Easy Survival Life Chapter 152 Bonus: Past and Present 2/3

「 Actually, it’s already done. Here! 」

Yoshiokada pulled out a blueprint.

It’s a blueprint of the sailing boat conceived based on our experience from the sailing challenge.

It would be primarily made of wood and bamboo, and it’s the largest one we will ever build.

The main focus of the winter retreat will be the construction of this boat.

We plan to spend an enormous amount of time building up the parts one by one.

「 Are you confident that this boat will be okay? 」

After carefully checking the blueprints, I asked Yoshiokada.

「 Of course! Here 」

「 You sure? If you need more time, feel free to let us know 」

「 It’s fine! The blueprint’s perfect! Over 」

Yoshiokada’s eyes are confident, they don’t waver in the slightest.

This should be safe.

「 Okay, we’ll build a ship using this blueprint. From now on, the work will be divided into three teams. The leaders will be, Karin, Meiko, and me. I want to put one member from the handicraft group on each team, so Hinako would be on my team, and then Sofia would be on Karin’s team. As for the embers of the teams 」

I give out the details.

Everyone listened with a serious look on their face.

It’s been a long time since they’re this organized.

Recently, I’ve been letting them do as they please.

「 The work from here on is quality-oriented. You can disregard the speed. Above all, I ask you all to be careful 」

「 「 「 Roger! 」 」 」

On January 1, we started building the ship.

The weather in January was just snowy.

The sky’s blue and sunny, but that doesn’t stop the snow.

The snowfall amounts are mixed.

Basically, it’s all just scatters, and there’s no day where we get heavy snowfall.

Even when it’s bad, it just piles up on a part of my shoes.

Meanwhile, the temperatures remained generally low.

It’s colder than the last month and I could feel it.

It’s a good decision to begin the transition to a winter retreat at the same time as the New Year’s.

Then came on January 13, Monday…

We have a clear weather today.

Today’s the second sunny day of this month.

Furthermore, it’s warm…

The temperature’s the highest in the past month.

The slight accumulation of snow had melted without leaking.

In short, it’s the perfect day to go out.

I told everyone this morning.

「 I think you already know that, but we’re taking a break today 」

「 「 「 Uoooohhhh!!! 」 」 」

Everyone looked so happy from the bottom of their hearts.

Arisa’s shouting at the back of the hideout.

「 Sorry everyone! You’ll have to hold out for lunch today, I want to go outside too! 」

Eri’s bowed her head

Naturally, nobody complained.

「 Spare me the tedious talk and disperse! We have to enjoy outside at all costs! 」

As soon as breakfast is over, free time begins.

Everyone ran out of the hideout as fast as they could

Of course, I did the same.

I’m alone on the beach

「 It’s warm and sunny, and the air feels good 」

The air when it’s snowing isn’t that great.

It’s cold, and the snow itself is bad.

「 What should I do? 」

I think about my schedule while listening to the sound of sea birds.

I’d love to dive in the ocean, but that’s bad.

It won’t end with just a cold.

「 Okay, how about we look for hibernating small animals 」

I touched the survival knife I was carrying.

Recently, all I’ve been having were preserved foods

Since we’re already here, I’d like to grill some fresh meat today.

Then, in comes Eri.

「 Hokage-kun, can you come with me? 」

And so my plans have changed.

I went with Eri.

「 I don’t mind. What’s your plan? 」

「 It’s been a while, so I wanted to have some mushroom 」

「 Mushrooms 」

I swallowed my saliva

Eri’s probably talking about my mushroom.

I haven’t done it with her since we started our winter retreat.

「 Look, I haven’t eaten mushrooms lately…can’t we? 」

Eri’s looking up at me.

Cute, as always.

「 Of course! It’s totally okay! Mushrooms are great 」

I replied immediately.

Today, I’ll feed Eri with mushrooms.

I was stupid.

I thought so for a hundredth time already.

「 This mushroom’s delicious, right? 」

「 Oh yeah, that one’s elastic 」

「 Oh! I’m getting good at mushrooms! 」

「 As expected of our head chef 」

Eri’s talking about the real mushrooms.

Not the one growing in my crotch.

But the real mushrooms that you eat.

I kept cursing myself after seeing that.

I was disappointed after having expected it.

Eri’s collecting mushrooms, oblivious to my thoughts.

When she finds something edible, she pulls it and throws it into the bamboo basket on her back.

「 As usual, there’s a lot of mushrooms around here 」

「 It’s nostalgic! I also thought of the same when I first came here! 」

We’re near the Shinomiya cave currently.

When I came to this world, these mushrooms saved my life.

Nostalgic of the past, I collected mushrooms too.

「 Still, I didn’t think you were going for the real mushrooms 」

「 Real? 」

「 I was thinking that you were inviting me out? 」

Eri laughed.

「 Oh, sorry that I was looking for the real mushrooms 」

「 No, I was the one in wrong for misunderstanding 」

「 Ahaha 」

Then our work went off without a hitch, and we gathered enough

「 Oh, this tree, isn’t that it? 」

Eri points at an ordinary tree.

Then she continued.

「 That’s where I first harvested Hokage-kun’s mushroom! 」

「 Now that you mention it… 」

「 I’m sure it is. We walked in here 」

Eri points that way.

「 Oh yeah. This is where Eri squeezed one out of me. Using your hands 」

「 That’s nostalgic! Back then, I was really nervous 」

「 Me too. I never had the experience after all 」

I was naive back then.

I didn’t know the pleasures of sex yet.

But now I know it well.

「 We’ve gone through a lot since then, and we’ve grown, but this place is still the same 」

Eri got close to my body and touched my mushroom.

A soft tent has pitched up. Half-erect.

I was pressed against the tree and chuckled.

I remember when Eri stroked me back then.

「 We gathered mushrooms back then too 」

「 Yeah, what a coincidence 」

Eri shows a devilish smile and lowers the zipper.

She’s staring, exposing my sleeping penis with her right hand.

「 This place is rather dangerous because others might find us, but… 」

Eri whispered to me.

「 –What do you think? How about we recreate the past? 」

I couldn’t move my body for some reason.

Recently, I’ve been switching sides like this.

I could push Eri against the tree and stroke her pussy with my finger.

And yet, I couldn’t do that now.

Perhaps it’s because I’m still recollecting those days when my body was acting naively.

My heart’s beating fast for some reason.

Therefore, I just closed my eyes.

「 Yes please… 」

Eri smiled and grabbed my penis.