Easy Survival Life Chapter 039 Taking Shelter from Rain (R18)



The rain suddenly swept down on us.

Normally, it would be a disaster, but, this time, I can say that the rainy day is an opportunity.

「 A once in a lifetime chance? 」

「 Make us understand what you’re trying to say 」

Karin and Mana want to know.

「 Sure, rain is annoying. We have no umbrellas and even if we have folding umbrellas, it won’t be much use for us. Therefore, rain is nothing but a nuisance 」

I look outside the cave.

The rainfall alone was just as strong as the previous storm but no water is pouring in.

Only the splashes of water hitting the ground wet the entrance.

「 That’s also true for the other side 」

「 The other side? You mean? 」

Mana said. Karin covered her mouth.

Seems like she realized.

「 Yes, the rain also swoops down on the Sumeragi team. Those guys have 200 people in them, but, they hardly have a place to shelter from the rain. According to Tanaka and Kageyama, only about 30 people will be protected from the rain. If they cram together, then maybe 50. Meaning, more than half of the group will be exposed to rain

That’s a big number.

If the rain drags on, then it’ll damage the Sumeragi team.

It’s been raining for over an hour and it shows no signs of stopping.

It’s hopeless.

「 Furthermore, the Sumeragi team has no change of clothes. That’s another point. Tomorrow, they have to make peace while naked 」

Mana frowned.

「 Just imagining it makes me feel hopeless 」

「 THere will probably be a lot of people stuck there. Of course, they cant’ leave those guys behind, so someone healthy will be covering for them. Although just how many healthy people can move? It won’t definitely be 100 people. Meaning, more than half of them will be down 」

I raised my index finger and tell them to imagine.

「 They barely keep themselves surviving. At the time Tanaka and Kageyama escaped, there was no such thing as preserved food, and they have no significant stockpile after that. It’s going to be impossible to procure enough food for everyone with only those who are still healthy. Especially since their staple food is animal meat. Unlike wild plants and mushrooms, they don’t grow wild in the same location 」

This rain is going to weaken the Sumeragi team.

「 I get the situation now. But, why is this an opportunity for us? 」

Karin moves to the main topic.

「 Currently, the Sumeragi Team is dominated using power. Unlike us, they don’t have a high degree of satisfaction. Therefore, when the team gets drastically weakened because of the rain, they will surely begin to break apart 」

「 Could you be more specific on what kind of breakdown will it be? 」

「 Deserters like Tanaka and Kageyama. I’m sure that the fifth ranks who are exposed to the rain will desert them. Just like Tanaka and Kageyama, the fifth ranks risk their lives 」

Tanaka and Kageyama’s role was to poison test mushrooms and wild plants.

Sumeragi team has no knowledge, so they use human sacrifice for their safety check.

Some of the Otaku friends of Tanaka died from mushroom poisoning.

「 If the fifth ranks literally experience those first hand, and so they know their mushrooms somewhat. Those people will definitely use this chance to escape. And the opportunity I’m talking about will be winning over those guys who escaped 」

「 I see, that increases fighting power 」

Karin nods in understanding.

「 We’re severely lacking in manpower. Having a small production of food is not a problem, but, we have no leeway to spend to build a ship to go to the other island. Suppose we start our work now, we’ll need a lot of time before we can complete it 」

「 True 」

「 I don’t know if there will be deserters in this occasion, but it would be great if we can take in at least ten people 」

「 Isn’t that a bit fewer than expected? 」

「 If this was a simulation, then we can assume more, but… In reality, not many of them would suddenly rise up. When in Japan, you often hear news about overseas immigrants causing problems right? When there’s a sudden increase in the number of strangers who have not adapted to the group, unnecessary problems like that can occur. And so, ten people would be the ideal. But still, that number is already high 」

We’re in urgent need of an increase in personnel, but we don’t have to hurry.

It’s a little impatient, but, we seek the strength to adjust in this situation.

「 So, we’re going to poach them once the rain ends 」

「 Right. We’ll work on it during holidays 」

「 You just established it, and now you’re taking it back? Just what even is a regular holiday? 」 Mana said.

「 We’ll make preparations during holiday 」

We reviewed our tactics for the future inside the Shinomiya cave.

Evening, I suddenly woke up.

I believe that it’s okay, but I’m still worried that it’ll flood inside the cave.

「 No problem 」

Water hasn’t gone in the cave.

Confirming that made me feel relieved

「 Hokage’s also awake? 」

Mana got up when I decided to lie down again.

Next to her is Karin, sleeping facing the wall.

She’s in peace, sleeping soundly.

「 It’s such a great coincidence that we woke up at the same time 」

Mana sits near the wall.

From the other side where Karin’s facing.

「 True 」

I sit down next to Mana.

I feel like I know what she wants.

The truth is, I had a hunch.

「 Hokage, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? 」

Mana asked for a kiss.

She loves kissing that she does this sometimes.

「 She seems to be asleep, so it’s okay 」

I move towards Mana and took snatched a kiss.

I push in my tongue inside Mana’s mouth and she responded the same.

We enjoy a rich kiss with the sounds of our breath mixed in.

Naturally, I got erect from that.

Back then, this would be fully erect, but now, it’s just half.

Although, since I got erect now, I can’t just go back to sleep.

「 You get it don’t you? 」

Mana blushed and then nodded.

「 Thanks 」

I stand with a daunting pose in front of Mana.

Mana slowly takes off my pants.

My penis becomes exposed and then she quietly put it in her mouth.

Today’s fellatio sure is quiet.

I like it intense, but doing it quietly isn’t so bad either.

Doing this at the silent late night feels different from usual.

(Tomorrow, we will be busy so we have to finish quickly)

I can enjoy this but I have to hurry up and ejaculate.

I took a half-step and raised my hips a bit.

Mana already perceived the next step with that much.

「 Sure 」

Mana opened her mouth and looked up at me.

I stroke my penis on her mouth.

The time to ejaculate comes as I reach climax in an instant.

Let me prove to you that the power of premature ejaculation is not a fluke.

I shove my penis in Mana’s mouth and stroke stronger.

In the next moment.


My swelling penis pumps out a massive quantity of semen.

This time, it’s a flawless ejaculation.

「 Fuu 」

After feeling refreshed from ejaculating, I lied down on that spot.

「 You can’t just cum and not say thank you 」

Mana drinks my semen and lies down between Karin and me.

「 It felt amazing. Someday, let me cum in your mouth below too 」

Those were some bad lines because of the post-nut clarity.

But, Mana seems to be glad about that.

「 Sure. It also felt great for me 」

Mana smiles happily, then kissed my lips lightly.

Her lips smell like my semen, but I didn’t say anything.

I feel like she’ll kill me if I do.