Easy Survival Life Chapter 107. Mana and the Washimine Cave (R18)



It’s been a while since I’ve done something good with Mana.

It’s been a week or two, I don’t remember the details, but it’s been that long.

That’s why Mana’s so assertive.

As soon as we reached the innermost part of the Washimine cave, she pushed me against the wall and pulled my pants.

She exposed my half-erect penis and sucked it without hesitation.

「 Ngu, ngu… 」

Mana bends down in front of me as I stand and rock her head back and forth.

Sound leaks from her mouth sucking my penis with that movement.

「 You’re going hard from the start 」

I look down on Mana with an ecstatic look on my face as she’s doing it to me.

Mana looks up at me with my penis in her mouth and stopped moving.

(We’re done?)

I only thought of that for a moment.

Mana scraped up her curly light pink hair.

She moves her head again as she sucks on my penis and now that her hair doesn’t hinder anymore.

「 Ooh, that’s nice, yes, Mana… 」

It’s been 127 since we started living on this island.

The first time a woman made me feel good was also the day I arrived on the island.

Since then, I experienced blowjobs, handjobs, and sex.

It’s done so often to control this crazy sexual desire of a high school boy.

I’m proud to say that my experience in sex is as good as any of those normies.

Things are different from before when I’d almost ejaculate just from touch.

Even so, I feel that I was on the verge of ejaculation soon.

Just as I’m gaining experience, my partners do the same.

Mana’s technique is getting better day by day, and she knows my good spots very well.

「 Fufu 」

Mana lets go of my penis and laughs while giving me a handjob.

Her face is saying that “You like it when I go on this spot, right?”

She’s an expert who’s completely familiar with my weakness.

「 Ah shit, I’m about to cum 」

My ejaculation is coming up.

I can’t have good ejaculation if it’s just a moderate pleasure.

After indulging in moderate pleasure, I needed something explosive, even if it was just for a moment.

When it breaks through the ejaculation line, it’ll release with such vigor.

「 You can’t cum yet 」

But, Mana didn’t let me cross the line.

She stopped the pleasure just before finishing.

My penis was making the signal that it was about to cum, and Mana stopped her hand.

She’s teasing me.

「 Hey, Hokage 」

「 W-What? 」

「 Why are you not having sex with me? 」

「 Why you ask? 」

「 You’ve already done it with the other girls, right? 」

「 It’s not just Mana, Arisa too 」

Eri, Karin, the Asakura sisters, Sofia, Amane, and Shiori.

I’ve had sex with multiple girls, but not Mana and Arisa.

「 Arisa wouldn’t do something like this in the first place, right? 」

Mana licks the tip of my glans.

The pleasure just grazed the line, but still didn’t break through.

「 W-Well yeah 」

Arisa and I still have a clean relationship.

There were some lucky sukebe moments, however.

「 Arisa’s not asking for it, but I want her 」

「 True 」

「 Then, why? 」

「 There’s no real particular reason 」

That was true.

It’s not like I think that I don’t want to have sex with her.

Rather, I want to.

She’s one of the cutest among our group.

The only reason why I haven’t is because the timing didn’t match

「 Are you sure that there are no reasons? 」

「 Yep, serious. If you want, want to do it tonight? 」

「 I’ll be tired at night, so I want it in morning 」

「 Sure. Let’s go for at least one shot. I’ll take your virginity 」

「 Okay 」

Mana blushed.

Seeing her nod bashfully made her so cute

「 Well then, my ejaculation got delayed because of the idle talk 」

「 Oh right, sorry 」

My fully erect penis got back to 80%.

It still looks erect, but the stiffness isn’t enough.

「 This time, I’ll make you cum 」

Mana puts my glans in her mouth and started stroking my rod with her right hand

That feels good, but it wasn’t the mood.

「 Take it in so we’re done 」

「 Ngu 」

I grab Mana’s head with my right hand.

So far, she’s been doing what she wants, but it’s my turn to lead now.

I moved Mana’s head violently with my hand.

If an outsider sees this, it looks like I’m forcing her.

But of course, this is mutual consent.

In fact, Mana doesn’t show discomfort about it.

「 Mana’s so sexy 」

Mana stares at me, spewing saliva all over.

Looking at her face, I feel a sense of conquest as control is fulfilled.

「 When I’m done, I’ll make Mana feel good too 」

「 Fua, fuai 」

I slide my right hand over her left ear.

My left-hand goes to her right ear.

Then, I shake my hips while holding her head in place.

Shaking it intensely, repeatedly.

「 Ngu, ngu,. geho, ngu 」

Mana’s choking, but she’s holding on.

She’s sucking my penis to increase the pleasure.

The stimulation from the vacuum effect was amazing that it was time to climax.

「 Cumming! 」

I put strength in my hands and plunged my penis deep.

At that moment, semen overflowed like a dam.

It’s puffing up Mana’s mouth. Then, my penis deflates.

「 Aah, that was great. 」

I went to sage mode and thought of leaving right away.

But Mana will get angry if I say that.

(Geez, I should’ve done her first)

Feeling bothered, I also gave Mana pleasure.