Easy Survival Life Chapter 095 Hunting



With the locust plague, we learned that such a threat exists.

No, I think “remembered” is much more fitting.

This island is on the lowest difficulty, but it’s not completely peaceful.

The threat of foreign enemies is unavoidable in farming.

While locust infestation is rare, similar problems have occurred elsewhere.

「 That’s why we’re starting hunting today 」

Now that the grasshoppers are gone, our next possible threat is deers.

Deers are known in Japan as harmful to crops.

Wild boars are equally troublesome, but they don’t live in this area.

The deers in this world don’t seem to have territories.

They move based on their convenience and engage in activities during the day.

But, there are no extremes like the southern tip yesterday and the northern tip today.

They’re moving slowly to new locations.

And now, many deers are active near our hideout.

They look a bit cute, but unfortunately, they’re harmful.

「 Everyone got their equipment? 」

I talk to the deer hunters at the beach.

To be specific, it’s everyone apart from Eri, Amane, Sofia, Meiko, and Muscle.

Eri’s cooking, Amane’s scouting, Sofia and Meiko are doing crafts.

Muscle’s cutting down trees.

「 「 「 「 「 Ooh!! 」 」 」 」 」

Everyone raised their weapons in their right hand and replied cheerfully.

The weapon is a bow gun, or crossbow, a ranged weapon.

It’s a simple object made from processed wood and rubber, and the performance isn’t that great.

I kept it to the minimum because the performance is proportional to the number of materials needed.

「 Everyone, spread out and hunt deers, and don’t hit your buddies by mistake! 」

On Friday, November 1, we set out aggressively to take out the harmful animals.

We don’t need to bother using arrows when hunting deer.

If we set a trap, they’ll get caught and die.

Then, if they see their friends get caught in a trap, the rest of them will leave.

Taking the trouble of hunting was mostly for recreation.

We don’t have any recreation here our daily lives seem boring.

That’s the reason why we decided to use arrows, just for amusement.

If the modern protection movements hear about this, they’d be red-faced and angry.

However, there’s also another serious reason apart from recreation.

The advantage of hunting deer with arrows is that we can retrieve them as soon as we kill them.

In the case of using traps, you need a lot of time leaving them alone.

They decay once time passes after their death.

Rotting deer is inedible, and skinning is hard.

And it would be a lot of waste to dispose of the bodies.

The deer hunted with arrows can be processed the moment it dies.

We can eat the exact amount of meat we hunt, and dry the leftover meat.

Lastly, there’s less unnecessary material compared to traps.

「 Well, it’s about time 」

Our deer hunting is different.

We split into two groups, and work with the monkey army.

Karin and I are the team leaders.

My team has Mana, Hinako, Yoshiokada.

Karin’s team has Arisa, Shiori, Tanaka, and Kageyama.

We’re waiting near the sea, right before the forest, and then.,…

「 Uki! 」

The monkey army led the deers to us.

They skillfully maneuver the herd in the same manner they did with the cows.

「 They’re here, ready your crossbows! 」

They aim their arrows at the herd of deer rushing towards them.

The deer noticed us and tried to move to the sides.

This caused their bodies to turn sideways, increasing the surface we can shoot.

「 Now! Shoot! 」

We all shot our crossbows at once.

Our distance is just a few meters, which is a must.

The simple arrow made of wood and stone pierces the deer.

「 Load the next arrow! 」

Everyone loads their arrows from the quiver attached to their waists.

It contained three arrows, including the one we just loaded.

Any more than that and it’ll take a lot more time so we didn’t make much.

「 Take down those who are trying to escape! 」

「 「 「 Oooh!! 」 」 」

The first blow hits so the rest isn’t so difficult.

A wounded deer is a slow animal so if you chase it around, you’ll stop in its tracks right away.

Only those with shallow wounds and bad hits need a second shot.

「 It’s time for tag! 」

We followed the deer into the woods.

We follow them from a certain distance, being aware that they won’t shake us off.

If they move too far from the hideout, the monkey army will threaten them and correct their trajectory.

With that, they ran in circles through the forest.

「 Before we started, I feel sorry for the deer, but now.. 」

Mana says while running.

「 Now that you’ve done it, it’s a nice break and it’s a lot of fun, right? 」

「 Right? I can’t wait to see what deer meat tastes like too 」

「 It’s definitely the best 」

It’s been 108 days since we started living in this world, and my sense of the modern world is fading.

Nobody’s nauseated from dismantling the captured animal.

「 We’ve killed them! Here! 」

I hear a voice from a short distance away.

Yoshiokada seems to have killed a deer.

His knife is sticking to the vein of the deer that stopped moving.

We need to dismantle it quickly but he can’t do it.

「 Yoshiokada, swap 」

「 Roger that, over 」

Dismantling is the team leader’s job.

I’m the team leader here, and Karin’s on the other.

After swapping with Yoshiokada, I checked the status of the deer.

「 Oh, this is a good one 」

It’s important to do a check on the deer.

For example, thin deer have little value.

If they lost a lot of furs, then their health is also suspicious.

The deer that Yoshiokada killed is in good condition.

It grew up in a nice environment so it’s a little fat.

「 We’re going to feast on your meat 」

I pray and started dismantling.

It’s got a big difference compared to dismantling a wild boar.

First, we need to drain the blood quick and take out the internal organs.

then, we peel the skin and take the meat from each part.

「 I’ve done it so many times, but it’s still hard. 」

Even though I’m adapting to this island, it’s still tough to dismantle.

Especially if it involves dismantling adorable animals like deer or rabbits

It’s painful to look into their vacant and dull eyes.

「 Phew. 」

I managed to dismantle the first deer.

However, there are still more.

「 Hokage, I shot them down 」

「 Hokage-san, this one too! 」

「 Shinomiya-san, this one please! 」

Everyone reports their accomplishments one after another.

I exhaled loudly to the heavens and blanked my mind.

「 Okay, coming over! 」

This is for our survival. That’s how I approached my work.