Zombie Emperor 20

Chapter 20

「What’s going on…」

I can’t understand at all.
What the hell is going on?
For the time being, it seems that weapons aren’t necessary.
I thought so, so I returned my right hand and spoke to the parent and child.

「Uhm, what are you doing?」
「Oh? You’re different from the policemen」

Doing fellatio on the police zombie, the mother in her thirties replied.

「N, you can’t let it out? Do it more, make me pregnant, I want your child」

The daughter that’s a junior high school student isn’t aware of me and is riding the police zombie.
By the way, I haven’t tried cowgirl position with the two…Hey, this is not the place!

「I’m Fujiwara, what are you doing?」
「What?…That’s, you know」

She’s making a hand sign of squeezing a man’s thing.
No no.
That’s vulgar.

「Since my body is aching, but it’s useless, I have swapped several times but My husband’s dick is the best as expected」


「I’m Otsuchi Kiriko , the poster girl of the stationery shop」

Being a poster girl on that age but It’s insensitive to retort.
But…This person’s husband is…

「Then, this child is Otsuhi Rikako, My child」

The daughter kept having sex without worrying about us.
It seems she’s not interested in here at all.

「Well, that girl is good for nothing, it seems that she likes the detective」
「It seems so but, e-err…It’s quite hard to say」
「My husband died right? I saw it with my own eyes」

She declared it like it’s nothing.

「Or is it that the men raped me? Their power is good but those are crude[粗チン]」

…What is it? I feel that I can’t win against this person.

「Ah, Jin-san…」
「Aki-chan, I feel tired」

For the time being, I decided to make the wife, Kiriko-san to take a shower.
Since the daughter, Ririko-chan doesn’t want to leave the detective, I left her in the car for now.

「What is it? A wild person in sec…」
「It seems that she didn’t mind much when her husband died…what an amazing person, un」

However…Why did her reason return?
I’m sure that I haven’t had sex with them…
Is my semen not absolutely necessary for zombies have their reason return?

「Could it be that the effect is from the sexual activity itself…?」
「Jin-san…This is but my imagination but」

Aki-chan seems to have an idea.

「Maybe, if lust is satisfied, the virus evolves and returns their human nature」

Regaining human nature and satisfying lust?
No, the act of moving according to desires and reason is quite apart in action.