Chapter 8 – Retribution for the ugly hearts

Vienna was excited and a little scared. She had been teasing Aizen all the time but this night had finally come. The only thing keeping her from not being too nervous was Meera who was already red with anticipation. She did not speak to her and just sat there holding her hand to comfort her. They had already set the bed in white and changed their dresses in red chemises.

A knock was heard on the door before it opened and Aizen came in his sleepwear. A gentle and comforting smile was placed on his face. He closed the door behind him and walked to the bed. Vienna summed up all her courage as she threw herself in his chest, burying her face in it. She felt his arms wrap around her and soothe her back. He let her stay like this for a while before she eventually looked up to him with her misty eyes. He caressed her cheek and planted a kiss on her forehead. “Scared?” gently asked. She shook her head but quickly turned it into a nod. She saw him laugh lightly and her heart skipped a beat.

Aizen picked her up and threw her on the bed before climbing on it. She curled up in the corner while Meera acted like a scared rabbit and tried to get out of the bed but was caught by him in his arms. He just held her like that as he whispered in her ear “Is your husband so scary?”

The little lamb stopped her struggles and just nestled her back in his chest.

“Elder Brother, please be gentle with me.” She said in a weak voice.

Aizen kissed her neck as he traced her belly. He guided his way to the soft cushions on her chest. He grabbed one lightly and caressed it.

“Mmm.” A soft moan leaked out just as he pinched her small nipple. He turned her face to him and took her small lips. He kissed her gently and he kept massaging her soft flesh. He pinched her nipple again which resulted in another moan. He took this chance to insert his tongue and held her waist tightly to not let her escape in surprise. She struggled at first before giving in and mingling her tongue with his. He felt her respond to his kiss and ran his hand on her back before grabbing her ass. Meera had a smaller stature than Vienna but she had just the right amount of flesh where it was supposed to be. His hand went inside her chemise and traced the soft cloth that hid her folds. He caressed it gently as her moaning became fervent. She felt the cloth get wet as her body warmed up. He sat her in his lap and carefully undressed her panties. He traced her bare folds and sparse hair and he kissed her again, muffling her moans in his mouth. He played with her clitoris in a teasing manner as he wet it with her juices. It was not long before her body shuddered and she almost bit his tongue as she experienced the ecstasy for the first time. He smiled and playfully bit her lip before planting a kiss on her forehead. “Rest up. For this is just beginning.” He whispered in her ear and placed her on the bed.

Vienna had been observing their actions and was flushed. Her breathing was uneven and her eyes misty and filled with anticipation.

He took off his shirt and threw it on the floor. He pulled her to him and sat her in his lap with her legs wrapped around him. They had their eyes locked before they both drew in and kissed. It was gentle but then the aggression and pain of lust grew. He had his hand in her chemise and on her breast as he grabbed her ass with the other. He broke the kiss and took the chemise off her leaving her only in her panties and her body naked before his eyes. He lied her down on the bed and marveled at her beauty. He took off her panties and his eyes locked on her beautiful folds. He went forward and kissed her lower lips earning a surprised moan from her. He assaulted her with his tongue and soon her moans got louder and her hands locked his hair. Her thigs tried to cage him as she reached the peak and trembled all over.

Her eyes were layered with mist as her body still lingered in ecstasy. She heard the ruffling of clothes and felt his hands opening her legs. She looked down at his member and immediately got scared, forgetting the pleasure that still lingered. Aizen leaned in and kissed her cheek before taking her lips. He separated from her lips and held her thighs open. He traced his member on the folds and found her entrance. He pushed the glans in while looking into her eyes. The tightness enveloped him and pleasure fueled his desire more. Her brows wrinkled and she bit her lip in pain. He placed his hand on her waist and locked his other hand with hers above her head. He pushed in and soon reached her hymen. He pulled back slightly before tearing it and burying himself completely and hitting the entrance of her womb.

“Ahhh!!” Vienna cried out as her face grimaced in pain and tears slipped out of her eyes. “It hurts!” she called out. Her free hand clasped the sheets tightly.

Aizen let go of her hand and leaned on her putting her under his weight. He sipped off her tears and planted kisses on her face. Vienna giggled despite the pain and her cheerful smile returned. “You hurt me, Elder Brother.” She complained playfully.

“Oh, I will hurt my bride all I want,” Aizen replied resolutely.

“Un” She nodded in agreement and caressed his face with her hand. “Kiss me.” She asked.

Their lips were locked for a while before her breathing finally settled down. “It’s fine now,” she whispered.

Aizen moved his waist slowly and he pulled out a little and sank back in. He kept the thrusts slow and deep. The pain was visible on her face as she tried her best to bear it. The movement became faster as the pain eased on her face and moans started leaking out of her mouth. They kissed under their gasps as her nails dug in his back and held him on top of her with her legs wrapped around his waist. He kept thrusting and soon she was replying to his movements with her own. They both reached a peak in a unison, and warmth spread in her womb and then throughout her body. Her body trembled in ecstasy as she felt him move inside her again. This time her moans were bold and unrestrained. He was not gentle but ravished her and brought her twice to the peak before finally erupting inside her womb. She was tired and felt mysterious energy spread inside her body. She soon fell asleep as changes took place in her body.

He was not tired and had his blood boiling in his veins as the changes took place inside his body as well. But right now he was driven by his lust and looked at Meera who was lying on the side as she watched their intimacy. He separated from inside of Vienna and their love juices oozed out from inside her with the blood mixed in. He planted a light kiss on her forehead and covered in the sheets before moving down to the girl that waited for him.

He tore off the chemise she was wearing and leaned on her as he tried to control the fire in his loins and be gentle to her. He traced her folds and found her wet. She must have been excited by watching their lustful indulgence. He got in between her legs and positioned himself at her entrance. “Ready?” he asked her gently before taking a sip of her lips. “un” she nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck. Aizen kept looking in her emerald eyes as he sank the glans in and reached the membrane. Her tightness was a bane to him as he tried his best to keep himself in control. The tears were already slipping down her face and her breathing was uneven. He pulled back a little and buried himself in her tearing the film that was in his way.

“Stop, stop! It hurts!!” She cried out as she sobbed.

Aizen embraced her in his arms tightly and let her sobs settle down as he caressed her back with his arms. When he felt her breathing ease up, he started moving slowly.

Meera grunted in pain and kept shaking her head as tears streamed down. He accelerated his movement as it was already unbearable for him. He heard some moans leak out of her mouth and blocked it with his own. He gave in to his lust and ravished her. Pain and pleasure both assaulted her and she did not struggle anymore and allowed him to ravish her. She had felt him bearing pain as well. She soon arrived at her peak but his movements were relentless. Her body grew limp under his continuous assault as he brought her to another peak before erupting inside her depts. She was growing numb with pain and pleasure as he started moving again. She opened her legs wider to cater to his movements. Her body kept trembling under his assault and her mind was going blank. She felt the familiar warmth spread inside her again as she closed her eyes and dozed off.

Aizen was scared when he finally regained some senses but soon felt at ease as he found her asleep. He felt guilty for being so wild to her. This was her first time and she was physically even weaker than Vienna. He pulled himself out of her and saw the horror the blood was. He had a very complicated mood right now.

He controlled his lust that had eased a lot and lied between his two brides. He held them in his embrace as he fell asleep, letting the changes take place in his body.


In a Castle, somewhere in the Middle Plane, Five people were going through the content of the Memory Stone. There were three men and two women. They all had lustrous black hair and Purple eyes.

The contents ended and the tall and Scholarly man sighed. “He’s a perfect union of his parents.” The man couldn’t help but admire the young man that looked so much like his parents. His personality was more on his Father’s side but had the touch of his Mother’s tenaciousness as well.

“He looks to me like someone whose brain doesn’t work well.” Another man spoke as he didn’t hold back his disdain. “With his strength, he dares to spout such audacious words. I wonder how long he would survive in this world.”

“Your opinion of him would have been different if you were personally present there.” A girl spoke solemnly.

“Sister, I believe you have fallen for his charm. He doesn’t seem to have any remarkable qualities other than his looks.” The man retorted.

“You must never underestimate a Morningstar, Berrick.” The scholarly man advised. “He’s a dangerous man.”

“Why do you say that, Father? I see nothing special about him.” Berrick was unwilling to accept such a high evaluation by his Father.

“Kyle, tell me what do you think of this Morningstar.” The scholarly man asked the person standing by his side.

“I agree with your evaluation, Father,” Kyle replied respectfully. “He is someone who can control his surroundings and make people believe in what he says. It’s not a trick but an Inherent trait of his Bloodline. He’s someone who’s fitted to be regarded as an Alpha. And as far as the brain is concerned, his seems to work very well.” He explained his observations.

Berrick could no longer hold with his argument as both His Father and Older brother had given such a high evaluation of this person. His Sister too seemed to be infatuated to this man. He turned to the last person present in the room and saw her nodding in affirmation to his Brother’s words. If his mother too held such an opinion then it must be true.

“Father, how do you plan to deal with him?” Kyle inquired.

“I don’t. Not now. If possible, I never want to confront another Morningstar again.” He couldn’t help but dread the Strength and abilities those Ka’zaed blood had shown on the Red Bay. And the most fearful thing was their willpower. They would die but not before taking people along with them. “The other families are already planning on dealing with him. For now, all we must do is observe.” He said.

Kyle only nodded and did not ask for the reason. He trusted the judgment of his father. He bowed to his parents and took his leave. Berrick too followed suit and left.

“Keira” the man looked up to his daughter and thought before asking her. “What do you think of the Morningstar?”

Keira looked at her father who asked her the same question as he had asked her brother. But the meaning was different and she understood it.

“I find him and the women that follow him Interesting.” She replied plainly. Her meaning was clear that she was not infatuated with him but only a little curious.

“So you finally find someone interesting.” Her father sighed as he shook his head lightly.

“Keira, you have my permission to follow whichever path you want to choose in your life. Do not let the Family hold you back.” He said seriously.

His words baffled her. She felt that something was wrong and inquired “Father, Is everything okay?”

It was not her father that replied but her mother. “They are finally making their move on the Zion family. And they also want to acquire you.”

“There’s no need to be worried, for now. They would hesitate to move against us openly. Our strength is not affable.” Her father said in an assuring voice. “However, I want you to be safe. Your both sisters are already married to your brothers and with your strength and abilities, you are a danger for the other families. If they cannot obtain you then they will destroy you. And if anything happens to me or your Grandfather the family won’t be able to protect you.”

Keira took a moment to let the words sink in. She understood completely the dangers that loomed on her and her family. “You want me to get close to the Morningstar?” She asked in an irritated voice.

“No, we just want you to be happy and be safe. That’s our only wish.” Her mother said to her with a gentle smile.

“Here, take this and keep it safe. You may use it if the need be.” Her father took out a Memory Stone from his Blood Ring and passed it to her.

Keira nodded to her parents before bowing to them and leaving the room.

She entered her room and spoke to a golden-haired girl on her bed.
“We are leaving for the Whistling Star tomorrow.”

The girl just nodded her head in reply before closing her crystal blue eyes again.


Viara quietly left the Star Palace in the middle of the night. She had only informed Lysaria that she will be back by the morning and left her the words “Retribution for the Ugly Hearts.”

Her destination was a place somewhere in the Lower Realm. That was where she felt her Darkness Marker respond. Her tracking skills were not her forte but they were unique enough to not let anyone be aware that they had been marked by her darkness.

She wore a Black Cloak that kept anyone from identifying her and wore a mask that she had once taken from the corpse of someone she had killed. She used her Darkness to hide her Aura and kept expending her Mana as she used portals to reach her destination by the shortest route she knew she could take.

She finally arrived at her destination with her Mana only remaining 10%. This was a Mansion inside a bustling city on a star she didn’t even know the name of. She observed her surroundings and found that there were not many people in the Mansion. She entered it and followed her marker quietly without anyone noticing her. She arrived outside the room where the person she marked was.

Viara heard the moans of a woman and the grunts of a man. She concentrated on the strength of the man and found that he was someone in the late stage of Ancestral strength. A slight complication in her plan but nothing she couldn’t deal with.

She used her time magic and expended the rest of her mana to stagnate the time in the room for a couple of seconds. She barged in and bound the man who was ravishing the woman from behind with her shadow bindings and used her darkness to nullify the consciousness of the man.

The man was weaker than her and he was stagnated which made it even easier for her to accomplish it. She then turned to the woman and bound her as well but did not nullify her consciousness. She just blocked her voice for her to not make a commotion.

When the effect of her Time Magic vanished the man fell back on the bed, unconscious. While the woman stayed in her position staring at Viara with her eyes wide open. Fear invaded her heart and she couldn’t even tremble in the bindings.

Viara only looked at the woman in front of her and loathed her. She was beautiful with her black eyes and hair but her heart was ugly. The woman before her was Elysa Lycan, granddaughter of Fenris Lycan, and the woman who had made her Husband uncomfortable with her presence.

She had not inquired him about it and did not want to. She had seen apathy in his eyes for her and her words about being his first love were enough to give her an idea of what was going on. She had decided to eliminate her the moment she had uttered her words. Had she returned with Fenris to Velrich, she would have lived past tonight but she had come here to indulge in her lust with the man lying behind her on the bed.

Viara waited for almost an hour before her mana finally was enough for her to quietly escape from this place after completing her task.

She walked towards Elysa and placed her finger on her forehead which then shined in her Pale Blue colored Light Element. She channeled her light inside Elysa in a constant stream which was not enough to kill her in an instant.

The energy inside Elysa kept getting higher and the temperature of her body kept rising. Her eyes were terrified and begging for her life but Viara showed no emotion for her. She wanted to scream in pain but couldn’t. Her skin started to melt and evaporate as the light blue hue covered her body. She died of the agony of something worse than being burned alive. Her remains were devoured by the darkness, and not even the evidence of her existence was left.

Viara turned to the man lying on the bed. She had not killed him first because she deduced that he was of a Nobel background and may very well have a Soul Mark on him. His family may be nearby and would become aware of the moment he was killed.

She enveloped the man in Darkness and expended a great strength as her darkness devoured the man not leaving a trace behind. Immediately after that she channeled all of her Mana and opened a portal to get as far from this Star as possible.

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