Easy Survival Life Chapter 074 Sea Crisis



Swimming in the rough sea made me remember Mizuno.

He’s the Japanese representative in the triathlon, a member of our group.

If it were Mizuno, he might be able to swim easily across these waves.

But, I can’t swim to that extent. So it’s hard.

(I dived out of the momentum but this is not going well)

I crawled with all my strength and went for the boat Mana’s clinging on.

I move forward, not thinking about the waves and their impact.

Still, I’m slowly closing the distance.

「 I’m sorry. Hokage, I’m sorry 」

Mana’s apologizing.

I want to respond, but I had no room for that.

I continued to swim recklessly.


I somehow managed to reach the boat.

I hold to the other side.

「 Mana, let’s get your feet back to the hideout. 」

「 Okay 」

I desperately flapped my legs.

However, the force of the waves was stronger, it only goes in the opposite direction.

「 It can’t be helped then, let’s abandon the boat 」

The boat is a valuable item.

But, it’s just a small one, I can make it in a day.

It won’t hurt too much if we abandon it

「 No! 」

But, Mana shook her head

「 Why? 」

「 I can’t swim 」

「 Do you sink? 」

「 Not that bad, but I don’t think I can swim against this current 」

「 Are you sure? 」

「 I am. I’ll drown as soon as I let go 」

「 Seriously? 」

Speaking of which, Mana does skip swimming lessons.

Even Eri and Karin who skips classes like her do swim.

But Mana’s the only one I never saw swimming.

I thought that she just hated pools, but it seems that she’s bad at it.

「 Still, it’s going to be bad if we stay here 」

Our current situation is extremely dangerous.

Even if you can’t swim, we need to go back to the hideout.

「 Get in the boat 」

「 Huh? How? 」

「 First, I’ll get on. Then, Mana can get on it too. I’ll help you 」

「 O-Okay! 」

The boat has oars.

If we row that, we might be able to overcome the waves.

「 It’s going to be a bit bumpy but don’t let it knock you off 」

I speak while trying to embark on the ship

First, I use my right leg to get on the boat.

Then, I moved my weight and turned to my upper half.

The boat shakes.

「 Woah! 」

Mana shouts.

「 Are you okay? 」

「 Somehow 」

「 Good, Now get in Mana 」

I stretched out my hand and grabbed Mana’s left arm.

「 Hey, you’re naked. You’re going to catch a cold! 」

「 We’ll think about it when the time comes. Come here! 」

I pulled Mana with all my strength

The boat shakes again, but Mana got on the boat.

However, we found a new problem now.

「 Hey?! Mana?! 」

「 Fuea?! Waaa 」

After pulling Mana up with great force, she fell on the boat.

Then, her face stopped right on top of my penis.

Mana shouts as my penis gets erect.

「 Why are you getting hard?! 」

「 It will if your face touches it! 」

「 But this situation 」

「 That’s what it means to be a man 」

Mana screams, but she’s not getting up.

Her face is still close to my dick.

「 Oars are easier to row with just one person, right? 」

Mana asks while staring at my penis.

「 Well yeah. It’s stronger when two people row together, but if it’s not synced then it’s hard to get it straight 」

「 Then, start rowing, Hokage 」

Mana said and put my penis in her mouth.

She sucked a big one and looked at me with a grin on her face.

「 I’ll cheer you up, Hokage 」

「 ………… 」

Mana’s more intense in fellating than usual.

Jururi, jururi, I hear lewd sounds.

「 Tsk, can’t help it then 」

I started rowing the oars as fast as I can to the hideout.

The waves were strong and the boat didn’t get that far.

Even so, we’re closing in.

「 I think the guys at the hideout should be seeing us now 」

It’s unfortunate but that’s the end of her fellatio.

I say that after ejaculating inside Mana’s mouth for the third time.


Mana drank all of my semen.

She showed me the inside of her mouth before drinking it.

I’m the one who told her to do that.

「 I’ll row from here now 」

「 Yeah, thanks 」

I handed the oars to Mana.

However, that’s where the new problem comes in

「 「 Ah 」 」

I failed to give it to her.

The oar slipped out of Mana’s hand and is now moving to the sea.

Unlike the boat, it moves quickly, and we can’t recover it now.

「 What do I do? 」

「 We have a spare…wait, that was the spare now that I think about it 」

Now we only have one oar.

We can move forward if we paddle left and right alternately, but that’s only when the wind is right.

Even if we try it out, it’s not going to be strong enough to maintain the status quo.

「 It can’t be helped then, I’ll push it while swimming. Mana, row alternately 」

Now that we’re in this, let’s just join up.

I jumped to the water and put the tip of the boat against my right shoulder.

I flapped my legs that way.

Then, Mana also rowed her oars.

(I can’t…it’s hard)

Propelling my legs won’t be enough.

The waves force us back, we can’t move forward.

We’re not going backward, but it’s meaningless if we can’t move forward either.

「 Hokage, what do I do 」

「 Don’t give up! This is the only way for us 」

We can’t call our friends because they’re too far.

That said, we have no other way.

If that’s the case, there’s nothing but to prepare for our deaths.

「 Move!!!!! 」

I shouted, but the reality is cruel.

The rain has ended, but there’s no sign of the wind slowing down.

(I can’t go on)

Even I am about to give up on this.

That’s when…

「 Hokage, something’s coming behind you?! 」

Mana shouted.

I somehow managed to turn around while flapping my legs.

It’s hard to see without goggles, but I can tell what it is.

「 「 It’s a shark!! 」 」

Mana and I shouted.

Mana can see that the one approaching us is a shark.

「 Get in! Hokage! 」

Mana stops rowing and reaches for my hand.

But, I didn’t reach out for it.

「 They already know we’re here. If I get in the boat, they’ll just capsize us. If that happens, it’s death. Not just for me, but for Mana too. If so, then I’ll just sacrifice myself. Go forward, Mana 」

I’m aware that the shark is already approaching me.

If he’s about to attack, then I have no way to save myself.

As long as that’s settled, the only thing I can do is minimize the damage.

「 Hokage! You can’t! Hokage! 」

Mana shouts earnestly but that didn’t change my decision.

「 Go back to the hideout and warm yourself up. You’ll get colds if you don’t 」

I faced the shark and spread my limbs.

I don’t want to die being eaten by a shark, but I do want to die protecting my friends.