A world changed 200 years ago, when some spaceships crashed, on its surface. This world was named ‘Earth’; it had a different number of organisms living in it. The humans were the ones ruling it, with their intelligence, numbers, and strength, but this incident changed everything. From the strongest, they became one of the strongest.      


The Earthling’s being caught off-guard by the declaration of war, by the species in the spaceship suffered a lot.   


This species called themselves as, Cosmusks; their goal, to conquer beings living in the galaxies.  


Even though the Humans were the strongest earthling, they were no match for the superior technique that the Cosmusks possessed. Compared to the humans who fought with their Swords, Spear, Sheilds, Bows, and Arrows, the Cosmusks used magic, stones, and their unusual body.   


The attacks from the Human were ineffective towards them, the ratio of dead was 1000:1, humans didn’t even stand a chance, to surviving being in a one-sided massacre.   


When all the hope was lost, captives of Cosmusks in the form of reinforcement gave a helping hand to Earthlings, with their help the Earthling obliviated the Cosmusks, and finally, the cosmusks lost the war.  


The anger inside the Humans and their reinforcement had them go senile, that they killed every cosmusks.   


The sudden reinforcement was a huge help for the Humans, but a now a different matter fought them, the existence of being that looked different from them. Humans selected a representative and sent him to the Alliance Camp to talk.  


The representative asked the Allied forces to have a talk between themselves and choose their representative and talk with him. The allied forces sent a large number of them as their representative, while some without saying anything had made themselves feel at home.    


The reason for so many representatives was that they were not of a single planet but many.   


When they asked the reason, how they know the way to kill a Cosmusks, how they could understand them. To answer the questions a dwarfling comes forward, and speaks,  


“It’s not our first time fighting with them. Before coming here, the cosmusks had attacked us, and in that war, a lot of our people had died, we fought those punks for more than goddamn 10 years. We found their weakness, but it was way too late, our planet was on the brink of collapsing, there was nothing that we could do about it, we had lost all our hope. The only thing we could do was to surrender and be enslaved by those bastards.”   


Then one of the beastia said,   


“When the ship waf going to crash, we thought we weff goners but we weff lucky, we survived, and whff we heard the fight going between you and them we, difffffed with each other that if we helfed you, all of us may live and become fref.’   

(When the ship was going to crash, we thought we were goners, but we were lucky, we survived, and when we heard the fight going between you and them, we discussed with each other that if we helped you, all of us may live and become free.)   


As he finishes, an Elf says,   


“We know your language, due to being fed something by the cosmusks, which allows us to understand and speak the languages they know of. But the anger that I have for them on what they did to my people is still flaming inside me.”    


“I see.” Saying those words, the Human representative left.   


From their story, humans knew that they all had lost their homes and had nowhere to go. The Ship they came in had crashed. And during the war, all the Humans and the Allied forces had destroyed the remaining parts of it. Now Neither the humans nor they knew how they could reconstruct something like that. The only solution humans had was to make them one of them.   


After the pact, all the races were taking the lands that befitted them the most. The elves were given the lands with the maximum number of trees, the beastia choose a large area with many different climates, as all of their bodies were different from each other and needed different environment and climate, the dwarfs choose places near the mountains and caves. Mermaid which people saw in the sea, went underwater, to be never seen.   

The lands get divided between all the races, the allied races occupied 58%, leaving the remaining for the humans.         


The war changed the surrounding completely. The war had killed more than 40% of humans, the majority of the house destroyed, only leaving some of them standing, but with a look, anyone could say that they would collapse within months. Due to high numbers of casualties, and not having many trees in their area, the Humans made houses small with wide floors.    


Plants and Animals, mutated for unknown reasons their appearance changed from normal to a monster like an appearance.   


The pack stood for years but broke one day, by the humans living in the northern lands, 30 years later, the human’s population was increasing, and they needed more lands and woods.   


The northern humans decided to go to other races and ask for land from their region in hopes that they would understand their situation and give up some of their lands to them.   

But to their disappointment, no other races were willing to give up their lands to the humans, as they were also planning to increase their own population for the future, or they were also going out of lands to construct homes for their own people.   


The Northern Humans only had two options now, either wage war or construct better homes.  

Due to a large number of casualties, and not completely discovering the secrets of the other race, the humans decided against waging war as it would not be in their favor, so they decided to construct taller and sturdy houses.   


So, for woods, the humans went to the elven lands as their territory had better-quality woods for the construction of houses.   

The Northern humans didn’t inspect the trees and cut some trees, unfortunately, some elven children who were playing on them ended falling and dying.    

When elves came to know of it, they were enraged to such an extent they waged war against the human, but with the fight being in the plain land, the elves were in the loss, resulting in losing many of their kind.  

The fight also caught many other races to be dragged in it, making it a bigger war.  

The elves had decided to back down, but the human’s greed for more; prolonged the war. Elves took a defensive stand, while the humans fought with everything, when the other race joined, human’s card was open to see, resulting in them losing the war within 6 months.  

As compensation for starting the war and losing it, the humans had to give up on some of their lands and give them to the other races.   


As the war started by humans and they lost, the other races saw humans as trash.  

Northern humans tried their best to not lower their standard if they did even the southern would look down upon them.   

In the meantime, the elves started becoming more hostile to the other races and isolated themselves in their land.   

Peace again came but not for long when nearly after 100 years later news about the humans being able to use magic got out and made every other race afraid of them as they knew that another war could start at any moment now.   


Not wanting to repeat the history, races started making factions. The Bestia made factions with the others of their species and named their nation ‘Wifobe Safora’, the Dwarf’s lost in the chaos, no one knowing their whereabouts in this time the King of Wifobe Safora named there home ‘Tincalleat’s Layer’, the elves isolated themselves from the rest of the world, they were left alone, but everyone knew their name was ‘Beaure Monchery’; humans made factions and nations, the south named themself ‘Monerileth Kingdom’, and north named itself ‘Overity Empire’, and the other nation also founded groups and named themselves.  


The situation in the other nations kept on getting worse as the time passed, the tension on everyone kept on increasing.    


But one-day news came to the Overity Empire’s capital, about the Wifobe Safora nation, that they also had mages who can use magic. This news became a source of tension for the empire.  

Later on, a war did start, but not against humans or the other it was a war between Earthlings, Demon, and Dragon. 


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The Day Before The Calamity(Life inside The Palace)[Calamity Arc- Part 1]