The Day Before The Calamity(No not a Prince.)[Calamity Arc-Part 7]

Janvas’s POV-   

I follow after Ru, as we go around searching for the shop.  

After walking, for some time, we finally find the shop, it was in the South-Eastern Plaza, and for some reason it was engulfed in the color black, the doors, glasses, and the walls, noting could be differentiated. Worried I ask Ru, 

“Are you sure this is the shop?” 

“Yes, Master.” 

She affirms, so I follow after her, and enter it. As we enter, the fragrance of wildflower found in the mountain invites us, it was as if the entire shop was a garden with exquisite flowers.  

The texture and the smell of the shop doesn’t match, the black walls and red barrels, in front of us. Even with such a scenario, we find it pleasant, rather than obnoxious. 

The shop was clean but desolate, it was pin-drop silence. Only my sole’s patter, and breathing was heard. I move to the counter on the right but see no one.   

“Hello, Anyone?”   

I inquire, but no one replies, I turn to Ru expecting her to tell me something, but she shakes her head,   

“Jan, I can’t hear any sound and the fragrance of the shop makes it hard for me to smell a person out.”   

Saying that she covers her nose,   

“Too smelly?”   

She nods. 

I pinch her nose, pulling it toward me I say,   

“Learn to control it, or you won’t be able to smell such beautiful scents.”  

Rubbing her nose, she glares at me. I turn away with a chuckle, suddenly a person speaks from the counter,  

“How may I help you, Prince?”   

The sudden appearance of a person and the title surprises me. 

I look at the person at the counter, then behind me, seeing if my bother entered the shop behind me, no one’s there.   

“Prince Janvas, I’m talking to you.”   

“Prince? Are you mistaken, Sir? I’m no prince I’m a mere merchant trying to buy something from your store.”    

“Your Highness, I’m not mistaken, after all, you are the son of the King and The Queen of our nation, how can I forget someone like you.”  

I look at the old cat, who appeared out of thin air, his whiskers were white and thick, they reached his chest, a lean body, green eyes with black-brown fur surrounding him. 

Haruru is a prodigy in my harem, and she can hear and smell stuff, that even some professionals can’t, and yet this old man came in front of us, without her knowing.   

She tries to come between us, but I chuckle and grab her by the waist, then pull her close.  

[You aren’t a fighter.] 

“Sir, I guess you have mistaken me for the prince.”   

“Your Highness, we can do this all day.”   

“Are you sure about me being the Prince, Sir?”   

“No one can forget you.”   

It was laxing, so I drop the act. 

“*Huff* Well, Sir, people can forget, and I was used to be a prince. Right now, I’m just a husband to my wives, and nothing else.”  

The owner looks at me dumbfoundedly, then he shockingly speaks to himself,   

“That’s not possible. It can’t happen, there’s no way that can happen, he can’t do it.”   

Seeing us looking at him awkwardly, he gets a hold of himself.   

“Well, I guess things happen, Your Highness.”   

“Sir, can I ask you something?”   

“Yes, why not Your Highness.”   

“Could you stop calling me Your Highness, I don’t deserve it, and could you tell me how you figured it out?”   

“Well, certainly. I figured out that you are the Prince of our Nation because of your Maid.” 

“My maid?”   


“No one can call Jan, Master, except us.”   

Haruru intervenes. 


The shop keeper asks, 

Janvas would suffice, Sir.”   

“No-no, of course not, I can’t call the Royalty by their name, how about, Sire while you may call me, Kirante, Sire.”   

“Okay, Then Mr. Kirante, how did you get to know about me through Haruru?”  

“Sire, everyone knows about Miss Haruru, after all, the Heir of the Throne would come to the Southern District, just to see her. After some years, both Miss Haruru and her Mother disappeared from the face of the continent, so everyone guessed she went to live in the palace with you. But I guess, when you went missing for the past 5 Years everyone forgot about you. But after seeing Miss Haruru again, I knew it, Prince Janvas, was standing in front of me.” 



Ru appologizes,   

“Hey, Ru, don’t apologize, it’s not your fault that he remembers you.”   

 I turn the sad princess towards me, and hug her, while caressing her back, I ask him,   

“So, Mr. Kirante, can you tell me, who all might remember about me, or her?”   

“Hmm… I would say the old-timers and the kids that live near Miss’s house. Even now, when MIss Safrine sells medicines and heals the people of Southern District, no one seems to remember her. Maybe it’s due to the change that she has gone through after going to the palace.” 

“Mother changed?”   

“Umm… Yes, Miss, Miss Safrine is different, compared to when you were living in the southern district, she now has the aura of a Noble with a beauty different from when she stayed here. It must be Sire’s doing.”  

“Thank you, Mr. Kirante, for this kind of information.”   

Saying that I pinch Haruru’s waist lightly, to stop her from asking any further questions.   

“It’s my pleasure if I could help, Sire.”   

“Now then, coming back to the business that I came here for.”   

I take out the slip that Farahe had given me and pass it to Kirante.   

“I would like all of these and quickly, if possible.”   

Uhh! Sire, may I know if you have brought anyone except Miss.”   

“No, I haven’t.”   

“Sire!! The barrels are really heavy you can’t lift them all alone. Is Miss a fighter or adventurer? “  

“No, she isn’t. And, it won’t be her that lifts them, it would be me.”   

“Sire, that’s impossible, I can’t allow that, The Prince of our Nation, lifting things, isn’t acceptable, it can diminish our names.”   

“May I ask you, who’s the prince? “   

“You, Sire.”   

“Then, Why am I here? Why aren’t there any guards with me? Why don’t I have a crown on my head?”   

“That’s- that’s…”   

Kirante looks like he is in a pinch, he thinks of saying something, but before he could I say,   

“It’s because I’m no, prince, I’m just Janvas, a beastia with the royal blood, and husband to my women.”   

“Doesn’t marrying women make you a prince?”   

“Really, it does? I never knew.”   

“Jan, we don’t have time. we need to reach the palace within an hour.”   

“Yes-yes, Um… Mr. Kirante, could you get us the material that I asked for?”  

“Sire, I have them, but they are heavy, and you won’t be able to take them with you, for they are nearly 300 Kgs heavy. If you want to hire a wagon, then you have to wait for two days, as the wagons are prohibited, to enter the streets for two days, and the carriages might not take them as they can destroy their carriage.  

“I can help with that, Jan.”   

Ru looks up at me and says. I wonder about it, but couldn’t think of anything, so I ask,   


She just smiles and replies.   

“You will see, Jan.”   

“Okay, then Mr. Kirante can you give us the barrels, we are short on time.” 

Ahmmm…Okay, then just wait a moment, Sire.” 

Saying that Kirante opens a secret passage behind him and enters it. Haruru and I look at each other with surprise. 

Haruru separates from me and corrects her dress, then mine. I look at her, but her silvery hair blocks the view, so I tuck her hair on her ear, her diamond face, with the duchess nose, comes in view, her golden eyes look up at me, she smiles at me. 

Leaning forward I kiss her, this time we don’t entangle our lips, we didn’t know when Kirante would pop out of the hidden door.    

Pulling back, I caress her cheeks and ask,   

“What are you planning?”   


“How are we going to get all of those in an hour?”   

“Hmm…I wonder?”   

As I frown, I ask,   

“You wonder? Ru.”   

Hehehe, Wait for some time, Jan. You will get to know when the barrels come.”   

“Did you reach the next stage of the dimension spell?”   


“You got a friend who will lift them?”   



“Wait, na, Jan. You will know with time.”   

At this point, all I could do was wait, for the time when she would tell me how we could carry all those things.   

While Kirante brings us out product, I look around the shop to see what else did the shop has. 

I move to the nearest barrel and see its content, all the barrels were partially filled, with each having Stoned Beast Blood. 

All of them had different colors indicating their different uses. The Rose-colored ones were usually used by the nobles as Normal Wines, while the rest used it only once in a year, and the Charcoal colored ones for destroying things usually about 100 Meters of an area would be blown by this while the leather colored one can destroy about 500 Meters. There were about 20-30 different Stoned Beast Blood in the Shop. The one that I was looking for was the Wine-Colored Stoned Beast Blood. If I remember correctly, the Wine-colored Stoned Beast Blood, is sweet and less alcoholic compared to the Wine in the market.    

After I look around and see the contains of all the barrels, I head back to the counter and see six big barrels, kept in front of Haruru. Opening one of them, and seeing the Wined-Colored Beast Blood in them, I know it’s time to leave.     

“So, Ru, how are we going to go now?”   

Without saying anything, she gets near one of the barrels and puts her hands-on top of it.   


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