Easy Survival Life Chapter 071 How to Tan a Leather



「 Animal skins harden and rot if left unattended. The work to prevent that is called tanning. Whether it’s a rabbit or wild boar, I always smoked and store the skin I peeled, see? That kind of work is included in the tanning process. The exact name is smoking tannery. Several types of tanning methods greatly change the properties of the leather itself.

I explain to Meiko at the back of the hideout where the leather stockpile is placed.

「 So what we have here isn’t the skin of the animal but a leather product 」

Meiko doesn’t respond.

Instead, I hear some lewd sounds.

Right, Meiko’s fellating me right now.

I sit on the stacked leather and stare at Meiko below.

Meiko’s kneeling in front of me, still wearing her clothes, sucking on my penis gently.

Sometimes, she lifts the glans with her hand and licks the underside.

Meiko’s the one who asked for this.

「 Since we’re going to have a talk, it’s better if we’re both feeling good, right? 」

I replied “Let’s do it” immediately.

I don’t know what Meiko’s inviting me over but I don’t mind.

Perhaps that was the aura coming from me.

The aura of wanting a blowjob.

「 Although, the leather in this pile is hard as-is. The kind of leather Meiko buys at the store is made through the method of chrome tanning, that’s why it’s soft. We can’t go for the same level, but if we want to be close to its softness…Oho 」

I paused.

I moaned and trembled from Meiko’s tongue.

I think her hair gets ruffled a bit, she turned it up with her hand.

That gesture was fascinating.

「 How to make it soft? 」

Meiko asks me to continue.

I stopped talking so she stopped fellating.

What a woman. I continued talking.

「 W-We need to unravel the fibers. You beat it with wooden sticks, oil, then rub it. I think even modern leather goods do that sometimes? 」

「 That’s true 」

Jupo, jupo.

「 I think Meiko knows more about the softening process than I do. I only have the knowledge but I hardly have any experience in the real thing. That’s why I’m teaching you only the absolute basics of tanning. Since you already know about smoke tanning, the other two types are vegetable tannin tanning and oil tanning. I don’t know anything about chrome tanning 」

「 I think I know that name at least 」

Jupo, jupo.

「 Ugh. You know about Tannin? 」

「 Yes, yes 」

「 Vegetable tanning is a process involving soaking in tannin extract from plants. Also, if we’re using oil tanning then we’ll use fish oil 」

「 I see. I thought it would need more work 」

「 The kind of leather they sell at stores shows no animal-likeness at all. I’ve seen cowhide too but it didn’t have a single trace of the cow on it. That’s why I can understand how you feel. 」

The lesson on leather comes to an end.

「 I find it troublesome work so I just smoked and tanned them but I guess we can use these for other different things 」

「 Yes, I’ll do that 」

Her fellatio is about to end as the lesson is too.

「 Is it because we’re talking? You seem more persistent this time 」

Meiko smiles, licking the back of the glans with intense tongue movements.

「 Having a lot of experience got me strong- 」


I ejaculated while talking.

My semen splashed on Meiko’s face.

「 Not strong at all 」

Meiko looked up at me with a face filled with semen.

「 I meant that it’s stronger if I persevere 」

「 Geez. I have to wash my face or it’ll get smelly 」

Meiko scoops the semen on her face and licks it off.

「 Should I return the favor? 」

「 Sure, but do we have time? 」

「 True. It’s going to be suspicious unless we return now 」

The handicraft team is working near the entrance of the hideout.

It’s a good distance from here but if we’re late then they’ll get suspicious.

(But, going back like this is quite…)

I regret it now.

I didn’t time my ejaculation right.

I feel lacking since I’m suddenly caught off guard and discharged.

(I want to go for another…one more round.)

「 Finally took them out. I don’t know other boys so I can’t compare but Shinomiya-kun, you ejaculate too much 」

Meiko sighs and tried to stand up.

But, I stopped her.

I pushed her shoulders down and kept her kneeling.

「 I’m still horny 」

「 Huh, but the time… 」

「 Don’t worry. This time I’ll just use my hand 」

I reach my penis on Meiko’s face and stroke it with my hand.

As expected, the stimulus is different when you do it with your hand, you can pinpoint it.

My penis was about to wilt, swells up again, and became erect once again.

Meiko turned her face to me and closed her eyes.

I turned my glans on her face and she slowly opened her mouth.

But after figuring out that I won’t put it in her mouth, she closed it.

「 Aaaah, cumming, cumming!! 」

A few minutes after ejaculation, I’m rising up again.

「 Sure 」

Meiko said and opened her mouth.

I shoved my penis on her mouth and stood up.

I grabbed the back of her head and shook my hips.

「 Hgu, hmm, hmm 」

Meiko’s breathing through her mouth.

I can feel the heat of her breath through my penis.

「 I can’t hold it! Cumming!! 」

This time, I’m sure of the timing of my ejaculation.

I pull my dick out of Meiko’s mouth and give it a strong stroke.

Then, I ejaculated easily.

「 Phew 」

I’m overwhelmed with satisfaction.

Meiko on the other hand is glaring at me resentfully.

「 You poured it on my face again 」

Yes, I smeared her face with semen again.

She just licked it off from her face earlier.

「 I think that’s really sexy 」

「 There’s no point in saying that. This is trouble 」

Meiko puffs her cheeks saying “Geez,” and licking away the semen.