Grassland Law Chapter 8

First night with Yesu

Ichiyu, Shirley, Sharon and Yesu got to know each other.
The three of them roughly introduced themselves to Yesu, Yesu also returned their greetings.
The hierarchal relationship between these three and Yesu is pretty tricky.
During meal time, Jumel isn’t independent, so me and him had dinner together.
The seating order is, me, Jumel, Uruji, Ichiyu, Shirley, abd Sharon.
First I ate, then Jumel ate, after that Uruji ate. This spring when Uruji becomes an adult, Jumel and Uruji will be eating together in one turn.
Then, the last ones are Ichiyu, Shirley, and Sharon’s turn to start eating
After my wedding with Lucci the, she’ll be sitting in between me and Jumel and that would make me eating first, then Lucci’s turn to eat, with that order there shouldn’t be any problem.
But, Yesu sits in between Ichiyu and Uruji.
Will Yesu eat together with Ichiyu and the rest, or they all eat separately is the decision that I as the head of the family have to make.
Deciding the compatibility of these four people is a must that I have to do as the family’s head.
I brought Yesu into the house, then untied her hands.
Yesu knelt, and kissed the ground.
Then she held out her right hand and kissed the back of that hand. Then she held out her left hand and I kissed the back of that hand, I did the same to her left foot and right foot.
That’s how you marry a slave wife into the house. It was a ceremony to approve the slave wife.
At the end I kissed Yesu’s lips and the ceremony ended.
Yesu became this house’s slave wife.

After the ceremony ended the three girls entered the house, and started doing housework.
They finished taking care of the horses and returned.
Yesu chatted and got along with the three while doing housework.
Seems like there’s not any particular problem
At dinner of that night, I ate simultaneously with Yesu and Ichiyu and the likes.

Night time, everyone returned to their houses. (TN: Ero ga kitaa)
There’s only me and Yesu left as we started at each other.
I sat crosslegged while striking my legs 2, 3 times.


There’s one etiquette at night, Yesu stood and came to sit in between my legs making her huge soft ass hit my thing.
Before my eyes is Yesu’s nape.
I stroked her shoulder-reaching hair a few times.
The girls in grasslands, everyone grows their hair to this length.
In the south the women grow their hair to shoulder blades or their waist it seems.
I crept my hands through her armpit and into her chest to unfastened the straps.
Wives, slave wives, you have to show your love to both of those.
Taking off the straps, her huge tits came out, I lifted them from below.


Yesu raised a small voice.
Putting in a bit of strength I caressed her.
Speaking of boobs, aside from the Rin, Shirley and Sharon sisters, other women have pressed their tits against me at the bathing place.
I felt really happy at those soft sensation.
But right now, I’m doing as I please with these boobs with my own hands.
I moved as I liked to, at that moment her breasts moved.
The tender flesh coiled around my fingers *munyu munyu* and stimulated my hands.


Yesu raised a lonely voice.
I traced Yesu’s areola with my fingers.
Tracing around the circle Yesu trembled.

「Feeling good?」


Seems like Yesu’s breasts are pretty sensitive.
Or maybe because my techniques were good, it’s not that isn’t it, I only just began caressing her breast…she’s not putting on an act right? was what I thought.
I poked at her nipples with my index finger *tsun tsun*.
They naturally stood up assertively.

「An、that place、it feels good。 」

「That so」

I poked at her hard and pointy nipples many times and Yesu raised a joyful voice every single time.
I flicked Yesu’s nipples with my index fingers and Yesu made a sound like she’s feeling good.
After many times of caressing Yesu’s body started.
It was fun so I wanted to make Yesu cry out more, but my thing already began to protest.
My thing stood up and Yesu felt it pressing against her butt.

「Is this Yesu’s first time」


Yesu stood up totteringly before me.
Then she grasped the edge of her clothes.
But, she didn’t take them off.


「What is it?」

「Master hasn’t confirmed this so、um、please don’t be disappointed。 」

Saying so Yesu took off her upper clothing.
Taking off all her clothes Yesu became stark naked.
There’s no hair.
Yesu’s vagina was hairless and beautiful.

「Umm、I’m sorry。 It looks childish right、Master?Me、my mom、and my sister too don’t grow、umm」 (TN: She’s talking about the pubes)

Oops !  I involuntarily stared too much.
This girl is pubeless, it’s the best isn’t it, bushy girls, girls with pubes, and completely hairless too are all fine.

「Yesu、don’t apologize。 Let’s begin。 」

Yesu’s face became bright red. On top of the pelt, she used her hands to open her legs wide.
Yesu went into Dog-position.
I took off my clothes and exposed my body.

「Master’s body…is wonderful。 」

Yesu was fascinated looking my chest and abs.
That face was dyed with red fascination.
I’m pretty happy.
In my previous life I was naked in the studio with Shina○Shou○ and Naka○Kin○。 A great scream of a woman could be heard. (TN: The terms were censored)
I screamed for one whole week suffering to train this body. (TN: 苦しんで鍛えた体が悲鳴しか出なかった事に一週間近く凹んだものだ)
Taking off the lower half my thing showed itself.

「Master、you’re so splendid。 Aa、this is a great honor for me as a woman…and it’s also the same for my mother」

「It’s not that big of a deal you know、now、I’m taking Yesu’s first time、okay?」

「Yes、please make me a woman。 Just like my mother。 」 (TN: She’s talking about being a woman, Jumuka didn’t fuck her mom)

I gently touched Yesu’s vagina.
At that wet opening I held my thing and placed it on hers.
Putting some force into my hips my thing invaded Yesu’s insides.

「A、Au、It’s、、、not hurting。 I’m fine。 Please continue。 」

At Yesu’s 『Hur』 I stopped for moment and Yesu’s face was warped while she told me to continue.
Father said that I should do it in one go for first time partners instead of dragging it out.
I endured the feeling of guilt looking at Yesu’s expressions while holding her hips with both hands, I inserted my thing to the deepest place.
My thing bumped into Yesu’s depth.
As I went all the way into her I penetrated through Yesu’s symbol of her first time.
Yesu’s insides tightly pressed down on my thing.
At that pleasant feeling excitement rose up from deep within me.

「With this、I’ve really become Master’s slave wife、but、please properly make me a mother。 」

That single comment was my limit.
I didn’t move at all and ejaculated as is.

「It、It’s hot」

I didn’t move at all, I felt ashamed at myself that I didn’t make Yesu satisfied and released just like that, naturally my thing withered.
Somehow my body felt sluggish. It wasn’t unpleasant, it was actually pleasant, but I don’t have the willpower to go for another round at all.
I took my thing out from Yesu. White semen and blood mixed together dripped out from Yesu’s vagina.

「Aa、this is such a waste」 (TN: Because the semen is falling out)

Yesu shut her legs tightly and stood up to put on her clothes.
Yesu wiped my body, then the floor, then wiped her own body.

I looked at Yesu wiping her body without putting on my clothes.
Yesu finished wiping with something she pulled out from her pocket then connected the bed cover to the pelt.
I hugged Yesu and closed my eyes like that.
Yesu was astonished saying “Haawaaawa” and struggled in my chest but she soon turned obedient.
Feeling the skin of a person after so long is the best sensation.