Easy Survival Life Chapter 068. Star Beautician



After we got impressed by the milk, we spread out to do our work.

Or so I thought.

「 You’re just Tanaka, and yet you’re being cocky 」

「 Dyufufu, it can’t be helped! That’s how it is 」

「 I’ll give everyone a cut so don’t shout 」

The girls, apart from Sofia and Amane, are having an argument with Tanaka.

Everyone’s getting their hair cut by Ono Shiori.

Tanaka’s the first one and so Arisa’s complaining.

「 You say so, but my favorite is Himeko-tan! 」

「 Huh, really? It’s in one of those famous series, right? 」

「 Of course! Himeko-tan is one of them and she appeared in the fourth season- 」

Once again, I’m impressed by Shiori’s communication power who’s actually a charismatic hairdresser.

He’s having a lighthearted conversation about Tanaka’s geekiness, which is something she has no interest in.

If it was us, then we’d just reply “I see,” or “That’s nice.”

「 Shiori-dono, let’s talk more about anime sometimes! 」

「 Hey, keep talking to yourself! If you’re done then get your ass off! 」

Tanaka’s cut is over, and so Arisa squeezes in as she’s next in line.

Shooing away Tanaka with her hand, she sat down on the huge log.

Then, she puts on the cutting cape Tanaka was wearing earlier.

The cape is used to keep the hair away from the clothes.

We decided to use spare clothing for that.

「 Do you want the usual? 」

Shiori asks. Arisa affirms in a polite language for some reason.

「 We’re in the same age so you don’t have to be so formal 」

「 Then, can I call you Shiori? 」

「 Of course. I’ll call you Arisa, instead of Arisa-chan 」

「 Okay! 」

Arisa shows an innocent smile like she’s a tiny child.

She seems happy that Shiori’s giving her a cut.

From what I heard, Shiori’s shop is popular among the JKs.

To be precise, it’s a beauty salon called “Oh NO!” that her parents manage.

In addition to the main store, they also have a branch store, and both of them are popular.

Sofia, a rich girl, and Amane aside. They have a lot of regulars.

「 Hinako-chan came on the main and branch office, right? 」

「 Yes, you remember that? 」

「 Of course, I don’t forget the faces of customers I had 」

Shiori then added, “I’m still unlicensed though”

According to the girls, she’s quite skilled, but not yet licensed.

She cant get it now because she doesn’t meet the requirements yet.

「 Even so, Hinako-chan’s aura has changed 」

「 Really? 」

「 You’re much more cheerful than before. Did something happen since coming to this island? 」

「 Err, that’s… 」

「 Ahaha, if you’re embarrassed then you don’t have to tell me 」

「 Uuuu, but, yes, something good happened! 」

「 I see. That’s great 」

Meanwhile, Hinako, who was at the end of the line, finished her cut.

I watched in a daze as the girls get their haircut.

As soon as their cut is finished, everyone checked the finished product on the mirror Shiori brought with her.

Then, they nod their heads with the happiest expression in their faces, and went about their tasks.

「 I see. I didn’t get a single thing 」

I couldn’t understand Shiori’s technique at all.

Sure, Tanaka had a cut and he looked refreshed, but I didn’t get the girls at all.

Especially Eri and Meiko who had long hair. I almost asked “What changed?”

But still, they look like they were in a good mood

「 Are you getting a cut too, Hokage-kun? 」

Seeing that she has no more customers, Shiori faced me.

She holds the scissors against the comb and removes the hair.

「 Since we have the opportunity, sure. 」

「 Okay 」

I sat down on the log and Shiori immediately started working on the same thing I saw so many times.

First, she fiddle around with my hair, checking the quality and the length.

Then, she asks what I want.

「 Just cut it short. I only go for the 1000 yen cuts so I don’t know what’s fashionable. I’ll let you take care of it 」

People like me and Tanaka, who are called shadow characters are too lazy to groom ourselves.

Shiori’s salon charges 5000 yen per cut, but Tanaka and I only go for 1000 yen cut salons.

They cut for ten minutes and it’s done. Just like a hairliner.

「 Got it 」

Shiori’s using various tools as she gives me a cut.

「 The girls say that Shiori’s a great stylist 」

「 I think that I’m good at my age, but saying that I’m charismatic is an exaggeration 」

「 I don’t know much but how is it different from the cheap cuts? 」

I asked her bluntly.

This is my first time talking while getting a haircut.

Usually, I just keep quiet.

「 Hokage-kun and Tanaka-kun’s 1000 yen cut is from the barber’s shop, and it’s completely different from the hair salon I work at. So it’s hard to make a comparison in tech. I don’t know much about barbers, so all I can say is that my knowledge of them is based on the prices and classifications. Sorry for the dumb reply 」

I shook my head a bit.

I’ll interfere with her work if I shook too much.

「 Then, what’s the difference between barber shops and beauty parlors? 」

「 In terms of finished products, barber shops cut the hair so that it looks good without having to do complicated setups. So, the haircuts from barber shops only need a little waxing and sometimes, nothing at all. As for beauty salons, you need to set it with wax and make it stiff 」

「 I see. 」

「 Also, the legal difference would be the razor blades. Barbers can shave faces, but beauticians can’t 」

「 I see. Speaking of which, most barbers have face shaving. They don’t shave your face on a thousand yen cut, nor a blow dryer, or shampoo 」

「 It’s a matter of turnover rates 」

After that, I continued our conversation until my cut was finished.

I haven’t been aware of it but Shiori was bringing a good conversation.

That’s why when Shiori said “Okay, we’re done,” we didn’t stop talking.

So this is the true power of star beauticians? Scary.

「 Thanks, Shiori 」

「 Likewise. Let’s take a short break, then can you give me a quick rundown of what we do around here? 」

「 Sure. I gave you a quick introduction of the hideout and the pasture. I’ll give you the details and a skill test tomorrow. After that, Karin will teach you the easy to learn stuff so don’t worry too much 」

I gave Shiori a quick tour until nightfall.