Calamity’s Close By(Their Fault.)[Calamity Arc- Part 27]

-Janvas’s POV- 

Even before I’m able to protest to Safrine’s idea of going out with Belinda, she stops me.   

I was careless when I went out of the house alone. And, it resulted in, me acting like a buffoon, and confronting Farahe and Scorn, which lead to our current predicament.  

Safrine asks me to find out what’s the reason for Pinchira’s notorious behavior, but from what I know, Pinchira had received some injured in the fight, and due to it, she’s scared for her life. But now she afraid while looking at Safrine and me. 

Lovingly she looks at and tells me the reason why I couldn’t go out with her. Her expression turns sad as she calls her idea wrong for letting me go out. She kisses my cheek and then looks at Haruru, and tells her to give Pinchira a befitting punishment, for the notorious crime of hers, she doesn’t wait for our replies and leaves the room.  


I try to stop her again, but Haruru stop me,  

“Jan, wait, Mother’s right, neither You nor Marine can go out with them after what just happened today.”  

Haruru says as she cups my face and looks me in the eyes,  

“You look haggard, and Marine lost her weapon in the previous fight.”  

Wiping off her tears, she says,  

“Unlike us, mother is someone who has experience in such stuff, she’s been a Seeker, for nearly three years now, and even if she can’t fight as well as Marine, she can handle any situation better than us all combined. Jan, with how things are, mother is the only one who can help us.”  

She touches my forehead with hers,  

“If you can’t trust Mother, then trust Safrine.”  

Clenching my fist, I nod to her.  






Ten minutes pass, after Safrine leaves. Haruru and I sit on the settee for the whole time. I use the crest rail to place my head and relax. I think of the events that happened from yesterday to today. I have answers for some while a lot is unknown to me. 

With a calm mind, I open my eyes, envisaging the thing in front of me, I chuckle at the foolish Maid of mine. 

Marine bows in front of me, but currently, it is different as she bows without clothes.  

“Marine, do you also want a part in the punishment?”  

She doesn’t say anything. She simply keeps her head lowered. 


She doesn’t answer or looks up to me, or maybe she couldn’t. The shame and the self-abasement of her mind must be eating her up. 



I once again call for her, but this time with authority and sternness in my voice. I call her as her Master that she serves and the Master that she feels she has wronged. 



“Yes, Master.”  

She replies, but her voice feels as it lost its vigor, and her voice feels like a monotone.  

Haruru, who now elegantly sits beside me, clasps my hand. 

I take in a deep breath as I try to decide on what punishment to give her, as I also think of why I need to punish her. 

I don’t know if I could punish her or even Haruru for that matter. Both of us didn’t even know who is the one to blame. But looking at her, I could feel she feels ashamed to bring a Maid like Pinchira, who would anger Safrine on the first day. 

But how could, Haruru or I punish Marine, after all, she is our Marine.  




I look down at the girl, and the memory of the past comes into my mind, as the first day I met her, how Haruru had reacted to the news, our first time together, and…. 

[I know a punishment for her.] 

“Come close to me.”  

I command her, and she follows it as a doll. While lowering her head, she stands and comes close to me. She kneels while looking down.  

Not caring about it, I bring forth my hand and caress her face. She jolts with the touch but stays still. I bring her face close to my lap and place it there. She doesn’t look up to me, I release my hand from Ru’s entanglement and slowly pat Marine’s head, following me Haruru also pats her.  

I lovingly smile at the girl in my lap and say,  

“Royal Maid of Janvas! Marine Janvas! as your Master, I, Janvas, shall punish you with the punishment of never being disobedient to me, never having a secret of your own, never taking any action on your own, never thinking of harming me, never disappointing me, never fearing anyone else, but me, never bringing shame to me, never fearing any light and staying as my shadow forever, never letting me suffer, never letting any harm reach me, never letting any harm kill me first, and never letting me die alone.”  


I recite the vow that she had taken when she became my royal maid officially. And with every single vow I speak, Marine looks up at me, and when I reach the end, she looks me in the eye, tears keep on falling from her face, I cup her right cheeks while Haruru cups her left,  

“This shall be your punishment. Recite the vows and serve us well.”  

We say in unison.  

“Yes, Master, Odesvana.”  

Marine responds with a cracked voice.  

The three of us bring our face close, and all three lips of our touches each other for the first time.  

And as we separate from each other, no one speaks.  

Marine stays on the ground with her face on my lap. Haruru puts her head on my shoulder, I place my right hand on Marine’s face and left on Haruru’s waist, as I bask in what we just did. 



While I caress the girls near me, I look at the girl that looks at us absentmindedly. And when my eyes meet with hers, she flinches and starts to speak. 


I raise my hand and stop her from speaking. I look down at Marine and speak, 

“Marine, before I know what Pinchira did, and what punishment we are to give her, I want some answer, so I need your opinion on it. I want to figure out what lead to Scorn to know of our run; how much does Unor know about us.” 

I look back at Pinchira and say, 

Pinchira, why don’t you rest and get your answers ready for these questions. Why was Safrine angry with you, why did Belinda prostrate in front of Safrine, and why did she ask for forgiveness for your stead, and what is this notorious act of yours?” 

She opens her mouth to speak but then closes it, then opens it again, then looks down and nods. 


I wanted to tell Marine to wear her clothes, but this is fine too. I open my legs and get her head closer to my tool, Marine looks up at me with question, but doesn’t say anything and rest her face. I look to the side and see Haruru blushing. While caressing Marine’s face, I say, 

“Marine, I will tell you about my day’s activities, and you tell me where I or we went wrong.” 

“Yes, Master.” 

“Marine, answer me this. Did you know that the Head Maid works for Unor?” 

“No, I didn’t.” 

“Okay. So, today Ru, had to go to work, so as usual, she went to get today’s task form the Head Maid in her chamber, and over there, Ru smelled Unor and four new people in the room.” 


“Then, we went to Farahe. who was in the hall. 

Marine nods, as she looks down, 


[She probably saw her body.] 

My hand goes behind her head and massages her scalp. I continue to speak, 

“And she gave us an absurd task. And to complete it we go out the Wisodef, and after reaching the shop-“ 

“Jan, you are forgetting about you killing the 3 People in the alley.” 

Haruru intervenes, 

“Yeah, but it doesn’t have to do with Unor, does it.” 

I say, 

“Jan, I was saying when we were going from the palace to mother’s house, a soldier had stopped us and had accused Marine of killing them.” 

I look at Marine, who looks back at me, 

“Yes, I had also killed some people in the alley, but it was because they said something they shouldn’t have.” 

I affirm Haruru’s claims. 

Marine looks at Haruru, who gives a faint smile, understanding it, she looks back at me and nods. 

“Okay, after reaching the Shop, we meet with the owner of the shop, Kirante, who surprisingly remembers Haruru, Safrine, and Me. Kirante did act a little differently from time to time, but I don’t feel it was anything concerning us. And he did say not many people would know of us, and he was also the person who said, someone was after Ru, and from there, I started picturing, something bad is going to happen.” 



Marine stays quiet and listens patiently, 

“After that, we meet with the Wolf brothers group, and we got to know from them that they all were slacking from the morning, and that’s also when I start doubting Farahe. With us also not knowing who she works for, my doubts had to heighten. And the morning, I had also asked her who her master is in the spur the moment, to which she had given me a warning.” 

With wide eyes, Marine look at me, 

“Yes, that same warning. But, she told us, she wouldn’t, tell it to her master or anyone else. And I hope that no one else knows of it.” 

When I say that, Marine understands what I mean as she nods her hand. 

I start to speak again, 



“After that, we did small tasks throughout the evening without any problem. And after finishing our task, when we wanted a leave early so that we could welcome you back, we didn’t get an early dismissal while she threatens to sabotage Haruru pay, and Farahe had even called for Haruru to come with her, alone, which I had declined. After that, I directly brought her back to the room.” 

As I stop, I wait for her speculation on it. After taking some time, Marine speaks, 

“Master, it does sound suspicious, but there is no strong evidence that something that is going to happen against us. Unor was in the Head Maids room, but was hiding? Why would someone like him hide, and for what reason? And Odesvana, was any one of the attackers from yesterday night smelled as the people you smelled in Head Maid’s Chamber?” 


“And if it’s Farahe, then even I couldn’t find out who her master is, as her master didn’t live in the Palace, and I couldn’t leave you to alone, so I never followed after her to know who he is. And Master for your doubts on her, there’s no evidence of her doing anything wrong because she never did anything to harm Odesvana. And till this date, I never saw her having any bad intentions for her.” 

She quiets down and takes a deep breath as she speaks again. 

” And Master, we can’t take Risen’s group words as value. You already know how bad their reputation is. But I do feel the person named Kirante could have sold, Ms– Ms. Safrine’s relation to Odesvana and you, but he also seems to have no gain by doing so.” 


Marine’s opinion does sound decisive. Unor didn’t have any point of hiding from us. Whereas Farahe could have kidnapped or harmed Ru when I wasn’t there, so why do it when I’m present. And with how people cherish the Stoned Beast-Blood, no one would trust the wolves to handle them. And lastly, Kirante didn’t seem to be a person who would sell people out so he wouldn’t do it, right.  

[Or are we taking it in the wrong way? There are many things we didn’t know.] 

I ponder on it, but I see no clue about it. Or how Scorn got to know we are running. Even the plan, itself, was made after Marine came back from Maiden Flora. 

[Did someone hear us or read my mind?] 

[But that’s impossible.] 

The girls look at me concerned, so I scrap the idea and speak again. 

“Okay, so after that, we were together for most of the time, but I did faint once, and had gone out to the merchant shop. During those times, did anything strange or weird happened, or something that I need to know of.” 

Haruru from the side says, 

“Marine, killed Tranth and Franth just after you fainted.” 

I look down at the girl who buries her head deeper towards my tool, her face was just above my tool, and I’m pretty sure, she could also feel I was hard. 

“Oh! Okay, and did anything else happened?” 

I speak to distract Ru from knowing what I was thinking. 

“Yes, a soldier had come to us and questioned why there was blood on our carriage, but through Marine’s thinking had saved us.” 



Haruru smiles proudly at Marine, 


“And, one of the females, who we were fighting with, licked her face.” 

Surprised, I look at them. 


Marine nods, and I could feel her nose and lips to brush against it. 

I lift the girl, and look into her eyes, 

“Was she angry?” 

I ask Ru, 

“Yes, not only her, Mother, and I, were also angry at that time.” 

“Where did she lick her?” 

“The right cheeks.” 

Haruru says, 

I slowly bring Marine’s face closer to mine, her hand clenches tightly on my leg, slowly I touch my lips with her, and slowly I start kissing her lips. Then while pecking her, I move to her right cheeks and keep on kissing her, 

“Yes, right there, Jan.” 

I stop as Ru tells me the location, I open my mouth wide and suck on her cheeks, 


Marine moans, 


When I leave her cheeks, a ‘paah’ sound comes. Her hands are now at my shoulder.  

I slowly take my tongue out and lick the place slowly. 


She moans with it.

She clenches my shoulders as I keep on kissing her.

“*Ahem* Jan, there’s one more t-“

“Yes, what is it, Ru?”

She looks at me trying to say something but stops herself and says,
“We need to punish Pinchira before mother comes.”

“Ahh, Yes.”

I try to separate from Marine, but she sticks her body to me. 





As she doesn’t want to separate from me, I turn her around and make her sit on my lap. 

Her soft buttocks press against my harder member, her tail wraps around my waist and my hand land on her stomach and breast, and we look toward the girl on the bed, who looks at us absent-mindedly. I smell Marine as I ask Pinchira, 

“So, do you have your answers ready?” 




Ru, sit beside me, while she also grabs one of my hands, I knew what she wanted, but with more than 20 minutes passed, and not even a single clue about Pinchira’s notorious act, I couldn’t give her attention, I need answers before Safrine comes or I’m going to get it good. 

But in the meantime, I don’t forget to play with Marine’s body, unluckily for me, when she remembers Pinchira’s also in the room, she hurriedly gets dressed, so I play with her breast while she has her head resting on my lap. I squeeze it tight two-three times as I feel the clothes in between, even my member protests by poking her from time to time. She turns around and faces my member, scrunching her eyes on it, she cutely- 


-nibbles on it. 

To the strange sound, I make Ru looks towards me, then at Marine, again at me. Now she scrunches her eyes. I give her a sheepish smile and look at Pinchira. 


“Master, I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” 

She bows her head to the ground and says, we stop fooling around and look at her, but I still press Marine’s breast and play with Ru’s tail, that I had grabbed my hands-on. 

“Master, Ms. Safrine is angry at me, as she must have figured out that I was faking my cry when you were holding me.” 

“Faking it?” 


She says while nodding, 

“Sister Belinda must have realized, that my mistake could have endangered the lives of the rest of the people in the house, while they were fighting, and to cover it up, I was crying.” 

“A mistake when fighting?” 

I’m taken aback for a second, even if I didn’t know the whole story, I could gauge out why Safrine called her act notorious. 

“Sister Belinda, must-must have asked for forgiveness for my stead because-because she always used to help me in the Maiden Flora, and every time I made a mistake, she would be the one who apologized for me. And even now, she must have tried to.” 

Her voice starts cracking as she ends, she looks up at me with tears on her eyes, 

“Master, I swear, I’m not lying. When-when we were getting attacked in the house, I-I thought I could defeat them easily with how-how weak they looked, so I kept my guard down, and let them get near me, but the two attackers out of the three were a duo-set, and they knew how to fight, and as I hadn’t swung my Scythe earlier, so when I tried to attack at them and finish them in one swing, my scythe hit the ceiling, and at that moment the duo started attacking me, and with how crude their weapons were, they hurt me, Master, Master, they hurt me so bad that I couldn’t think well, and-and-“ 

Haruru quickly moves and hugs the girl who was about to burst in tears. 

“-and when I came to realization. I was in the room, and you weren’t there, so I latched onto, Sister Belinda, then when you came back, and I hugged you, and my worries faded away, and I was able to think properly, but-but I-I was scared, that you would scold me and abandon me, so I acted-acted like I still was scared, and with Odesvana there, I didn’t think, anyone would get to know about it, but-but Ms. Safrine, she caught me.” 

After saying that, she bursts into tears. 

I pat Marine cheeks, and she moves away from me. I move towards Pinchira, and as I sit on my knees, I spread my arms, to which she jumps out of Haruru’s grasp, and leaps onto mine. 


She starts to cry heavily, so I caress her back and let her cry for the time being. 

[What kind of a day am I living today.] 

After a few minutes, she falls asleep on my shoulders. And seeing her fall asleep, even my eyes start to turn heavy. I look towards Haruru, who also seems to be getting sleepy. Tired, I call out for her, 



I pick the girl on my arms and grab Haruru’s arms, and motion for Marine to follow. With the girl in my arms, I lie on the bed, Haruru joins us by coming in front of us and hugging Pinchira from the back, Marine joins by hugging me from the behind. And I say, 

“Today has been tiring for me. So, wake me up when Safrine comes.” 

And as I close my eyes, I drift to sleep. 

Calamity’s Close By(Someone Responsible.)[Calamity Arc- Part 26]

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