Easy Survival Life Chapter 079 Blueprint Problem



September 8 (Sunday)

It’s 53 days since we came to this other world.

After lunch, I was having sex with Hinako.

We were swimming not in the sea but at the lake in the hideout, ad she invited me.

After taking care of a couple of duck parents raising their ducks in the lake, we went for a swim.

Then, while I was playing in the calm lake, I got horny.

Thinking about it, I had sex with Meiko here too.

I enjoy Hinako’s virginity while thinking about other things.

Of course, I wore a condom again this time. It’s bad to get them pregnant

It’s exciting to see Hinako squirming in shame.

The lewdness of a woman lies in the shame from innocence.

And I’ve noticed that I’ve changed to quite a sadistic character.

It’s just a standard play, using verbal abuse and making them say lewd words.

It hurts to lie down on a rocky surface so we basically stand or sit when fucking.

I had my troubles when I was graduating from my virginity but now I got used to this position.

To Hinako, this is her first time having sex.

And to me, it’s my first time having sex with Hinako.

Naturally, this sex is a precious event.

However, that wasn’t the main event that day.

Yoshiokada made an announcement after dinner.

That he started dating Karin…

Just kidding…

「 Sorry to keep you waiting 」

「 「 「 「 Uooooooh!! 」 」 」 」

「 It’s finally here! 」

The long-awaited completion of the blueprint

But it’s already late today so we slept for now.

Tomorrow, the curtain will finally rise on our blueprint building process.

On September 9, we started building our houses.

It’s been 54 days since we started living in this other world.

After breakfast, Yoshiokada showed me the blueprints.

Today, everyone will be working on the house except for Eri, who will be cooking, and Amane, who will be scouting.

「 I see, you’ve made the blueprint arranged so that even layman like us can understand it 」

「 I think that it’s intuitive for anyone to view this and it still maintains the same quality as the blueprints used in Japan 」

Yoshiokada puffs his chest with a smug look at his face.

「 This is indeed easy to understand 」

Yoshiokada’s right.

I have no knowledge of blueprints but I could understand what’s going on

And since I can understand it, I can definitely confirm.

「 This won’t work 」

Yoshiokada’s surprised.

Seems like he’s so surprised that he didn’t even say “Over”

I was waiting for the “Over” but it seems like he’s not doing it.

Usually, he’d say “Ah, over,” but he remains confused.

Maybe he’s too shocked by what I declared.

「 Why won’t it work? 」

Mana asks.

I said, “You’ll get it once you see it.” And showed them Yoshiokada’s blueprint.

「 Oh, this is definitely impossible. 」

Mana also confirmed it.

「 Let’s see 」

Arisa snatched the blueprint from Mana’s hand and firmly said “Yep, not likely”

After that, everyone said in unison that it’s impossible.

「 Huh, w-why is it impossible? Over 」

Yoshiokada’s trembling in tears

Even when he looked like that, we didn’t feel sorry.

Everyone also had the same thought as me.

「 Look, Yoshiokada. We don’t have nails of the modern-day here you know 」

「 Ah 」

Yoshiokada noticed.

「 I know how many nails are to be hammered here and there. However, we don’t have the nails. We can make bronze nails, and probably adjust their appearance to some extent. But still, it’s impossible to produce small nails of the same standard. It takes too long to make the nails than to build a house 」

The house that Yoshiokada designed will take countless nails to build.

They’re not the nails the Japanese have used in the past but modern small nails

The so-called Western-style nails only became popular after the Meiji era.

It’s far more burdensome to mass-produce those than building a house for us.

「 That’s such a basic mistake, what do I do. I’m sorry. Over 」

Yoshiokada’s battered.

It’s as if he just lost everything he owns from gambling, he’s on his knees.

He fell feebly on the spot and says “I’m an idiot” repeatedly

「 That’s not it, you did well. This blueprint is easy to read 」

Surprisingly, it’s Arisa who’s the first to offer her words of comfort.

「 That’s right. We’ve been watching Yoshiokada-san’s efforts 」

「 Don’t worry about it, you’re not an idiot! 」

Sofia and Tanaka added.

「 I’m sorry, truly sorry. I was the only one given slack work and preferential treatment and yet I still made a shameful mistake. I’m truly sorry. I’m sorry. Over 」

Yoshiokada finally begins to prostrate himself.

He rubbed his forehead on the rock surface and apologized again and again.

The momentum is so strong that it almost broke his forehead and he’s bleeding.

「 Hey. Hokage? Do something 」

Mana asks me.

Everyone else also looks at me as if they want me to do something.

「 Hmmm 」

I stare at Yoshiokada’s blueprint.

I want to do something about it if possible too

「 The problem is the nail 」

The blueprint he composed is an easily raised-floor house.

Normally, you don’t need to draw a blueprint to make something like this.

So, in the end, we can make this without a blueprint.

I can just tell him to be careful next time.

But, will that be good for Yoshokada?

Thinking about that gave me the answer, it’s “No”

If I were in Yoshiokada’s shoes, I would want the blueprints to be of use.

It took me a long time and a lot of hard work, and a lot of blueprints.

「 Okay, we’re going to change our method 」

Yoshiokada slowly faced up.

「 The blueprint itself is well done. We can complete a good quality house if we assemble the wood according to the blueprint. The problem is that we don’t have any nails, so we’ll have to build it without using nails 」

「 Can we make a house without nails? 」Shiori asks.

I nodded and said “Yes, we can”

「 In fact, the cowshed and the chicken coops are nail-free 」

「 Oh! We definitely didn’t use them 」

Arisa raised her voice and then Tanaka and Muscle agreed.

「 Nails are useful, but there are many other ways to build without them. With that said, Yoshiokada, you don’t mind if we use the blueprint as a base but we build it without nails, do you? 」

Light comes back to Yoshiokada’s eyes.

His clouded face has cleared up in no time.

「 Of course! As expected of Shinomiya-san! I don’t know how to build without nails so I’ll take this opportunity to learn, Next time, the blueprint will be perfect 」

He talks with his nose blowing and then Yoshiokada shouted.

「 Over!!!!!!! 」