Easy Survival Life Chapter 156 Bonus: Sofia’s Escape 1/4

On our three-day weekend in late March, Karin and I were at the villa.

It’s a much bigger pavilion than my house.

It’s in the center of the deserted island Sofia bought for me.

It’s rare for Karin and I to spend our time alone like this.

For three years after giving birth to our child, the three of us lived together.

But today we have a babysitter taking care of our child.

The babysitters were Mana and Eri, Tanaka, and the Asakura sisters.

The girls thoughtfully told me that we should spend some time together.

Tanaka’s the only one who’s busy, and yet…

「 Speaking of which, Sofia’s the owner of this island, right? 」

Karin said as we walked through the woods.

「 It’s because of taxes. It’s also treated as if she’s loaning to us without compensation. Well, that’s fine and all. Sofia’s also the one managing the island 」

With the recent boom in deserted island survival, many rude people land on deserted islands without permission these days.

This island is monitored by a security company 24 hours a day so it’s not a problem, because if not, it would’ve been damaged.

「 We can’t maintain this, after all, it’s a big place 」

「 True 」

Thanks to Micronsoft’s financial resources, the island has formed a unique ecosystem.

To put it simply, it’s almost like the otherworld island we stayed at.

No mosquitoes, wild cows and chickens, bunnies and pigs.

Other small animals, including chipmunks and even capybaras

Legally speaking, the construction has them as reared animals, not wild.

I heard of the details before, but they were difficult to understand.

Also, the plants and animals here were unique.

The variety is so great that it’s not easy to tell the difference.

For example, we’re having some delicious strawberries in front of us.

They’re so big as if they were grown by professional farmers.

Karin took two and handed me one.

「 This is delicious, it’s unthinkable that this is naturally grown 」

「 I think they said AI has been involved in the cultivation process 」

「 Really? 」

「 I think I heard that from Sofia before 」

Micronsoft, owned by Sofia’s father, is involved in various businesses in the corporation with its subsidiaries.

One of them is an AI-powered agricultural robot and the island would be often used to test those.

「 Technology’s amazing. I can’t understand it anymore 」

「 If Karin can’t keep up, then it’s impossible for me 」

「 Ahaha, that’s always been out of the question for you Hokage 」

「 True 」

We laughed after pointing that out.

After a while, we arrived at the meadow, and we sat down, taking a break.

We sit next to each other, holding hands.

We’ve been married for two years now and we still get along.

There were horses, cows, and pigs in the meadow.

We’re spending our time relaxing, not doing anything.

「 Hey, Hokage 」

「 Hmm? 」

「 I want a second one… 」

「 A second one? Do you mean a child? 」

Karin nods and looks up at me.

「 Could you wait a little longer? 」

「 There’s no need. Nursing the child has calmed down recently. I think we should be fine 」

「 Then, how about now? 」

「 You’re quick to decide 」

I laughed, and said “Sure”

「 Let’s go back to the mansion 」

「 Okay! 」

Karin happily stood up.

But then…

Faan, faaan, faaan.

An alarm sounded throughout the island.

The animals shuddered and scurried around in surprise.

We’re also surprised with what was going on.

『 We spotted an unauthorized boat approaching from the wet, please evacuate immediately 』

Seems like there are intruders.

They’re unknown people so we can’t be carefree.

「 You heard, Karin? 」

「 We need to get back to the mansion! 」

We hurriedly returned.

We locked the door according to instructions and lowered the curtains on all windows.

Once we were done, we fled through the hidden door to a shelter in the basement.

All we have to do is hide until we hear someone from the security company.

「 It takes a long time to get to this island from the mainland. But, it should be safe here 」

「 I’m still worried. 」

The shelter’s a comfortable living space.

It’s equipped with a kitchen, a living room, a bath and a toilet.

In addition to that, there’s a bedroom so we can sleep.

「 We should watch TV, there’s nothing else to do 」

「 Right 」

We sat on the couch and turned on the TV.

The next moment, the phone in front of me rings.

The timing was perfect.

I turned off the TV and answered the phone.

The other party was from the company in charge of the security on this island.

『 The alarm has been lifted, you’re free to go 』

The first line comes from them.

「 Lifted? What does that mean? 」

『 The report says that the boat approaching the island has been identified 』

Before I could say something, the other party ended the call.

I guess they couldn’t be bothered to explain the details to me, as I’m not the manager of the island.

Their client is Sofia, not me.

「 I don’t know why, but they say that the alarm has been lifted and they confirmed the identity of the boat 」

Karin’s surprised.

「 We did say that we’re coming to this island before, right? 」

「 Of course. Otherwise, it would we would be landing without authority 」

「 There shouldn’t be anyone from Micronsoft coming, but… 」

「 I think so too, but if they already checked it, it shouldn’t be a problem 」

「 I’m curious, why don’t we check it out? 」

「 Agree 」

We left the mansion and headed to the west

We arrived at the sandy beach with a beautiful view of the ocean, but there was no boat in sight.

As expected, “West” isn’t enough information.

So we decided to walk along the beach.

I almost pick up the shells lying around out of old habit.

Karin was the same.

「 Oh 」

After a while, we found the boat. And it’s operator.

It’s a blonde woman in a wine-red dress.

The beautiful blue-eyed girl is someone we know.

「 Sofia 」

Sofia smiled when she saw us.

Looking closely, there are tears in her eyes.