Easy Survival Life Chapter 055 Sofia’s Secret Base



August 24, Saturday.

It’s been 37 days since we came to this world.

It’s been a week and five days since Mizuno went out of the hideout.

Saturday’s our regular holiday but it doesn’t differ from our constant work.

Its difference from weekdays is whether I give instructions or not.

「 As expected, plowing fields makes it feel like we’re in the modern era! 」

Arisa said while looking from over the top of the hideout, the farmland near the cliff.

In addition to the paddy fields we started, we also created more splendid fields.

The ducks are swimming in excitement in the paddy fields.

In the field next to it, we’re working on growing wheat, which is like rice and is a member of the grass family.

Growing wheat takes more time compared to rice.

It takes about seven months from sowing to harvest.

That’s why if we start now, it won’t be complete until the end of March.

If the environment is the same as the four seasons in Japan, then it will be after you survive the winter.

「 Still, I wonder if this will go smoothly? 」

Arisa’s impatient and wants immediate results.

Still, agriculture is an endurance game, and you won’t know the results immediately after sowing the seeds.

There’s nothing but neatly tilled soil spreading in front of us.

「 It will go smoothly. We worked so hard to make sure it will 」

It’s been three days since Sumeragi Byakuya died.

We’ve strengthened our agriculture and defense during that time.

In addition to rice and wheat, we also have a field of sweet potatoes available.

Sweet potatoes aren’t an extremely labor-intensive crop.

You plant the seedlings, give them plenty of water at that time, and leave them alone.

You work for one day and the crop will be ready to harvest in about five months.

In our case, we’re expecting the harvest at approximately the end of January

Our weakness is the lack of people.

Even if we include Mizuno who left the hideout, we only have 14 people in our army.

If we increase the labor-intensive crops, then we won’t be able to keep with other tasks.

Therefore, we’re focusing on crops we can leave alone, such as sweet potatoes.

Due to the expansion of agriculture, the huge amount of shell fertilizer ran out.

With that in mind, Mana’s now leading the monkey army to collect shells.

The monkeys were carrying seashells to countless collection jars set up on the beach.

Agriculture is mainly like that, and the next step is strengthening our defense.

To be specific, setting traps in preparation for the team Sasazaki’s move to the south.

Amane’s taking care of that one so there’s nothing for us to do.

I could make traps for animals, but I have no idea how to make traps for people.

Amane’s the opposite, she’s a professional when it comes to dealing with people.

I saw her crafts once and she was preparing traps at a frightening speed.

And it’s more elaborate than the rabbit rockfall traps I made.

So, why can’t she make a decent rockfall trap?

Amane’s traps are outside our range of work.

She set them up on the Asakura cave and on the group of caves Sasazaki and his group are hiding.

It’s so we can continue to move as we please.

However, Kageyama, who’s in charge of scouting is the exception.

Amane’s the only one who sets the traps but we’re supporting her.

I helped her make the tools used in the traps by shaving logs and sharpening tips.

The process of creating these to be used on people is depressing, even if it’s on people you don’t like

If possible, I don’t want the traps to shine.

「 It’s been a while since I fished in the river, want to join me Hokage? 」

Arisa invited me fishing.

My thought of what to do was suddenly cut off.

「 Let’s go and take a look at everyone 」

「 You don’t have to be the leader if it’s rest day you know? 」

「 I get that 」

Arisa places her right arm on my shoulder.

Then, she put down the fishing rod she’s carrying with her left.

「 Then, want me to heal you with my body instead of going fishing? 」

Arisa pushes up her breasts with her free left hand.

Her moderately sized estimated D-cups shakes.

「 Y-You sure? 」


「 ………… 」

Arisa stiffened for a moment then spoke.

「 Of course not! 」

「 Thought so 」

「 You sure are lewd! Hokage! 」

「 Nonono, you’re the one who invited me here 」

「 Really? Invited? Don’t joke here, are you serious? 」

Arisa then added “Disgusting”

She didn’t have to go that far, I thought, but I also deserved that.

Sure, I’m just perverted.

「 Well, if you want to grope these charming tits of mine… 」

Arisa lets go of my shoulder and pick up the fishing rod

「 Win against me in fishing. Then, you can do whatever you want. Maybe not just my breasts but the whole body of this cute-cute Arisa-sama 」

「 Really? 」

「 Of course I’m joking! Learn already! Stupid! 」

Arisa walked laughing loudly and walked off.

Still, she stopped after a few steps and turned back.

「 But, I’ll give you a reward if you win against me on fishing. If Eri’s the head chef, then I’m the fishing supreme commander. I don’t intend to lose, not even to Hokage 」

I thought so.

Actually, I had no confidence that I’ll win against Arisa in fishing.

Arisa’s fishing skills are excellent.

Recently, she’s fishing close to 20 fish every day.

Considering the working hours, she hooks one every twenty minutes on average.

A person who knows how to fish should know.

Hooking 1 fish every twenty minutes is hard.

Furthermore, she’s not using the current age fishing gear but fishing gear made from this world.

「 Oh, Shinomiya-sama 」

Sofia and Amane were in the hideout when I returned.

The two of them aren’t working, they’re just standing next to to the entrance.

「 As expected of Shinomiya-sama, you came at the right moment 」

Sofia said.

I don’t know what she’s talking about.

I look around the hideout to make a guess.

Nobody’s here.

Not even the shut-in design samurai Yoshi Okada is here.

「 Amane wants to go and check on her traps 」

「 Hmm, so? 」

「 However, she feels uneasy leaving me alone 」

「 I see. So you want me to spend time with Sofia? 」

Amane nodded.

「 I checked the safety of the surroundings just earlier. So, it’s okay even if you go outside the hideout. However, I feel uneasy to leave Ojou-sama alone. And so, I want someone to be with her. I can’t ask anyone but you, Shinomiya Hokage 」

Sofia shows a wry smile.

Her face says “this girl’s prone to worrying”

「 Sure 」

I gave a quick reply.

If it makes them satisfied then I’ll do it.

「 Thanks, take care of her 」

Amane bowed slightly to me and then kneeled in front of Sofia.

「 I’m going, Ojou-sama 」

「 Yes, take care, Amane 」

Amane disappeared right away.

At the same time, I hear “Muscle!” from the distance.

Muscle Takahashi’s doing weight training.

He’s using logs since there are no weight training machines here.

Takahashi’s troubled as his muscles are becoming weak every day.

「 So, what are we doing? Should we go fishing? 」

I just had a talk with Arisa so the word came out unconsciously.

Sofia said “That’s good too,” and continued.

「 However, let’s do something else today 」

「 Something else? Do you have anything in mind? 」

「 I do. Could you help me? 」

Sofia said and then she took my hand and walked.

We didn’t go outside the hideout but deeper inside.

「 It’s here 」

We arrived in a real deep and narrow area.

There’s no natural light source, the only light source the torch placed near the wall.

「 So we have this place 」

I’m surprised.

Sofia smiled.

「 It’s my secret base. I also made this torch. I used the method Shinomiya-sama taught me before 」

「 I see. Still, compared to the torch 」

What surprised me isn’t the torch in the wall.

It’s set up on a dead end.

「 This is where I work with Asakura Meiko-sama on something secret. Although, we have everything else hidden elsewhere. I’m going to surprise everyone when the work is done with an announcement so please don’t tell anyone for a while 」

「 O-Okay. Still, these are amazing 」

What I see…

It’s an extremely modern futon.

I’d say that it’s nothing primitive and something we use in Japan.

It’s an old-fashioned cotton futon that looks something you’ll find in your grandparent’s house but in this world, it’s state-of-the-art.

「 But, what are your intentions on showing this futon? I thought that you wanted help in the work but this looks like it’s already complete 」

Sofia didn’t say anything and sat down on the futon.

She removed her slippers and lied down facing up on the futon and bed cover.

She looked this way and showed a provocative smile.

「 Can you keep me company? Shinomiya-sama? 」

I got erect in an instant.