Grassland Law Chapter 33

A winter with warmth

Everyone sleeps lying in the southeast direction, so I have to sleep alone every single winter, I’m sad…
There’s still Zuu beside me. (TN: The author said in his notes: “Loli no touch is a lie”, you get the rest)
Doing her is out of the question, but hugging to sleep is okay.
Zuu too, didn’t seem to altogether dislike sleeping in my chest.
She buried her face into my chest, rubbing her cheek against it while sleeping.
Since that was too cute, I hugged Zuu tightly.

「Sleeping in Jumuka-sama huge arms is the best。 」

Zuu also isn’t small compared to kids her age.
It’s just that, I hesitated to lay my hands on her even just a little.
However, Zuu is growing, she’s taking after Lucci and eats a lot so her body’s growing a little bit.
The feeling of hugging her is also gradually changing from that of a girl to a woman.


As usual, I prepared the animal pelt and the cover sheet to sleep with Zuu.
Then Zuu stared at me after getting into the futon.


「What is it?」

「I understand the reason you’re not making babies with me。 However、ano、sono、you’re not embracing too…」

Silence wrapped over the place.

「Do you understand what you’re saying?」

「Yes、it’s the act of entrusting your whole body to your husband right?」

That’s certainly true. But it doesn’t only mean just that.

「I’m not a child。 I do know how a baby is made。 Jumuka-sama’s thing in your crotch and my genital in my crotch…」

「Right! Right! You don’t have to say it。 It’s good enough that you’re aware。 」

The heck is this kid saying all of a sudden

「Then、can’t we make love before making babies? Thanks to Lucci-san everyone’s not saying anything even if I don’t bear Jumuka-sama’s child、but I’m anxious after all。 I think about things like if I’m suitable for Jumuka-sama、that’s why、I want to get rid of those anxiety。 」

「Then you just want to be embraced」

Zuu nodded deeply at my words.
I thought about it for a bit.
It’s weird to say this myself, but my social standing in my tribe is high.
Right now I’m on good terms with Temuji, but if I suppressed Temuji, I could move the tribe.
Then as a wife, Zuu’s social standing is definitely not low.
However, Grassland women really like to give birth.
Those who gave birth to boys, those who gave birth to girls, and those who don’t give birth at all, in the end, their social standing changes accordingly to that.
Grassland is a place where a girl would be called useless by both men and women if she couldn’t give birth within 2 years after marriage. Well I don’t think like that but…
Lucci represented me to speak my thoughts, so nobody would say anything about Zuu not giving birth.
However, this is a different matter, isn’t it.
To be honest, I’ve been treating Zuu as a little sister. (TN: Then go grab your real sisters you fuck!!!)
I think Zuu also noticed this.
I also thought about it can’t be helped in the situation where we keep up this relationship after 2 years and become unable to make babies.

I knocked on my lap while thinking that I’ll take away Zuu’s anxiety.

「I’m embracing you, so come here Zuu」

Zuu happily sat on my lap.
I realized while hugging Zuu from behind.
Zuu’s physique is already greater than Yesu. Well it’s still heaven and earth when it comes to tits…
I unfastened the string and exposed her chest.
Even when I look from behind they’re not swelling too much.
I used my hands to rub her chest lightly.
So small, but there are indeed breasts on her chest.
Punyun, punyun it was the feeling of still immature breasts

「Hn、hn、it hurts a little。 」

Oh shit, I thought and gave Zuu’s breasts affection more gently.
I rubbed her whole breasts, and gently pinched her nipples.

「A、Au、it’s really completely different to doing it myself」

Somehow I just heard something that should’ve been heard…


「Anya、it’s nothing。 I definitely didn’t touch myself while thinking about Jumuka-sama。 I didn’t learn how to do it from Yesu-san either。 」 (TN: LMFAOOOOOOOO)

I didn’t even ask and she spit it all out.

「I see、Yesu taught you huh」

「Au、Jumuka-sama is terrible guiding information out of me、」

「No、you spit everything out on your own…」


A weird atmosphere fell onto the spot.

「Au」 (TN: I’m sure Yesu’s making the same face to when Ainz met Pandora’s Actor in the anime)

Zuu’s face turned bright red as she hung her head in shame.
After I was done giving Zuu some love, I let her use my arm as a pillow and slept under the futon.

As far as it goes, I give her affection everyday.
Zuu’s reactions change from cute to charming bit by bit.
Her breasts probably grew a bit bigger too.
But they’re still immature breasts.
I finished things up like always and went to sleep, thinking that this should be good enough.
When I was sleeping, I heard some small sounds.
I opened my eyes a little and didn’t see Zuu at the usual spot on my arm.
A little distance away, Zuu was rolling into a ball, suppressing her mouth while doing something.
I listened carefully for a bit.


Zuu called my name while groping her body.
I didn’t give her enough affection? I thought so while trying to look, and saw Zuu teasing her own vagina with her own finger.
I decided that I didn’t see anything and went to sleep that day.

Next day
I finished embracing Zuu and got into the futon.
Zuu also placed her head on my arm and shut her eyes, facing my way.
I also shut my eyes.
I feigned sleeping while waiting for a bit.

「Jumuka-sama、are you sleeping?…seems okay。 」

Zuu talked to me in a low voice but I didn’t reply.

「Au、unn、ann、feels good、haa、aau、my finger already feels this good, if Jumuka-sama’s finger does this…、if it’s Jumuka-sama’s real thing…au」

I peeked at Zuu and shook my body.
As I shook my body, Zuu returned to my arm and faced me.
Our eyes came into contact.

「Umm Jumuka-sama…you’re awake do you need something?」

「Ah、no、I didn’t feel the weight on my arm so I opened my eyes」

「Could it be that you saw?」

I quietly nodded.
Zuu shrank before my eyes.
I didn’t say anything and hugged Zuu.

「Don’t be bothered、it’s alright」

I kept hugging Zuu after saying just that.

Next day
After giving Zuu affection, I kept hugging her from behind as is and wrapped ourselves up in the animal pelt.
Zuu was confused at my different behaviors from usual.
From behind, I slid my right hand into the front part of Zuu’s skirt.
I crawled my right hand inside her skirt and rubbed her vagina with my middle finger.
While moving my finger up and down along her vagina, I looked at Zuu.
Zuu’s body stiffened as she didn’t understand what the hell’s happening.

「Zuu、yesterday、you said how would it be if it was my finger right? We’re trying it out。 」

As I whispered closely into Zuu’s ear, her body loosened up.
I traced her moistened vagina, that got wet after the love making, with my fat and rough finger.
The immature vagina wriggled due to my finger rubbing it.


Zuu surrendered herself to my finger with a happy voice.
Going from rubbing, I bit by bit dug my finger into her vagina.
And then I opened her vagina a bit, searching for her bean.
Zuu’s body trembled at the slightly strong finger movements.
As I found her bean, I stimulated it while looking at Zuu’s reaction.
Zuu trembled every time her bean was stimulated, I stopped.

「Feeling good?」


Zuu’s happy voice reached me.

Some tens of days later.
I’ve been caressing Zuu everyday.
Zuu reacted to my finger movements.
As Zuu’s vagina relaxed to my finger, I sank my finger into her insides that didn’t fit for my finger.


Zuu raised a loud voice at my finger movement.
I made use of my finger at Zuu’s shallow spots.
This is the first time I do this, but it’s really enjoyable.
Zuu also seems to be wholly enjoying this.
As I slowly moved up and down, enjoying Zuu’s reactions, I touched some thing hard.
Probably the hymen.
This thing must be broken by my thing.
I didn’t touch that place and went back to Zuu’s shallow spots, looking forward to her trembling.

Next day
Lucci got mad at me because she misunderstood that I had sex with Zuu due to her charming loud voice.

Since then, I caressed Zuu everyday.