Chapter 2 – 4 years and 11 Months

“Jesper, go and grab your little sister. It’s time to eat soon when your father arrives”


“Yes, mother!”


The boy who is making his way to his little sister crib is Xavier or you could say was Xavier…


The 4 years since being reborn in this body, I retain the memories of Xavier, wait I mean I am Xavier however but not him I am now called Jesper. I didn’t get all of the memories I’m still missing some however every couple of months. My brain gets hit with a shockwave of headaches and flashbacks. Which it’s understandable it’s like using a window XP computer and loading 2 terabytes of pictures it won’t handle well. It’ll overload and you don’t want that happening.


For now, all that my brain has from Xavier is that I was disowned by my family for some reason, then quickly went to the dark side and became a Sharpshooter/Marksman for hire from there I lived on making real money, and How I died was a bullet to the head by a close member in my life. Sometimes my curiosity heads to the question, ‘ why was I disowned?’ it’s on my tongue but it will not come out, and I get severe headaches from it. I’ll prob get more of my memories back.


For now I  will just goto my sister’s room.


At the door of my sister’s room, an incantation is required to open it’s like a passcode to a door but with an incantation. The incantation I make is only understandable to my family it takes time to learn the unique incantation even if you try to learn it in a day, it’s impossible unless you got an extremely good memory.


Once I spoke the incantation the white opaque door slides open, upon entering the room a little girl with dark brown twin tails sleeping soundly with a very small and adorable ‘asleep’ face. It makes me not wake her up but as mother told me it’s time to eat.


“Erina, it’s time to wake up” quietly said while I nudge her.


“Mmmmm Bwig Brwada?” she rubs her eyes


“Let’s go, time to eat dinner”


I grab her hand and help her out of her small bed, Erina grabs my hand while we walk back to the table where mother is. This seems a lot for a kid my age however I have memories of a 26-year-old man, and yes this could be counted is suspicious but I doubt they’ll care it’s not like I’m a prodigy(I hope)




As we eat, father speaks up.


“Jesper, tomorrow is your birthday is there anything you will like, My son?”


There isn’t anything peculiar, I could want, since my knowledge of this world is zero hmm,… Oh, I know.


“Can I get a dog?” I ask politely.


“Alright, I will and Son you will be enrolled in school once spring comes up. I hope you give us honor for the Lenior Family”


Ahhh I forgot to say, the aristocratic system is still operating in this country, The Royal Richelieu Empire, Ruled By Queen Elise I.  However, we aren’t the only country there are more but one that catches my eye is ‘The Commonwealth of the Republican Erial States’ Wow Long name, I know it’s a Republican democracy so It’s like the USA of this world.


“I will father”


We finish eating, Father has some work to attend so he is going to his desk. Mother usually babysits and dotes on Erina, while I goto my room and do the only thing I can do. Workout or study… basically all I can do.


Using the computer. Yes, we have computers however they aren’t run by electricity its more like magic. In this world, for the majority, everything uses mana for fuel, where mana comes from are Mana Runes Or Mana Eau(Liquid) basically coal and or natural Oil so that isn’t too different.


Next Day


“Happy 5th Birthday!! Jesper!!” Mother says with Erina.


“Happy Birthday Son” he claps.


My uncle and aunt give me their happy birthday greeting, so does my cousins. My two pairs of grandparents all passed away before I was born. My family isn’t too big just enough to count as an adult Pine tree.


“Here you go son, I hope you enjoy your present”


Father brings out a mysterious box with holes on the top, My instincts are telling me something. He opens the top and a small puppy jumps out and jumps on me, and slobbers my face with her small tongue.


“She has no name, she is a Germanic Shepard and a Female. You better take care of her, Jesper”


“Yes!, thank you, father, I will,” I say in gratitude.\


“I’ll name you Leaona” Her fur is like of a Lioness and her face has the fierceness but removing that she is adorable overall.


“Leaona, welcome to the family” She licks my face.


Back in my room, with Leaona curled up and sleeping. She reminds me of someone a girl who loved….


Arghhhhhhhh It hurtsss ahhhhh fuck… fuckk fuck. I grab my head in the pain of pressure I’m getting. Hell, this is hell!!!


The pain that I receive is about every few months, but damn this dull, squeezing sensation. It’s like I’m a melon being squeezed with a crusher but not enough to be flattened.


A few minutes later of squeezing pain, My brain and body felt too tired so it went and shut down on me in snooze mode.


“Welcome to The white room, it’s been 5 years Jesper or should I say, Xavier,” A Familiar voice says to me.


“Oh nice to mee you? wait did I die!? AGAIN!?”


Uh… no sorry for the misunderstanding but I’m in your dream however I’m not a dream, well enough talk I don’t have much time. The future chaos has changed which is rather weird but in 14 years the chaos will strike. It should be enough time to avoid the mass casualties it will cause”


“What!! Hmm I haven’t done anything to change anything, yeah know I see why that is weird, thank you for telling me. Before I go I have one question, how can you talk to me in the dream world”


“Well think about it like this your old world has data, my power is not unlimited. A dream is like calling, yeah that’s basically it. I won’t be able to interact with you again until years on but this is my warning for you. I can’t see the future for you but the fate of the world I can see but here is some advice make sure you can live in the world peacefully as well, so best luck out there nice, and stay safe”


“Yes, I will”


Knocked out of the dream world, Jesper has no idea what is to come in the parallel universe.

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