Easy Survival Life Chapter 070. Dug Out



After eating our delicious breakfast…

「 It’s the delicious food that Eri makes that keeps me going 」

I muttered my thoughts.

Then, Eri blushed and looked down in embarrassment.

「 Thanks 」

「 What kind of guy starts hitting on girls out of the blue?! 」

Arisa joked.

Tanaka grunted, “It’s scandalous!”

Oh geez. I sighed.

「 As for today’s work, everyone already

Our maximum priority is the cowshed and poultry house. I’m making the chicken coop so use it as the reference for the cowshed. An interior design would be different in modern times but here, the shed will just be a larger version of the chicken coop. If you have time, then help out the handicraft group or harvest ingredients 」

「 「 「 「  Roger!  」 」 」 」

「 Karin, teach Shiori the work she can do 」

「 Got it! 」

Shiori bows.

Karin nods saying “Leave this to me”

「 Unlike the fifth-ranked boys, the fifth-ranked woman seems to be talented so she will be strong in a few days 」

I already have a grasp of Shiori’s skills.

For example, she’s excellent at starting a fire.

She completed both methods without much effort.

Perhaps she’ll soon learn how to make earthenware and bronzewares.

As far as I can see, she’s skilled with her hands so I have high hopes for her future.

「 Good, now let’s split up into construction and craft teams and go to work! 」

「 「 「 「  Ooooh!!!  」 」 」 」

I led the construction team out of the hideout.

The construction team consists of five guys including me and Arisa.

I’m supervising until the chicken coop is built then Arisa will take over.

「 We’ll use a dugout for chicken coops and cowsheds 」

I explain in front of the pasture.

「 Ooh! A house from the Jumon era! 」

「 Is that why you dug a hole? Muscle! 」

「 That’s right 」

The construction of a dugout is simple.

First, build a skeletal structure.

Dig a hole about 30 cm in the ground in the area that’ll become the interior.

Next, stick wood to the four corners of the hole dug out to serve as the support.

Then, hang a wooden board on each post.

Now the inner framework is complete.

What’s left is the finishing touches.

The wood is hung in a radial pattern along with the skeleton.

Then, we place a roofing material to make it look like a pit dwelling.

For roofing material, it’s best to use straw or dried reeds.

Although, the roofing material tends to fly off if left alone so it’s covered with soil.

The soil from digging should be able to cover it up.

「 And that’s the finished product 」

I had the materials prepared beforehand so it was easy.

Since it’s a chicken coop and only the size of one chicken, I can make it alone.

「 That was amazing! You completed it in no time! 」

Arisa watched me do work excitedly.

The boys were beyond excited and were speechless.

Tanaka mutters “This is quite a feat”

「 If it’s so easy to make then let’s make our own houses! 」

「 It’s not bad, but that’s a low priority for us. The hideout is comfortable and there’s a lack of building materials. Muscle and I are the only ones who can cut down trees for a house properly 」

The weakness of a team is the main force is women is physical labor.

Cutting down trees is inevitably incompatible with our women members.

Even Amane can’t chop off a thick tree with a hand knife.

That’s why we take time in preparing building materials.

「 How about we let Muscle do the lumber work from today onwards? 」

「 I got this muscle! 」

「 The rest of the men will be under Arisa’s command in building the cow shed 」

「 Oh yeah! Now don’t hold back you otakus!! 」

Arisa took a bamboo stick out of nowhere and slapped Tanaka and the boy’s asses.

Slap, that was a nice sound.

「 Hey, don’t be violent on your subordinates 」

I tried to stop Arisa from thinking that she’s getting caught up in the moment.

But… I changed my mind after seeing Tanaka’s reaction.

「 Uhihi! Thank you for the tough love! 」

「 I’m overflowing with motivation! 」

「 Ahin! I can’t get enough! Over! 」

Seems like the bastards are happy that Arisa’s slapping their asses.

They’re salivating in ecstasy as if they’re about to cum.

Tanaka, Kageyama, and Yoshiokada took Arisa’s spanking.

Seems like Muscle Takahashi is excluded from the attack, and of course, me as well.

Seems like Muscle is on my side.

「 They’re perverts 」

From a healthy person’s perspective, it’s shocking to see Tanaka and the boys on the perverted side.

Apart from the construction team, there’s handicraft, education, cooking, and recon.

Amane’s on recon, and Eri’s the sole cook.

Karin and Shiori are on the education team.

I returned to the hideout and checked on the handicraft team.

「 Mana’s procuring rubber? 」

The handicraft team consists of Meiko, Hinako, Sofia, and Mana.

However, there are only three of them, Mana’s out.

Meiko replies as the representative of the group.

「 She’s getting the monkeys to help her collect it 」

「 Shoemaking is reaching its climax, it seems like we’re about to finish today 」

We’ll have two pairs of shoes for everyone.

Including the tattered slippers, we have three pairs.

They’re already done with the first pair and they’re working on the spare one.

「 Shinomiya-kun, how about your side? Is the construction doing well? 」

「 It is. Doing a pit dwelling is easy after all. The cow shed should be finished once the day is over 」

「 That’s fast 」

「 It’s not as great as handicrafts. So, anything I can do to help? 」

「 Well, I want you to teach me something, do you mind? 」

「 Me? Teach handicrafts to Meiko? 」

「 Yes 」

That’s a surprise.

When it comes to handicrafts, Meiko’s much more skilled than me.,

The knowledge itself is probably equal but our work efficiency is very different.

That’s why I thought I have nothing to teach her.

「 When I’m done in shoemaking, I’m thinking of starting working on leather goods. 」

「 Leather goods? 」

「 You know the rabbit and wild boar pelts we have left over? I’m thinking of processing them into leather products. I haven’t thought about what exactly I want to make yet though 」

「 That’s great. It would be nice if you can make a coat or something. We have our summer uniforms, and breathable open clothing, and that’s going to be a tough winter

I’m impressed that they have finally expanded to leather products.

「 But, I don’t know how to turn animal skin into leather. I mean, I’m embarrassed to say but I don’t even know the difference between leather and skin. I usually bought things that are already leather 」

「 I see, so you want to know how to tan the pelt? 」

「 I thought that Shinomiya-kun knows, do you? 」

「 I do 」

「 As expected. Then please teach me 」

「 Sure. That said, the pelt stored in the hideout are easy to prepare, that’s also part of the tanning process anyway. Anyway, I’ll take that into account as well 」

Meiko and I went to the place where we store the pelts.