Easy Survival Life Chapter 135. Extra: Deserted Island Survival Tour 1/5



I remember just before being teleported to a deserted island in another world.

It was recess time and I was in a good mood.

That’s because I was queueing on a deserted island survival tour.

The teleportation on the island meant that I wasn’t able to join the tour.

I never regretted that.

After having experienced a real survival life on a deserted island, tours have become a novelty to me.

Or should I say that I’ve become completely disappointed?

I was checking my passbook.

The hush money they gave regarding that island was half-forced by the government.

I look at my passbook and noticed that the tour fee had been deducted in advance.

「 And so, I signed up for a tour because I remembered that 」

「 I see. 」

Arisa and I were on a ferry to a deserted island.

The two of us are going for a three-day two-night deserted island survival tour.

We’re the only people on deck, the other participants are staying on board.

It’s been a while since I met Arisa, and she now has a different hairstyle.

Her hair’s no longer ponytailed, she’s knocking a straight hairstyle now.

Compared to before, she’s become prim and proper.

「 But, I didn’t expect you to invite only me! Hokage, you have no virtue 」

Arisa laughs loudly.

In case you’re wondering, I did invite all members except Karin.

Only Arisa was free.

「 Can’t help it. Mana and Eri are popular on TV 」

The two of them have become idols in showbiz.

Mana often appears in animal-related programs, while Eri’s on cooking shows.

「 You say it like I’m the only one free! Just so you know, I was busy until yesterday 」

Arisa’s also now a famous woman in living rooms.

She always appears on programs related to fishing.

She’s the most popular idol among men in their 50s and older.

「 I get Mana and Eri, but what about the others? 」

「 Meiko and Hinako are busy with their handmade shop, and Sofia and Amane aren’t even in Japan, so they’re out of the question 」

「 Ono-chan’s also busy 」

Ono-chan, it’s Shiori.

「 Especially Shiori. She told me her shop is booked up to three years in advance because people know she cuts for Arisa and the group 」

「 That much?! I didn’t know that since we get our cuts in hours! Well, all the girls are talented, including me, what about the boys? Mizuno and Muscle aside, the three should be free, right? 」

“That’s not really true” I laughed.

「 If I recall, Mizuno’s busy in triathlon, and Muscle’s on the gym. But, Yoshiokada and Kageyama are also busy 」

「 Really? 」

「 Yoshiokada’s apprenticed by a famous architect since his talents were well-received 」

「 Oh, he does love his blueprints right 」

The sea breeze brushes Arisa’s cheeks.

It’s blowing her elegant hair.

It smells nice.

「 Argh, this is annoying! I want to cut my hair off! 」

「 I’ve been thinking since I see it on TV, but that hairstyle doesn’t suit you 」

「 I know! I guess let’s put it back for old time’s sake 」

Arisa brings out a hairband and tied her hair.

It’s the usual ponytail.

「 Okay, back on topic, Kageyama’s a big shot too now 」

「 What about it? 」

「 Unlike us, he transferred schools, right? It was in the second year 」

「 Yeah, that. 」

「 So, in the third year of school, after transferring, he flirted with a ton of girls and became a harem king. Now in college, he spends his days smooth-talking girls 」

「 Eeeeeeeeeeeh?! That Kageyama?! I thought he was into 2D girls only? 」

「 That was temporary. The dude was longing for real girls. And so, he made his high-school debut, although late, when he transferred to a different school. He dyed his hair gold now and even got hairstyles for models in magazines. He’s getting beauty treatment you know 」

「 That’s a total transformation! And so you say he’s busy playing with women? 」

「 Exactly. Look at his reply. Seems like he got caught doing thirty women that he’s in a bloodbath 」

「 Thirty? Is he an idiot?! 」

Arisa laughed out loud.

「 Kageyama’s doing well, did Tanaka also awaken something? 」

Now we’re talking about Tanaka.

「 Tanaka… 」

I looked away.

「 He’s joining the tour 」

「 Eh? No way? Was he here? I didn’t notice it because of how many participants there are 」

「 I think there are only about 150 on this tour. Survival islands are a fad now so there’s a lot.

Recently, survival stuff had become the trend.

It’s especially popular among women, and so most of the participants are women.

The number of deserted islands survival tours is far greater than before.

Nowadays, you even encounter other company tourists on uninhabited islands.

「 Even if there were fewer participants, I don’t think you would’ve seen him. He’s changed his looks recently. He’s wearing contact lenses now, and his hair also changed to model cuts thanks to Kageyama’s advice 」

「 That’s amazing. Is Tanaka popular then? 」

「 That’s his struggle. That’s also why he’s been going on some random deserted island survival tours and flirting with girls. He’s a hard worker trained on the island, and he’s on a different level from the enjoyers who are satisfied with just participating in the tour. You can say that he’s trying to show off 」

「 So that’s why he didn’t want to join Hokage! I mean, he won’t get to show off if he’s with you 」

「 Correct. He did tell me that “I’m the protagonist of this tour, so please don’t stand out even if I’m wrong. I beg you.” I received a text, a line, and even a call yesterday 」

「 He’s serious about it 」

Arisa looked dumbfounded.

「 With that said, it’s just us 」

「 I see… 」

Arisa rests her elbows on the deck railing.

「 So, how’s Karin? Your child’s born, right? 」

「 Yeah. She’s a splendid mother 」

「 Yet, her husband’s going out on a tour with another woman 」

I smiled wryly, saying “No”

I showed my ring finger to Arisa.

There’s a clear ring mark on it.

「 Huh? Where’s your ring? Did it fall? Or did you two split ways? 」

「 No, that’s not it 」

I explained to her with a smile.

「 I’m here today to remember those days on the island. Not as a married man with a villa on a deserted island that Sofia bought for me, but as a man whose admirable leadership took his friends across the deserted island in another world. While at it, a monkey in heat loyal to his carnal desires 」

「 What a declaration! Karin would cry if she hears that 」

「 It’s actually the opposite 」

「 Eh? 」

「 Karin told me to go play around. Apparently, I’ve become a family man and indulgent recently, I was missing the dazzle I used to have 」

「 It’s been a few years since you came back alive from the island and you changed that much? 」

「 That’s how Karin sees it. So, Karin was a little frustrated. So, she told me to go ahead and at least fuck some of the girls on the tour. I didn’t care about it that much, but it seems that she’s bothered. After all, people commonly refer to our relationship as a shotgun marriage 」

「 I see. Karin did get a child because she wanted one 」

「 Yeah 」

「 Karin’s the type to be conscious about that stuff. I still think she’s amazing. I mean, I’d kill my husband if he’s doing it with other women. It’s capital punishment for the man 」

「 I have the same opinion, but you know what they say, to each of their own. So, I’m going to relive my old days and have some fun today 」

「 That’s nice! 」

I’m immersed in the nostalgic feeling as I gazed at the deserted island that’s gradually approaching.