Easy Survival Life Chapter 108. New Marine Discovery



After pleasuring each other, we rested for a moment.

The rock surface of the cave is cool and comfortable to rest on.

I lean on the wall and stretch my legs.

Mana’s lying down, on my thighs as a pillow.

「 I think it’s time we go now 」

「 I want to stay a little longer, are you sure we’re done for today? 」

Looks like Mana wants to continue.

「 I already ejaculated three times, and Mana climaxed more than I could count, right? 」

「 Yeah. But, time… 」

「 We have time, but we have to preserve our stamina 」

「 I see. Right… 」

She looks disappointed.

I’m their only partner for her, unlike me who have others.

That’s why she must’ve been accumulating more than me.

「 We’ll have sex one of these days, okay? 」

I brought my middle and index finger to Mana’s lips.

Mana opened her mouth to accept it and I put in my two fingers.

I shove my fingers in and out multiple times.

This is so lewd. We almost went for a fourth round.

I pull out my fingers.

「 Oops, we can’t. Let’s go 」

「 Tsk, I get it already 」

Mana stood up with me and we left the cave.

Mana’s right, we still have time.

Going back to the hideout in a straight line, we’re now halfway through the process and have too much time on our hands.

That said, there’s nothing much to do in the vicinity.

If we want to collect something then it’s inconvenient since we don’t have the bamboo basket right now.

「 Let’s make a detour before going home 」

So, I picked a past time

「 Detour? Where to? 」

Mana entwines her arms around mine.

She leans her upper body so that we look like a couple.

It didn’t feel bad at all. This is the best.

「 I want to look at the sea 」

「 The sea? 」

「 Yeah 」

The sea surrounding this island.

Naturally, there are other places besides the area around the hideout that’s facing the sea.

The nearest beach isn’t that far from the Washimine cave.

I had Amane guide me around before.

「 What will you do in the sea? 」

「 Nothing, just spending some time there. We don’t go there that much, so I might find some new resources. If we find something like that, we can just come back tomorrow if we can’t pick it up right now, right? Then, we can have sex as a bonus 」

Thinking that it’s a good idea, Mana puffs her cheeks.

Then, she punches my arm lightly.

Looks like she’s angry.

「 What do you mean by having sex with me as a bonus 」

「 No, that’s not what I meant 」

I get why Mana’s angry.

And I’m clearly in panic.

「 You said it, didn’t you? It’s a bonus 」

「 T-That’s a figure of speech 」

「 Really? 」

「 Really 」

「 Then, I’ll forgive you this time 」

「 Thanks 」

I sighed in relief.

Geez, it’s hard to care for the sensitivity of women.

But I didn’t say that.

「 So, did you find anything? 」

「 Most of them are already well known 」

The surrounding of our hideout is filled with resources.

The only drawback is that few animals inhabit the area.

Even that can be overcome if we’re so inclined.

In fact, we brought in a few cows with us on a cattle drive.

Therefore, there’s no need to come all the way here to collect them.

「 Now, we’ve arrived 」

The ocean came to view.

It’s very beautiful, just like the ocean from our hideout.

The gentle waves are rocking with a pleasant sound.

「 Ah, look, Hokage 」

When the ocean came into view, Mana points to the sandy beach.

I instantly sense what she’s reacting to.

「 It’s a turtle! Huge! 」

It’s a huge sea turtle.

It’s walking on the sand slowly.

It looked like it has been underwater a while ago, as every inch of its shell was wet.

We approach the turtle slowly.

「 Is it laying eggs? 」

Mana asks.

I tilted my head, and said “I wonder”

「 There are a variety of sea turtles, and I only know two. One spawns in spring, and the other in summer. So, we don’t know which one it is unless we’re on spawning season 」

「 What kind of sea turtle is that? 」

「 Hmm, I don’t know 」

I got close, but I had no idea what kind it is.

That said, I don’t know much about turtles.

Sea turtles aren’t edible, nor usable for survival.

Therefore, I can only say one thing about turtles.

「 Let’s not approach it 」

「 I want to touch, can I? 」

「 Not really, but I don’t advise it either 」

「 Really? Is it poisonous? 」

「 No, turtles are basically endangered species 」

Sea turtles lay about 100 eggs per spawning.

Whether they hatch and grow depends largely on the environment.

I don’t know about it here, but most of the mare dying in the process of growing up in our world.

And so, it’s a good idea to leave them alone so they don’t become extinct.

「 I see. Then I’ll leave them alone. Sad 」

Mana was convinced and we changed course.

Turned a right angle, and moved away from the sea turtles.

「 It’s been a while since we went here, but there’s nothing here 」

After walking along the sea for a while, we didn’t make any new discoveries.

Mana said “Let’s go home,” and I agreed.

As expected, there are no results.

「 ! 」

The unforeseen discovery happened exactly at that time.

「 Wait, Mana! 」

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 Look at that 」

I point somewhere opposite the sea turtle.

My fingers are pointing at the sea.

「 Ah! 」

Mana noticed it too

「 That’s the third group Amane told us 」

There’s a third group, different from Sumeragi and Sasazaki, which was at the sea.