Chapter 18 – (TWS) The Promise, and the Bond

There comes a time in life when one questions the meaning of his existence. The guilt or regret that takes root in the heart makes it restless, and the mind is no longer able to think beyond the most painful memories.

Liafina was in such a state. She was eating her dinner with a blank look. Her face was expressionless, and the aura that she emanated was not of the miraculous life. It was depressing and made anyone with a heart to feel deep grievances.

This was the reason why nobody could have a peaceful dinner. Nobody talked about it, but their hearts ached. Even the usually cold and haughty Xeina had a concern in her eyes for the little dryad.

Liafina was not crying, and her eyes were dry. She seemed to have gone numb to all the pain she felt in her heart. This only added to everyone’s concern.

When the embodiment of Life feels like Death, the world loses its meaning. And they all experienced this today.

Meera apologetically looked at Aizen. He shook his head to her to let her know that it wasn’t her fault. She felt much at ease that he didn’t blame her but still couldn’t stop blaming herself. She had spent the entire day with Liafina and had tried to talk to her, but Liafina didn’t even say a word. She behaved like a puppet that would do what you would make it do and only that. It was like she had no will of her own.

Viara later led Liafina to Aizen’s room and stayed with her there. He had wanted to spend the night with Vienna and Meera but he had underestimated the guilt that shrouded this little dryad’s heart. He looked at Vienna who was consoling Ayana. The gloominess of Liafina’s presence had brought the little fairy to tears. She stopped crying but still couldn’t smile.

When his eyes met her he felt like she was pleading him to make Liafina better, and he could only nod to her. He got up from his chair and left the dining room. He hadn’t gone to see Liafina but instead had arrived in the battle room.

Aizen may have put up a strong front on the dinner table, but his heart was indeed aching. Memories kept emerging in his mind. His mother’s pale smile and her last words, and his empress mother’s hope and sacrifice couldn’t leave his mind. The images of what had transpired on the Red Bay kept emerging in his mind as well. Even though he had not met his family, watching their deaths still boiled his blood, and suffocated his heart and mind.

The memories could be locked away. It was in his power. But he didn’t do so. He didn’t want to lose these emotions that reminded him of the importance of life and its meaning.

Aizen unleashed his dark flame and ran from one end of the room to another. His speed wasn’t fast initially but accelerated as his heart ached some more. He kept running as his image became fuzzy and soon only a shade of black flame remained. He was unconsciously using his Wind element as well that added to his speed. He didn’t pay attention to his draining strength and pushed forth more to increase his speed.

When he couldn’t run anymore, he sprawled on the ground and panted as his eyes stared at the stars above. He didn’t have the strength to even lift himself. His body ached, and every breath he took made him feel more alive.

When he replenished some of his strength, he moved himself to the core room to recover. He felt like he was ready to face Liafina now. His heart and mind had calmed down.

Liafina sat alone in the bed when he arrived in his room. It was the hour before dawn. She had not slept and had obediently sat there waiting for him the entire night.

He took off his shirt and sat down next to her on the bed. He crossed his legs and just looked at her. They stayed like that for almost an hour before she eventually looked up at him.

She looked at him unemotionally before voicing a question.

“You could have saved him, right?”

He was quite surprised at her question but didn’t show it on his face. Yes, he could have done things differently, and Yuren wouldn’t have had to die. But he did not regret his decision as that was the best and least dangerous one. He got what he wanted and none of his Family or allies got harmed.

“Yes.” He answered her look in her eyes but still found them emotionless.

“You obtained me for my powers, right?

“Yes.” He answered her question again. He didn’t explain himself for there was no need for it. He hadn’t lied and this was the truth.

“I have a request. Will you comply with it?” She asked again in her emotionless voice.

He frowned at her words and didn’t answer immediately.

“I will hear it first, and then decide if I want to comply with it or not.”

She looked him in the eyes before saying something that flared his anger.

“Kill me, and extract my essence.” She said.

He didn’t answer her. His grave expression pretty much explained his state of mind. He finally understood why she had asked him the first question.

“You have a fairy in your family. If she takes my essence, she will possess all my powers or you could look for an elf and have her receive them.”

He didn’t say anything, and only the anger in his heart rose. His eyes still bore the same grave expression.

“I don’t want to live.” She said unemotionally.

Aizen’s heart ached at her words, but he didn’t feel any pity for her. There was only anger and rage that was boiling inside him. He didn’t like how she was giving in to her fears and still braved an appearance that nothing mattered to her. She blamed herself for everything that happened in her life. And surely, she questioned herself whether she could have saved them all if she had given her life.

He pushed her back and got on top of her. He tore off the skirt she was wearing and pulled off her panties.

Liafina finally couldn’t hide her emotions anymore, and fear painted her expressions. His sudden actions and grave expression scared her to the core of her heart. She tried to get away from his hold and whimpered. She had even forgotten to use her powers to protect her in her fear of him.

Aizen didn’t stop at just that as he pinned her under his weight to restrain her movements. He looked right in her scared eyes and showed her no mercy as his bulging member pierced through her valley and broke her hymen.

“Aaaahhhhh!” She screamed her lungs out as she bore the burning pain of being impaled. It was the first time in her life that she had been in so much physical pain. Her breath got caught in her throat as she agitatedly gasped for it.

“Take it out. Take it out!” She cried, but her depths were only invaded further,

She kept begging as tears ran down her face. She couldn’t get away from under him and her lower body seemed to have no strength left in it. All she could do was only just look in his eyes and cry.

“Didn’t you want to die a moment ago?” He asked her angrily.

“It hurts!” She seemingly hadn’t even understood what he had said. All she could think of was the pain she was in.

He stayed buried inside her and didn’t move.

When she finally got used to the pain and regained some of her composure, she turned her face away from his, and her arms went limp on the bed. Her tears still streamed down uncontrollably.

“Do you want to die?” He asked her as his anger seemingly abated some.

“I don’t want to see people die for me.” She said meekly, and soon the restrains in her heart all broke down.

“They all died!” She screamed and sobbed. “All because of me.”

“Everyone I knew died because of me!”

“And Grandfather is gone now as well.”

“Everyone I know of dies in the end.” She said and cried quietly.

“They all loved me. Showered all there care on me. Believed me to be the embodiment of life, but all I brought onto them was death.” She blamed herself, and then looked him in the eyes.

“You could lose your family because of me.” She told him. “So just kill me, please.” She pleaded.

Aizen listened to everything she said, and her last words made him smile. He understood where her fears stemmed from. And he understood that Monroez finding out his identity had triggered all her guilt and fears.

“You don’t seem to be willing to die.” He said and chuckled.

“I do!” She screamed to refute his words. “I…”

Before she could say anything more her mouth was blocked by his. He kissed her lightly and teased her tongue as he tasted her mouth.

He moved his waist lightly and she was reminded again of the pain. He patted her head lightly and caressed her cheek.

“I will not die.” He looked her in the eyes and said seriously. “I promise.”

He planted a light kiss on her forehead and she cried in helplessness.

She wanted to convey to him that she would only bring death to him and his family. That she wasn’t worth protecting or possessing, but he didn’t want to listen to her.

Soon all she felt was the pain his movements brought her. With each thrust, she was reminded that she was alive and now belonged to him.

The pain soon turned to an aching pleasure. Her gasps mixed with moans were sweet-sounding and the warmth of her body was comforting. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him.

He kissed her warm lips and their breaths and tongues mingled. She had given in to his assault, and the mistiness in her eyes was no longer because of her grief.

She felt an unspeakable feeling approach her that scared her. When it finally arrived, she found her mind go blank with pleasure. Her body bathed and trembled in it, and his relentless movements kept her in that state.

Warmth spread in her womb as his body shuddered on top of her. She was squeezed in his embrace and her heart was a little at peace now.

Aizen didn’t loosen his arms around her as he tried his best to control his lust and not ravage her. He knew that her body might not be able to handle it.

He channeled his mana and then bit his lip. He kissed her and the taste of blood spread in her mouth.

Liafina understood what he was doing, and swallowed down the blood he offered. She didn’t resist as his mana channeled through her body and imprinted itself on her heart and soul. She felt pleasure at first but then pain and soon, only numbness. Her eyes drooped and then closed. She drifted off to a sound sleep.

The bond had been established, and he could feel it. She was his shadow now, and her life was connected to his. Her emotions were naked before him, and he was glad to have found some peace in her heart.

He gently separated from inside her and held her on his chest as he closed his eyes. He didn’t look down as he already knew of the horror he had created. The room smelt of blood and the odor of their indulgence.


She was already awake, and after hearing the door open she vigilantly looked in its direction. When she had regained consciousness, she had found herself bound and caged inside a room without a speck of light. When she remembered the grave expression and anger in the eyes of Lord Monroez, she had understood that her fate was sealed.

Elders of the clan had somehow gotten the information of what Mervin had done to The Garden of Life, and the consequences awaited them.

When she saw the alien faces present before her as the door opened, she felt at a loss of what was happening. Her fears rose when her eyes caught the Dryad present there.

Selena had seen her before on The Garden of Life, but at that time hadn’t realized that she was the Dryad of The Tree of Life. It was only brought to her knowledge after Mervin had informed her after they had returned from the Garden.

Her eyes went to the man that held the Dryad’s hand. She observed his features and tried to recall if she had seen him before. His pale smile on his perfect face was beautiful, but it held a deadly danger, and she could feel it. When she saw his pupils take the shape of a star, her mind went blank.

“Morningstar” she stuttered the name.

“Mervin is dead. He died in the duel.”

His words brought her back from her shock and a tear slipped from her eyes. She had loved her husband even though she knew of all the dreadful things he had done. This day would come, she had already felt so whenever she saw the obsession in his eyes for this dryad.

“Kill me.” She asked pleadingly.

Her husband had not listened to her when she advised him to give up on the Dryad. He did not listen to her when she voiced her fear that Dryad was no longer with Yuren.

He had died for his obsession, and with him died all her desire to live.

Aizen nodded to her and used his darkness to nullify her senses. He stabbed the Dagger right in her heart and ended her life. He gave her a painless death, for he admired her devotion to her husband.

He stared at the Dagger, the bloodstained crescents, and then looked to her lifeless body.

“Selene” He named the dagger.

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Selene is a name for the Goddess of Moon and is pronounced as ‘Sel-ee-ne’.

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