Easy Survival Life Chapter 077 Pepper Manufacturing



「 Huh? That’s pepper seeds? 」

Eri who saw the actual peppers had a reaction as I expected.

She’s surprised when I told her about the Capsicum plant when she wanted Chili.

By the way, the capsicum is put to good use.

「 You thought they were black? 」

「 Yep 」

「 Unfortunately, the right answer is green 」

It’s actually green when raw, before processing.

It has a different look that you can mistake for green peas.

Green peas have a darker hue so it’s a clear description of their appearance.

Pepper is actually attached in many thin long clusters.

It’s almost like a grape.

「 As you can see, you can’t call it black pepper like this 」

「 It’s not even black 」

「 So, we’re processing them, and the method is easier than saltwater pickling 」

「 How? 」

「 You just remove them from the tuft and sundry it 」

「 Okay, and then? 」

「 That’s all 」

「 Huh?! Just sundry and it’s over? 」

Eri’s even more surprised.

Her reaction is almost like something you’d see on those foreign mail order shows.

“Wow, is it that simple?!” Something like that

「 There are other ways to process pepper, such as white, or green pepper. I hear that there’s also pink pepper, but I don’t know about that 」

「 White pepper and green pepper, how different do they taste? 」

I reply to Eri who’s engrossed as I picked the pepper.

「 Generally speaking, white is mellower than black pepper. For example, using it on a white fish makes it have an elegant finish with white pepper instead of black. But to me, it’s the same 」

「 What’s green pepper? Green pepper?! 」

I show a wry smile.

Eri’s already got a lot of recipes in her head.

「 Green pepper is just less assertive than black. It’s refreshing. Besides, it has a green color so it’s used for appearances 」

「 I see! So, what’s the difference in making?! How easy it is to make both white and green pepper? 」

「 It’s easy. I mean, calm down. Also, help me out in the work 」

Eri finally realized her situation.

I’m the only one doing the work and she just keeps asking questions.

「 Oh, sorry, it really got me excited 」

「 I get that. You’re our head chef after all 」

「 It’s just fun to see everyone smile from the food I make 」

「 So kind 」

We continued our conversation while working.

We harvested quite a lot of pepper.

It’s not something we need to collect frequently.

Thinking about efficiency, harvesting once should be enough.

「 We’ll make these black pepper, and these green. And so, that one can be white pepper, right? 」

「 Yeah 」

「 Sure thing 」

Our division of labor in processing the pepper has started.

Well, processing them is just placing them on a bamboo sieve and leaving them there.

Just in case, I built a small enclosure for the wind.

The ratio of peppers was six black, two each for the others.

If you ask me, 4:3:3 would be my choice.

Unless you use it at a crazy rate, you’ll have plenty of leftovers.

「 Now we’re done! 」

「 Done too! Hokage-kun, thanks! 」

Our work is done.

Then, Eri remembered something and said “oh no”

「 I forgot to prepare lunch! 」

「 It’s okay to take a rest sometimes too 」

「 No, I’ll do it! besides, I have something I want to make 」

「 Something you want to make? 」

Eri grinned, saying “Lunch Box”

「 I saw Shiori washing her lunch box earlier and I thought… Right now, we’re all going back to the hideout to eat lunch but I’m thinking that if we have a lunch box, then we don’t have to go back 」

「 True. If they’re working nearby then they should be fine but Amane and Kageyama, the scouts tend to skip lunch. We can borrow the lunch box from Shiori or if we need more than one, then we can make them out of lacquerware 」

「 That’s it! That’s why I want to make a bento prototype 」

「 That’s a good idea. 」

Eri laughed and then continued the conversation as we go back to the hideout.

「 I guess I’ll go dive to the ocean and restock on kelp and seaweed 」

Eri sends me off and I began to take off my clothes on the beach.

But, I stopped while I was taking off my shirt.

Shiori has come.

「 Huh? I thought you were with Arisa and the girls fishing? 」

「 I was, but I can’t do it 」

「 Oh, earthworms? 」

「 Yes 」

Shiori makes a sour face.

「 I guess putting the earthworm to the pin is hard for women 」

「 I’m a city girl after all. There’s resistance and the embarrassment

「 I get that feeling 」

「 And so, what was Shinomiya-kun about to do? Are you going to dive? 」

「 Yeah, but if you need something then I’ll help you out 」

「 It’s not really much, I just want to swim in the sea 」

「 Then you’re welcome to swim all you want 」

「 I’ll be fine! I took swimming lessons when I was in elementary 」

「 Then there should be no problems 」

I continued taking off my clothes.

Seeing that, Shiori’s shocked.

「 I see. If we don’t have swimsuits then we have to be naked 」

「 Swimming clothed will only put you to danger. If you don’t like it then I’m going alone 」

「 It’s a little embarrassing. But, I want to swim 」

Shiori said “Don’t look,” and began taking off her clothes.

I want to do what she asks, but unfortunately, I can’t.

「 Hey! You’re staring hard! 」

「 You’d be in danger of getting separated in the sea, so you’d better get used to exposing your naked body 」

「 Ugh, I should’ve dieted if I knew this would happen 」

「 I think that your body is tight enough 」

Shiori’s body has a model figure.

Her height is good and her breasts are moderately big.

She’s hiding her breasts with both hands, just inviting me to get erect.

I’m able to prevent it right at the moment but if I get careless then I’ll get an erection.

(I want to lick that navel of hers. Oh shit, I’m getting erect if I continue thinking that way. Think of your Grandmother’s naked body. Grandmother, naked. Grandma naked. Grandma..phew 」

「 Thanks. But, I’ll be embarrassed if you stare too much 」

Shiori’s face blushes out of embarrassment.

「 Well, I guess that’s a natural reaction for them when they’re naked in front of a man. 」

The only one who’ll get naked without hesitation and embarrassment would be Amane.

Her embarrassed face looks cute but it seems that I stared too hard.

However, I can’t control my erection any longer so I gave up.

「 Well then, why don’t we dive in right away 」

I went and faced the sea, naked.

「 Oh, wait 」

Shiori stopped me.

「 What is it this time? 」

Turning around, I noticed it right away.

It was Shiori’s gesture that gave it away.

A gesture that something’s happening above her.

「 「 Goggles! 」 」

We overlapped.

「 Oh shit, I completely forgot about that 」

The goggles are in the hideout.

「 I’ll go get them 」

「 Huh? Wait? Shinomiya-kun, what about your clothes? 」

I replied, “There should be no problem, right?”

「 Everyone’s already seen me naked 」

Or so I thought, but I was mistaken.

「 Ah, Hokage-kun, welco-wait what the?! Why are you naked?! 」

「 Shinomiya-kun, isn’t that a bit too perverted? Over 」

Eri and Yoshiokada and the Asakura sisters who were in the middle of their handicraft work were all shocked.