!」

Misuzu answers Maika clearly…

「…Onii-san, do you know about the Kouzuki House?」


「No…I did’t know about it at that time. Or rather…To be honest, I still don’t completely understand it even now」

Yeah…Sorry though
Is it really a famous house…?

「…Danna-sama doesn’t know anything about Misuzu’s family. Not knowing anything…He just loved what he saw in Misuzu. Misuzu’s really happy about that…!」

Misuzu looks at me.

「I’ll say this before Maika-san would Misunderstand…Misuzu’s Danna-sama isn’t a frivolous person who’d just say that he loves any girl he sees. Rather, he has a very clumsy character…a person that won’t say light complements to women」

I’m really no good.

「This person will never lie to someone he loves. Everything Danna-sama says is his real intent…he’s serious from the bottom of his heart. When Danna-sama says 『I love you』That’s what he’s really thinking with his heart and soul…!」

Maika nods at Misuzu.

「Yes…I somehow understood that…!」

Misuzu smiles at Maika.

「Once Danna-sama likes a girl…he’ll never betray her. On the contrary, he’ll accept her without rejecting anything. Misuzu’s actually a bad girl so I purposely call Danna-sama late at night and early in the morning… But, Danna-sama never shows an attitude of being annoyed. He always listens to Misuzu any time with a sincere attitude…!」

Eeeh…The pee call?
I’m being tested…?!
Nei-san and Margo-san put me through a test before too…
…I see.
These people won’t trust a human like me that easily…

「Maika also felt that! Earlier, Maika was talking about her school quite leisurely but…Onii-san’s just listening the whole time. If it was Mama or Onee-chan, they’ll just say 『Sure sure』then throw responses based on the contents but…Onii-san’s listening only while looking at Maika’s eyes…!」

I have to listen to Maika’s story…

「He’s that kind of person…He’s a very wonderful person. Misuzu likes this one. I love him!」

Misuzu’s slightly aroused.
Her eyes are moist.

「Misuzu half thought that it can’t be helped because it’s fate. I…To be honest…cast away my own life for these past few years. That’s why…When I was told by Nagisa-sama to become Danna-sama’s pet…Then that I have to give my virginity…! But…I lightly thought that I don’t care if I have that kind of life. It can’t be helped if it has come to this. Then I’ll become his pet forever…!

…Is that so?
Her mind has given up in various ways…
She became my pet…

「But…That was only at first」


「Every time Misuzu talks to Danna-sama…or meets with Danna-sama…I’m coming to love Danna-sama more and more! Danna-sama never refuses Misuzu at any time. He’s always accepting me. Whatever selfishness Misuzu says, all of it is taken seriously…! He’s always directly accepting the indecent and shameful Misuzu! There’s no one like him! He’s the best one for me! I need this man…!」

…Misuzu looks down.

「Today, when I met Maika-san…in the first room in front of the terrace and in the second floor’s studio, my attitude was cruel wasn’t it…I’m sorry」

Misuzu bows towards Maika…

「…That’s not true. Misuzu-san’s very gentle…Adult-like, even elegant…!」

Maika responds…

「No…That’s all a facade. Pretending to be an adult might look good…but it’s just miserable…」

Misuzu looks up sorrowfully.

「…That is Misuzu’s usual appearance. In school, and at home…Even when at social gatherings. That’s how it feels to live as a 『Daughter of Kouzuki』 Misuzu acts conceited, pretending to be smart…a disgusting prudish attitude. Misuzu has an ugly heart…!」2


「…What are you saying! That’s not Misuzu’s fault. You’re very beautiful!」

I told Misuzu, but…
Misuzu’s gloomy face doesn’t change.

「…Thank you, Danna-sama. But, Misuzu doesn’t like herself at those times. But…I have to live in my school and house acting like that…!」

…Have to live?

「The students in our school are all Ojou-samas from respectable families. All of them are carefully selected relatives of the noble families. …You’d be ostracized if you show any weakness. At school, there are a lot of factions from each house. If you belong to a faction, you can enter the umbrella of protection from the influential person and live easily, but…Misuzu’s a Kouzuki. I can’t enter any other faction…」

So super Ojou-sama schools are dangerous…

「Misuzu’s actually a lump of an inferiority complex」

Misuzu looks at me like a small girl.
She clings to me…

「In our school…Misuzu has a relative two years under her. The successor of the Kouzuki house…The daughter of Misuzu’s grandpa’s eldest son. She’s Ruriko-san」3

…Misuzu shows the depths of her heart.

「…I always lose against Ruriko-san. I’m no match against her at anything. Language, Piano, flower arrangement, and even dances…Ruriko-san is better. And she’s two years younger…!」

That’s Misuzu’s complex.
This is the thorn in her heart she never reveals to anyone.

「Ruriko-san’s a very adult-like child. She’s been mature ever since we were young…she’s beautiful. A much more beautiful girl than Misuzu. Also very good at everything. Perfect at anything and everything…! That’s why, I have to be perfect just like her. As an older relative…!」

Misuzu’s talking about the darkness in her heart…

「But…If you pretend to be a 『Perfect child』all the time, it makes you feel a terrible burden. The stress builds up… You won’t have any friends around of whom you can trust. That’s obvious…Misuzu’s always pretending by herself. Misuzu has act her part in the play… I. am an ugly duckling pretending to be a 『Perfect girl』」

Misuzu’s hands are trembling…

「It has continued since childhood…It… hurts… my feelings gradually grew darker… Then, Grandfather became worried about me so…he sent me to Nagisa-sama…!」

So the meeting of Misuzu and Nagisa-san being the teacher of flower arrangements was no coincidence?!

「When Nagisa-sama saw me, she said this…『You’re going to play with Onee-san a lot!』…『You can be crazy in front of me! I’ll be crazy too!』Then laughed…Thus, I became Nagisa-san’s pet… Then, the weight in my heart was reduced. I can depend on Nagisa-san like a puppy…」

…Yeah. I get that.
Nagisa-san has tolerance like that…
Misuzu’s grandfather was Nagisa-san’s guest so…He knows that Nagisa-san has that power4
Noticing Misuzu’s suffering…He entrusted her to Nagisa-san.

「Misuzu’s really not a child who can call herself 『Misuzu』 That’s something I thought that would just make me seem childish and vulgar…But, when I’m with Nagisa-sama, I becoming more of that kind of child… That’s when I noticed. This is the real me. A vulgar childish girl. It became easier when I noticed it…」

As expected of Nagisa-san.
She peeled off the husk around Misuzu’s heart little by little…

「Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays…I meet up with Nagisa-sama under the pretense of part time work… I’m able to endure the remaining five days if I have those two days. I was satisfied with that kind of daily life」

That’s before Misuzu met me.
Acting as the 『Perfect Girl』in her house and at school, getting spoiled like a puppy in front of Nagisa-san…
A girl with two faces.

「But…That was a misunderstanding. I understand it now. Why Nagisa-sama passed Misuzu to Danna-sama…」


「My relationship with Nagisa-sama was just relaxation after all…I could never truly reveal my heart to Nagisa-sama. Nagisa-sama thought that I needed a much more fundamental change. That’s why…Danna-sama…I…」


「…My meeting with Danna-sama three days ago was devastating!」

Misuzu grips my arm.
Misuzu transformed 5
A different face I’ve never seen before…!

「…Sorry, do you get it?! You have changed my life! I’ll show everything about myself if it’s you! The dirtiest part of my heart, the cunning one, the lewd one, I’ll expose everything. I’ll always be naked in front of you. I’ll show everything from head to toe! I’ll talk to you about everything I think of from the bottom of my heart!…I’m yours only! I don’t have anyone but you!」

Misuzu clings to me crying…!

「Because, I know that you’ll never refuse me! I believe that you’ll accept it no matter who I am!」

A year older beauty.
The one I thought of as a puppy…has changed into an Onee-san.
Girls have many faces.
All of those face make me feel loved…

「I want to live forever with you! I’m fine being scolded by Grandfather or Father! I’m fine being thrown away by my family! I’m fine being thrown from the Kouzuki house! I can’t live if I’m not with you!」

Misuzu kisses me.
I accept Misuzu’s kiss in silence.
Misuzu released her lips and looks up at me.
Her tear filled eyes are shining.

「…What should I do?… What should I do? What should I do? I want to make you mine by any means! I love you!」

Misuzu’s heart is pained for me.

「I’ll do anything! I’ll give birth to your child, as many as you want! I’ll do everything! I’ll devote my whole life to you! That’s why…That’s why…please be a man that’s only mine! I want to monopolize you! By any means!!!」

I can’t choose only Misuzu.

「Sadly…we can’t accept that…!」

There’s a voice from the entrance of the bathroom.
That’s, Yuzuki Minaho…My teacher.
Sensei comes into the bathroom naked…
She’s not hiding the big scar on her stomach…!

「Misuzu’s not the only one who needs Yoshida-kun. Katsuko and Nagisa too…the other girls need his existence too. They have the same reason you just said…!」

Sensei tells Misuzu.

「If Misuzu-san is Yoshida-kun’s pet…then I’m the current owner of Yoshida-kun. I won’t allow your selfishness…okay?…!」

Yuzuki-sensei’s words are threatening…

「…But, I」

Misuzu lowers her head with a gloomy face.

「…Misuzu-san, do you really intend to confront your grandfather?」

Sensei smiles at Misuzu…


Misuzu’s surprised.

「If you were serious…Then I’ll talk to Kouzuki-sama too」

Misuzu made a face like she couldn’t believe…!

「…Are you saying that you will cooperate?」

Sensei and Misuzu probe each other…

「…Yuzuki-sama, what’s the merit for you?」
「To deepen the relationship between the 『Kuromori』and the Kouzuki house…If Kouzuki-sama accepts and becomes our formal support, it would be a great help. It’s a matter of celebrating…!」

Misuzu thought for a moment then answered.

「Understood…I’ll leave it to Yuzuki-sama」
「For the time being, be satisfied that you can be alone with him. I won’t allow you to monopolize him but, I’ll prepare a time for Misuzu-san to be alone with him. Evenly with the other girls…If Misuzu-san behaves herself, I’ll think about social status in the future…!」

Sensei smiles at Misuzu.

Err…Social position?

「…But, she’s aiming at that too」


「Everyone’s aiming at it…Katsuko and Nagisa too…」

Misuzu whispered to me…

「…What are you talking about?」

Misuzu looks at me.

「…It’s the talk about who’s going to be Danna-sama’s bride!」

My bride?

「…It’s not something urgent is it? Yoshida-kun’s still young. You all just have to compete…Or could it be that you don’t have the confidence to win the status of wife?」

Sensei asked Misuzu daringly…

「…I do! I will fight against everyone!」

Misuzu declares war with dazzling eyes!

「…Misuzu-san, everyone’s fighting fairly 6 Don’t try to take any strange plans…」

…Strange plans?…

「Your eyes become suspicious from time to time. You’re plotting something aren’t you?」

Misuzu looks at me.
Misuzu fidgets…

「I’m sorry…I planned to kidnap Danna-sama!」


「There’s a villa in Nagano…I intended to confine Danna-sama there…bind him in the bed, then have sex until I got pregnant. Misuzu intends to take care of everything like Danna-sama’s meal, bath, or pee!」


「For these past few days, I’ve been coming to this mansion…I keep looking for Katsuko-sama and Margo-san’s opportunity, and for a way to take Danna-sama out…!」

I-I-I-I-Is that so?!

「As Yoshida-kun’s owner…I can’t allow such a thing. Isn’t going to Nagano just double suicide?」

S-Sensei…Double Suicide?

「…We won’t die. We’ll live. I’ll make Danna-sama happy!」

Misuzu tells Sensei…

「If ever you kidnapped Yoshida-kun and arrived at Nagano…what would you do after that? If your grandfather and 『Kuromori』searched seriously we can find you immediately. You’ll get caught within two days. Then, Misuzu-san would be separated from Yoshida-kun…and you’ll never meet each other for the rest of your lives」

Sensei threatens Misuzu.

「…Because, won’t this act be putting your grandfather to shame? Misuzu-san had a fiance that your grandfather had decided after all…」

Sensei laughs.

「…Yes. That’s right. I think that will happen」
「I won’t go as far as to say that your grandfather would kill Yoshida-kun but…he’ll keep him away from you. You might be made to study abroad. Or maybe your marriage with your fiance would be hastened…」

Sensei’s words are putting weight on Misuzu.

「That’s why…Misuzu-san don’t do anything absurd alone. We’re not Misuzu-san’s enemies so believe in your sisters」
「…My sisters?」

Misuzu looks surprised.

「All of the girls who need Yoshida-kun are sisters…Think like that. It’s fine to fight and compete but…there’s no need for hate. After all, Yoshida-kun loves all girls equally…!」7

After Sensei’s speech…a voice from the speakers continues.

『…That’s right, Mii-chan! We’re sisters! We help and cooperate with each other! I like Mii-chan! But, Yo-chan is for everyone!』


『…Katsuko thinks so too. Think of us as your sisters and consult us about anything. Nagisa thinks the same! Everyone likes Misuzu-sama! By the way…we won’t let you monopolize him』

Misuzu…answers everyone while crying.

「Yes…Thank you very much!」

I look at Sensei.

「…Sensei. Do you intend to make Misuzu a member of the 『toys』?」

Sensei shook her head slowly.

「I won’t…Misuzu-san’s your pet. You have to take care of her. You have to discipline her!」

Sensei laughs.

「Yes…Misuzu is a very bad girl. Please make me everyone’s sister. Also…Danna-sama」

Misuzu sits straight on the bathroom floor and bows towards me.

「I’ve been extremely rude! I’m sorry!」

Misuzu dogezas in front of me.

「…Raise your head Misuzu」

I command Misuzu.

「…No, Misuzu has done something not suitable as a pet…please punish me!」
「…That’s okay now! Raise your head!」

I shout at Misuzu.


Misuzu raises her head in surprise.
I squat down ahead of Misuzu and embrace her delicate body.

「It’s fine! It’s fine for Misuzu to be selfish, absurd, and vulgar! You’re fine being a pet that can’t be disciplined!」
「Depend on me more! Trouble me! I’m fine no matter how many times you bother me!」

Misuzu’s perplexed at my words.

「That’s bad」
「It’s fine! It’s natural for me to take care of Misuzu! We’ll be together forever so that’s how it is!」

That’s what I think.
Loving someone means that you have to be prepared to accept everything no matter how much they trouble you.


Misuzu clings to me crying.

「Seriously. Misuzu’s so helpless!」
「I’m sorry…I’m sorry…Danna-samaaaaa!」

Misuzu asks a kiss from me.
Of course I’ll kiss her.
No matter how many times…

「…What are your impressions?」

Yuzuki-sensei asks Maika.

「Uhm…I’m surprised. I feel like I’m watching a movie…!」

Maika answers.

「My…You belong there too. This dramatic movie will happen to you too from now on…!」

Sensei smiles at Maika.

「I’m Yuzuki Minaho. Nice to meet you」
「…Shirasaka Maika」

While I’m embracing Misuzu…the two of them exchange mysterious greetings.

「There’s a lot of things that need to be explained to you. You also want to know it don’t you?」

Maika looks at Sensei’s face.

「But, don’t worry…Whatever happens, Yoshida-kun will protect Maika-san. You do understand that he likes you, don’t you?」

You’re saying that while I’m embracing another girl…

「You don’t believe him…?」
「I do believe Onii-san. Right now, Misuzu is faithful to Onii-san…」
「He’s faithful to Maika-san…This boy is equally faithful to the girls he likes. He’ll never discriminate. Isn’t that right, Katsuko?」

Sensei speaks to the ceiling…

『Yes, Katsuko is also loved the same! This boy will never betray women’s feelings!』

Katsuko-nee’s voice is heard in the bathroom…

「…Yoshida-kun, Maika-san’s your 『woman』 already isn’t she?…!」

Sensei asks me

「Misuzu…Step back for a moment.」

Misuzu nods


I come before Maika.


Maika looks at me with a blank face.

「What is it, Onii-san…?」

I kneel in front of Maika and hold her hand.
I kiss the back of Maika’s hand…

「I will never betray Maika from now on. I’m Maika’s ally whenever. Whatever happens…I will protect Maika. I will protect you…!」

…Perhaps, I’m thinking that if Maika will lose her father.
Shirasaka house will collapse…
This can no longer stop.

「Onii-san…what do you mean by that?」

Maika looks at me.

「…I will explain from hereon」

Sensei told Maika…

「But, I would like you to remember. Yoshida-kun will never abandon Maika-san. And, as far as Yoshida-kun is concerned, he’s Maika-san’s ally…The sisters who love Yoshida-kun…Katsuko, Nei, and Misuzu will be your allies too…」

Misuzu looks at Maika.

「Yes…Maika-san’s my sister. I’ll treasure you like my little sister…!」

Sensei told the surprised Maika.

「I’m a woman who has a grudge against your father, Shirasaka Sousuke…I’m living just by the thought of revenge on your father…!」


  1. Today’s April 30, Misuzu lost her virginity in 28th, Maika’s counting today as well
  2. EN: fixed it so Misuzu speaks in third person when referring to herself casually (yoshida mode), in first person when referring to herself formally (ojou-sama mode), and in first person when referring to her own thoughts (mental thoughts)
  3. EN: I’m assuming she’s speaking in the “royal we” when referring to her school on the behalf of being a Kouzuki
  4. Oh boy you don’t know what Nagisa can do
  5. No, this is not your magical girl anime. She may be naked but she’s not going to change into magical girl costume anytime soon
  6. Fuck that, **** won’t fight fairly!
  7. EN: Love Communism?