Calamity’s Close By(Getting Ready to Run.)[Calamity Arc- Part 29]

-Janvas’s POV-

“Let the professionals handle it.”

She says that with a smile and confidence.









Mother Safrine, I, and Haruru sit on the Settee while the girls sit in front of us.

Mother Safrine sits to my left, as Haruru takes my right. Marine sits in front of us, with Belinda and Pinchira taking her sides.

And for some reason, I could clearly see Pinchira sitting beside Marine in such a way that she could hide from Mother Safrine.


“Okay, the first thing we need to do is make things clear. So, what is our objective currently?.”

Mother Safrine says as she looks towards me. Feeling that she wants a reply from me, I say,

“It’s to get out of the Jangle, and that too, without being detected by anyone. And without leaving any trails for any pursuers.”

“Correct, but not entirely.”

But she abolishes the statement,

“We have four objectives currently, which are Fierce, Stealth, Camouflage, and Cocooned. First means that we have to evaluate our ups and downs and then organize them to our advantage. Second, to lay low or not do anything shiny in the dark till we are in a safe zone. Third, to work in such a way that our second objective stays hidden. And Finally, and the most important one, to take no wrong step that would put anyone of us in danger.”

Looking at me, she continues,

“Janvas, your suggestion was good, but it was too vague, making it more of an afterthought rather than an idea.”

Cupping my cheeks,  she continues,

“Any plan that you make, it shouldn’t be an idea out of the blue, but rather something that you make after taking, all you know and do not know about, as the base, and therefore on. We always won’t know what the enemy has in store for us, so we have to take such steps.”

She looks towards the other and says,

“Out of the four, I have made preparation for the Second and Third. We will be discussing the First right now, and for the Last, we will have to work on it from the moment we start moving to till we reach our destination.”


Marine interjects as she asks for permission to speak,


“Umm, we have the First objective covered, Master.”

She says as she looks at Safrine and continues,

“While I was in Maiden Flora, where I had I learned of the threat on Master. I asked the Guardians to let me know of the possible candidates to be your Royal Maid, and after profusely searching and thinking, I came up with the conclusion that these two would be a perfect fit. And, that is after taking, all of us inside the conclusion.”

She says with her usual composed face,

“Good thinking, Marine.”

Smilingly, I say,

“Well, then let us hear it too.”

Safrine says,

Looking back at me, Marine speaks,

“Master, I had decided to take Belinda, as I have seen her fight as a Royal Maid candidate from a young age, and the Guardians would also call her a prodigy of Maiden Flora. And her tactics on Offence and Defence also are higher compared to the other Candidates in Maiden Flora. And with her being a Lamia, she can venture to many places without her being at a disadvantage, and it also makes it possible for her to surround herself around you or Odesvana to protect both of you if a situation arises. And this is without taking her Magic compatibility in the equation.”

“And if we are to talk about Pinchira-”

As her name get called, Pinchira flinches,

“- then she is not a defender. While Belinda uses her strength, Pinchira uses her swiftness; with her high stamina and speed, her swift attacks do grim damages. As for her small frame, it lets her pass through Beastia’s easily, which she takes full advantage of.”

Completing the girls’ battle summary, Marine stops and looks towards me.

“So, Master, what kind of formation are you looking for? Is it defense oriented or attack-oriented? And according to it, I would arrange our formation.”

Saying so, she stops and looks at me,

“I think-”

As I’m about to tell Marine to make a small triangular formation, with Belinda and Pinchira as the vanguard, I stop myself in between as I see both the said girls to only be having a thin layer of clothing as protection. So, sending them in the frontline would only be a suicide mission.

Turning to Mother Safrine, I ask,

“Mother, do we have time before our departure?”


She looks out the window and says,

“It doesn’t look like we have too much time. I would say we have around an hour. Why do you ask?”

“Umm… Sorry, but the girls would need guards if they are to protect us, and I-I didn’t think of it, but they also didn’t bring anything with them, so I wanted to get them the basic before we move out.”

Surprising to me, Mother Safrine shakes her head,

“Oh! It’s that. Well, Marine was your first Royal Maid, and that too when the king still favored you, so you must not know but, Royal Maids don’t own anything, Janvas. So, from their underwear to swords, all have to be bought by you. And seeing that even you didn’t know about it, it’s no wonder that they aren’t wearing any guard.”

Shocked, I look at the girls, and they all nod to Safrine’s words.

“But don’t worry. When I went out, I purchased the Chest Guard and Helmet for everyone. Belinda.”

As Mother Safrine calls out, Belinda stands up and picks a sac from the corner, and puts it in front of us.

“Well, I knew about your, Haruru, and Marine’s sizes, so they should fit you unless you all have changed drastically. Belinda was with me, so she checked for her own chest guard. And, I just took Pinchira’s by visual, so I can’t guarantee that it would fit her perfectly.”

Saying so, she motions us to pick them.

I keep on looking at her, as I feel a sense of security from her, that if things worsen down, then she’s going to be there to help us.

Spreading my arms, I hug the woman, that has become my Guardian.


Suprised, Safrine makes a noise.

Hugging her tighter, I feel her ample breast to force me away.

“Thank you.”

I say as I separate from her.

Suddenly my stomach grumbles.


I hear Haururu’s and one other person laugh. Staring at them, I try to stop them but fail miserably, as she laughs aloud.

“Sorry, Jan.”

She says, but her laughter doesn’t cool down for another minute, while the other person cools down when Marine stares dagger at her.

“Okay then, Janvas, Haruru, why don’t you both go and take a shower while I order the food. We still have time, so it’s better to do the tedious work before we head to our moving plan.”

She says as she kisses me on the cheek.










Mother Safrine tells Haruru and me to bath in this room, while Mother Safrine and Belinda bath in the other room. With Pinchira and Marine both taking guard. And after whoever bath’s first, will be on guard.

And questions pop-on my minds,

[Mother booked two rooms? Why?}

And without answering, she heads to the other room.

Leaving Haruru, Marine, and Me in the room.


As I look at the remaining two girls in the room, I find Marine kneeing,

“Master, Odesvana, until both of you bath, I will stay guard.”

She says, with no room to argue.

A chuckle escapes from me as I look at the adorable maid of mine. Smiling at the behavior, I ruffle her hair and move to the bath.










Entering inside the bathroom, the first thing that catches my attention is the big tub and how spacious the bath is.

It is at least three times bigger than the bath that I had created in Mother Safrine’s house. The floors and walls are painted white, with the tub made out of wood with a partially filled water. A bucket, mug, two stools, and a hanger are the only other contains in the room.

I take out my coat, shirt, and pant and put them on the hanger. I take off my shoes and put them below the hanger.

And that’s when I look down at the floor, that I notice how dirty I had become,

The white floor beneath me had my muddy footprint on it. And throughout my body, I had dirt pasted upon me.

As I move ahead to pour water on myself, the door behind me closes.

I turn around to find Haruru entering in.

The sweet princess of mine enters inside with a towel wrapped around her. She holds two towels in one of her arms and a bar of soap in the other.

Seeing me turned towards her, Haruru smiles towards me. But the smile of her doesn’t match with her look. Her ears that keep on flopping around now looks tired.

I feel a pain stab me as I see her looking haggard.

I move towards her and gently take the soap and towel from her hand, and put them in their respective places.

Sighing, she hugs me.

Calamity’s Close By(Acceptance and Knowing Oneself.)[Calamity Arc- Part 28]

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