The Power of Creation – Chapter 19

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As you came inside of the Princess, Queen watches as you pull out and shoot streaks of cum across her butt cheeks. You give her ass one more slap, already red from the abuse you gave it earlier. You spin her around, ready to take her missionary when a voice speaks up.

“Alright, hero, I’ve seen enough,” Aurora says.

“Enough? We haven’t even started yet.”

Aurora’s eyes widen a bit, but a second later she shakes her head. “That is… please have my body, instead of my daughters.”

Ariel wears an annoyed look as you line yourself up against her wet and dirty pussy, ready to shove your dick back into her. You look up at the Queen again and sigh.

“I’m going to take your daughter either way. But if you give me your body, then you’ll be able to cut down on her abuse. I’ll split it between the both of you.”

The Queen tenses, but realizing she has no choice. She relaxes her shoulders and moves over to the pair of you tentatively. You pull your dick away from Ariel’s waiting snatch, and she only has a slightly disappointed face.

Aurora stares as your wagging cock like she is staring at a viper. Ariel gets up from her position and moves over to her mom. She immediately starts pulling off Aurora’s clothing. Aurora is resistive at first, but she finally succumbs to the inevitability and allows herself to be stripped clean.

Aurora only has a few signs of aging. She is a good-looking woman with a pretty face, soft white skin, and light brown pubic hair. Her snatch looks much like her daughters. The biggest difference is that Aurora’s size F breasts have taken the blunt of time. Where Ariel’s breasts seem to defy gravity, pointing straight and pert despite all the laws of physics, Aurora’s sags a bit. She has various stretch marks around her breasts as a testament to their enormous growth, and more stretch marks on her stomach from when she gave birth to Ariel.

Feeling some pity, you decide to compile a magic that fixes that immediately. A glow immediately shoots from your hand and strikes the Queen. She lets out a gasp of surprise, clearly scared at what you might have been doing to her. However, when the light fads, she starts to worriedly examine her body. What she finds is fine and youthful skin. Her breasts have recovered their youthful vigor, and it would be anyone’s guess which girl had a finer pair.

Her body tightens, her scars fade, and she suddenly has a body that could easily compete with any teenage girl, except she also has the look of experience, the strength of a queen, and that is much more difficult to emulate with magic. Aurora runs her hands all over her body like she can’t believe it. Her body not only becomes like a teenagers, but all of the pains that accumulated over time are gone, and she can feel the energy that someone only has when they are young surging out of her.

Ariel is excited by her mother’s new appearance as well. While Aurora excitedly examines her new body, Ariel is playing with her breasts. Despite having a giant pair of her own, she seems somehow enamored with the tits that once fed her as a baby. Perhaps it was this connection that caused Ariel to suddenly push one of Aurora’s nipples in her mouth.

Aurora, not used to having her breasts played with, immediately gasps, unable to resist the feeling of a tongue flicking over her nipple. You take the initiative of her being distracted by her daughter to attack the other nipple. While Ariel sucks on one nipple, you suck on the other, and Aurora, lost with what to do, merely puts a hand on the back of each of your heads and closes her eyes, letting out cute moaning sounds only slightly different from her own daughters.

The pair of you push her back down onto the bed, playing with her tits for quite some time. You could tell she was starting to get wet because she was twisting her thighs together as she makes whimpering noises. It is Ariel who pulls away from her mom’s tits first.

“Hero, can we put it in her now, I want to see you enter my mom!”

“What, is that?” Aurora seemed flustered, but you immediately pull away and spread her legs, not giving her the chance to resist.

“It’s okay, mom,” Ariel says, grabbing your dick and lining it up to penetrate her mom’s pussy, “Just trust your daughter, this will feel great!”

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