Easy Survival Life Chapter 057 River Fishing



The night after I had sex with Sofia.

We had our usual dinner and after I took my bath;

Amane called me out.

She guides me inside the hideout and to the lake and said;

「You’ve done it, Shinomiya Hokage」

Even if I know what she’s talking about;

「Huh, what do you mean?」

I played dumb.

「You’ve defiled Ojou-sama’s chastity」

As expected.

She noticed it.

That Sofia and I had sex.

I don’t know how.

Maybe she found something weird in how we behave, or maybe Sofia told her.

I don’t know, but she noticed something that made her suspicious.

「Is this the part where you kill me?」1

You know, if she takes out my heart here, I won’t complain.

But, Amane shook her head.

「As if I will. Instead, I want to say thanks」


「Ojou-sama’s free only in this world. Therefore, even I want to grant Ojou-sama’s wish. Ojou-sama asked to have a sexual relationship with you and you granted it. So I’m grateful」

「Hey now, don’t mention it. But, won’t you get angry?」

「I won’t. If Ojou-sama became sad, then I would’ve killed you, but Ojou-sama looks very pleased. And so, I’m grateful, and I’m not angry」

「I see」

It’s not bad to hear thanks for sex.

My dick and I am happy to have sex with cute women.

「I’m the first in the bath tonight but I’ll let you take it」

「Ooh, you sure?」

Amane nods.

「Then I’ll gratefully take the first bath!」

Our turns in taking bath changes every day.

Naturally, the first one has the cleanest, and the most pleasant.

She thanked me for sex and even gave me the first bath.

This is an unimaginably blissful Saturday.

Except for one thing, Mizuno hasn’t come back yet.

Next Day.

August 25, Sunday.

It’s our 38th day in this world.

It’s also rest day today, but we’re gathering in the river today.

The river southwest of Shinomiya cave, where Arisa’s fishing.

「To think that even Yoshi Okada would also help out」

「I’m nearing the completion of the blueprint so I thought it’s the right time to take a breather. Besides, Shinomiya-san’s always looking after me so I thought that I should at least show my gratitude with this, over」

We’re working as one.

We’re gathering stones and sticks with weight.

We’re putting nets in between the rods.

「Hokage, how’s this?」

Arisa asks about her work result.

I nodded saying “Looks good, but.”

「Try loosening up the angle a bit. Don’t make it a right angle, but a curve」

「Got it」

We’re setting up fish traps in the river.

We’ve set up boxes for catching small shrimps but this one’s larger than the last one.

Our goal is the fish in the river.

「It’s nice to work on the river on a sunny day like today」

「It is indeed, Ojou-sama」

Sofia and Amane are enjoying their work.

But, there’s higher tension between the boys compared to the girls.

「Ohoho, this is a sight for sore eyes」

「It’s irresistible」

「I’m happy that I’m invited to Shinomiya-san’s team, over」

「This is exciting, muscle!」

The boys are looking at the thighs of the girls.

Everyone folds their clothes up to the limit so they don’t get wet from the river.

And so, their bare thighs are exposed.

「Tanaka-kun, this is what I’m talking about」

Eri looked at Tanaka with a disgusted look.

「Oh no! Eri-dono, this is…I can’t do anything about this!」

Tanaka and Eri’s relationship has improved.

Tanaka’s no longer distancing himself from Eri.

Also with me.

I don’t know if he’s completely broken through, but I don’t think he’s forcing himself now.

「I thought we’d never do it because we’ve already started farming and we have other food sources. But it’s not that you didn’t want to do it, it’s that it took you so long to prepare.」

Karin’s talking to me.

「I just put it off since Arisa’s good only at fishing」

「Hey, I heard that!」 Arisa said

I laughed it off and continued talking to Karin.

「And so, I had no time to make prep unless it’s a day off. That said, we’re able to manage this work thanks to Meiko and Hinako’s superhuman feats」

When our work was finished, we went to the shore to look at the river.

The wooden sticks peek out slightly from the river, looking like a maze.

「That’s good. Our Fishery is finished2

「He said Eri!」

Arisa made fun of it.

Eri laughed it off

What we made is called the fishery.

To put it bluntly, it’s a fish maze.

When fishes bump into something, they have the behavior of continuing forward.

This fishery takes advantage of that behavior to capture them.

Once you set up the trap, you don’t need to renew the nets unless it’s torn off.

「Look at them! We already caught some!」

Mana points.

Just as she said, we already have fishes caught in the maze.

First, they hit a vertical net set up in front of the entrance of the maze.

It will change your course and lead you towards the maze.

When you reached the end of the maze, you turn left and right again.

Both are gentle curves that lead to a dead-end, their final destination.

They can’t escape once they reach this place.

「Incidentally, the dead end is called the basin」

I point and said.

「I see. Still, look at those fishes getting caught in the maze!」

Arisa let it slide without showing any interest.

Everyone else shouted in delight as they watch the fish getting lured into the basin.

「Now we can catch fish even if we’re not as good as Arisa. You can catch a whole herd in one go and so it’s much more convenient than fishing」

「We won’t have a problem with food now!」

「As expected of Shinomiya-sama」

「But still, I like fishing」

「Arisa can still do sea fishing. You like the sea better, don’t you?」

「But it’s much easier in rivers!」

After that, we returned with the jar of fishes we caught.

The construction of the fishery consumed the whole day but it’s very much worth it.

The prospect of a stable supply of river fish means that we have leeway in our food.


  1. Achievement Unlocked, this is the part where she kills you
  2. It’s read as Eri