Grassland Law Chapter 9


Jumuka’s house entrance is opened a little bit. There are three people Ichiyu, Shirley and Sharon.

「Shirley don’t look。 」

「Sharon don’t struggle around」

「「Ichiyu-anee’s voice is too loud」」 (TN: Anee = older sister)

The three girls are peeping at Jumuka’s love business.
It will sure be a big scolding if this gets found out.
But, with all due respects they’re interested in knowing what kind of person their brother’s slave wife is.
They understood her personality during the chat when we were doing housework but they’re interested in knowing what kind of reaction she has while they make love.
Right now Yesu-san loves Jumuka.

「Uwaa、it’s biiig」

「Un、if it’s that big then it’ll make really good breast milk right。 」

「Nii-sama’s rubbing them with all his might。 As expected the bigger the better huh?」

Ichiyu touched her own flat wall.
Then the other two grinned.
Those two knew.
Those two knew they themselves like Jumuka, they understood that they’re siblings, they understood that one day they’ll get married with someone too.
That’s why it’s fine for them to get all sticky to him, right now they’ll try to stick to him as much as they can.
However, their sister Ichiyu is deeply in love with brother Jumuka but she doesn’t get to be spoiled.
There are also things you can’t just give up when you’re siblings.

「Aa、the lovey-dovey is done、Yesu-san is taking her clothes off。 」

「Uwaa、her butt is also biiig。 Her waist is a little thin but、she’ll give birth to healthy kids」


「Nii-sama also took off his clothes、look、those chest and arm muscles are indeed attractive」

Shirley gives her impressions on Jumuka’s body while being fascinated.

「Un、I want to be hugged by Nii-sama’s big arms。 」

Sharon also got fascinated by Jumuka’s body.

「His abs are also splendidly ripped、his arms are thick too、aaa、he took off the lower part、those thighs as thick as my hips、and then between his legs is the big、big」

Bon !  It felt like they heard a sound like that.
Ichiyu collapsed on the spot being bright red.

Jumuka put his thing into Yesu’s vagina the two carried Ichiyu and went back to their house.

When Ichiyu opened her eyes it was their own house.

「N、nNii-sama moore、poke in more」

「Nii-sama、is so rough。 But、doing it vigorously is also great。 」

Because of those voices she looked horizontally and saw on her right the two sisters stirring their index fingers in and out their own vaginas.

「What are you two doing?」

「「Fue?We’re imagining how good it would feel if Nii-sama embraced us?」」

「Stop it」


The two asked a the same time.

「Why you say、that’s unbelievable、don’t just say oops…」

After declaring so Ichiyu were pushed down by her two sisters.

「Ichiyu-anee、just be honest」

「If it’s just imagination then it’s fine either way」

「It’s no good、those things」

The two took off Ichiyu’s breast clothing straps.
As the straps got unfastened Ichiyu’s cliff wall was laid bare and she started to act violently.
But, the two of them pinned her down so she couldn’t struggle.

「Ichiyu-anee、hora、think that our hands are Nii-sama」

「Be honest to yourself」

With Shirley on the right and Sharon on the left, they both caressed Ichiyu’s nipples at the same time.

「S、Stop、you two、yan」

「「Hora、imagine that these are nii-sama’s hands」」

「Such things、hyan、ani-shama will not、ah、ani-shama、ani-shama is touching me aaa」

The two fell into a broad grin.
The two diligently turned her nipples and Ichiyu was boosted in sensitivity.
Without any intention to resist left on Ichiyu the two reached their hands to her lower half.

They lifted her skirt on the front and touched her genital.
Shirley rubbed her finger on the vagina.

「Ichiyu-anee、you’re this wet」

「Don’t say it nii-sama」

Though Jumuka is not here in this situation.

The two spread Ichiyu’s legs as if she was giving birth.

「As one would expect breaking her membrane would be bad right?」

「Un、go in moderately」

Shirley, with her left hand on Ichiyu’s right nipple, stirred her finger in and out a shallow spot inside Ichiyu’s vagina and stimulated her.
Sharon, with her right hand on Ichiyu’s left nipple, stimulated Ichiyu’s clitoris.
With 4 spots being stimulated all at the same time Ichiyu’s body cum many times.

The figure of Shirley and Sharon getting a preach from Ichiyu could be seen.