Easy Survival Life Chapter 153 Bonus: Past and Present 3/3 (R18)

「 You’re being docile today, Hokage-kun 」

Eri’s squatting in front of me, stroking my penis with her right hand.

Since we’re recreating the old days, she’s only using her hand and not fellating.

「 Somehow, my body also went back to the past 」

I lean against the tree with an ecstatic look on my face.

My legs were shoulder-width apart, and my arms were hanging down, not even resisting.

My dick’s rock hard, and pointing at the heavens.

「 I want you to suck it 」

Eri grinned, saying “Nope”

「 But, I’ll get it slimy 」

My penis got wrapped in warm lotion.

It was Eri’s saliva.

「 Oh shit, this is great 」

My penis got smeared in saliva, and Eri gently strokes it.

My penis, already erect to the limit, was starting to swell.

「 It looks like you’re feeling great 」

Eri stopped moving her hands and licked my neck.

Pleasure came in with a shuddering sensation down my spine.

「 Ooh, oooh!!! 」

I just keep repeating the same line as I stare at the sky.

「 We’re just starting you now? 」

Eri whispered into my ear, and then she bit it.

She’s blowing air.

Her breath on my ear feels great.

My dick’s screaming that it’s reaching its limit already.

I’m in a position where I don’t know where I’m going.

「 Aren’t you about to cum? 」

Eri shows a bewitching smile.

I nod at the speed of light.

「 Go ahead 」

Eri knelt again.

She strokes my penis stronger and faster.

The stimulation increases all at once.

She added more drool as a lubricant.

My glans is about to burst in pleasure.

「 Aah! I’m cumming! Cumming! 」

I grabbed Eri’s head with both hands and pressed her against my penis.

She opens her mouth and to my penis, smiling at me.

「 Let it out 」

Eri said, and I ejaculated.

I blew out a ton of semen into her mouth.

「 Aaah, it won’t stop! 」

There’s more semen than usual.

Eri’s cheeks got filled, and it spilled at the edge of her lips.

Even so, I continued cumming.

It gushes and blows on.

「 Phew 」

When my ejaculation ended, I felt my body turning weak.

I guess it’s because I ejaculated so much that I couldn’t get another drop out.

The action of pulling my dick out of Eri’s mouth was slower than usual.

Eri’s mouth is filled, and she stares at me.

She’s wondering what to do with it.

Usually, I’d have her show inside her mouth before drinking, but that was after training.

When we came to this world, she didn’t swallow, she spat it on the ground.

「 You don’t know what to do? 」

Eri nods.

「 You can spit it or swallow it. That’s your choice 」

Hearing me say that, she gave her answer…She drank it.

She showed it inside her mouth and swallowed it.

I hear a gulping sound, that’s the flow of my semen.

「 I drank it 」

She smiled and showed it inside her mouth.

The semen that accumulated just now is gone.

However, I still see some semen in her mouth.

That just makes it sexier, and I’m satisfied

「 Sorry I failed the reenactment 」

「 We don’t have to be fussy about the details 」

「 Ahaha 」

Eri wipes her mouth with her handkerchief

「 Eri… 」

「 Hmm 」

The next moment, I kissed her.

I shoved my tongue into her mouth.

I don’t care if there were some remaining semen.

I intentionally press our lips together.

「 Hmm, hmmmm… 」

Eri’s face is in ecstasy.

The passionate kiss made her weak.

「 Thanks, Eri. It felt great 」

「 I’m happy that Hokage-kun’s pleased… You even kissed me… 」

After a while of talking, we left the spot.


The mushroom collection is over, and the hand job is too.

After that, what’s left is to bring the mushroom back to the hideout—or that’s how it should’ve been

「 Is Tanaka-kun really here? 」

「 I’m betting he’s here 」

「 Then I’m betting on the opposite! 」

We’re heading to the Shinomiya cave.

To check if Tanaka was there…

–After Eri squeezed me out, I returned to the Shinomiya cave and found Reito and the group.

Then, Mana and the group decided to live with me.

I’m proud and happy and that scene would rank in the top three of my life history.

we talked about that scene, and whether or not we could recreate it.

Naturally, we can’t do that as Reito and Byakua aren’t present.

They’re already dead, and so are Sasazaki and his cronies.

However, it’s not that they’re all gone.

There’s still one survivor from Reito’s group.

That’s Tanaka Mantarou.

He was the luggage guy back then.

「 You sure remembered Tanaka-kun being there. I don’t even recall that 」

「 I was struck by the fact that there were more than just the Sumeragi brothers and their cronies 」

「 Kageyama-kun wasn’t there? 」

「 I think not, but I wonder. He’s got a low presence after all 」

We approach the Shinomiya cave.

「 This must’ve been some sort of fate 」

「 Don’t say that to Tanaka. He might feel that it’s fate that he got to be with Eri 」

「 Ahaha 」

And we finally reached the Shinomiya cave.

In there we found…

「 Well, it wasn’t fate… 」

Eri laughed.

–Nobody was there.

There was not a single person in the Shinomiya cave.

「 Maybe they’re inside?! 」

「 Maybe Tanaka is 」

I won’t deny that he could be masturbating inside

I pray that he isn’t.

「 Nope 」

「 I guess we’re done recreating the past 」

「 Right… 」

Eri turned around and said “Let’s go home”

「 No, we can’t yet 」

「 Eh? 」

Eri turned around and I hugged her.

「 Hey, Hokage-ku…hmmmm 」

I kissed Eri to stop her.

After our tongues entangled, I said;

「 We’re done with the past, and now we’re at the present 」

She placed the bamboo basket she was carrying on the ground and I pressed her against the wall.

I plunged my fingers into her skirt and crawled into her vagina.

A smooth transition to foreplay.

「 Here’s my thanks for earlier. I’ll make you feel good 」

Let’s take our time to experience more pleasure than usual.

「 It’s been a while, I might cum a lot 」

Eri says while moaning.

「 That alone would’ve made me cum back in the day 」

I smiled and stripped Eri of her clothes.

And we indulged in sex until the sun went down.

It’s been a while since we had a day out, and that didn’t change what we did.