Easy Survival Life Chapter 056 Modern Bed (R18)



「 You’re not joking, are you? 」

I just had to make sure.

Arisa’s been joking about it.

However, Sofia’s serious.

「 I won’t invite you as a joke 」

「 Invite. You mean sex, right? 」

「 That’s right 」

「 Are you sure? 」

「 Of course. I’m inviting you. And it’s also a request. Shinomiya-sama, please have sexual intercourse with me 」

I approached Sofia like a mosquito attracted to a streetlight.

I toss off my jacket and the slippers which had been reinforced several times and went to the futon.

I get on top of Sofia, who’s lying on her back.

We’re both in our uniforms.

This, combined with the fact that there’s a modern futon underneath creates an illusion.

That this isn’t another world, but Japan.

「 Won’t Amane get angry? 」

「 It’s okay. Even if she gets angry, there’s no problem. I’m the one to decide on who’s my partner 」

Sofia’s marine blue eyes look at me.

Her firm straight gaze capture my face.

「 Well, there’s that… 」

On the other hand, I’m halfhearted.

I combed her beautiful blonde curl hair.

「 Why do you want to have sex? Do you have experience? 」

「 No 」

「 So you’re a virgin? 」

It’s me saying this but you should cherish your virginity more.

Being a virgin male is mostly a handicap but being a virgin female is an advantage.

Boys would love to have women with less experience.

「 As you know, I’m someone from the Heitz family. My future marriage partner is already decided. When we return back to our world, I won’t be able to have ordinary romance or marriage. My parents already decided who I will date, who will I marry. I’ve accepted that as I was born in the Heitz family. On our former world that is 」

Sofia continued with “However,”

「 But it’s different in this world. I’m not the young lady of the Heitz house in this world. I’m just the same as everyone. I’m free on everything. What to do on the day, what to eat, how to live, and who will I give my virginity to 」

I can feel chills on my cheeks.

Sofia’s hands are touching them gently.

「 I know that it’s hard to have a relationship in this world. There was Tanaka-sama’s case recently. Therefore, I don’t think it will turn into a relationship. Still, I want to choose the man I offer my virginity to 」

「 And that’s me? 」

「 Indeed. I made this to have sexual intercourse with Shinomiya-sama. Therefore, please embrace me 」

After hearing all that, I couldn’t refuse.

I nodded in agreement. I won’t hesitate anymore.

「 It would’ve been great if I were a virgin, but unfortunately, I’m not 」

「 I can understand that a gentleman like Shinomiya-sama has experience 」

「 It’s misleading to say that I have plenty, but oh well 」

I raise my feet lightly and looked for something in my pocket.

「 Sorry but, we’re going to use this when we’re doing it, okay? 」

I took out a condom.

I put the pack above Sofia.

The preparations are complete, so let’s begin the play.

First, foreplay.

I gently caress Sofia’s body on top of her clothes.

I slowly move my obscene hand movement below.

Her smallish breasts have a subtle feeling on top of her clothes.

「 Are you embarrassed? 」

I asked.

Sofia’s face is blushing.

Unlike earlier, her gaze has become feminine.

Her eyes are looking not directly at me, but slightly away, facing the wall.

「 Should we stop? 」

「 Please don’t 」

That cute reaction makes me smile.

My hand goes to her lower half.

I caress her pussy, and thighs over her skirt, which is longer than Mana’s.

「 Hauu 」

Sofia’s leaking out hot breaths.

She’s quite sensitive.

「 Nice 」

This time, I put my hands inside her skirt.

I raised up her skirt messily.

I rolled up to the length just before I could see her panties and I stuck my hand in.

I still can’t get enough of the sensation of raw thighs.

Sofia’s thin legs stimulate my lust further.

「 Shinomiya-sama, Shinomiya-sama 」

Sofia calls my name with her blushing face.

She touches my cheeks and slowly pulls me to herself.

I knew that moment that she wanted a kiss.

「 Hmm, hmmm 」

We exchanged a passionate kiss as requested.

Our tongues entwine and our saliva created a thread.

「 !! 」

Sofia’s tongue stopped after some aggressive movements.

I started taking off her clothes while we’re kissing after all.

I lowered her panties to her knee and unbuttoned her sweaty shirt.

「 You have a thin and beautiful body 」

「 This is embarrassing 」

I opened Sofia’s shirt and exposed her skin.

It’s fresh and youthful skin without any wounds.

「 Let’s enjoy this before insertion 」

I slide her wine-red ribbon aside and sucked on her breasts.

There were no objections to sucking her small breasts directly.

「 Aaaaah! Aaaaah!! 」

Sofia moans loudly just from licking her nipples.

It must be because the place is narrow, her moans echo.

Now I worry that those moans might reach the entrance of our hideout.

「 If you don’t hold your voice, we’ll be exposed here- 」

I took off Sofia’s panties completely.

Then, I stuffed the panty in her mouth.

「 Great 」

I went and licked her nipples again.

「 Hmmm!! Hmmm!! 」

Sofia’s volume has gone lower now that her panty’s gagged her mouth.

Now, we can continue our play in peace.

「 You’re already drenched. You’re easy to get wet 」

I’m surprised when I touched Sofia’s pussy.

She’s so wet that Meiko or Amane can’t compare.

She’s so wet that you won’t object if I say that she’s flooding.

I might be able to shove my dick in right away with this.

But, I worry that it might turn to the same situation as Meiko.

「 Can you feel it? I’m putting my finger inside 」

First, let’s warm it up with my fingers.

I inserted my middle finger, stirred, and followed my index finger inside.

I put in my ring finger to expand her hole.

「 Well, it’s about time to put it in 」

I retreat to Sofia’s foot and got naked.

After that, I grabbed her hand and have her sit up.

「 Can I ask you to put the condom in with your mouth? 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Sofia’s already worn out

Even so, she follows what I told her.

She sucks my dick despite her hard breaths.

She gets on all fours and moved her head back and forth intensely.

It’s not the most flattering fellatio but it’s filled with emotions.

That’s good enough.

「 Hmmm, I can’t open the pack 」

I’m taking my time to open the pack on purpose.

Sofia should know that.

However, she just continues to suck without saying anything.

「 Go for it, Sofia 」

I support her by teasing her nipples.

Sofia’s body twitched.

She’s too sensitive that I might be overestimating my techniques.

I reach out to her pussy to make sure and it’s much wetter than before.

Furthermore, if I don’t put it in soon, it might start to dry up.

Making that decision in mind, I decided to go for the long-awaited insertion.

「 Thanks, that was amazing 」

I had Sofia finish her fellatio and then lie down.

She’s already naked at that moment.

I put the condom on my penis.

「 I’m sorry if it hurts 」

I said in advance and get ready for penetration.

I put my arms under Sofia’s knees and opened up her legs on a V-shape.

I continue to lean forward and slowly insert my penis.

「 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! 」

Sofia screamed.

I muffle her voice with my lips and push my penis carefully.

As I pierce deeper, Sofia coils her arms on my body.

The way she squeezes me shows that she won’t let me go.

She’s not in pain, she’s feeling it.

「 How is it, does it feel good? 」

I ask while swinging my hips.

Sofia’s moaning, she can’t respond.

But, that makes it easy to understand that she’s feeling good.

Her face is in ecstasy, and she keeps on nodding.

「 I want to do other positions, but it’s your first experience 」

Let’s finish this on missionary for now.

I speed up my piston and give Sofia infinite pleasure.

No matter how much she twists and arches her back, I’m not stopping my thrusts.

I thrust relentlessly and finally came to the moment of ejaculation.

「 If I let it out down there, the condom will just eat it, should I cum in your mouth instead? 」

I remember the scene from AVs

The thing where you pull out your penis before ejaculation, remove the rubber at high speed and ejaculate at the woman’s mouth.

I’m thinking that I might be able to imitate that actor now.

I want to do it.

「 Okay… 」

Sofia’s nodding frantically.

She gave me permission to cum on her mouth.

「 Thank you 」

Finally, I start making thrusts with all my might.

The intensity is unparalleled compared to the past.

Naturally, Sofia’s screams and moans even got louder.

But, I muffled it with a French Kiss.

「 Ah, Sofia, I’m cumming! Cumming! 」

The time has come.

I rushed and pulled my penis out of her pussy.

Then, I removed the condom in an instant and approached Sofia’s mouth with my penis.

Sofia desperately got up on her shoulder and opened her mouth.

I aim for her head and shoved it in while stroking my penis.

Dopyu, pyurururu, pyuupyuu.

I made it just in time.

I ejaculated as soon as my penis went inside Sofia.

Unlike in porn where they have time, I ejaculated in her mouth in a hair’s breadth.


Sofia collapsed.

Her cheeks are swelling like squirrels stuffing acorn in them.

「 Show it to me 」

I said. She opened her mouth.

A pool of semen forms in her mouth.

「 Drink it 」

Sofia slowly closed her mouth.

The next moment, I heard gulps.

「 Let’s take a break 」

「 Yes 」

We got inside the futon.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a pillow so I’m laying my hand on the futon itself.

Sofia’s resting on my arm as a pillow.

「 It was really, really amazing, Shinomiya-sama 」

Sofia hugs me.

「 I knew it, futons are special 」

I pat Sofia’s head while enjoying the afterglow.