Easy Survival Life Chapter 078 Nursing or Observing (R18)



The sea is truly fascinating

It’s like a natural aquarium with all kinds of fish, big and small.

「 This much wakame and kombu should be enough 」

「 Shinomiya-kun, let’s enjoy the sea a bit more 」

「 Sure 」

After delivering the wakame and kelp to our hideout, Shiori and I went back and dived to the sea.

Shiori seems to love to play with the fishes

She smiles happily as the fish puts its mouth to her finger.

Me, on the other hand.

(I beg you, don’t go too much)

–I’m playing with an orca

Earlier, it was a group of dolphins.

It was fun, but orcas are a bit scarier.

If you ask me, it’s got too much power.

Even if it’s just playing around, it can still result in someone’s death.

It can rub its body to you but hit you too hard that your organs rupture.

The problem is that orcas aren’t hostile.

Because there’s no hostility that the other side thinks that they’re just playing with us.

Even if you shoo them away, they won’t leave.

(Seems like it’s okay)

Orcas that pounced on me had a high level of understanding of humans.

They’re not doing any movement that could kill me if done poorly.

Gradually, I became relieved and became fond of it.

「 Look, Shiori 」

I talk to Shiori who’s surrounded by fishes in the sea in a good mood.

She looked my way and got surprised that her jaw almost fell off.

「 What are you doing? Shinomiya-kun 」

「 I’m not a dolphin rider but a killer whale rider! 」

I’m straddling on the orca.

The orca doesn’t hate it and is just staying docile.

「 Onwards! Go go!! 」

I gave the signal and the orca swam at a high speed.

「 Woah!!!!!! 」

Naturally, I can’t keep up.

I’m blown away from the orca’s body in a flash.

The orca turned back worriedly.

Then, it stopped in front of me so it won’t collide.

「 Sorry about that, humans are bad with the sea 」

I patted the orca’s body and mounted it again.

It’s lunchtime and our time playing at the sea was over.

After saying goodbye to the orcas and the fish, Shiori and I returned to the hideout.

「 It’s hard to believe that this is your first time 」

I evaluated the prototype lunch box Eri made.

The lunch box was made of lacquerware from here.

「 Eri-dono’s handmade lunch box. I’m moved! 」

「 If we’re eating this in school, we’d be normies already! 」

「 This is wonderful, muscle! 」

「 I can’t get enough, over 」

Dull bastards like us are vulnerable to women’s homemade lunchboxes.

Furthermore, the one making it is Eri, a beauty.

Our cheeks loosened thinking that we’re becoming normies in this world.

「 I’ll pack you all lunch from now on so be more comfortable with your recon missions 」

Eri said. Amane bowed and thanked her.

After lunch, we had a problem.

「 I had too much fun, sorry 」

「 Ocean is very draining in stamina so you should’ve gone easy on it 」

Shiori’s down.

It’s not like she caught colds or got sick.

It’s just that she’s too tired from playing too much in the sea.

That said, I can’t be careless.

Because the decline in physical strength increases the risk of disease.

Therefore, she’s going to take a rest.

I sat next to Shiori

Karin’s sitting on someone else’s futon.

「 It’s not like I’m ill so you don’t need to nurse me 」

「 It’s not nursing but observing. Just so you don’t run 」

「 That’s kind of you, Shinomiya-kun 」

「 Not really, just normal 」

Shiori cheeks loosened

Her tiredness gives her a fragile appearance.

That must be the reason why I unconsciously caressed her cheeks with my fingers.

「 Shinomiya-san, I’m sorry, I’m in a bit of a tense situation now making blueprints. If you want to make out, should I go to the back? Over 」

Yoshiokada speaks with a thorny voice.

His progress has been stuck at 80% for a while now.

I feel sorry that I remembered that.

「 Sorry for disturbing you. We’re moving out. It’s easier for Shiori to rest if it’s a little darker 」

I carried Shiori.

I tucked my arms under the mattress and lifted her with it.

「 Hey, Shinomiya-kun?! I can walk! 」

「 Don’t mind it. Just think of it as my thanks for the haircut 」

I carried Shiori with the futon, like a bride.

「 I’m happy but it’s embarrassing, but it doesn’t fit the mood because of the futon 」

「 Well, it’s trouble on its own if there’s a mood 」

I continued deeper inside the hideout.

We arrived at a comfortable spot where the breeze from the lake is going.

「 You sure get lost in the hideout 」

「 If there are no marks you’ll get lost 」

The walls of the hideout are meticulously marked.

We won’t get lost because of it but without it, it’s dangerous.

This place is intricate and vast.

We still haven’t explored every nook and cranny.

「 There we go 」

I laid Shiori down on the floor and sat next to her.

「 Shinomiya-kun, get in too 」

Shiori’s inviting me to lie down together.

「 I don’t mind but it’s gonna get cramped if I get in 」

The futon is just for a single person.

It’s just enough to fit Shiori.

It would be too cramped for me to be inside.

「 I don’t mind. I’m feeling sorry that I’m the only one lying down 」

「 If you say so… 」

I had no reason to refuse so I went into the futon.

Back then, I’d be already erect from this.

I mean, I’m going to be rock hard as soon as I got invited.

But seeing that it’s just half-erect now means that I’ve grown.

Who would’ve thought that I could become so sexually active in less than two months-Ugh

「 Wait, what are you? 」

「 Do you not want it? 」

Shiori’s showing a devilish smile, turning her body towards me.

Her hands went to my pants, touching my crotch.

「 I don’t hate it, but you’ll make it hard you know? 」

My penis got huge in an instant.

If I refuse here, it’ll be torture.

「 Well, if I don’t want to then I won’t be doing this 」

Rub, rub.

「 That’s true 」

It helps that she’s easy to talk to.

I threw off my reason and got on top of Shiori.

I held her wrist and lick her neck.

Meanwhile, she’s rubbing my erect dick.

「 But, why would you invite me? 」

「 I’m quite lustful. Once my life has settled down, I got horny. Then, Shinomiya-kun undressed right in front of me, see? That’s why I can’t stand it any longer 」

「 I guess women have different levels of lust too 」

「 Yeah 」

Our conversation ended on that.

After that, only sounds of moaning and rough breathing was heard.

We took off each other’s clothes, our skins touched, and we licked each other like beasts.

「 You won’t put it in? 」

As we continue to make each other feel good, Shiori asks me.

Her cheeks are flushed, her face is in ecstasy, and she’s dripping with saliva.

「 I didn’t bring any condom 」

「 It’s okay. I’m on pills because I have strong periods 」

「 ! 」

I don’t know what’s the relationship between pills and menses.

But, all I know is that if she says she’s drinking pills then it’s okay to creampie her.

「 Then, there should be no problem? 」

「 Yes. But, it’s my first time, so it might hurt. I hear that it does hurt 」

「 It’s okay, I’ve got experience even if I look like this 」

「 The girls in this place are all charmed by Shinomiya-kun after all 」

「 I don’t know about that, but well, that’s how it is 」

I spread Shiori’s pussy with my experienced hands.

After carefully wetting it down, I gently put it in my penis.

(How many girls did I deflower by now?)

I can’t recall the exact number to my surprise.

I joked about being a playboy, but now I seem like one.

「 Aaaaaaah, wow, this is amazing Shinomiya-kun! 」

「 Me too, this is amazing. Shiori’s tightness is unbelievable 」

「 Go, go deeper. Shinomiya-kun, it’s touching 」

As expected, sex is different.

No matter how much I lick her nipple, teasing her with my hand, that’s just foreplay.

It’s all just a build-up to the real thing where you put in the dick inside the pussy.

「 Go ahead, beg for it, Shiori 」

「 Cum! Cum inside me! 」


My semen is released as I penetrate deep inside her.

After ejaculation, she maintains that position to keep the semen from leaking out.

「 Wow, I feel it spreading inside me 」

「 I came inside just as you wished 」

I lie down next to Shiori and embrace her.

「 What’s the point of getting more tired if you’re trying to relieve it. 」

「 True, but that was amazing 」

We enjoyed our pillow talk while sweating, looking at the ceiling.