The Day Of The Calamity(Prison Guards)[Calamity Arc-Part 14]

Janvas’s POV-   

After telling us what to do, Mari heads towards the garden, she blends with the shadow, using her shadow technique.    

As the guard gets out of our sight, we head towards the maid chamber, as hushed as possible we can, Belinda is in the front of us, Haruru beside me. Ru keeps on looking around nervously, I would grab her hand, but both of mine are full. Instead of walking, Belinda slithers, and she slithers smoothly.  

She’s quite ahead of us, so we have to look down as not to step on her.   

[I don’t like to say it, when I already said, I wouldn’t make a move on her, till she falls in love with me, but I gotta say she sways and she sways good.]  

Out of nowhere, I fell danger from my left, so I look ahead and just move.   

As we reach the corner, we stop to inspect the area. The corridor is silent, but one room has lights lit, and chattering voice are there.   

“Ru, how many people?”    

“Jan, there are three of them, and they all are the ones with whom I usually work with.”   

“Then, can you distract them till we move away?”   

“I can’t, Onari can also smell and hear things; she will know before you pass the room.”   

All of a sudden, a voice comes.   

Haruru, is that you?”  

A girl looks straight at us from the lit room, hearing her, another two girls come out, all of us freeze, Belinda unsheathe her flamberge sword, making the girls yelp. Before she could hurt them, I shout at her to stop, yet Haruru was faster than me, as she appears in front of the trembling girls. Belinda looks at me and says,   

“Master, I-I was just going to scare them with it.”   

[Scare them to death?]   

Panting, I look at the girls. Haruru hugs her, trembling friends.    

From the back, we hear heavy footsteps approaching us.  

[That was a fast response. Is the moon full tonight?]   

“Ru, we need to hide.”  

“Guys, where can we hide …….hurry.”   

The girls hurriedly stand up and lead us inside their room. The room looks mini when we add Belinda to the picture, but we somehow get everyone in, Belinda who’s closest to the burning torch blows it out, and we are left in the dark.    

In the dark, I’m only able to see Ru and one of the three girl’s eyes, whereas I could find Belinda with her glowing skin.   


The room turns quiet, and I do not say who it was meant for. Suddenly, one of the girls asks,   

“Are you guys finally running away?” 

I stay quiet whereas, Haruru’s yellow bright eyes nod; just as she nods, rustling sounds come, they probably are hugging each other. Right?    

The heavy metallic noise becomes loud, and we all tense up. Stopping near us on of the guard’s speak,   

“Didn’t that shout come from here?”    

“Yeah-yeah, it came from here.”   

“Hey, you hear anything. Dam?”   


“Where’s Dam? Goddammit, he had to go somewhere when we need him.”   

“Umm…Krak, why don’t we ask the servant? They surely must have heard it.”   

“Hmm…Right. But whom do we ask? This place looks empty.”   

“The one with the door closed, someone might have just gone to sleep.”   


We hear the guards knocking on the doors.    


[Our damn luck.]   

Instead of answering, we stay mum, the guards not finding any reply, knock the door of the room beside us.   


This time with more strength, but we stay mum, the girls and Ru hug each other; Belinda unsheathes her sword….. again. I curse in my mind, ‘This girl was ready to kill anyone or anything she saw.’   

The guards knock once again, but the room is farther than us.   


They keep on knocking the doors of all the rooms in the servant’s quarter. The noise starts to go father from us. We sigh. I quietly keep the suitcase down; poke Ru’s back, I tell her to inform us when the guards are away, but she suddenly puts a finger on my lips.   

“Someone is running towards us.”    

“Hey, Kark, why did you all leave me there all alone?”   

“Dam, damn, you came at the right moment.”   

Haha… Nice one, Captain.”    

I click my tongue at the mention of the person named ‘Dam’, he probably was a Sniffer, seeing my reaction, Belinda also reached the same conclusion, as she tightens her hold on her sword. But contrary to us, the other girls try their hardest to control their laughter.    

[Was it seriously that funny.]   

No voice comes from Belinda, so it wasn’t. The girls are too stressed, so they are probably affected by it.   

[Yes-yes, that’s the only reason.]   

Belinda was on the right side of the door, while I stayed on the left, leaving Haruru and the maids on the opposite side.   

[Be Quick, Be Swift.]   

The conversation between the guards continue,  

“Don’t leave me and run away to where ever you feel like, and then when you see me, say that I came at the right moment.”   

“We heard someone shout ‘Stop’, so we ran as fast as we could, and headed here.”   

“Yeah, and it’s empty. Dam, why don’t you do your thing.”   

“Well, it could be one of the maids who shouted.”   

“Yeah, it could be, but no one’s here.”   

“What? No, there are people in this room.”   

“Hey, didn’t we knock on that room.”    

“Yes, we did, but no one answered.”   

Suddenly they become silent, and we could only hear another knock on the door.   


One of Ru’s friend speaks up,   


Hearing the reply, they talk between themself.   

“Someone’s there?”   


“Did you guys seriously knock?”   

“We had knocked here, Captain.”   

fell agitated, probably realizing it Haruru grabs my hand upon which I look at her, her eyes just ask me to trust them, so I keep quiet and let the conversation take place.    

The guard continues with his questions,   

“We are the soldiers from the Easter Wind Defence, we heard someone shout ‘Stop’ very loudly from here, so we would want to know, what was that and if you know anything about that.”   

“Umm…a a shout? We didn’t hear anything like that.”   

“No-no, we are sure-”   

“Yes, Captain, even I didn’t hear anything, and I’ve got the most sensitive ear, among us, you probably imagined it..”   

“No, we all heard it, right, boys?”   

“Yes, Captain.”   

“..but Captain, I didn’t hear it, and neither the maids heard it, can’t it be the others also imagined it.”   


“And Captain, if they were miscreant, why would they shout, and alert the guards.”   

“Well, that right. Let’s move back, boys.”   

“Yes, Sir.”   

As the sound of the guards are leaving comes, we hear Dam’s voice that comes like a whisper,   

“Girls, I know you have got a man in the room.”   

We stay quiet not understanding what this guy wanted, and how did he know I was inside,   

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell it to the others, if..”   

The same maid who answered speaks,   


“If one of you comes to my bed tonight. Well, it’s a good offer if you ask me. The man who is inside won’t die, and you won’t..”   

While he speaks, Haruru hold tightens, I guess she probably doesn’t want that to happen to them. But if I confront the guard the reason, we hid for would have no reason.   

“I ac-”   

But Belinda opens the gate, grabs the wolf(soldier) by his neck, and lifts him, making him be face to face with her.   

“Leave before I kill you.”   

They were her words, but when the guard was going to shout for aid from his company, he notices me exiting the room and say,   

“I understand, sir.”    

Belinda leaves him, and the guy dashes away, I press my head, thinking why we hid, and just wish, that the soldier doesn’t spill the beans.  

Form the side the three maids, go to Belinda, and hold her hand.   

“Thank you!”   

The three said in unison. Haruru comes from behind and whisper,   

“They all are married.”   


Haruru says her goodbye to the girls, they hug each other, for some time, when the fox girls say,   

“Master Janvas, I know it’s not my place to say it, but please keep Haruru safe and happy.”   

With a smile, I reply.   

“You don’t have to worry. If there is anyone who is going to hurt Haruru, then they have to go through me.”   

The girl just smiles,    

While we move, the three girls hug each other.   

Haruru grabs my arm as we run in the corridor. Luckily, for us, there is no one at the gates, reaching it, we look around for Marine, and find her, little away from the main gate, standing near a carriage.    

[Wait… I know who it belongs to.]   

As we reach it, I keep the suitcase down and pull Haruru to my left, between me and Belinda, but before I could speak, Marine cut in,   

“Master, I know you don’t like them, but understand, they are our best bet, right now.”   

[Well, obviously, I hate those guys. Who likes a creeper, staring at his wife?]   

“Master, we need help from them. The new batch of soldiers would be swapping, any minute now, even the security of Wisodef will be lax, so we can easily move out; everyone knows their face, it would be easy.” 

I look down at Ru, and she just nods, reluctantly I nod too.    

“Okay, then Master, I need 10 Silver coins.”   


A voice forms the back answers my question,   

“For the charge of getting all of you, out of the palace, without being caught.”   

I turn around and see the butler I met the morning, it’s not the leader, but the two lackeys of his.   

“Prince Janvas, nice to meet you.-”   

Taking out his hand for a shake, he says,   

“I’m Franth, and he’s Tranth, my elder brother. As per Miss Marine’s request, we’re here to get you out of here.”   

As I shake his hand, he clasped it tightly,    


“Miss Haruru..”   

Saying that Tranth holds his hands out,   

[Son of a bitch.]   

Haruru holds his hands to shake, but Tranth had another idea, he lifts it up to his lips, but before he could do anything, she pulls her hands back.   

“Oops! Had to try.”   

Franth leaves my hand with a sleazy smile. Belinda comes between Ru and the brothers; glares at them with an ice-cold look. Even though I’m looking from the side, it gives me chills. I never knew, a lady that looked as sweet as her, could also give such a look. On the other hand, the brothers shutter and lower their gaze.     

Mari suddenly giggles a little, and comes close to me,   

“Master, the ten silver coins.”    


Ru takes out a pouch from her spatial box. She takes out the said commodity then she puts it back. Hands over the money to me, I hand it to Mari, then she hands it to TranthTranth gives it to his brother, he counts the coin, gives it back to Tranth, now Tranth takes out a pouch of his own and puts it in.     

[Why do I feel like that was a long process.]   

“We just have to get you all out of the Wisodef, Right? By the way, where are you all going at this time and who-who is she?”   

Before I could respond, Marine comes in front of me and points her stinger at him, seeing her being offensive, Belinda grabs the hilt of her sword.     

Both brothers are startled, with paled complexion, they look at me. I turn to the left, as I inspect the carriage.    

Marine voice comes from the side,   

“Yes, we just need you to get us out. And don’t try to pry in someone else’s business.”   


“Master, let’s get in.”   


Mari quickly opens the gate, with a smile pasted on her face. Shaking my head, I smile back at her.    

I head inside the carriage and see it to be different from the one we came in. It’s the cheaper Carriage, I mean, it’s not soundproof. And even the beasts were a normal Gordan. And unlike previous time it had seats on two sides, one facing the horse the other facing the away from the horse.  

I sit on the one facing the horse and place the suitcase near me. Haruru comes next, and she sits beside me, after her, Mari comes in and sits while facing me; in the end, Belinda comes in.    

She sits beside Mari, her tail starts entering the carriage, but it never fills it, then I understand what’s happening. Within the next few seconds, Belinda’s entire tail vanishes, and two legs appear at its place. And the Belinda that I first saw inside the Palace vanishes and a new Belinda appears.     

When she looks up at me, I’m dazzled. The way her scales now appear on her body have changed, and it brings out her beauty. Earlier, they were only on her cheeks and hands, that too was so less, but now, she looks strikingly stunning. The scales now start from her temple, going down to her cheeks, neck, and enters into her shirt. Her exposed thumb and index finger are covered in scales. Even her legs, the skirt that she wore cover her thigh.   

But before I could look someone covers my eyes,   

“Ja-Master, you are staring.”  

Ohh… Sorry.”   


Ru removes her hand so when I look forward, Mari looks at me with a knowing smile, due to embarrassment, I turn away ending up looking towards Belinda as she looks out the window, as I had been staring at her I look toward Ru and she is looking at me with contempt. So, all I could do was look down as two females, were looking at me as they could read my mind, and the other was ignoring me.  

[Kill me.]   

While I’m dying with shame, the carriage finally moves, but I don’t have enough courage to raise my head.   

The carriage luckily has the windows tinted at one side. So, even if someone tried to look inside, they couldn’t. After moving for some time, we come to a stop.   

“Master, we are at Wisodef.”   

Mari warns me, and I straighten myself.   

“Belinda, could you move back a little.”   


We stay quiet, hoping nothing major happens, we all are tensed. Mari has her stinger at ready, Belinda again grabs the hilt of her sword, and Ru grabs my hand tightly. 

It was my first time ever, going out of the Palace, at night, unlike my brothers, who would go out every alternative day, so I didn’t know what to do.    

“Hey, TranthFranth, where you heading too?”   

Ohh… Hemor, we just going out to drop the Prince.”   


“The same place as usual.”   




The carriage moves again. 


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