Easy Survival Life Chapter 073 Cowshed and Lunch Box



An hour before and I’m excited about the Miso soup dinner.

「Hokage, it’s done!」

Arisa who’s helping Eri in the hideout has come.

「I’m looking forward to the Miso soup」


I left the rest of the work to Eri and head out with Arisa.

I continued walking with Arisa to the pasture.

「Ooh! It’s complete now! That was faster than I thought!」

「It’s a piece of cake with me in charge!」

The pit dwelling or cowshed has been completed.

Three cows were pacing in and out of the shed.

I think they’re saying “Dahell is dis?”

「I’m already at my limit」

「I wish for a holiday!」

「I can’t move my arms. Over」

The men who did the construction work are exhausted.

Their whole body is dripping in sweat like a waterfall, kneeling on the ground.

「The otakus sure don’t have a lot of stamina」

Arisa speaks with a fed-up tone.

Muscle Takahashi nods and says “I agree, muscle”

「How about you Arisa? You look lively, did you do work?」

「Of course」

「Really? You don’t seem tired at all」

「Arisa-san did her job, muscle!」

Takahashi backed Arisa.

「If that’s what Takahashi says」

「Hey, hey, hey hey! Why can’t you trust me?」

「Well, you’re too energetic…」

「N-Nikotama-dono sure did her work」

「I’m ashamed to say but it’s just that we don’t have enough stamina」

I’m shocked, asking “seriously?”

Arisa, the girl is still energetic, while the boys are exhausted.

Except for Muscle Takahashi, the men in our group are weak and ineffective.

「Ooh, the cowshed and coop are complete? That’s fast」

Karin comes over while we’re having the conversation.

Behind her is Shiori.

Seems like their work is done today as well.

「Making these all in just one day is amazing」

Shiori said. Tanaka got his vigor back.

「That’s right! That’s right! We did our best!」

Shiori smiled wryly.

The boys and I smiled wryly thinking “So easy to figure out.”

Seems like Tanaka’s taken a liking to Shiori now.

The conversation they had during the haircut made him fall in love.

But, this is another impossible dream. Poor boy.

「How’s your side?」

I asked Karin.

「Shiori’s excellent. She’s good with her hands so she’s mastered most of the tasks already. I think she’s efficient when dealing with large numbers. Although, she’s bad at remembering, so she’s not suited in gathering food」

That’s easy to understand report.

「It’s all the same mushroom to me」

Shiori bows her head apologetically.

「Well, it’s just hard to distinguish edible plants and mushrooms from the other. Boars can distinguish using smell, but we can’t do that. But if you’re doing well in other work, that should be fine. We’re already moving to homegrown food ophase」

Karin laughed and said “I had the same opinion”

「There’s still time before dinner so I’ll leave the rest of the work to you」

「「「「 Roger 」」」」

The construction and training group disbanded.

「Shinomiya-kun, can I ask you something?」

Shiori talks to me after everyone scattered.

「What’s up?」

「Is it okay to use the soap Shinomiya-kun made to wash my lunch box? I saw you use it to wash dishes so I want to use it to wash my lunch box」

「Huh, you had a lunch box with you Shiori?」

「My parents always push me to carry one」

「I see. Still, that’s rare」

The school we attend puts effort into their cafeteria.

It’s cheaper compared to home cooking, yet it’s also tasty, and you can adjust the quantity.

Also, the cafeteria’s huge, it has enough room for the entire school to gather.

Therefore, almost all the students in our school buy food from the cafeteria.

The school also claims that they don’t require students to pack their lunch.

That’s why it’s rare to see that Shiori actually has a lunch box.

「It’s easy to make soap so you can use them as much as you want. Rather, I’m sorry that you can’t have separate soap for dishes and the body. Well, I’m making them separately, but the ingredients are just the same」

「That’s not true. Having soap is already a huge difference. I’ll use them then, thanks」

「The soap I made for dishes is under Eri’s care so just call her out」

「Got it!」

Shiori went back to the hideout.

I’m also done with my work so I’m going back.

Next day.

September 3, Tuesday

It’s 48 days since we got Isekai.

The weather today is- rainy.

「In Japan, you can’t imagine taking a day off because it’s raining like this,」 Mana said.

I nodded and continued;

「But, it’s bad if we catch colds in the rain」

Even if it’s raining, it’s not that strong.

It’s strong enough not to get called a drizzle but weaker than heavy rain.

It’s the same level of rain where you can use an umbrella to defend yourself if you’re in Japan.

The wind is quite strong but not strong enough to be called a storm.

Even so, we’re taking a break in the hideout.

We’re free to do whatever we want, but most of the work had to be inside the hideout.

Helping Eri in cooking, or helping Meiko in handicrafts.

I’m sitting with Mana near the entrance.

There’s a U-shaped area carved by the marine erosion as we enter the hideout.

We sit there, legs dangling to the ocean.

「「「「 Ukikiki!!! 」」」」

As we gaze out at the sea, the monkey army has arrived.

I can vaguely tell that it’s Rita who’s on the lead.

They all have the same face, but Rita’s the one that I can recognize.

The monkeys bring over various food.

Fruits, mushrooms, nuts.

Then, they put them all in front of Mana.

「Are you giving these to me?」


Rita nods.

「Thank you!」

Mana bounced up and stood up.

Rita, who had been waiting, jumped to her.

First, clinging to Mana’s legs, and then going up.

Then, he buries his face on Mana’s breasts and sends me a grinning look.

It’s as if he’s telling me, “You must be jelly?”

I am.

「Since it’s a rare opportunity, why don’t we eat together」

Mana speaks gently and the monkey army cheers.

Some of them are making a triumphant pose like a human.

「Then, I’ll put the fruits you gave me to a bowl」

Mana’s trying to move her body while talking when…


Mana stepped on one of the nuts the monkey army gave her.

It rolled on the floor and went to her sole.


Mana went off balance.

Her upper body is turned to the sea.


I reach out my hand in a hurry.

I won’t make it. My intuition tells me.

Mana seems to have thought the same.


She made the split-second decision and pulled Rita off her.

Then, she tossed Rita to me, and she fell to the sea.


Those who were working got up in a hurry.

「Grab in that boat!」

There’s a wooden boat near the spot Mana fell in

I often use that one for diving

「Geho, geho」

Mana swallowed seawater but she somehow managed to hold onto the boat.


Everyone’s relieved.

But, the problem isn’t over yet


Mana’s surprised.

We’re also surprised.

「H-Hey! This is bad you know!!」

Arisa shouts.

The boat is moving.

The waves from the ocean are pulling the boat.

The boats anchored in our hideout drift out in a blink of an eye.

Naturally, Mana’s unable to get on the boat because it’s moving very fast.

She’s grabbing on the edge.

「This is bad, this is bad, this is bad!」

Someone shouted.

I don’t know who.

That’s not the point.

「I’ll come and help you」

I got naked on the spot and jumped to the sea.