Easy Survival Life Chapter 038 Once in a Lifetime Opportunity



Our scope of action is restricted.

From the top of the Asakura cave down to the semicircular area in the south is our territory.

If you go north of the Asakura cave, that’s where the Sumeragi team’s territory.

Therefore, we don’t know much north of the Asakura cave.

Although, I can feel that it’s full of resources that the Sumeragi team’s territory doesn’t spread out.

There’s plenty of animals to feed about 200 people with meat every day.

「 As usual, nobody’s coming here 」

I was checking around the Asakura cave.

I only see Kageyama and my footprints and nobody else.

I looked around just to make sure but there are no traces left behind.

「 Still, it’s summer 」

Compared to the sunshine when we came to this world, the current air temperature is on the high side.

Perhaps it’s about 27C.

There’s low humidity so it’s not that uncomfortable.

Even so, it’s an environment that’ll make you say “It’s hot”

The air temperature in this world is a degree lower than in Japan.

Assuming that we have the same four seasons as Japan, I’m scared of what will happen in winter.

As long as it doesn’t snow too much we should be able to make it through, but we’ll see.

Anyway, let’s move while we can.

「 No problems were pickling the wild boar meat in seawater 」

It’s been four hours since breakfast.

There are no signs of food poisoning, we seem to be in good health.

The other members can eat the same menu without problems.

「 While at it 」

Next, I came to the area where the rabbits and wild boars are inhabiting.

「 Oh, Hokage 」

Mana’s there.

「 Hokage came here too 」

「 「 「 Ukiki!! 」 」 」

Karin and the monkey army are with her.

「 Speaking of which, you were training the monkeys 」

The two continued from training the monkey army from yesterday.

「 We’re now teaching them how to make traps 」

Mana said happily.

「 These guys made the traps over there 」

Karin pointed at the falling rocks trap for the rabbits.

「 Monkeys are dexterous with their hands and so they know how to make traps, but well done making this rock trap. A monkey wouldn’t be able to hold it 」

A rockfall trap can be made with three branches of similar size.

You only need to connect them with a shape that looks like the number 4.

However, the rocks, which are the main part of it, should be hard for the monkeys.

It needs quite the weight to make sure that the rabbits caught in the trap can’t escape.

It needs rocks that even we could say that it’s heavy.

「 That’s where they cooperate, right? 」

Mana said. The monkeys cheered.

「 Watch them do a demonstration 」

「 Sure thing 」

I watched as I’m told.

And they surprised me with their cooperation.

Several monkeys created a trap at a high speed.

The monkeys cooperated carrying the stone weights immediately after.

It seriously shows us the greatness of manpower, which we lack the most.

If we all work together, then we can also bring this many stones…

「 Wow 」

It didn’t take them that much time to complete the trap.

They’re still slower than me, but they’re far quicker than Tanaka and Kageyama.

Meaning, these guys are already on the same level as ordinary labor. Despite being monkeys.

「 If Rita and I work together, the efficiency goes twice! 」

That’s no exaggeration.

It surely displays double efficiency.

I speak out my admiration once again.

The girls all surpass me in one section.

Mana’s commanding animals, Arisa’s fishing, and Eri’s cooking.

The Asakura sisters are good at handicrafts, and Karen is great at anything I teach her.

It’s been a big help.

「 Speaking of which, why are you here, Hokage? 」

Karin who calmed down asked me.

Mana followed up.

「 I came here to catch some boars 」

「 Catch boars? You mean trapping one? 」

「 No, I meant catching a friendly 」

「 Friendly?! But we eat boars you know? 」

Mana didn’t understand what I’m thinking.

Karin who knows history read my thoughts.

「 Using them as livestock 」

「 Correct. If possible, I’d like to move the boars away from here 」

「 They do destroy the rabbit traps after all 」

「 There’s that, and also, it’s troublesome to come here all the time 」

I thought of domesticating boars.

If you read history, the domesticated boars are pigs.

That said, we can’t start actual domestication here.

The fence to enclose the boars isn’t complete yet, and the site where to breed them isn’t decided yet.

I’m only acting to prepare for that time.

「 How do you capture a boar? 」

「 Nowadays, you use a knot trap, but, you don’t have that in this world. Besides, we don’t want to trap them and make them wary of us. The quality will deteriorate. Therefore, I want to get along with the boar. I’m going to feed it and take care of it. Once we get along, all we have to do is guide it to its destination 」

I answered Karin’s question.

Then, Mana raised her hand saying “Then, I’ll do it”

「 I’ll be in charge of that 」

「 Can you do it? 」

「 I get along with animals you know? The rabbits around here hate me, but I don’t think there are any problems with other animals. So, let me take the first try 」

「 Okay. Then, once I got the details laid out I’ll ask you. It’s going to be a problem to guide the boar today so don’t do anything for now 」

「 Okay~ 」

The monkey training seems to be about to finish.

「 We should go back now. It’s a little late, but we have to eat lunch. It’s the funds of our body 」

Karin agreed.

「 I got too enthusiastic today that I stretched out 」

Mana agreed to return.

「 Rita dismissed! 」

Mana instructed.

「 「 「 Ukikiki!!! 」 」 」

The monkey army saluted to Mana and then scattered in an instant.

They climb the trees at the speed of sound and disappeared in all directions.

They’re an amazing bunch. It impresses me every time I see them.

「 Someday, I want to repay the favor to those monkeys 」

I’m so thankful to have so many brilliant monkeys to work for free.

However, I feel sorry that I’m not paying them so I want to return the favor.

「 Nice. I think that Rita will be happy too 」

Mana nods happily.

The weather took a sudden turn exactly at that moment.


First, it started with a drizzle.

「 Rain? 」

While I say that, the rain grows stronger.

「 「 Hokage! 」 」

Mana and Karin shouted.

「 It’s heavy rain! Run to the Shinomiya cave! 」

The crops are thankful for the heavy rain but it’s our natural enemy.

When we’re hit by rain, our stamina degrades and we might catch a cold.

Colds in this world won’t be as cute as those in Japan.

If it gets worse, it can turn to pneumonia, and worse, it might kill you.

Therefore, we ran away from the ran to take refuge.

「 Isn’t the Asakura cave closer? 」

Mana said while running.

「 Can’t go there. The Sumeragi team might go there 」

Shinomiya cave is equipped with this assumption.

We have tools for open fire and a change of clothing.

We can hide there without the Sumeragi team finding us.

「 I’ll go check the canal we made 」

Karin said.

「 Oh, yeah. The more prepared you are, the better off you’ll be 」

We’ve witnessed storms a few days after coming to this world.

After that, we realized that we’re lacking in countermeasures, and so I made a canal.

Karin helped me make that.

It’s been two weeks since then and it’s showing its use.

「 Okay, get in first! 」

The two got in the Shinomiya cave and then I went around the cave.

I dig out the ground desperately with both hands and take out a box of lacquerware burred down there.

I carried it back to the cave.

「 Seriously, it’s good to have a shelter against every storm 」

Inside the box is spare clothing, and a piece of clothing to substitute for towels.

I changed my clothes in a hurry and started a bonfire halfway in the cave.

The halfway part of the cave is lower than the entrance, and so the carbon monoxide won’t settle here.

We’re avoiding death from poisoning.

「 「 「 Fuu 」 」 」

Everyone felt relief after we warmed ourselves in the bonfire.

「 Still, a heavy rain? That’s a disaster 」

Mana said.

「 It’s not windy, but it’s still harsh 」

Karin nodded.

I also agreed. And then we continued.

「 However, I’ve been waiting for this chance 」

「 「 Eh? 」 」

The two are surprised.

「 Waiting? What do you mean? 」

Karin asks.

I gave out a villain laugh.

「 This heavy rain is our once in a lifetime opportunity 」