Chapter 45 – (LAHM) The Prison of Chaos

“The first group of people are from the Whistling Star,” It was Venus who answered Aizen. “The Dusk Elven Clan has requested to have you mediate their struggle with the Dawn Elven Clan.”

“The Struggle?” Aizen frowned at her words. The five elven families always lived in harmony and supported each other.

“Near four decades ago, some people from the Dawn and Dusk Clan managed to get their hands on a Life Stone,” Venus answered him with apprehension. “It was something that had fallen out of the Heavenly Seal at that Night of the Blood Moon.”

“Oh…” His brows furrowed as he tried to search for its information in his memories.

“The Life Stone is a treasure that helps the holders of the Law of Life advance their strength faster,” Arianna informed him. “The Power inside the stone is inexhaustible, and it is one of the most precious treasures in the World. It also has regenerative properties, and it helps in the Purification of Curses as well.”

“How many of these Stones are there?”

“In the Two Reams, there are only 5 of these stones, and they fell from the Realm above.”

“When did the first Life Stone fall?”

“Over three thousand years ago.” Arianna nodded at him. “The first one is in the hands of Malcolm Starlight. He was the one that told everyone what it was.”

“Interesting…” Aizen nodded to himself. “And the Other Three?”

“Second is with the Fire Phoenix, Reisa, the third is in the hands of the Solaris Clan, and the fourth one is with the Kyubi Clan at the Mystic Temple.”

“So the weakest power with the Stone in hand are these two Elven Clans.” He commented.

“Wouldn’t that be Malcolm Starlight?” Lady Elsa doubtfully asked. “People fear him because he is from the Higher Realm. He has tricks up his sleeves that no one wants to experience. However, he is but a single man.”

“Is he?” Aizen smiled. “I thought that the Blood Moon Organization is on good terms with him?”

“Yes, we are on good terms with him.” Venus nodded. “But our relationship is based on mutual benefit.”

“His Castle of Knowledge helps us train our people, and he allows us to use the Life Stone if we need it. In return, we provide him with protection from his enemies, and keep the Castle of Knowledge a Safe-Haven.” Silver added.

“You are not the only ones who provide him protection…” Aizen shook his head.

“Yes, but none of his allies would stand with him if the risk outweighs the value he provides them.” Venus regretfully sighed. “He’s someone who has enormous pride and refuses to get close to people.”

“Do not underestimate him.” He told them. “His Bloodline is pure, and is one of the sacred ones.”

“Sacred ones?” Victorian’s eyes wavered.

Aizen smiled at him and nodded. The rest of the people in the Hall were curiously looking at him. It was only Arianna who didn’t have a hint of surprise or curiosity in her eyes. She was silently standing by his side with a pale smile on her lips.

“I have a question,” He turned to look at Venus. “Why is it that the other three Elven Clans of the Whistling Star have not tried to get their hands on it?”

“They did try, and it almost resulted in a civil war. The Elders of the Elven Clans reached the same conclusion that nothing was more precious to them than their unity. So they allowed the Dawn and Dusk Clans to keep the Life Stone. And sometimes if someone from the other three Clans needs it in an emergency, they are not refused.” Venus told him.

“What are they struggling over then?” He asked.

“A blood feud. The brother of the Lord of the Dawn Clan tried to get hold of the Life Stone when it was under the Dusk Clan’s turn to keep it. The people of the Dusk clan knew of his intentions. He had made a promise to the House of Jewels, to let them use it. It was against the agreement of the two clans. And so they retaliated against him. It resulted in his death.”

“And now the Dawn Clan blames them for it?”

“Yes,” Venus nodded. “It appears that the Dawn wants to gain an advantage over the Dusk Clan. They most likely want to have the period they hold the stone for extended. And Dusk Clan refuses them. The Elven Courts failed to settle the matter between them.”

Aizen stayed quiet after her words. He had confidence in the Intelligence of Arianna’s Organization. However, he had a hunch that there was more to the story that the two Clans have not revealed. Why else would they ask him of all people to be their Arbitrator?

The people in the Hall remained silent as he pondered over the reasons for their request to him to become their arbitrator. He couldn’t think of any valid reason, and it made him sigh.

“Who else wants me to be their arbitrator?” He asked Venus.

“The Dragon Ailes and The Sky Peak. The two Monster States have been at odds for the last four thousand years. It started with their discovery of an abandoned Star that had a Cave of a Divine dragon on it. They found several eggs of Dragon Beast inside of it. And they fought over their possession. The battle proved to be futile. They were equally strong, and fearing that they would suffer great losses, they reached an agreement. They both took three eggs each, and the last one was given by them to Black Dragon of East as their sign of goodwill to him. The agreement stated that the eggs the Dragons would lay in Future would belong to the State whose dragons would lay them, but in these thousands of years, only the Dragos belonging to the Dragon Ailes have lain two eggs. Whereas the three dragons of the Sky Peak didn’t lay any. And now they want one of the baby dragons.”

Aizen chuckled at the reason for their fight. Eggs of a Divine Dragon Beast. They were precious enough to make any power in the World covet them. The two forces have been well-matched so far, but with the two more Dragon Beasts, the state of Dragon Ailes now had superiority.

“I will be happy to be their arbitrator.” He nodded to Venus. “May I ask who will be coming over from the two states on the table?”

“Young Lord of Dragon Ailes, Aaron, and from the other side, the Sister of the Lord of Sky Peak. Her name is Sylvia.”

Aizen nodded to her.

“And who else has requested for me?” he asked.

“There are a total of 15 tables that want you to be their Arbitrator. But only one more concerns two powerful forces.” Venus answered.

“It’s Laurent and Lousiana from the Black Water. They are at odds with a terrifying enemy. The Chamber of Lights.”

Her words surprised Aizen, and the Azmodeus Couple as well. They were unaware of such a situation.

“What’s their feud about?” He asked.

“It is not known.” Venus shook her head. “And they have paid a glaring price to have you be their arbitrator. Of course, you have the right to refuse them.” She added.

“Nah… I will gladly be their Arbitrator.” He shook his head.

The Chamber of Lights was a hidden organization, just like the Hand of Kosmos. Their strength was not known to the world, and their intentions were not clear to anyone as well. The Chamber of Lights seldom took an interest in the matters of others. Aizen was curious about what Laurent had that the Chamber of Secrets had failed to deal with him and now needed his help to settle their dispute.

“And the others?” He asked.

“You will be attending more tables?” Venus asked doubtfully.

“All of them.” He nodded at her. “I will attend the table of everyone who has asked me to be their Arbitrator. It doesn’t matter if they are a small Force or a Strong one.”

Venus nodded to him and then proceeded to tell him about the rest of the groups. Some of the feuds were too foolish, but some were grave. He accepted the details Venus handed him and carefully went through them.

“Arrange for them in the Order that you have told me. I will take the Elves first.” He nodded and sighed.

Tomorrow night was going to be a long one.

“About the table, you will be sitting on…”

“Put in at the end of the schedule. I will deal with it when I am done with my Arbitration duties.”

Venus was still not comfortable with him taking those Five people lightly. Each of them was known to be Prideful, and the held immense power under their control. He was making them wait as if they were just another group of people who needed his time.

“And who would you like to nominate as the Arbitrator?” She sighed and asked.

“Who have they nominated?”

“No one,” She shook her head. “They left the decision on you. All of them.” She said as her brows furrowed.

“Good,” he smiled brightly. “Ask for Malcolm Starlight, Keira Viser Zion, and Beena Lucifer.”

“What?!” This time, with the exception of his wives, all the people in the Hall called out in surprise.

“Lord Morningstar…” Axis tried to advise him. “I am not sure about your decision to have the Mother of Devils as one of the Arbitrators…” He sighed. “Even the Lord of Devildom tries his best to keep her away from the Important meetings.”

“That is why I want her with me.” He chuckled. “It will be fun. I will need that after a tiresome night. And I have to make my Mother-in-law happy, right?”

“Oh, she is so going to love it when she hears about it,” Jalaisha giggled. “She’s going to come to you screaming your name and give you lots of her love.”

Aizen felt a shiver run up his spine at her words, but he just shook his head and sighed.

“Let’s get to the Tournament. What did you want to ask me about it?” He asked Venus and Silver.

“We would like to know if someone is going to represent The Star Palace in the Tournament,” Venus said. “Since you are the Lord of the Palace, you cannot take part in it, but if there’s someone who’s under 100 years of age, they can take part in the tournament.”

Aizen thought over the matter for a while, but he couldn’t decide who he should nominate or not. He was certain that Yuliya would gladly take part in the tournament, but she was back at the Star Palace. He could call her anytime, and he was now thinking of who else should take part with her. Other than him, Viara, Lysaria, Akira, Lyla, and Zeros could take part in the tournament. He was not going to allow Vienna and Ayana to show themselves in front of the public, and he was even reluctant to have Viara be a part of it. Lysaria had used the Berzerk Power, and he was reluctant to let her take part in the tournament, fearing that she would use it again. Akira, Lyla, and Zeros were all in the Realm of False-Origin. The taboo methods the Azereus had used to increase their strengths were bound to make some people unhappy if they displayed it in the Tournament. It wasn’t something that he worried about. He didn’t care about what the world said. And almost all of the influential families used different methods to increase the strength of their young ones. What made him take his time was the matter of his wives.

“Yuliya Lycan, Zeros Azereus, Lyla Azereus, and…” He frowned over the last name he was about to take. “Just the three of them.” He gave up on naming Viara. He was not going to allow her to take part in the tournament.

“Alright… We will take care of the rest of the things, and do as you have instructed us regarding the Arbitration ceremony,” Silver nodded to him. “I will take my leave now, Master, Lord Morningstar.” He bowed to Arianna and Aizen.

Silver only disappeared from the Hall after Arianna nodded to him. And after him, Venus and Siff took their leave. Victorian returned to his place on the steps below the Throne and stood there like a wall as he closed his eyes.

Aizen looked at him curiously, his eyes widened in surprise when he found that the reason why Victorian closed his eyes was that he was taking his nap. It was a strange way to take your naps, and he questioningly looked at Arianna and Jalaisha.

“He’s a light sleeper,” Jaliaisha shook her head. “He has been born and raised in the toughest of the environments, and he now keeps himself ever ready to jump into a battle. He takes his rest in this manner, half awake, half asleep.”

“Venus does make sure that he gets some good rest at nights,” Arianna smiled at him. “Don’t worry, he’s fine.”

Aizen sighed at her words. He couldn’t imagine himself suffer like that. He loved sleeping, and it was something he was extremely fond of. To give it up for some naps, and that too while staying half awake, he would run away from the situation if it ever arrived on him.

“Let’s go!” Arinna grabbed on his hand and laced her fingers with his.


“Didn’t you say that you need the personnel for the Star Palace?” She asked. “I will show you around the batch of young Succubi that have arrived at the Hall today. You can pick some of them, and the remaining will leave for the Misty Chambers.” She smiled at him. “I have a list of Maids and Butlers that will be auctioned tomorrow. You can go through it, but you will have to buy them in the Auction if you want them.

“Alright,” he nodded to her. He knew how important Arianna’s business was to her, and it was not like he lacked money.

Aizen also realized that the real reason why Arianna didn’t give him all of the personnel was that she didn’t want to make his wives uncomfortable. Viara wouldn’t like people around the Palace who would be Arianna’s property alone.

“I will go and see what Mother is up to…” Jalaisha smiled at him and nodded to her parents.

“Please look after Lia,” He requested her.

“Of course!” She stepped forward and planted a kiss on his cheek, and then she stepped off the platform and walked out of the Hall.

Aizen felt as if something was going on in her mind, but he was not sure what it was. She didn’t show any signs of worries and unease, he had no clue what was up with her.

“Come,” Arianna pulled on his hand and led him out of the Hall.

Axis and Elsa followed them, and the door of the Hall closed as they exited it. They walked to the outer circle of the Hall of the Blood moon that was bustling with maids and butlers. It was the place where the Blood Hand Army resided, and where the Maids and Butlers had their houses.

“Here…” Arianna handed him a Half-mask.

He looked at her curiously, but accepted it and put it on his face.

“Now what?”

“We are going to the General Hall where those girls are. And we will be walking through the masses of people.”

“We can teleport there? Or we can fly?” He asked.

“We can, but I need to walk there. I have to show my presence to my people from time to time. It is important. And it gives them honor and makes them happy to know that their Master doesn’t avoid them.”

“Alright,” He nodded to her. Her words were a lesson to him. “I will do as you say, Master…”

Arianna giggled as she heard his words. The last time he had called her Master was on the night she had left The Castle of Knowledge, it had been a while.

“You never mean it when you call me Master,” She complained and pouted at him.

“Of course,” He nodded to her with a smile. “My blood doesn’t allow it.”

“Hmph…” She squinted her eyes. “You never meant it even when you didn’t know about your Origins. It’s all your pride.”

“Look who’s talking… You are the Devil of Pride!”

The couple who heard their playful bickering was in shock. It was beyond them how different Arianna was with Aizen. It was as if she was a different person. There was no haughtiness in her presence, and there was no Aura of the Blood-Winged Lucifer that the World feared. She was just another girl with him.

Their group attracted all the eyes of people who looked at them, and they without sparing a second went down to their knees. There was a sudden silence in the outer circle. The people ahead didn’t need to think to understand what the reason might be. They were already on their knees when Arianna and Aizen passed by them.

Aizen was surprised to see the reverence in the eyes of the people in the Blood Moon Hall. Their respect and faith in Arianna reflected on their expressions, and there were smiles on their faces. The group of people would only stand back up and continue with what they had been doing after Arianna had passed by them. A sign of their familiarity with the situation. It was all too natural as if it was their part of daily life.

“How often do you do this?” He asked.

“I try to make time for it once every two days. And they have been told to reach me when I pass by here if they have any complaints about anything.”

“No one seems to have any complaints…” He looked around and said.

“Thank you!” She smiled and nodded her head. “I try my best to make sure that they have no complaints.”

Aizen sighed when he heard the genuine gratefulness in her voice. She loved her people. She cared about everyone who worked under her, and it brought respect in the hearts of her people. They loved her. It was the most terrifying Power. He was certain that every person here would give their life if she asked for it, and they wouldn’t even ask her for a reason. It was how strong their faith was in her.

“What is mine, is yours now…” Arianna said with a smile.

Her words conveyed her feelings for him.

“I know,” He caressed her hand. “But they will always be yours. It’s your Pride and your strength. I will build my own, and that will be yours as well.”

“Want to rule the world together?” She asked with a dangerous smile.

“I will give the world to you if you desire it, but I have no interest here…” He sighed and looked at the Heavenly Seal in the Sky. “It’s a prison…”

“But it’s our home now… And we have to cherish it.” Arianna nodded and said her thoughts.

“Some part of me… never makes me feel at home here.”

His words made Arianna silent. And he didn’t need to ask her to know that she felt the same way.

They walked through the respect of her people for nearly half an hour before they arrived at their destination. It was the General Hall of the Blood Moon.

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