Easy Survival Life Chapter 096 Deer’s usefulness and water Canteen



After several days of deer hunting, we wiped every deer in the surroundings.

I can count 20 hunted heads.

We didn’t eradicate them, but we can no longer see any nearby deers.

They sensed that the area near the hideout is dangerous so they fled to another location.

On this island, deers have the finest raw materials.

Whether it’s their meat or pelt, all of it has high quality.

Deer meat is easier to eat and tastier than boar or rabbit meat.

Boar meat has a distinctive smell, but deer meat’s smell is weaker.

We can eat it grilled as is, even without careful prep.

Deer fur is useful for making winter clothes and other items.

But in our case, we lay it on top of our mattress.

The reason is that we already have fur coats for warm clothes.

Deer bones also have their uses.

We can use it as a stock for soup if boiled, the same way we make tonkatsu.

The same thing can be done with wild boar, but again, the smell is strong when cooking with boar bones.

The soup made from deer bones is creamy and soothing to the stomach.

Deer bones also serve another purpose.

For example, if we process it, we can turn it into a fish hook.

Humans of the Yayoi and Jomon periods used animal bones as fish hooks.

We’re using fish hooks I had but we’re running out.

So, in the future, we’ll consider processing deer bones into fish hooks.

Furthermore, we’re not doing it, but we can also make accessories with this.

In the past, people used to wear animal bones as necklaces and other ornaments.

November 3, Sunday. Dinner.

We’re enjoying our meal as usual around the bonfire.

Since we had been deer hunting until evening, our cuisine tonight is also deer.

「 If I knew that deer tastes this good I would’ve hunted them long ago 」

Arisa says while drinking soup.

In it were thinly sliced deer meat.

Other dishes were accompanied by strongly aromatic wild veggies.

「 I understand how you feel, but, do you really want to eat hot soup in the warmer months? 」

I say while laughing.

It’s already November so the temperature is lower.

That’s why it feels great to drink soup, but I don’t know about summer.

「 You’re right about that 」

Arisa continues eating her soup and asked for another serving.

Eri happily took her bowl and poured another heap of soup.

「 Now that we have deer pelt, we have more protection against the gold. 」

Meiko stuffs her cheeks with deer meat and veggies.

The deer meat only has salt as flavoring so it’s refreshing.

Her face of happiness show as she bites deliciously.

「 Our cold protection is looking good, all thanks to the hard work of the handicrafts team. Unless the cold reaches the extreme, we won’t freeze up and die. Our food stockpile is as good as ever, and we even replenished our shells. Maybe we’ll give it a shot before real winter sets in 」

「 What are we attempting? 」

「 Crossing over the other island 」

「 「 「 「 「  !!?  」 」 」 」 」

Everyone’s got an exclamation point above their heads.

Was it that surprising that I said that? I smiled wryly.

「 We’ve improved the fishing boat Yoshiokada designed and its performances went up, right? 」

That was just a bit before.

When we built fishing boats at that time, the sails were almost just for show.

It doesn’t catch the wind that well, and most of the propulsion comes from our oars.

The improvements made to the ship allowed it to function as a sailing vessel.

「 That’s why I thought of giving it a shot and seeing how far we could go 」

I feel a strange will or something from this island.

It’s as if it has a will, rejecting anyone wanting to leave the island.

The island and its surroundings are on a cheat-level comfort, but it all changes when you try to leave.

The wind gets stronger, and the waves get rougher, all to block our progress.

We’ve tried several times in the past and it has happened without exception.

We’re unlikely to get us out of the island across the sea.

「 Once it goes full winter, the water temperature would drop, and that’s dangerous. That’s why we should try it out while it’s still November. Do we have objections? 」

「 I’m in favor 」

Karin was the first to speak.

「 But, who will be the members of the group? We can’t fit everyone in the boat, can we? 」

「 We’re only squeezing the minimum. It will be Yoshiokada, Muscle, and me. I’m the leader, and Muscle has the propulsive force to move the oars. Then, Yoshiokada will be the one to experience the raging seas first-hand 」

「 I see 」

After that, everyone spoke with their approval.

There were no objections, so we decided to target mid-November for our challenge.

The next day.

It’s our 111th day in Isekai.

We were about to start our morning activities when the handicraft group made an announcement.

Meiko speaks as the representative.

「 I made some bamboo canteens, what do you think? 」

「 「 「 Ooh! 」 」 」

We’re all impressed.

It’s a water canteen you can sell even in the modern age.

It’s a simple bamboo canteen.

The only part needs modifying was the mouthpiece.

The drinking side has a v-shape cut and a round tip, that’s it.

All that remains is to make a hole for the string and lid to improve convenience.

However, when it comes to making that, it’s quite hard.

Processing bamboo requires strength, and if you’re not careful, your hand can slip.

That’s why you have to be careful while also putting on some strength

「 As expected of Meiko 」

「 It’s Sofia who had the idea 」

「 Meiko-san’s the leader of the operations 」

The handicrafts team members are the Asakura siblings and Sofia.

Sofia’s the one who’s suggesting the minor details.

「 Now, Amane doesn’t have to make a new gourd 」

「 Thank you, Ojou-sama 」

Amane kneels before Sofia and took the canteen with both hands.

It looks like a knight being bestowed a treasured sword or something by the king.

Although, the actual award was a bamboo canteen.

「 Actually, there’s something else other than the canteen, but that’s for tonight 」

Meiko winks

Hinako and Sofia nod proudly.

They seem confident.

「 Then I’m looking forward to it. 」

「 We took the bamboo canteens from the handicrafts girls and went on with our work 」