Easy Survival Life Chapter 069 Spreading the Futon



The long-awaited milk is perfected.

The star beautician who hides her face Ono Shiori has joined in.

After the successive surprises, there’s still a final surprise after dinner today.

「 「 「 「  Uoooooooohhhh!!!  」 」 」 」

Sofia and Meiko’s unveiling of the futon excited everyone.

The futon was different from the ones used in the past, which were just straw mats on sheets.

This one is a modern futon that our grandparents would use.

「 Amazing! When did you make these? 」

Arisa’s excited.

The others are the same as her.

I’m the only one who isn’t fazed by it as I already know beforehand.

「 I used to make them after work or during weekends in secret 」

「 I worked on secret that Hinako didn’t even know about it just to surprise everyone 」

Sofia and Meiko smiled proudly.

「 We can now say goodbye to the old futon we’re using 」

「 Still, to think that you even prepared one for me 」

Shiori’s impressed.

Her eyes look like it’s about to cry.

「 Meiko-san and I did our best. Be sure to treasure it 」

「 Of course! I’ll give Sofia-san’s hair a cut as my thanks next time 」

「 Yes, thank you 」

We folded the straw mat we’ve been using so far and put it on the corner.

We didn’t dismantle it as we might use it in the future.

「 It’s different from the beddings we had so far 」

「 This one’s gentle on your hips 」

Mana and Eri got into the bed and grinned.

The others also checked the comfort of the modern futon and praised it.

「 For me, just having bedding is already awesome but… 」

Shiori, the new member was impressed by the futon.

She’d been sleeping on the ground until now after all. Leaning against the tree.

Her uniform that hadn’t been washed at all was far dirtier than ours.

「 We have Hokage with us after all 」

Mana said.

「 Without Shinomiya-dono, then it would’ve been hard for us too 」

「 We’re no match for him 」

They all praise me.

I’m happy, but it gets itchy if you go further than that.

「 I’m glad I failed in suicide. I regret doing it now 」

Shiori smiled.

September 2. Monday.

After a weekend of surprises. Labor day begins.

「 Morning! 」

I woke up from the sound of white legs making noise.

「 Good morning, Shinomiya Hokage 」

Amane woke up at the same time as me.

I greeted her back, she washed her face and went outside.

Looks like she’s checking the perimeter.

「 Well, should I check out the chickens? 」

Following Amane, I left the hideout as well.

I went to the pasture to check on the animals.

Nothing weird on the cows and chickens.

I checked on the paddy and confirmed that the ducks are fine.

「 The wheat field…not yet 」

The wheat field is still an empty field for now.

If we follow the schedule, then they’ll start sprouting in a week.

Treading wheat is scheduled to begin at the end of September.

「 Hokage-kun, morning 」

I hear a voice from behind me.

Turning around and I find Shiori standing there.

She’s wearing the clothes Meiko made for her.

Her uniform is in the laundry.

「 It’s been a while since I woke up feeling this refreshed 」

「 The environment in the hideout is the best after all 」

「 There’s also my environment before being the worst 」

Shiori’s face still looks as tired as yesterday.

Her eye bags look amazing.

「 How’s your health? It looked like you had a hard time 」

「 I’m fine 」

「 Sure, but don’t push yourself too hard for now and take some rest 」

「 Yeah, thank you for the consideration 」

「 It’s not just that, it’s also for our own good 」

「 Really? 」

「 Having a healthy body is the most important thing here. That’s why if one’s not feeling well, I ask them to rest at the hideout. Especially when women have that 」

「 That? 」

Shiori tilted her head.

I use the term Karin told me.

「 The monthly thing 」

I conveyed.

Shiori went “Oh,” and understood it right away.

「 If it’s menstruation, then I’m fine. As for the dark circles in my eyes, I’ve had them even before coming to this world. It’s like old people’s sore muscles, they’ll recover slowly so don’t worry too much about it 」

「 Okay 」

Shiori looked around and asked me.

「 I feel like this place is already complete but is there more work that needs to be done? 」

「 A lot. For example, today we’re going to build a barn and a chicken coop 」

「 What’s that? 」

「 Basically a home for the cows and chicken 」

「 You mean those things at the ranch? 」

「 Yes, that. Although, it won’t be as grand as those. After all, it’s hard to build. I want to make a shelter for them when it rains. Just like humans, it’s bad for animals to be exposed to rain in long times 」

「 I see 」

「 But Shiori’s right, we’re finished on the main part. What’s left is brushing it up. Like I said earlier, we can build shelters for cows, clothes other than this so people can enjoy dressing up 」

「 ………… 」

Shiori didn’t respond.

What’s wrong? I looked at her face and she’s shedding tears.

「 Did I say something wrong? 」

I’m confused as a woman’s crying.

Especially when I don’t know the reason why.

「 No, you didn’t 」

Shiori wipes off her tears.

「 I just find it amazing. You plan for the future and do a great job at it. Furthermore, you’re still serious about going back to Japan, right? It’s not just a dream, but a plan, a serious one. I think that’s amazing.

Compared to that, I didn’t even try to live, I gave up on everything and tried to take my life. I thought that I was an adult because I was working in a store but it seems that I was too weak inside. I felt so painfully aware that I started to cry out of pity for myself. I’m so weak 」

I remained silent.

I couldn’t find the right words to say.

Instead, I gave Shiori a tight hug.

I hugged her for a while and spoke.

「 Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. It just happened that I came in handy here. That doesn’t mean that I’m better than Shiori. Besides, Shiori’s skill in the haircut is already vital to us. It’s clear when you look how happy the girls are. So, I can’t say it that well, but don’t depreciate yourself 」

「 Thanks, you’re so kind, Hokage-kun 」

「 Haha, I hear that a lot 」

I say while laughing and Shiori finally laughed.

「 Well then, let’s collect the eggs and go back 」

「 Yeah 」

We split up collecting the eggs from the boxes.

The newly captured chickens also laid their eggs in good health.

Thanks to that, we have thirty eggs to eat.

「 I’m looking forward to the egg dishes today as well 」

I licked my lips imagining what kind of food Eri would cook.