Chapter 10 – Nothing is priceless if it’s not dangerous

The dinner table was quite lively. Viara had woken up and seemed her usual self. The Starlight Family had joined them as well, and they informed that Xeina and Ayana will be staying at the Star Palace from now on. Xeina seemed quite displeased but had not rebutted her father’s decision. At the end of the dinner, Aizen announced his plans.

“I will be leaving for The Whistling Star tomorrow.” He said.

Everyone was quite skeptical as to why he wanted to go there, but he did not inform them. He only said that there was something there that he needed.

“Elder Brother, do you plan to go alone?” Vienna was quite worried.

“No, I will be leaving with Lysaria. The rest of you will stay here.” He told them.

They were still worried that Lysaria alone might not be able to protect him. But he then gave the reason that he might need Viara and Vienna to operate the Crystal just in case things go wrong. If everyone went together it would be harder to look after themselves and difficult to escape as well. He, however, assured them that the chances of anything drastic to happen were very low, so there was not much need to be worried. He wasn’t going there to battle any force.

He walked out of the Dining Hall and went to the Core Room.

“Wait for me in my room.” He had informed Viara.

The information he received in the letter included the information that Elysa Lycan was killed last night in the Lower Realm. He understood the reason why Viara had all her strength and mana exhausted. She rushed to achieve her goal and to get back to the Star Palace as soon as possible.

He was quite dissatisfied with what she had done. It was not because he cared about Elysa but because something might have happened to Viara. And he was sure that Fenris Lycan was expecting such an outcome. Fenris seemed like a person who would sacrifice his granddaughter to achieve his goals.

He opened a portal and sent a letter to his sender to inform that he would be heading to The Whistling Star tomorrow, and he also asked to look into some people that were on his mind.

When he returned to his room, Viara was already there dressed in a Red Chemise and sitting on white sheets. He nodded to her and went inside the changing room to change into his sleepwear.

Viara was taken aback when she found his gaze not lingering on her as he came in and straight headed to the changing room. His eyes would usually stay on her a little longer every time he looked at her. She felt her heart tighten by just the thought of her not fascinating him or him being mad at her.

Aizen walked out in his sleepwear and saw Viara looking down on the bed with her eyes lost in thoughts. A tear slipped from the corner of her eye and slid down her cheek. He clenched his hands tightly as he walked to the bed, and then he loosened them and wrapped his arms around her. He pulled her in his lap and rested her back against his chest. He planted a light kiss on her neck before snuggling his face in the warmth of her skin. He breathed in her aroma and felt very relaxed and at peace.

All the worries vanished from her mind the moment she found herself in his arms. She closed her eyes and stayed like that for a while.
“Lord Aizen, I..” before she could ask something she was interrupted.

“Are you going to call your husband so formally even in the bed?” He whispered near her ear.

Viara blushed at his words and couldn’t think of what to say.

“Call me by my name when we are alone.” He whispered as he licked her neck.

“Yes, Husband.” She shuddered as she felt his arms tighten around her.

“Where did you go last night?”

The sudden change in his voice caught her off guard and her smile froze. Her heart skipped a beat and she forgot to breathe. She could never lie to him but she couldn’t bring herself to tell him what she had done. She feared something was off. He probably knew where she was last night.

“Do you know why I chose you as my Empress?” He asked and then continued to say. “I chose you and not Vienna for I didn’t want her to be burdened with responsibilities that would make her smile a lot less. Her personality is different from yours and her approach to things as well. It’s not wrong to say that she would make a perfect Empress. Then again, I want her to keep smiling the way she always does.”

“With you and me watching over her she would continue living her life as she does now. She too wanted me to make you my Empress and she had asked me to do so the night before the Ceremony.” He felt her stiffen in his embrace when he told her this.

“She cares about you and loves you. Lysaria is the same. You should have seen her face this morning when she looked over you as you rested.” He said and continued.

“And you mean to me a lot more than what you believe you do. You are my Empress and I will not argue with you over your decisions and will support you on things that seem appropriate.”

“However, I would never allow you to brave unnecessary risks that could jeopardize your life. Even at times where such risks need to be taken, I would rather take them myself than allow you to face them. Do you understand that?” He said to her gently and did not wait for her to answer.

“Be wiser with your words and actions. You are my Empress. Your words represent mine and your actions represent me as well. I allow you to make whatever decisions you need to without the care of the world. But I will not allow you to do something that could take you away from me, forever.”

“If anything happens to you, then who will protect me? I will probably go insane and burn down the entire realm without my Empress watching over me.”

He sighed and kissed her head before resting his face on it. He protectively tightened his arms around her and let her take her time to understand what he had just said.

Viara engraved his every single word on her heart and mind. She felt safe in his embrace and cared for in his words. She understood that the things she did last night had consequences awaiting them. Aizen knew about it and that’s why he was mad at her. Her tears slipped from her eyes and she turned around and buried her face in his chest.

“Sshhh. Your tears are more precious than my blood. Don’t spill them like this.” He said to her as he made her look at him.

He didn’t want to admit it but she looked even more beautiful when she was crying. He leaned in and gently took her lips. He sipped them till she started to respond and then they broke out in the aggression of their lust. His tongue invaded her mouth and mingled with hers. They could feel their breaths getting warmer and their hands were exploring each other’s body. It was not long before his shirt was off and her chemise lied on the floor in shreds.

His hands were unrestrained as they fondled her breasts that fit perfectly in his palms. He pinched and pulled her small nipples playfully. Her hands were tugging his hair as her assault on his mouth got fiercer.

He picked her up and lied her down on the bed pinning her under him. He showered kisses on her face and neck before moving down and showing the same courtesy to her breasts. His lips caught one nipple while the other was at the mercy of being pinched between his fingers.

Her moans fueled his lust and his assault got fiercer. He moved down her belly and inserted his tongue in her navel making her shudder. He hooked his fingers in her panties and pulled them off.

Her sparse hair and beautiful folds asked to be touched, and so he leaned in and kissed her lower lips with his tongue. Her back arched as her hands found his hair. She tugged on them as she gasped and moaned under the mercy of his love. He teased her clitoris and sucked on it and she squealed in ecstasy as she reached the peak. His assault continued a while longer as she kept trembling in pleasure and grew weaker.

He fumbled out of his trousers and got between her legs. His bulging member was hurting him. He leaned in and kissed on her forehead and locked his eyes in hers. He rubbed against her folds and soon guided himself to her entrance. With a slight push, the warm and wet tightness enveloped him, and her face showed signs of pain. He went further inside her and soon touched her hymen. Without wasting any time he pulled slightly back and thrust forward to tear it open before burying himself to the hilt.

“Aaahhh!” Her voice got stuck in her throat and her face grimaced in pain.

He wrapped his arm around her waist and the other hand stroked her head. He planted kisses on her face and took her lips. His waist started moving and he tried his best to go slow and bear the pleasure that enveloped him.

Soon she found pleasure mixed in with the pain. Her grunts turned into gasps and soon into moans. She catered his movements with her own as she matched his rhythm. She felt herself more in pain as she did so, but the pleasure on Aizen’s face gave her a satisfaction that mattered the most to her.

Her seductive moans and gasps near his ears broke down his all restraints. He moved fiercely inside her and left the door to her womb at his mercy. She hooked her arms around his neck and arched her back as much as she could. Orgasms kept hitting her one after another and his assault never ceased. He eventually erupted deep inside her womb but soon after went on for the next round.

He showed no mercy as he ravished her body as he pleased and her welcoming moans were adding fire to his lust. She soon felt the familiar heat assault her womb and a while later found herself being pressed face down as he ravaged her from behind.

They indulged in their activity for a couple of hours. She felt no strength left in her body and soon dozed off. Aizen eventually stopped his assault and placed her on his chest as he held her to sleep.

When he woke up the next morning, they had missed the breakfast and it was almost noon. Viara still lied on top of him and traced her finger on his chest. She had a very satisfied smile on her face and her aura was calm and much more powerful than before.

She had already observed the changes inside her body and the increase in the purity of her bloodline terrified her. Her thoughts did not linger much on the change in her strength but focused on the words that Aizen spoke to her last night. She could see now what she truly meant to him and how much he cared about her. He loved her and that’s all she cared about.

“Good Morning, Love.” His magnetic voice brought her back from her thoughts.

She looked up to him and took the initiative to kiss him. “Good Morning.” She said cheerfully as she got off him. Aizen sat up and pulled her back in his lap.

He placed his hand on her abdomen and channeled his Power of Space and Time inside her womb. She only felt the warmth emanate from her womb but couldn’t figure out what was happening. When he finally took back his hand, she turned to look at him curiously.

Aizen recalled the change in the mood Vienna and Meera had when he had told them about it, so he decided to not tell her. “You can ask about it from Vienna.” He just planted a kiss on her head.

Viara could only nod but the curiosity was killing her. After all, curiosity was a bane to all women.

“Tell Lysaria to be ready. We will leave before the sun sinks.” He told her as he lied back on the bed. It was not easy to use this Power of Space and Time.

“Aizen” She called him by his name. “Can I go with you in her stead?”

He was quite pleased with her addressing him by his name but he couldn’t agree to her request.

“No. I want to spend some time alone with Lysaria.”

She could see that was only an excuse and couldn’t help but feel agitated.

“You tell me to not brave risks but you wouldn’t refrain from taking them. Do you know what would go on my heart if anything happens to you?” Her voice was half crying.

She found it very weird that she couldn’t hide her emotions in front of him, but she did not shy away from showing him her vulnerable side.

“Rest assured. I am not going there to engage in Battles. She and I will do just fine.” He assured her and then gave her a task. “I want you to get close to the daughters of Malcolm Starlight. I want them.” He said.

Viara looked at him suspiciously and in a questioning gaze. Aizen for the first time felt the crisis from her.

He told her all that Malcolm had told him yesterday. She was quite surprised when she learned all this and then was lost in her thoughts.

“They are Dangerous, Aizen.” These were her only words.

“And so are we.” His words were resolute.

She nodded and planted a kiss on his forehead before she left for the bathroom.


Aizen held Lysaria’s hand and smiled at her as he led her inside the portal. The destination they arrived at was the Capital of The Whistling Star called Morio. They were inside a Luxurious Hall which was not big but still awed people by its splendidness. There were quite some people in the Hall and they didn’t seem to mind their sudden arrival here. Everyone was busy with their work and didn’t pay any heed to them. They both wore cloaks and Silver Masks that covered half their faces and also their identities.

He looked around the Hall and found the reception at the far end. He led Lysaria to the desk and greeted the man who handled it. He carefully observed the man and the nameplate on his right pocket. “Walden” the name was the one mentioned in the letter.

Aizen took out a Purple crystal card he had received along with the letter and handed it to the man.

The manager was quite surprised to see the Card and respectfully bowed after receiving it. He checked some information on a Virtual screen and handed the card back to him.

“Welcome to the Moonlight Inn, Lord Aizen.” He said respectfully. “Your suite is ready. Please allow me to lead you there.”

The man guided them to the wall that had “13” written on it and went straight in it. It was a Space wall. This building used these walls to come and go between the floors as a substitute for the stairs.

13th was the topmost floor of the Moonlight Inn and there were only two suites on it. Both the suites belonged to the Owner and were never open for anyone else. This was another reason why Walden was overly courteous towards these two guests. He couldn’t imagine what kind of person could make the Owner allow him to stay in one of these suites.

Aizen and Lysaria arrived in their suite and were quite shocked by its extravagance. The entire suite was carved of the finest jades and furnished with the finest woods. There were 2 bedrooms, a lounge, and a private kitchen in the suite.

“Would you like to have your dinner in the Dining Chambers or have it served in your suite?” Walden inquired after showing them around the place.

“We would like to have our dinner sent to our suite,” Aizen replied casually.

“Very well, you may order whatever you like from the menu by writing your order on the Virtual screen by its side. There’s also information on the screen to contact me if you require my services. Everything is on the House as per the instructions of the Owner, so please don’t be modest.” Walden respectfully bowed again before he left the suite.

Aizen took off the Mask and the Cloak before slumping on the couch. He picked up the Menu and looked through its content. There was a wide variety of food that he wanted to try.

“Lord Aizen, I will take the room on the left,” Lysaria said as she prepared to head into her room.

“Call me Aizen when we are alone. I am your Husband.” His words made her stop and she found it hard to refute him. But his next words infuriated her. “Pick whichever room you like. We will be sleeping on the same bed anyway.”

She turned around and glared at him but only received a grin in return.

“Don’t forget that you are my wife, Lysaria. And you seem to have forgotten that the purpose of your presence here is to protect me.” Aizen said with a serious tone.

She found herself at a loss of words. It was true that she was here to protect him, and staying in a separate room would be less convenient and may very well prove dangerous. But she was conflicted as the thought of her staying with him in the same room was another great danger.

Aizen looked at her and sighed. “You are mine, Lysaria. I might take liberties with you against your will but I would never truly hurt you. I do want to take you right now but I wouldn’t feel good in the least if I leave some scars on your heart. I don’t want to see you hurt.”

Her heart was restless at his words and her mind was in chaos. She couldn’t even lift her head to meet his gaze. She felt ashamed for some reason as his words reverberated in her mind. Was she the one in wrong? She asked herself.

He looked at her conflicted face and said teasingly. “It seems like you were expecting something to happen tonight. I don’t mind having a passionate night with my newly wedded wife.”

“Why have we come here?” She changed the subject and she controlled the anger that suddenly welled up inside her.

“For a Dagger” He replied.

“For a Dagger?” She asked curiously.

“Yes. A Dagger made of Primordial Metal.” His voice was calm as if he was talking about something casual.

Lysaria, on the other hand, staggered back in shock.

“You told everyone that this was not going to be dangerous!” She almost yelled at him.

Aizen couldn’t help but laugh at her shock. “Nothing is Priceless if it is not dangerous.”

“Calm down now. Let’s order something to eat and go to bed. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.” He laughed some more and teased her.

Lysaria just stayed there and looked at him. ‘How could a person be so shameless?’ she asked herself.

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