Easy Survival Life Chapter 136. Extra: Deserted Island Survival Tour – 2/5



The boat left us on the deserted island.

We can’t leave the island until we spent three days and two nights here.

But, that’s just for show, if you have a fever, they’ll come running to help you immediately.

「 Well then, everyone, please form a group of four 」

The man facilitating the tour gives instructions.

We started forming groups on the beach accordingly.

「 I’m good at living on deserted islands, that I am. I’ll teach you with gentle care. Come, group up with me 」

A man of my age with the haircut of this era started picking up girls as soon as possible.

His skin is smooth as the result of the beauty treatments, moderately tanned, and his dark eyes have been enlarged with colored contacts, and he has a macho figure seen on top of the clothes

That’s Mantaro Tanaka and the fruits of his labor.

「 That’s Tanaka? 」

「 He would’ve been more popular if he only changed the way he speaks 」

Arisa agreed.

「 Tanaka’s changed a lot 」

「 Not quite 」

The groups are forming even as we speak

Tanaka wanted a women-only group, but that wasn’t appreciated

In the end, his group ended up with three men and one woman.

「 You guys…Oh right, we had cancellations today, so we’re missing two people. 」

The instructor mutters while looking at Arisa and me.

「 We don’t have problems even if it’s just two of us. We’re used to it 」

「 I can’t still let that happen. Even if you’re familiar with it, you’re still an amateur. Nature is dangerous, you can’t be careless. Besides, the more confident the ‘amateurs’ are, the more dangerous it gets. You know that happens in Skiing, right? It’s not the complete beginners who get into accidents, but the ‘amateurs’ who are overly confident in their abilities and go off-trails

The old instructor said.

He’s clearly looking down on us.

I’m annoyed as he’s making fun of me.

「 How about you make a bet with this amateur you’re calling? 」

「 What? 」

「 I’ll show that I’m better than you. Let’s have a contest when it comes to survival abilities. Fire starting, building tents, whatever 」

Arisa laughs.

The other tourists also got excited, saying “This is getting interesting”

「 What’s wrong, Dobayashi-san? 」

A young instructor asks the old man.

「 He’s also a customer. It becomes a liability if he gets hurt. We can’t let it by. Besides, it’s a good opportunity to prove our strengths. If we just put this aside, it’ll hinder our progress later on. You should accept it 」

Dobayashi replied, glaring at me

「 In short, you accept. So, what do you want? 」

「 Then, let’s go with starting a fire. How about we use the drill method? 」

「 Sure 」

I turn my attention to the surroundings.

It’s like the island before, this one also has a forest.

There should be no trouble finding the right tree.

「 Then, take out your tools 」

Saying that Dobayashi pulled out a fire starter board from his backpack.

It’s a nicely crafted tool that looks like it’s bought online.

I went “Huh?” in surprise.

「 What’s wrong? Did you forget your tools 」

「 No, why did you even bring a tool? 」

This time, Dobayashi went “Eh?”

「 I would still understand it if you brought out a knife. But, if you’re using fire-starting boards, we’ll lose the process of using the drilling method? It’s the same as using a lighter. Besides, you can make a fire in an instant with such a well-made tool that you can’t get in the wild 」

「 O-Oh, you say something good there. Then, let’s do that, not using the fire-starting sets that we brought in 」

The young instructor paled at Dobayashi’s statement.

「 Isn’t it impossible to make fire without using the commercial set? 」

Dobayashi laughed it off.

「 It’s the same for them. They’re just showing off. This is where they think we’ll drop out. They’re going to say “Of course it’s impossible,” That’s where we’ll be persistent and say that they lose the contest 」

「 I see 」

Dobayashi seems to have misunderstood, but I don’t really care.

「 Then, should we start now? 」

I nodded.

「 How about using knives? Can we use those to save time? 」

「 Of course 」

And so, my contest with Dobayashi started.

「 You can go first. Go ahead 」

Dobayashi speaks confusingly.

「 First move? You’re not going to the woods? 」

「 No, let’s do it in turns. You can go first 」

「 Sure 」

Dobayashi grins.

I didn’t mind and just walked into the forest.

He said I could use knives, so I took out my favorite one.

This is my war buddy during the time in Isekai.

「 This should do 」

I broke off a branch with great force.

I shaved off the base with the knife and made an improvised fireboard.

What’s left is to find a stick to spin and it will be perfect.

「 This is firm, let’s use this one 」

I collected wooden sticks that I could use as a fire starter.

Then, I took it to the beach.

「 Ah, this is nostalgic! 」

Arisa’s voice bubbles with excitement at the improvised drill fire starter set I brought with me.

Most of the participants turned their faces in surprise to hear that voice.

However, nobody saw her as a familiar idol on TV.

It must be because her makeup and hairstyle are different than the ones she uses on TV.

「 Nostalgic? 」

Dobayashi’s head tilted.

「 It’s got to be the mood, you can’t start a fire without it 」

Then, he was mysteriously self-assuring.

「 You seem to misunderstand a lot of things so let me show you 」

I sat down in the middle of the crowd and started the fire.

It went on right away and I’m done.

I wrapped it in dead grass, which served as the crater, and placed a bunch of branches to form a pyramid.

Finally, a light breath of air and the bonfire’s complete.

It took me less than a minute from start to finish.

「 –Unlike you, I can make fire from natural sources 」

「 「 Wow!! 」 」

The other participants were impressed by my skill.

「 Shinomiya-dono…this isn’t what you promised.. 」

Tanaka’s gritting his teeth.

「 That’s my turn, how about you Dobayashi-san? 」

「 That’s…well..that’s… 」

「 Phew, you’re not making yourself clear. I’ve had enough. Anyway, the two of us are enough. We don’t need an instructor who’s worse than us. But you know, for the amateurs there, your methods are professional, and you don’t want them to get hurt. Let’s do this then. We’re not going to blame the tour company if we get hurt during the duration of the tour. We’re going to do as we please at our own risk. Everyone here is a witness 」

「 If you’re going that far, I won’t stop you 」

Dobayashi fell dejected.

「 Okay, the two of us will be in the group. Dobayashi-san, please proceed 」

「 R-Right… 」

Dobayashi explains his work depression.

However, everyone’s eyes were glued to me, so the story was just going one ear and going out the other.

(That was childish of me)

Looking at the sad Dobayashi, I reflected.

This time, it was a metaphor for a big leaguer coming to a grass-lot baseball game.

I feel sorry for Dobayashi.