Easy Survival Life Chapter 037 Establishing a Regular Holiday



One of the weaknesses of this world is that there’s no amusement.

Internet, games, TV, manga, movies, etc.

Much of the entertainment in current Japan isn’t present in this world.

Therefore, even if I say that “we’re taking a break today,” nothing changed in their schedule.

The only difference is that we took a long rest in the hideout, but that’s something we usually do.

That’s one of the reasons why we haven’t taken much day-off so far.

Even when we’re no longer too desperate to survive, we have nothing to do in our breaks.

But still, I want to bring in the feeling of actual rest time.

Rest as needed.

It’s not just me but everyone thought of that.

As expected, if you think “I’m taking a holiday today,” then you can relax your mind.

Besides, it’s a resting day, so it’s good to have moderate work.

「 Okay, we’re going to prepare holidays 」

On the 22nd night, after the first day off, we decided to introduce a regular vacation.

In the meantime, the days off will be twice a week, Saturdays and Sundays.

If we look at the calendar, the 22nd day is on August 9, Friday.

With that said, tomorrow and the day after are all holidays.

August 10, Saturday. 23rd Day.

Today’s breakfast is sauteed wild boar meat and mushrooms grilled on a stone.

The meat is sliced thinly, flavored like Yakiniku.

「 Still, I’m surprised that you thought of preserving it by dipping it in seawater, Eri 」

The wild boar was a harvest yesterday night.

Mana and Karin brought it together to the hideout.

This world has no fridge, so normally, you won’t wait a day for this.

And the meat we didn’t finish eating on the day is turned to dried meat.

However, that’s when Eri had a different opinion.

She suggested using seawater to preserve the meat.

The seawater temperature is far lower than room temperature so it can stand in for the fridge.

We took in that suggestion and tested the seawater pickle storage method.

I heard of using seawater to make pickled vegetables, but, it’s my first time seeing wild boar meat treated the same way.

I was worried since it’s an unheard-of attempt, but the results were a great success.

As of now.

「 I want to eat it too! 」

「 Me too! It’s the wild boar we caught after all! 」

Mana and Karin looked at it enviously.

「 It’s your turn next time, but hold back for now 」

I’m cautious of food poisoning, so only several people ate the meat.

This time, it’s Tanaka, Arisa, Hinako, and I ate it.

The remaining guys have to wait.

「 How’s the taste? Does it taste bad? Different from yesterday? 」

Eri asks me.

But, I didn’t answer it.

「 It’s delicious! Eri-dono’s cooking is the best! I can eat this with sake! As expected of Eri-dono! I want to date someone like Eri-dono! I’m sure that you’ll become a great bride! 」

Eri just replied “Thanks,” with a wry smile.

In Tanaka’s case, he’d react the same on anything that Eri cooks.

Eri knows that, so his impressions are unreliable.

「 It’s just normal. It doesn’t have signs of rotting. Although, the salty taste from the seawater did soak in. It’s like you roasted it with a lot of salt 」

「 Ooh! So it still tastes good apart from the surface? Thanks, that was a good reference 」

Her reaction is different compared to Tanaka.

Eri’s eyes are sparkling, and her voice is bouncy.

「 Kaichou, fight 」

Kageyama’s supporting Tanaka from the shadows.

「 Want another helping of water? 」

Seeing my cup got empty, Eri brings over the bronze kettle.

Inside is a boiled up and cooled down lake water.

I think that it should be okay even without boiling it but I’m just being double cautious.

「 Thanks, I’ll have one 」

I eat meat using chopsticks and drink water from the cup.

This scenery of dinner is just like modern Japan.

(I can’t get enough of this life)

My cheeks loosened as I look at the sun shining brightly outside our hideout.

After breakfast ends, we’re free.

Mana and Karin continue from yesterday with the monkey training.

To think that the monkey army is putting humans to shame, it’s scary.

Arisa happily goes sea fishing.

Kageyama’s dragged forcibly as he’s going to be the one transporting the fishes she caught.

Eri’s harvesting ingredients.

Tanaka’s naturally following her.

Tanaka said, “I am Eri-dono’s bodyguard!”

Meiko and Hinako’s in charge of making handicrafts.

But, an accident happened before that.

「 Shinomiya-kun, let’s do handicrafts together! 」

When it’s just the Asakura sisters and me in the hideout, Hinako called me.

She had a docile character so far, and yet, now she’s suddenly cheerful.

Perhaps, it’s a personality when it’s just the sisters.

「 Huh? 」

Meiko’s surprised.

She looked at my face, then Hinako’s face in turns.

Then, she called me to the back, “Shinomiya-kun, can you?”

「 What happened to Hinako? 」

「 What happened? 」

「 I know that you went to the sea yesterday. But, is that all? 」

「 W-W-W-W-W-What do you mean by that? 」

I’m being cross-examined.

That reaction answered, “That’s not all.”

Meiko should’ve guessed it right away.

Something else happened.

Even so, she wants me to say it from my lips.

「 You get it, don’t you, Shinomiya-kun 」

Meiko gives me a kabedon in this dark narrow space.

Normally, it’s the guy who’s doing this, but I’m the one on the receiving end.

「 Err, yesterday. Hinako-san…her hand..no, her hand, and mouth..uhm..she did squeeze it out…yes, that’s what happened. That’s what happened, right 」

I confessed.

Even if I try to hide it, it’s already obvious.

I was ready that Meiko would be angry and kill me.

But, it didn’t happen.

「 I knew it. I thought that it would happen 」

「 Are you not angry? 」

「 Why would I be? She’s free to do what she wants. I was just curious 」

「 I see 」

「 Putting that aside, Shinomiya-kun are you going to date Hinako? 」

「 No, that’s not the case. We’re not dating 」

「 You said something that gives me a wrong idea though? 」

「 I didn’t! I swear to god 」

I speak weirdly now.

Even my movements are weird, somehow, I’m saluting for no reason.

I’m in chaos thanks to Meiko’s pressure.

「 Then there’s no problem, right? 」

Meiko touches my crotch.

It’s a very lewd movement, that my dick under my pants got erect right away.

「 We can have fun again 」

She said. Then Meiko left me.

Although I got an erection, I followed her.

Returning to the entrance, Meiko and Hinako are standing there.

「 Shinomiya-san, you won’t help us with handicrafts, right? 」

「 Err, I… 」

「 You have some work alone to do today, right, Shinomiya-kun? 」

Meiko sends me a glare.

That gaze says that I can’t talk back. It made me tremble.

「 Y-Yeah. I was just thinking of looking around 」

「 Okay! Onee-chan, let’s go! 」

Hinako and Meiko walk while holding hands.

Meiko turned back after a few steps and looked back at me

「 See you, Shinomiya-kun 」

After the two disappeared, I sighed loudly.

「 Meiko’s scary 」

I fully realized what it means to make a move on those sisters.

But, I don’t regret having Hinako squeeze two rounds out from me.